The Pale Sorceress: A Battle of Control

BY : whiteknight60
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Young mage Noah was looking for adventure. He travelled inside war-torn Noxus. He happened upon a quaint little village on the mountains.

The people there seemed unusually glum and hopeless. Wondering what was up, Noah spoke with a bar owner at the inn.

"Well you see the people are DESPONDENT," the aged bar owner said. "Ever since the civil war, this side of the country has been plagued by lawlessness. We've had to deal with the bandits which were bad enough but recently we've run into this trouble with this Pale Sorceress."

"Pale Sorceress?" Noah asked, intrigued. "Tell me more."

"She's a powerful witch who lives in the mountains, all clad in white and black," the bar owner said. "She goes by the name of Leblanc, the Dark Rose. Every month she strolls down to this village and several others and demands large tributes of gold and silver."

"And you pay it to her?" Noah asked.

"Well if we don't then she destroys the entire village," the bar owner replied. "She massacred several towns already. She has powerful magic. There's nothing we can do so we pay up. It's putting a great strain on the local economy though and people are upset."

Noah had a wild idea.

"How much would you pay me if I took care of this problem for you?"

The bar owner was shocked; he had not expected this. He did not know the young man was a magic user at all. He didn't look very powerful.

"I think," he said at length. "We could pay you a great amount. But I'd have to call the elders. Are you sure-"

"You go do that."

After negotiating his price, Noah was pointed towards the direction of Leblanc's residence. He prepared his most powerful wand and headed there by himself.

As he trekked his way up to the palace, Noah had a bad feeling. He had heard that Leblanc was a very powerful sorceress. Noah himself was but a mid tier mage apprentice at the Academy, not even a complete Summoner. He might be outmatched.

At last, Noah found the place in the middle of a forest. There was a vast courtyard paved with a handsome white marble surface. Many tall stone pillars and beautiful statues decorated the place. Noah could see a large powerful triangular residence far ahead. He strolled across the rocky surface.

Suddenly, a cold female voice rang out; it seemed to come from everywhere all at once:

"Who is this that dares intrude on my land?"

Noah froze in shock. He looked around; there was no one in sight.

"I seek out the pale sorceress Leblanc," Noah called out.

A blinding flash of white light suddenly concentrated a few meters in front of where Noah was standing. Noah had to shield himself as his enemy took form. When he opened his eyes, he was surprised.

Leblanc was strikingly young and beautiful. Her skin was pale and her short hair was the color of gold. She had beautiful yellow eyes which were heavily lined by dark makeup. Around her fair hair she wore a dark crown of magic; there was a shiny blue crystal in the middle.

Her thin, slender, curvaceous figure was wrapped in a beautiful white and black cloth outfit complete with a short white skirt. The outfit was slightly risqué with her slender bare arms showing and a small hint of her breasts exposed.

She wore a powerful long dark cape. In her gloved hands she carried a great powerful magical staff, it was crafted at the tip with a powerful symbol marked by blue crystals.

Noah's eyes were thoroughly captivated by the beautiful sorceress. His eyes travelled down the short white dress she was wearing to her exposed bare legs. Much to Noah's personal appreciation, Leblanc wore a pair of very tall white boots. The boots were made of a spandex-like material and they were so high they rose just slightly above the level of her knees; they were decorated with a touch of black cloth.

Despite the pressing danger of the situation, Noah felt himself uncontrollably attracted to the woman. There was something unbelievably sexy about the way she was dressed. The young mage always had a thing for women wearing boots…

"So stranger," she said to him. "You've come here seeking trouble? I urge you to leave. Otherwise I shall be forced to… make you disappear."

"I'm here on behalf of the villages," Noah replied. "They say that you've been stealing from them. You've been asking for hefty tributes. This has caused a lot of harm. Please stop."

In response to this Leblanc let out a cruel laugh.


Noah was actually a bit scared, the laughter sounded extremely evil and threatening; there was a clear measure of cruelty to her amusement.

"And I suppose you think YOU can make me stop?" she said to him mockingly. "Do you know who I am?"

Noah said nothing.

"I am Leblanc, the Pale Sorceress, the Rose of Darkness, the Queen of Magic," she declared haughtily. "My magic has been around Runeterra for thousands of years, I am WAY above your level."

Noah was a bit put off by her arrogance. But if what she was saying was true, then he was in big trouble. This was going to be very different from a casual magical duel at the academy.

She took note of his clothes and tunic. "It looks to me," she said, "that your just an apprentice, not even a complete Summoner. I've felled hundreds of mages through the ages and THIS is who these towns send against me? PATHETIC."

Noah drew out his wand. If there was to be a fight, better sooner than later.

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