Bred For Victory

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Bred For Victory


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It was the end of the day, edging towards nightfall on another warm, mid-summer’s evening in the heart of the Valmese continent. The sun was dipping below the horizon, the wildlife was convening back to their shelters, and the large strategy tent at the centre of the Shepherd’s camp was being sealed up tight. The entrance flaps were pulled close and tied tight, a (somewhat involuntarily invisible) warden was set outside, and the last in the series of silencing glyphs were just sparking into effect.

Secrecy was paramount for any successful army, and tonight would be no exception. Once again, as they had so many times before, the Shepherd’s leadership were meeting to discuss the fate of their army, and the very path of the future before them. Not even Panne or Gaius would be able to eavesdrop on the proceedings.

What was an exception however, was that as the attendants settled into their places around the planning table, they were doing so not at their Exalt’s behest. Instead, this meeting, called with the upmost importance had come at the request of a small group of female Shepherds, currently all grouped together on one side of the room.

“As you are well aware, Milord is extremely busy. I do hope you have a good reason for occupying his time with this.” Frederick started things off, not entirely helpfully.

“Peace Frederick,” Chrom waved the complaint away with an easy-going smile. No matter how busy he was, he would always make time to hear out the concerns of his comrades… especially when Sumia and Lissa, his wife and sister, were currently in the group staring resolutely back at him, “Whatever this is, I’m more than happy to hear you out.”

“It certainly sounded important,” Robin added from their leader’s right hand side, nodding a prompt towards Cordelia who’d met him earlier in the training grounds, “You told me it was to do with the future children, and our plans for the battles ahead… But I see you haven’t brought Lucina with you, or any of the others?”

Morgan was sometimes excluded from their meetings because of her antics, but they hadn’t met without Lucina since she’d joined them. Robin’s eyes narrowed, if she wasn’t here, then she’d been specifically kept out.

“It, well, it is to do with Lucina, and Severa, and all the other children, of course!” the red-headed Pegasus Knight began, before instantly fumbling her words the moment she realised Chrom’s attention was on her, “Th-And, well, that is to say. Look, the point of-”

“Fie. ‘Tis just as you said, we’re here to discuss our concerns for the battles ahead,” Say’ri cut in smoothly, “We have won astounding victories so far, aye, more than any have managed in the past. But Walhart’s army is not to be underestimated. Even as we speak, he is consolidating his men, drawing the best legions to his citadel. We face off against a truly terrifying foe and, from the stories we know of the terrible enemies that yet await us, ‘tis no understatement to say that the fighting will only get more difficult from here on out. Walhart’s forces and perhaps even the full might of these Risen beasts… our own numbers pale in comparison, for an army like ours, we need to take whatever advantages we can get.”

Robin caught on first, leaning over the table, his face lit up in interest, “I see, you’ve found something that can give us an edge! …Something to do with our children?”

“That’s fantastic!” Chrom followed up a moment later, “So! What’re you proposing?”

This time it was the would-be Empress’s turn to flounder. Her mouth opened to explain, but as her eyes darted between Robin and Chrom, her face began burning a vibrant red, and all that came out were unintelligible whispers.



Surprisingly, this time it was Miriel that stepped forwards, pushing her spectacles up her nose as she stepped forwards, “To explain properly, I suggest that it is first paramount that we address the topic of Noire.”

That didn’t do anything to clear things up. But it did leave Tharja grinning a very wide smile.

“What about her?”

“I am certain you have both become aware of her recent, unprecedented, improvements in her performance?”

Chrom blinked, he hadn’t noticed anything like that, he turned towards his Tactician, but Robin was already aglow with praise.

“Of course! It’s been incredible just watching her lately! She’s been absolutely destroying those targets we set up around the training field, I’ve watched her hit bullseye after bullseye, almost without trying! Even outside of her bow, she’s been looking a lot better physically, I don’t think I’ve checked her into the medical tent in probably a month, and Frederick… er… weren’t you, just… the other day, you were saying she was running right at the front of the group…?” Robin’s words trailed off as he found himself coming under the eye of the entire female group, with several very serious, almost calculating gazes, he couldn’t make sense of. Realising he’d been gushing, he caught himself with a cough, “In any case, she’s improved a lot lately, I’m proud of her, she’s been working hard.”

“Correct on all but the last point; as a matter of fact, she has not. Or, no more than is usual for her, at least. Rather, the most remarkable thing about her increased aptitude is that it appears to have come without any changes to her schedule or training at all. Indeed, from my own observations, Noire has improved drastically, in all respects, without doing a thing.”

Now it was Robin’s turn to stand stuck in confusion.

“What’re you saying?” Chrom shook his head, “I’ve never heard of anything like that. Is this from some spell of Tharja’s or something then?”

“No… Not this time,” the Dark Mage purred, her gaze never shifting from the Tactician even as she spoke, “This time, it’s something much better.”

Miriel pushed her glasses back up her nose once more, apparently drawing herself up to her main point, “Your confusion is reasonable. In fact, I found myself just as surprised. That is precisely why I informed the other women of my findings and then took to investigating myself. After analysing our prior training records, looking through her medical file, and discussing the topic exhaustively with her mother as well as Noire herself, I believe I have discovered the moment this change occurred; that is, it is my hypothesis that the genesis of Noire’s increased aptitude was three weeks ago, following our battles in the Dragonridge Valley.”

Their success through the Dragonridge Valley region had been the Shepherd’s most recent, major victory. Through a number of simultaneous strikes, they’d completely pushed the Valmese forces from the entire territory, which now left them in control of almost all the major land-based supply lines to the southern half of the continent. It was a large factor in why the remainder of Walhart’s armies were now forced all the way back to his capital, and represented a massive turning point in their campaign, the moment where they could finally say the momentum was on their side. More than anything else though, for the Shepherds, it had been their first chance to relax, and to celebrate since their frenzied march and from Fort Steiger to Demon’s Ingle.

“More specifically-”

“More specifically,” Tharja interrupted, speaking over the auburn-haired mage, holding both hands against her cheeks as her face flushed red, “Ever since that wonderful night the two of us spent in each other’s arms, in the Lord’s manor, all through those victory celebrations.”

“Woah!” Chrom turned to his friend, surprised and impressed, he hadn’t heard anything about this!

“Ah…” The Tactician shifted his gaze, his cheeks burning almost enough to match hers, but with a far more sheepish look.

In truth, Robin still wasn’t sure what he should make of that night.

It had been a long-awaited celebration, the first time in weeks any of them had finally been able to relax, and to unwind after so many battles, after what felt like endless, oppressive days of tension and terror. They’d all gotten carried away in the festivities, to some extent or another. Tharja had approached him, pulling him aside with a disarmingly honest need as the feasting and drinking roared around them and, for the first time, he’d followed… he’d allowed himself to just get swept up with her.

He could remember every moment as clear as day, -Tharja was never one for loud company, and he’d still had too much on his mind to let himself get more than a little tipsy- and it certainly wasn’t a bad memory. In fact, it had probably been exactly what they’d both needed to truly decompress after all they’d been through- a simple, deeply intimate and passionate night; just two eager virgins fumbling around each other in the dark, forgetting about all their fears, savouring the lives they still had, and tasting an incredible, primal pleasure, again and again, until they’d finally just passed out, naked and spent, in each other’s arms.

And then, the next morning, to his surprise, she’d already been gone by the time he’d woken up. And although she’d continued to make her affections for him as clear as ever, she’d never once used that night to push a commitment out of him, until now, she never even brought it up. He could only guess that she was scared of tarnishing a memory she held dearer than anything, with any sort of rejection from him. It was a difficult thought and it had left Robin with all kinds of complicated feelings he hadn’t had time since to properly address.

Quickly shaking those thoughts away, he gathered his scattered resolve, turning back to the women with as serious an expression as he could manage, “What does that have to do with anything? I don’t understand.”

This time, Miriel looked right past him, towards the stoic knight standing to Chrom’s left, “Frederick. In your combat readiness drills, of all the future children, who has the highest scores?”

“They’re all well above average,” he answered, surprisingly charitably, “And all largely the same except for, well… Lucina and Morgan are both far above the others.”

“Most of the others. Cynthia is not far behind them in fourth place after having just recently ceded third to Noire, who’s risen all the way up from close to last,” Miriel corrected sharply, tugging on her hat as a vibrant smirk shone on her face, “You understand now? In short: that night has caused Noire’s fate to change.”

A long, uncomfortable silence stretched out at her proclamation.

Robin went pale.

“Y-You mean, a-are… You’re saying that Tharja… Sh-She’s…”

Before he could finish trying to put that thought into words, his world was suddenly rocked again, this time by Chrom slapping him heavily on the back with a loud laugh, “Congratulations!” The Prince roared as his friend stumbled, “You and Tharja huh? I never expected that, but that’s great! Hah, so you were Noire’s dad all this time, huh?”

Robin’s world spun. This was well beyond what he’d been prepared to deal with. Hadn’t he been careful? He was sure he’d cast all the right spells beforehand! Had he made a mistake? ‘Oh… Naga…’ Was this really happening? He was going to be a…? Should he go buy a ring…? His mind whirred and he staggered, dizzily in place.

“*Snort* Pwa, hah-hahaahah!” right until a very familiar, and very cheeky laugher, suddenly jerked him back to reality, “Ahh! Look, his rubbery face! S-See, Maribelle? See? I told you! Oh wow, I can never get enough of that!”

Hardly in the mood to be the butt of the younger Princess’s antics, the Tactician levelled an exasperated glare towards where Lissa was wiping a tear from her eye. The effect was somewhat weakened by the sight of the Themis Noble at her side, holding a hand over her mouth to stifle her own amusement.

“Ahh, nope! Sorry to break your daydream Robin, but Tharja’s not pregnant,” Lissa continued, throwing a slightly sympathetic look at where the Sorceress was now pouting, “Well, not yet at least. We’d know by now, any of the healers would have seen the change in her.”

“Which makes it even more interesting!” Miriel broke in, clearly eager to present more of her hypotheses on this, increasingly strange, situation, “I had the two of them double check to make sure and the results are irrefutable, Tharja is not pregnant. And indeed, through simple biological analysis we can ascertain that Noire is not related to you at all, Robin.”

“She… not?” As he struggled to deal with the way this conversation seemed to be swinging wildly from revelation to revelation, some quiet part of Robin’s mind wondered just who Noire’s father was, then? It was probably better not to ask. Whatever “simple” biological analysis Miriel was talking about, seemed to be something only she was capable of, as far as he was aware, no-one knew the truth of the future children’s parentage.

“Not at all,” she concluded with a sharp shake of her head, “Except! Tracking her prodigious power increase, and the nature of the skills she’s improved at, one can see an almost perfect match for your own. Almost identical to Morgan’s. Oh, and of course, her matching white-hair.”

Robin blinked. A strange, unsettled feeling washed over the room at the scientist’s last comment. It felt… odd… thinking about Noire’s hair. It was white, and of course, it had always been white… but if he concentrated, he felt like he could almost remember it looking completely different before.

“Wait, so… Okay, I’m confused,” holding his hand up to stop her, Chrom looked just as bewildered as his Tactician felt, “So… So Noire isn’t Robin’s child? But… she takes after him? You’re saying that’s why she’s been performing so much better recently?”

“Precisely!” by now, the usually stoic mage was practically radiating curiosity, “Which brings us to the very crux of this topic, to the core of the discussion and to my own research on the matter. You will recall my words, that Noire’s fate had changed, I meant that as no mere sophistry. We have no firm proof and scant details, but I have fashioned what I believe to be a prudent hypothesis:

“Noire is not Robin’s child. For now. Note those words, because it is my theory that fate believes she very much could be! As a correction, fate is now leaning closer to the idea that she is! After all, you have had sex with Tharja once now already, is it not sensible to conclude that you will be less apt to refuse her advances in the future? Indeed, it seems increasingly likely that you two shall continue to copulate, which, under the right conditions of course, would result in you unquestionably becoming Noire’s father. The odds of that have increased and thus, I conclude, that Noire’s fate has changed in reflection of that. Of course, what further effect this will have on Noire, if any, is presently unknowable.”

“Miriel…” if Robin was bewildered before, now he was borderline aghast, “This is crazy!”

“It most certainly is not! This is science!”

“Look, what you’re tal-”

“Robin,” it was Tiki’s voice, soft, gentle, but with the weight of thousands of years behind it, that silenced the brewing argument, “I understand your confusion. I had exactly the same reaction. But I do not believe it is so impossible.”

The Divine Dragon stepped forwards, effortlessly commanding the attention of the room as she moved around the table, taking the Tactician’s hands and squeezing them gently between her own. It was a simple gesture, but as Robin found himself staring back into the soft, sympathetic look in her eyes, he found himself steadily calming. There was still a lot to unpack, and he’d been completely taken off guard by these discussions, but, in the presence of her gentle smile and silent re-assurance, his heartbeat slowed, and his thoughts came easier once more.

The world came back into focus as clarity returned, but by the time he’d thought to thank her, Tiki was already moving away, offering one last smile over her shoulder as she took a place at the centre of the tent.

“We all realise how ridiculous this sounds, even in all my long years, I’ve never heard of anything like this before. I don’t think any of us believed it when Miriel made us aware of what she was suggesting. But the evidence is clear before us, there seems to be no other explanation for Noire’s sudden increase in ability, nor for why her aptitudes would so strongly mirror Robin’s.

“More than that though, more than anything… I know you must have wondered, just as I have, why when these children came to us, when they joined us, that the only two who knew who their fathers were, were Morgan and Lucina, the two most tightly bound to those men. For the rest of them, it was as if they very image in their head had slipped into fog. Morgan’s memories are scattered worse than most but… but, I have worried, many times, just what effect my Mother’s desperate gamble must have had on these poor children.”

And once again, a topic that had almost never been raised, the unasked question that had settled around the camp for months. Why could none of Lucina’s comrades, their future children, remember who their fathers had been? With the lives they’d lived, it was understandable for some of them to not be sure, but instead, all save Lucina, Morgan and Cynthia drew complete blanks when asked, and even Lucina’s younger sister’s memories had seemed strangely hazy at first. It had seemed like a lie, but it had quickly become evident that it wasn’t, and soon it had become almost a taboo topic, something never to be said, lest they cause the long-suffering children even more trauma.

They were worried, of course, but the children had remembered their mothers and almost everything else about their past perfectly. They hadn’t seemed any worse for wear, so it had simply become just another oddity of their already very strange lives.

“I have never spoken about this, because it was told to me in confidence,” Tiki continued, shutting her eyes in a silent apology for a moment, “But, I speak often to Lucina. She’s lived a troubled, terrible life, and I would ease her burdens however I can. And, just once, she admitted to me, that when she first came to the past, her own memories towards her mother were just as hazy as the rest seem to hold towards their fathers… Right until Chrom and Sumia were wed. And then, suddenly, everything rushed back to her, crystal clear. For months, she could barely remember her own mother, and then, all at once, she could.”

Chrom staggered, leaning heavily on the table before him, “Lucina… I… never knew.”

And finally, slowly, the pieces began to click into place in Robin’s mind. It seemed unbelievable. It seemed ridiculous. And yet… it made a certain amount of sense.

“I see…” he breathed, “When they first came back into the past, the future was still uncertain… Or, bits of it at least. That’s what the holes in their memories are, the pieces that aren’t set yet. So, when Sumia and Chrom married, it became real. It was certain then, that she would become Sumia’s child with Chrom. Gods… Can that really be possible?”

“I believe so.” Tiki nodded.

“And then, that means, yo-” Robin blinked, the final piece of the puzzle, the reason for this meeting, suddenly snapped into place, “Wh-WHA!? Hey… You… You cannot be serious!?”

“Extremely,” Miriel answered, tugging proudly on her hat as she looked from the shocked Tactician to the confused Exalt, “The children are from the future, it stands to reason that some events have not yet been determined, that they remain in a state of flux. Ergo, by influencing events now, we can influence them- as their fate leans one way or another, they are affected with it, as seen by the changes we’ve seen so vividly with Noire.”

By this point, as irrational as the whole conversation had seemed, Chrom thought he at least understood it. But, from the disbelief he could see writ clear upon his closest friend’s face, he knew he’d missed something big, “Robin?”

“They…” The Tactician swallowed, pulling himself up straight and slowly collecting his resolve, “This is the edge, the advantage Say’ri mentioned. They’re suggesting we should er, change the fate, of the other children, just like with Noire.”

Chrom blinked.

“But, wouldn’t that mean…” slowly catching on, he turned to the group of women… suddenly realising that, aside from Miriel, none of them were quite meeting his eyes, shifting in place, each of them looked sheepish, embarrassed. Well, he corrected, except for Tharja. She was staring at Robin even more ravenously than ever, “Wh-What? You… You’re saying you want Robin to… to sleep with all the Shepherd mothers!?”

“That was indeed my initial suggestion,” Miriel hummed, “However, when I presented it, there were some disagreements about which was the superior candidate. It was also pointed out that, as our Tactician, Robin’s schedule is very full, although I personally feel this is an unnecessary concern. In any case, to put it plainly, Milord, your presence was requested this meeting for a reason.”

“The two highest performers,” Robin reminded him, slightly awkwardly, “Were Morgan, and Lucina.”

Chrom’s jaw dropped. The Exalt staggered in place, as if his balance had suddenly been lost.

“Yo-You’re crazy! What… What in the hells kind of… You’re asking me, too!?”

“Precisely. Please assist Robin in impregnating as many female Shepherds as possible.”

“But, I’m married!”

“Oh, I don’t mind,” Sumia chimed in, giving her husband a smile that was probably intended to be reassuring, but instead just left him even more confused, “I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t already agreed to this! Chrom, I value our marriage, more than anything. But these are our children, our future, and our dearest comrades. If we can do anything to help them, to keep us all alive and safe, then… then I think it’s worth it!”

It was an endearingly heartfelt speech, which was then undercut a moment later as her eyes shifted to the sides a little, and her voice dropped to a mutter, “And, it’s a little exciting to think about anyway, isn’t it?”

“I agree,” Maribelle nodded, dutifully ignoring the Queen’s final comment, “Speaking as a mother, Brady is a fine lad, a little rough around the edges and… well, in any case, ever since he’s joined us, he’s meant the world to me. I would never normally condone an extra-marital affair, or anything indecent acts outside wedlock, but, if I’m told that he will become stronger, that he’ll be easier to keep safe, easier to keep alive, so long as fate seems to think that you, or Robin, were likely to be his father… Then, so be it I say!”

Lissa gave a note of agreement at that, “Even Tharja’s agreed to play nice here! She’s said she won’t complain about Robin with anyone else. It’s strange, really, reaaaaally strange, but everyone’s in this together here!”

“Mpmh…. So long as I get my turn.” The Sorceress grumbled, but didn’t otherwise object.

“That’s… but… Gods, but, I’m royalty! I’m the Exalt, now! I can’t just, just go out and have a host of bastards! It could destabilise the entire realm!”

“Dear, these are you comrades you’re talking about. Do you really think any of them would do something like that? Any claims could be easily relinquished.”

“Fie, more to the point,” Say’ri, a fellow royal, spoke over Sumia’s slightly politically naïve assurance, “As seen with Noire, there’s no need for any… ah, for any c-children to be confirmed. *Ahem* In fact, there’s no evidence there needs to be any, any specific intimacy at all,” her gaze flicked over to the Tactician for just the briefest moment, “Surely just spending more time together, envisioning a future together, would be enough to nudge fate’s direction?”

Folding her arms under her breasts, Miriel gave out an offended snort at that, “Absurd foolishness,” she huffed, the usually stoic mage looking downright offended, “The pursuit of knowledge as well as the empowerment of our forces, stymied by politics? The very suggestion is vexing beyond measure. We stand on the cusp of a possibly unprecedented discovery, to constrain our research, either from some form of sentimentality, or because of petty inheritance concerns, is utterly irrational.”

Pushing her glasses back into place up her nose, she took a moment to collect herself.

“The only concern of note is any possible effect on our,” she gestured towards the larger female group, “Personal combat efficiency in the months to come. However, my analysis shows that between the men and the additional strength given to the future children, even that should be curtailed. By simple deduction we can infer that any small, or impermanent changes to fate could be undone, thus the logical conclusion is clear. I recommend that, in no more than three weeks, every female in this camp should have a baby inside her. Furthermore, is doing so not simply base male instinct? I fail to see where this resistance comes from.”

No-one was quite ready to deal with that statement. After a long, embarrassed silence, Robin spoke up once more.

“What about the other men? The original fathers?”

At that, there was something of a collective shrug from the assembled women. Clearly some hypothetical fathers weren’t something they were particularly concerned with at the present.

“Inferior stock doesn’t get to breed, that’s a fundamental rule of nature,” Miriel waved the question away, “Regardless, it is elementary to compile a list of who the original fathers appear to be, based off obvious biological heuristics. If it matters, such relationships can simply be arranged afterwards.”

“Everyone is free to follow their own path, to make their own decisions in this matter,” Tiki answered much more gently, “If any of the women want to be with any man, of course that’s perfectly fine. That’s ideal. The future we’re all fighting for, is the one where we can all be happy. No-one’s being forced to agree to this, not us, not anyone else, and not you. Robin, Chrom, we’re here because this is what we’ve chosen, what we want.”

Robin’s brain just about fried at that comment. Luckily, his rationality held strong enough that another question quickly rose in his mind,

“Wait… you said, we?”

“Indeed!” once again, the scientist chimed in, “That is perhaps the most intriguing possibility of all! As well, as potentially the greatest yield. I posit: what if, instead of simply improving our current soldiers, we could gain entirely new, equally capable allies? This is purely conjecture; however, I believe it is well worth attempting to change the fate of the women who were not mothers in the original future.”

Once again, Chrom felt lost in this discussion, “But, what, are you expecting more people to just… pop out of thin air? Lucina said we’d already found all her original companions.”

“And yet, if Tiki were to conceive a child, would it not grow to be the kind of ally that would assist Lucina’s cause? I suggest it would! We can see just how far fate can be pushed, even if nothing comes of it, there’s no harm in trying. It is well worth the experiment.”

“Miriel,” a cold voice from the Chon’sin Princess cut in at that, “Speak not so freely of Lady Tiki. She is no experiment of yours, and her body is no-”

“Peace Say’ri,” a soft hand on her shoulder stilled the swordswoman. But, looking at her now, Robin could see the Divine Dragon looked notably less collected than usual, her cheeks tinged red and breath coming a little faster, “In truth, I was… open… to Miriel’s suggestion. I’ll admit, I have been a little jealous, watching Nowi and Nah together…”

At that, Robin’s mind finally did fry! The Divine Voice of Naga, a legendary Hero who’d fought with Marth, who could have any man in the world, was saying she was interested in having his child! She wanted him to breed her!

“Fie. In that case, I shall follow your lead Milady. Whatever you choose, I shall be at your side.”

If Robin hadn’t been so stunned by what was being suggested, he would have noticed the Princess looking equally out of sorts after that statement. He did, however, noticed Anna whistling a happy tune to herself.

“Mhmm! Mhmm! I would love to have a cute little Morgan or Lucina following me around, helping count all my money! Fufu, or maybe I should push to be a royal mistress?”

Sumia seemed receptive, strangely, Cordelia was the one to bristle at that statement.

“Gods…” Robin sighed, at last, as the idea of this began to truly set in on him.

“This is… crazy…” Chrom agreed.

“Fear not, milord,” Frederick spoke up in assurance, “I shall assist you however I can. And I know there’s no woman who would turn down your advances! I’m sure we’ll have no trouble ensuring you shall sow your wild oats!”

“I-I’m not planning on sowing anything, Frederick! I have a wife, a child!”

“Right. Are we quite finished with explanations?” Miriel asked pointedly, attempting to take control of the conversation once again, “These hypotheticals are intriguing but useless if they do not ultimately yield meaningful results. For that purpose, now that we all have an understanding of the situation, I propose we apply a test. We shall see if Noire was a unique case, or if indeed, there is merit in this inquiry and how we can expand that over our larger forces.”

“A test?”

“Indeed,” so saying, she stepped forward, tugging at the collar of her robes, pulling it free and giving everyone a rare look at the porcelain white skin underneath, “For the sake of simplicity, I shall nominate myself. I will mate with one of you, until the healers can confirm a conception has occurred, and we shall track any noted developments in my son. Now, as stated, I have no strict preference, but since Laurent has a magical inclination already, I believe my optimal coupling would be with Ro-Ah!?”

“Alright! That’s enough outt’a you!”

“Wh-What? Unhand me forthwith!”

The Scientist’s approach was suddenly stopped when Lissa yanked her backwards, hooking her arms under Miriel’s armpits and dragging her backwards through the tent.

“Look, I know this is all -hey, stop struggling!- all a big surprise for you guys. So, we’ll just leave it at this for tonight. You don’t have to do anything, but just, think about it, okay?”

Leaving it on that note, Lissa put Miriel back on her feet and, after enduring a withering glare from the mage, they released the ties around the tent and both ducked outside.

“You don’t need to worry so much,” Sumia assured her husband with a kind smile, as she followed after, “Just, consider it. If, if it really can help.”

Tiki motioned like she wanted to say something, but ultimately left silently, holding the doorway open to let Say’ri follow after her.

Cordelia, equally, opened her mouth to make a reply, but then instantly blushed as red as her hair and flew out into the evening.

“Thank you for your time, and for considering this… very strange, proposal. I do trust you will both be exceedingly discreet with how you act, from here on?” Maribelle left with something between appreciation and a threat. Frederick took that as his cue and followed after.

“Hehehe… I’ll be waiting, Robin…” Tharja was, probably unsurprisingly, the last to leave.

But with that, finally, the tense atmosphere slowly evaporated.

A moment later, both men were slumped heavily in the chairs left in the back of the tent, breathing out deep sighs and trying to wrap their heads around what had been a seemingly endless series of surprises.

“That was… unexpected.”

Their minds lurched in unison: Miriel, of all people, had just been stopped from approaching them, trying to talk them into sleeping with her… right there… in front of all their friends…

“I need a drink.”


Twenty minutes later, both men were still together, sitting in just the same spots. The only difference was that now, with some more time to process things, they were looking far more relaxed.

The currently half-empty bottle of wine Chrom had fished from a small stash in the back of the planning room had helped with that too.

“I’ve gott’a say,” Robin sighed, slouching back in his seat and gazing up at the ceiling, “When I agreed to be your tactician, I never imagined it’d be anything like this.”

“Ah, I knew I’d forgotten something when I found you in that field. I never did warn you to expect to be dealing with time-travelling children, and a Demon Dragon, did I?”

Laughing sardonically, they clinked their glasses together once more, downing more of the wine.

“It’s a crazy suggestion. Ridiculous. Even if it does work, it feels wrong, immoral… But…” with a good dose of alcohol in him, the Tactician was able to speak a little more freely, “It’s a damn appealing suggestion!”

Chrom laughed again, “As a husband, there’s no way I can even consider something like that. But… as a man,” he breathed out a whistling sigh through his teeth, “Yeah.”

In truth, it was like a dream come true! A crazy, dangerous dream of a temptation almost too good to resist.

“But then… it’s not like we’re the ones who suggested it. They did ask us.”

“That’s true. That’s true. Gods, we’re the ones being talked into it even!”

They weren’t forcing or pressuring any of the women into anything. They were the ones who’d been approached… all they would be doing was answering an earnest request.

A long silence prevailed as both men mulled over that thought. Chrom refilled their glasses and they both drank deep.

“I wonder… I mean, we’ve seen so much unbelievable things already, and Miriel seemed so sure of it, hells, even Tiki seemed to believe in it. Maybe, maybe it really could help?”

“There’s certainly no denying Noire’s phenomenal improvement lately, that’s for sure. And, if it’s true that her aptitude is lining up with my own…”

Maybe it really was possible.

Maybe it really could help.

An irresistible thought began settling in the minds of both men: Maybe that really would be the edge they needed, to win the wars, to keep everyone alive and get them home safely. To save the very future. For so long it had seemed an impossible task, a challenge so insurmountable it was hard to imagine how they would even begin to go about it. Was this the strength they needed, to overturn destiny?

Robin snorted, “The way she phrased it, changing the fate of the future children… In a way, that’s what we’ve always sought to do, isn’t it? Ever since Lucina joined.”

Chrom groaned, “Insane as it is, when you put it like that, it sounds almost fitting, doesn’t it?”

Several more glasses were drained on that thought.

“*Ahem*, ah, *Ahem*,” clearing his throat awkwardly, and pointedly looking up at the roof of the tent, Robin spoke first, “I actually, I think I will give it some serious thought. It’s, well, if it’s what they want… It can’t hurt to test it, just a little. There’s no need to go as far as Miriel said, of course.”

“Of course,” Chrom agreed, “And, I… I really should talk to Sumia about this, shouldn’t I? Gods, she gets such silly things in her head sometimes. I can’t believe she’d really be okay with something like that. But, I’ll just… confirm, that she is.”



“Should we… er, plan…?”

“No. Ah, I mean, it’ll be their choice. Whatever they decide.”

“Right. Right.”

Obviously, they couldn’t do something as crass as attempting to divvy up the women, or create some kind of agreement between them. Even if they were to go ahead with this, it would surely be at the discretion of the female Shepherds.

Still, this time after Chrom topped them back off, they each put their cups together with a small unacknowledged *clink*. A mutual agreement and perhaps, a small celebration.

After that, with both men simultaneously enjoying the other’s company as well as their own private thoughts, glass after glass of was polished off. The time passed slowly in a pleasant haze, and the last of the worries that had filled this tent drained away. A plan and a request that had seemed unthinkable, was slowly settling in on each of them.

Until eventually but all too soon, the wine ran out. And with it, so too did their excuse for lingering on this any longer.

“It’s actually a really nice thought,” Chrom admitted, as Robin collected their cups, closing his eyes and picturing a scene in his mind, “A whole camp of the future children, taking after Lucina or Cynthia.”

“After Lucina or Cynthia?” the Tactician balked, turning on the spot. That same image had looked a little different in his mind, “You mean, after Morgan?”

“Well, I mean, I love Morgan, of course bu-”

“She’s an incredible soldier, and a gifted Tactician! She’s constantly keeping me on my toes. All the children are amazing, but just think about what we could do with the others if they had her ingenuity!”

“Lucina’s better with a sword,” Chrom pointed out, rising from his seat, “And she’s much more disciplined. How many times have you had to tell Morgan off for following her own plans in the middle of a battle?”

“I’ve told Cynthia off just as much!”

“Not anytime recently. You know how she is, she just, er, she just needed some time to adjust to how we do things.”

“You mean after I talked to her about her Hero issues?” Robin shot back, throwing up his hands, “Look, Chrom, I love Lucina, and Cynthia. You know I do, I’d give my life for theirs, bu-”

“But you prefer Morgan over either.”

“Of course.”

Standing now face to face, the two men stared at each other, neither giving an inch. And, for the first time in a long time, it became clear that in this matter they would not reach an accord. The love they had for their children was enough to make these two dig their heels in, even towards each other.

The moment passed slowly.

“I suppose it’s pointless to argue, isn’t it?” Chrom sighed, “After all, like we said, it’s up to the women anyway.”

“Of course, you’re right,” Robin nodded, letting the tension deflate, “That’s if it even works anyway. It’s all hypothetical at this point anyway, who knows, we may be getting far ahead of ourselves.”

“That’s true. Well, we’ll just have to see what comes.”

“Yeah. I think we all just got caught up in Miriel’s enthusiasm. Gods, I’ve never seen her like that before.”

“Hah! Tell me about it, I guess that’s how she gets when she’s got her mind on possible new discovery?”

Smiling once again, they each nodded their goodbyes, as amiably as ever, before tidying up the rest of the tent and undoing the last of the privacy wards. However, as they each slipped out into the night, their thoughts went in two very different directions. 

‘Lucina lived through a nightmare I can’t even imagine, she’s carried everyone’s burdens all this time, and Cynthia’s always been at her side. That kind of determination and resolve is irreplaceable, that’s the quality that wins wars and will keep them safe. There’s no doubt about Morgan’s abilities, she’s brilliant, but more people acting independently like her? The army would turn into a rabble!’

‘It’s true that Lucina is better with a sword, but I’m sure Morgan is better overall. She’s far more flexible. Gods, sometimes it feels like there’s nothing she can’t do! If we had more like her, there’s so many more strategies I could use, our army would become far more versatile, practically overnight!’

Despite the divergent thinking, they each came to exactly the same conclusion.

‘I’ll have to do something!’

And of course, to two stubborn men, driven on by the love of their daughters: This meant War!



And, here we have our setup! It’s a little crazy, and definitely a very wild plan, relying on some very janky time-travel manipulation. But hopefully it all made sense! Just incase I didn’t explain it very well: (Except for Lucina and Morgan) The time-travelling children all remember their mothers but not their fathers, that information became lost when they travelled back in time, since it hasn’t yet been determined who their mothers will end up with. Since their fate is still in flux, by Robin or Chrom sleeping with their mother, the chance of them being the father becomes much more likely, and they get skills similar to what Lucina or Morgan have.

Which means, for the sake of their future and their children, the female Shepherds are all going to get knocked up! 

Anyhow, here’s where the fun part comes in, and here’s where YOU get involved!

The girls I’m going to select for each subsequent chapter are going to be decided by a Random Number Generator I’ve put together. I’ve even put in a few special events or surprise combinations to spice things up a little.

Each chapter is going to be standalone, and at the end I’m going to announce who was picked to be the next girl. You then get to vote whether it’ll be Robin or Chrom that wins her heart (and womb)! Hopefully that should keep things lively and fun, no matter how it turns out. Whether it’s a mix of both guys getting some action, or one of them left in the cold while the other fills the camp with his kids, either way it’ll be all your decision!

So, let’s kick things off: The next chapter, the first sex chapter, will be with CHERCHE!

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