The Lich King's Harem

BY : Lord22
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Disclaimer: I do not own Warcraft. Nor am I making any money from this.

Disclaimer: I do not own Warcraft or anything else in the franchise. I am not making any profit off Warcraft either.


Chapter One: The Taming of Sylvanas

Jaina Proudmoore and the heroes of Azeroth crept through the halls of Icecrown. They had faced many horrors on their way through here. And they would face more before the end. The whispers of the damned filled their ears. Statues of monstrous creatures were on either side of the freezing, dark halls.

And then they came to a place, unlike the others. It was a huge round room with a high domed ceiling. The walls here were like icy and showed the reflection of Jaina as she looked at them. She saw herself, tall, with long golden hair. She was curvaceous and clad in a metal breastplate that bared her enormous breasts. She wore a violet and white skirt that clung to her wide hips, and her lips were painted red.

Then Jaina saw a pedestal. And at the center of that pedestal was floating a huge sword. It was cold and pale and had an unworldly light coming from its jagged blade. The skull at the center of the hilt looked to be devouring everything.

Jaina halted by it. "Frostmourne, the sword that destroyed our Kingdom. I must try to commune with the souls within."

So she began to channel her power. But within the sword, she found nothing. No souls, no spirits. Only a cold emptiness. Had her Prince released them? Surely this meant that he was still fighting from within.

Then she glanced back and saw another group of heroes enter. These were orcs and undead and trolls. They were of the Horde. And at their head was Sylvanas Windrunner. The undead Banshee Queen went clad in a two-piece leather outfit. One that bared her long shapely legs, and showed off her huge breasts. Her bow was in her hand, and her red eyes gleamed at Jaina in recognition as she drew near.

"Sylvanas Windrunner," said Jaina. "What are you doing here?"

Sylvanas scoffed. "What do you think, Proudmoore? I have come to seek vengeance upon that bastard Arthas. If you stand in my way, it will be worse for you."

Jaina shifted. The heroes looked at each other with hostility on both sides. Wrathgate was not forgotten, and because of Varian, the Horde and Alliance were at war. It was why the offensive had stalled. "We should cooperate to defeat him, for now."

"I suppose that makes a certain sense," said Sylvanas. "Come, heroes. The time has come for vengeance."

Jaina knew well that Sylvanas would never accept Arthas being redeemed. Neither would many of the heroes. Perhaps there was some way she could isolate her from him? The truth was that killing Arthas was hopeless. The offensive against the Scourge had stalemated. The Alliance and Horde were only growing weaker by the moment.

Defeating the scourge was impossible. But if Arthas could be redeemed…

Then the doors opened.

Jaina looked up and saw Arthas striding into the hall. He wore a helmet, and as he entered, he raised a hand. Frostmourne spun from the pedestal to land in his hand. "Lady Sylvanas, Jaina, two old friends within my halls. To what do I owe this pleasure."

Sylvanas drew an arrow and set it to her bow. "Arthas, you'll pay for what you did."

"Arthas, I need to talk with you," said Jaina. "This… this isn't you."

Arthas smiled in amusement. "…Which agenda is it then? To kill me, or to redeem me."

"The former," said Sylvanas.

She loosed the arrow, but Arthas raised his sword and split the arrow in half. As he did, undead poured in through the gates. The heroes rushed to meet them as Arthas turned away. "Falric, Marwynn," said Arthas, "keep our guests entertained. I will entertain Sylvanas first."

"Face me, Arthas!" cried Sylvanas, rushing after him.

Jaina raised her hand to cast a spell, even as Sylvanas slipped through the doors after him. The doors shut tight.

Sylvanas was in a rage. She had not fought her way free of Lich King to have her vengeance stolen like this. All the years since the destruction of Silvermoon had led to this single moment. Her minions meant nothing to her. Let them die to defeat his forces; she would kill him with her own hands.

Arthas turned to face her as she drew her knives. "Today you will answer for your atrocities."

"Yes, how dare I spread plague and kill thousands of innocent people," said Arthas. "While your hands are clean in all things."

"I don't care about those!" snarled Sylvanas. "You'll pay for what you did to me!"

She ran forward.

"No," said Arthas.

Suddenly Sylvanas froze in place. She could not put one foot in front of the other. She put all her strength against it, beat against the spell. But she was frozen in place, unable to move. "What is…." gasped Sylvanas.

"Quiet," said Arthas.

Sylvanas' mouth shut. Arthas smiled and sheathed Frostmourne. "Stand where you are. Now stand on one leg." Sylvanas obeyed despite her spirits objections. "Drop your blades." Her swords clattered to the ground. "Raise your hands above your head and stick out your chest."

Sylvanas obeyed and had she been able she would have blushed as she flipped her hair and took a seductive pose. What cursed magic was this?

"Very nice," said Arthas, pacing around her. "May I be honest, Sylvanas. You breaking free of the Frozen Throne was entirely temporary. I could have resumed control at any time after I defeated Illidan. I only waited as long as I did because you serve as a means to divide the Alliance and Horde. And you've done a perfect job of that.

"Even as we speak, they kill each other, and I have nothing to fear from them. If you hadn't joined the Horde, Varian never would have been able to wedge a gap between them."

Absurd! She was in control of her own destiny! Putting her full power, she spoke. "Quiet! I will never serve you again!" Arthas smiled. "Every you are defiant. I'm glad. It adds to your appeal." He raised a hand and put it to Sylvanas' chin, pushing it up. "Now, obey!"

Sylvanas felt his will entering her own. It no longer merely forced her to act as he will. It desired more than her body; it desired her. It was like her spirit was being seized and bound up in chains. Then those chains merged into her spirit. Sylvanas found a smile coming to her face as she gave Arthas a come hither look. As if inviting him to have his way with her. And she was enjoying it. Wanted him to take the invitation she did not mean to give.

She could speak, but only because he willed it. "What… what is this…"

"A spell, long in making." said Arthas. "I have poured a portion of my power into you, and now your body is like a puppet, controlled by the strings of my will. Now, bow before me."

Sylvanas would not do this. She would never do this, even if she wanted to. No, she didn't want to. Her will was her own! But her knees were not, and she found herself prostrating herself before him. "Damn… you…"

"Who is your master?" asked Arthas.

Fight it. Fight it. She couldn't admit defeat like this. "The… Lich… King…"

"Good," said Arthas. "Now, my minions are dealing with Jaina. In the meantime, why don't we give you the details of your new role? Stand up."

Sylvanas obeyed, unable to speak.

"Undress," said Arthas.

"Yes… master…" gasped Sylvanas. Why was she saying this? He hadn't ordered her to speak.

Neither had he ordered her to begin drawing off her bra, doing it slowly so he could appreciate every moment. She deliberately kept him in suspense, pulling it off one shoulder, then the other. When her ample breasts were bared, she began to sensually pull off her boots. As she did, she licked her lips in anticipation. But why was she anticipating this? It was Arthas who was feeling the anticipation as she pulled off her thong, twirling it around on one leg.

This wasn't her will! It wasn't!

Arthas had she his own clothes and sat down in a throne. Sylvanas found her eyes drawn to his huge girth. It had been so long since he'd railed her, she'd missed it. No, it she hadn't. It had been a violation! She didn't want this.

But she gripped it without orders, massaging it, so it went erect before her. This was an opportunity. She could rip it off. Or bite it off.

"Arthas I will… I will tear you apart," said Sylvanas as she took it in her mouth. "Mmph!"

Far from biting, she found herself sucking with enthusiasm. It tasted cold and salty, and she worked at it with an enthusiasm she had not felt for anything in years. She took the entire, massive length in her mouth until she was deepthroating it. She felt more of his energy pouring into her, making her his. And she was enjoying it. How could this be?

"You don't understand it, Sylvanas," said Arthas. "Your every movement is now but an extension of my will. Your very spirit is infected with mine. You will do whatever it is I want you to do.

"I must admit, though, you are skilled. And you are taking to your new duties with enthusiasm. You channel your hate into excellent service."

Sylvanas found herself standing and sitting on top of him. She felt his girth drive itself into her body and moaned as she pressed her breasts into his face. She felt him take hold of one of her nipples with his mouth and suck.

It felt so good. So good to be impaled on his massive rod. So good to have her nipple sucked. So good to have her breasts bouncing up and down. Her white hair flowing around her. It was addicting, and she hated it.

"Master… Master, I hate you!" screamed Sylvanas.

He was not her master. She was his slave.

"I know," said Arthas. "It makes this all the more enjoyable. With each passing moment, you become even more of a slave than before."

Then Sylvanas felt his hands on her, and it was an incomprehensible pleasure. He bucked her up and down again and again. His hands felt her breasts up, breasts which had been designed especially for him. Then he moved on to her sexy rear. Why was she thinking of herself like this? This was how he thought of her.

Because he had been made for her. She was an extension of his will now. The sheer magnitude of his power coursing through her. It was transforming her into his… no… slave was too high a title for this unworthy one. No, she was rebelling against him, she would…

"Who do you serve, Banshee?" asked Arthas.

The answer was there. But she wanted to deny it. "I… I serve…"

"Speak!" cried Arthas.

She wouldn't say it. She had to find a loophole. "I serve the Lich King!" "And who is that?!" cried Arthas, bucking her all the faster.

It was too much. Sylvanas screamed the truth. "I serve you, Arthas! My whole purpose is to do what you will! I am your loyal sex slave, and I hate you! I hate you so much I want to go on fucking you for all eternity!"

"And so you shall!" cried Arthas.

With a final surge of energy, Sylvanas came and came hard. Her eyes flashed with unholy energy as the last remnants of her will were beaten down. Her breasts exploded outward to a far larger size, more than thrice what they had been before. Her hips widened, and her rear expanded to become far meatier. Her lips grew bigger and poutier. Then, the changes, finished, she collapsed onto him, resting on his still erect rod.

He shoved her off, and she landed. As she did, Sylvanas changed her pose to something more seductive. She let her breasts bounce appealingly. It didn't matter what she wanted. She served the one true king.

Arthas, however, didn't spare her another glance. He looked at the door.

Disappointment filled Sylvanas. Her entire role was to please him, whatever she felt. She didn't want to be regarded as a failure. She rose up and wrapped her arms around him from behind. "Master, tell me to do anything? I am yours."

Inwardly she was screaming in rage. But her inner self was suppressed. Right now there were two Sylvanas', both joined by obsession. One desired defiance, the other desired him. The one who desired him reminded the defiant side of the benefits of servitude. If Arthas regarded them as a favored consort, she could betray him more easily.

Arthas looked up. "I may just have a task for you. Jaina will be coming to meet us soon. When she does, I won't be able to use the same method on her. I suppose I could kill her and bring her back as an undead, but that wouldn't suit my purposes.

"Can I count on you to give up everything you are for me?"

Sylvanas couldn't have said no if she wanted to as she looked at him with murderous adoration. "Yes, master."

Sylvanas looked forward to breaking that naive little idiot. She wanted to redeem Arthas. But Sylvanas was going to help prove how truly hopeless her goals were. And she would enjoy every moment of turning her.

Ice began to scale up her feet…

Author's Note:

Welcome to a fic I've meant to write since a little after I started work on False Jaina's Crusade. I believe the title says everything we need to know about the fics concept. If you have any suggestions for additions to the harem and creative things that can be done with them, feel free to chime in.

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