Pandora's Heart

BY : DaxG2001
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Mad Moxxi (Borderlands series)

Pandora’s Heart

A Borderlands video game erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Codes: MF, Oral, mental influence.

*     *     *

In Pandora there were so many wild, dangerous, and mostly insane types that if you were not already dead, then death was always close behind you. You had psychos, bandits, killer robots, vicious animals from Skags to Bullymongs, and the seemingly defiant remains of the Hyperion Corporation looking to hold onto power against the Crimson Raiders, lead by the Vault Hunters.

Where did Samuel fit into this? Seemingly nowhere. Even more so since he and his team of would-be Vault Hunters arrived on the planet, and especially so now that the previously mentioned death that had been following them caught up and indeed claimed the others in his party. Not that the man with short black hair and brown eyes wasn’t physically or mentally equipped for the task. Average height but more than average build – not think and lanky like the Vault Hunter Mordecai, but not a mass of muscle like Brick, just nicely in between and able to handle the harsh terrains of the so-called “Borderlands”.
No, his team perished as they, voting against his motion, went straight for glory. And a “Raid Boss”. They discovered to their final horror why they were not lying when they said “You. Will. Die”.

Surviving when he had crawled through a hole blown into the cavern wall by the blood-thirsty multi-tentacled beast, Samuel soon discovered the dangers of Pandora in the form of countless bandits, psychos, wild animals, and everything else that went along with the “job” of nothing more than pure survival. And survive he did. Looting shield after shield, weapon after weapon, and hiding behind rock after boulder to let his shield charge back up, it took months before he finally found what he’d suggested his group do in the first place – register at a New-U Station.
Life was no better or easier from that point onwards, but that safety net against the same fate his former friends had suffered was somewhat of a reassurance at the very least. He continued to drift from place to place, location to dangerous location from barren deserts to ice flows, erupting volcanoes to abandoned factories. One time he even, unfortunately some would say, stumbled upon some twisted island full of the living dead.

Then, as his days seemed to always be dictated by, by chance, everything changed for him.
Emerging from deep out of another creature infested cave, Samuel wiped another glob of green slime from off the sleeve of his torn and ripped jacket, then dusting off the dust from the equally far from clean and new pants of his that were frayed to say this least above his dirty boots. He sighed, relieved at his survival and a selection of weapons and grenade mods that would fetch a fair price. Looking over his inventory however, there was one item from that last chest he’d open that intrigued him. Dark orange ranked color, so surely a rarest of rare Relic (or at least that he’d ever seen). But according to its description it was apparently priceless. Well, when it comes up with a value of $0 that’s priceless, right?

“Pandora’s Heart” was it’s apparent name, accompanied by “Why have money when you can have power?”. By Pandora’s standards, even that was weird. But there was something about it that made him keep a hold of it. He didn’t feel any effect from it when he equipped it first time, or really any time after than for the days, then weeks that followed, but still he kept it around. It wasn’t worth selling after all, even if it did take up a precious slot in his inventory, but perhaps one day he’d figure out what it was about.

*     *     *

A few months later…

Mad Moxxi cast the usual alluring glance around her bar from behind the counter. Nothing new to report, as per usual A couple of Sanctuary citizens trying to play a game of “darts” using knives away at the far corner but hitting around the board more than any number on it. One man slumped down in a booth, barely half-way through a bottle of Rakk-Ale. She caught the gaze of one young man at the far doorway, his eyes widening at being caught staring, and all it took was one raised eyebrow for him to suddenly turn tail and flee, tripping over himself and tumbling down the stairs.

Smirking, Moxxi rolled her eyes, leaning back from the bar in her tight, form fitting purple attire that went from the deep and revealing cleavage of her large breast and the hint of bra being shown off, to the buttoned up (with one missing and one completely different to the rest) “corset”-like midsection, and down to finish off just at the upper thigh to one side, showing off a glimpse of bright blue pantes at the other side next to a gun holster. Sexy but lethal, and her own unique style shown off by the mocked only by the brave or foolish make-up of pale white, running at the corners eyeliner, and pink circles on her cheeks along with the bright red lipstick. Not forgetting her miss matching and with holes in them tights, and her purple hat on the top of her head. She was a woman often lusted for but never to mess with.

Little boys weren’t so much fun these days to tease or taunt for the certified MILF, bartender and owner of this establishment (as well as Circles of Slaughter around Pandora). In fact, business was a little stale with the fall of Handsome Jack and the recent capture (and “freeing” of sorts of old ally Athena). If what that… Alien… Had said was true, then perhaps things would get interesting soon enough for Vault Hunters and the “people” (some like bandits were barely human after all now) of Pandora.
For Moxxi, she had no idea how interesting things were about to get as she heard footsteps entering the bar from the side entrance.

Fresh meat or new blood? That was her first thought as that same sensual gaze looked over the man entering, looking as close to a Vault Hunter as she’s used to seeing. A grenade mod on his belt, the glimpse of a shield attached on the other side of him on that belt, a shotgun strapped on his back, and all the ruggedness that came with  survival in the “Borderlands". He was certainly leaning towards the gorgeous end of the scale even if his clothes certainly needed some freshening up. Had she been talking, an innuendo about those garments looking better on her bedroom floor would have too easily worked, but she kept such thoughts to herself. Sex after just meeting someone? What kind of woman would people take her for?

“Looking a little rough there sugar…” Moxxi purred, running a cloth over the countertop of her bar as the man approached. “Tough time out there?”

“Yeah, that and them some…” Samuel said as he shuffled in, looking somewhere between exhausted and just off the end of the ungodly mother of all workouts. “Mind if I take a seat?”

“Be my guest, it’s always nice to see a fresh face around here handsome.” She meant both parts. It was rare to see anyone new around here since Sanctuary resided in the clouds, only accessible through Fast Travel stations. And indeed, this newcomer to her was nicely easy on the eyes.

“Thanks…” He said, more for being allowed to take the weight of his feet for once as he took a seat at the bar. “It wasn’t easy getting up here. Reconfiguring satellite dishes, killing off technology hoarding megalomaniacs… And listening to that damn robot Claptrap yelling at the other end of my ECHO didn’t help either.”

“Say no more… Let me fix you up with something cold and hard for you…” Moxxi said in that classic, flirty tone, sinking down with an effortless squat before reemerging to slam down a bottle of beer onto the counter. “Something tough and strong, just how I like them… But be careful sugar. Not everyone can handle this sweet stuff slipping down their throat like I can…”

“I’ll… I’ll take your word for it…” Samuel stuttered out, stunned to say the least by the blatant, innuendo filled language of the truly stunning bartender. With a wad of notes in his hand, he glanced to her, then to the empty tip jar on the counter. Thankful for just the drink, he placed the cash into the jar much to her smirking approval.

“Well someone knows how to make a good first impression… I hope it lasts…” She teases, giving a wink as she turns to run the cloth over the other end of the counter.

Samuel spent, quite rightly, a long moment taking in that stunning, curvaceous form of the dirty-talking beauty before he lifted the bottle to his lips. The taste was strong but compared to take your chances rivers and waters on the surface he felt like he was drinking a gift from the gods. That had been served by a Goddess with a mouth of a She-Devil.

After taking another long sip, his mind wandered some thoughts as he managed to rip his gaze away from her just as he figured that he never asked her name, nor did she ask his yet. Thoughts of lust, desire, her flirty talk, and those big tits on display somehow lead to romance and matters of the… Heart?

Pandora’s Heart. He blinked for a second as he a random, peculiar but somehow rational thought occurred to him. He’d equipped that relic when facing bandits to no affect. Skags, Threshers, and every other kind of beast didn’t change things at all. This was the first time he’d come into contact with a somewhat “normal” person (defined by her not instantly trying to kill him upon seeing him). Was it worth trying that Relic out to see if anything happened?

Turning around in his seat from the bar, he brought up his “Menus” (He never did question why he used this system so naturally) and in his inventory switched out the Shield enhancing Relic from his equipped slot, replacing with the Pandora’s Heart. Closing down the “Menus” he turned back around, picked up the bottle and took another swig as he looked over to her.

Moxxi was all too used to wandering eyes checking her out, but was always quick to put anyone in their place. She may show off a little skin but she was not that kind of woman. Well, she was, but not in that way. She turned around, locking eyes with him.

And felt an immediate desire to tear off his clothes and fuck him on the floor of her own bar.

Samuel stopped mid-sip of the beer, seeing that burning look of desire in the widened eyes of the barmaid and Vault Hunter ally, her tongue slowly peeking out from between her lips to run all the way over them in a slow clockwise motion, her hand gripping the wash cloth as she stuffed it shamelessly down into her deep cleavage. If he wanted a result from using Pandora’s Heart, he was getting one and it was just getting started.

“Say sugar…” She seductively said as she walked with a sway in her step along the bar to stand in front of him, her hands placed on the smooth surface as she leaned forward, deliberately showing off those large and sexy tits to him as she smirked. “I’m feeling a little thirsty all of a sudden… Mind if you give me something that hits the spot just right?” Moxxi asked but it sounded more like a demand.

“Be… Be my guest…” Samuel wisely said as his eyes were glued onto the tit flesh on display and that heart placed on the top of her breast.

Placing a finger on his chin, she tilted his head up so he could watch her as she took the bottle in her hand, holding it by the base as she parted those lips, sinking her head down onto it and keeping eye contact as her lips wrapped around the neck of it before she pushed further down. She groaned around the glass as she raised up, not drinking from it but… Well, sucking on it like it was a… You get the picture. Even more so when her free hand came up to “stroke” the rest of the bottle a couple of times like she was… You can see where this is going, right?

As he watched this naughty display, she eventually stopped the sucking and stroking, tilting her head back and raising the bottle so she could down the rest of the contents with a couple of deep and loud gulps, letting him watch the booze vanish from the bottle’s neck and down into her throat and beyond. With a sigh of satisfaction mixed with pride she lifted her mouth off and up from it, dropping the bottle down to the floor behind the counter and once more locking a look of pure lust onto the hunk she’s only met for a couple of minutes.

“Looks like that’s one all spent…” She purred, a hand reaching up to adjust her signature hat on the top of her head. “But I’ve got a couple more in my storeroom… That is, if you wouldn’t mind accompanying little old me back there?”

*     *     *

As soon as Samuel stepped into the storage room and the door slammed shut behind them, he found himself being shoved back against a stack of Rakk-Ale caskets, Moxxi’s big tits pressing against his chest as she forced her body into his, grabbing his handsome face and applying her lips onto his. The two shared a groan of desire, hers being unknowingly enhanced by the lust-inducing Relic he was wielding, and as soon as he parted his lips to deepen the kiss she was almost shoving her tongue down his throat.
Wisely as any Sanctuary citizen would be in this situation, he went with it as her hands ran through his messy hair, placing his hands onto her waist to keep a hold of her as they noisily made out and groaned into one another’s mouths.

Soon through her hands went down, grabbing him by the wrists and making his hands go onto under her clothing and onto her rounded, panties covered ass and taking the hint he squeezed those cheeks, making her moan against his tongue as she slapped hers against his. Pressing her breasts against his chest, her hand travelled downward and took a hold of the bulge in his pants, the bartender letting out a moan of approval at what she felt, as well as what she was feeling from him again gripping onto her ass.

Breaking off the kiss, both gasped for air as once again she had a look of pure desire across her gorgeous face. “No small talk baby… We’re gonna fuck right now!” Moxxi stated as she unbuckled her holster and let it drop to the side and no sooner had it hit the ground than she was down on her knees in front of him and doing the same to his belt.

For a moment, Samuel feared the effects of the Relic would be lost when she tugged down his pants and his underwear to the floor but thankfully it seems there was no reduction of her lust as she smiled upon seeing his hardening cock. A sight that made her mouth water, eyes brighten and her fingerless gloved hand go straight onto his impressive size to stroke him. The Relic must have some sort of residual effect for the user? However it was working and still working, he was more than happy to take advantage of it.

“Bigger than any of my previous husbands… And most of my boyfriends as well…” She voiced her approval, watching him harden in her grasp as she pumped him steadily, looking up with another sexy smirk. “Think you can handle a blowjob from me stud?”

“Damn right I can!” He answered as a complete and utter lie. His sexual experience was far from marking notches on a bedpost and of those encounters… Well, he wasn’t a minute man but sadly for him that minute hand on the clock never seemed to travel too far. Somehow though he felt… Confident? Was it the Relic giving him this boost? He wasn’t going to turn down this offer, that’s for sure.

“Hope you aren’t all talk buster… I’m not the kind of woman to do this to just anyone you know…” She stated, before she leaned her hat-topped head in and opened her mouth, flicking out her tongue against the crown of his cock. He groaned at the feeling, her tongue lapping at the tip before moving to slide across the top, her hand adding to the pleasure as she stroked the shaft while focusing the licking action over his crown.

“Oh fuck!! I’m… I’m damn glad for that…” Samuel said with a groan of delight, watching ass the innuendo loving beauty showed she doesn’t just talk about sex, she can actually apply it as she double teams his cock with a handjob and licking away at the head of his member. “Mmmmmm!! I’m… Ahhhhh… I’m Samuel by… By the way…” He managed to moan out, already experiencing pleasure just from this first sexual act that blows away every prior sexual experience he’s ever had clean out of the water. Watching as her tongue runs around the crown of his cock in a steady, clockwise motion and her gloved hand slides back and forth over his rock hard rod, she soon lifts up just a little, allowing her to spit down onto the bell end and use her hand to rub that spit over his inches.

“Nice to know babe… The name’s Moxxi, but I’m sure you knew that…” The former Underdome owner said with a smirk as she looked up at him, before going straight to work as she opened her mouth again and this time took his member inside, wrapping those full, bright red lips around his man meat and causing them to both moan as the head and an inch were taken in. She paused, watching the pleasure come across the handsome face of the man she was about to suck off as she let him experience the warmth and dampness of her oral hole, feeling a hole of hers getting to get wet down below, her own intense arousal also clear from how she’s groaning around his cock within her mouth.

Then she went to work, lifting her head upward until it looked like those pouty lips would be completely removed from off his rod only to sink back downward and past where she’d reached before, easily handling a couple more of his meaty inches inside her mouth and then smoothly, all too easily lifting upward and this time until just the crown was held inside her. With one hand holding his dick by the base and giving him a nicely timed stroke, and the other hand resting on his muscular thigh, the sucking motion continued with a lusty purpose, already her big tits jiggling from the bobbing action her head was doing as she blew the man she’s barely met but is all too happily sucking off in her own storeroom.

“Oh shit Moxxi! Mmmmmm!! Oh FUCK!!” Samuel moaned out, his head tilted back to stare up at the roof as he experienced the already greatest blowjob he’s ever felt from the busty barmaid, loving how her lips stay tightly wrapped around his cock as she moves up and down onto him to show obvious talent in administering this sexual act. Not only was the pleasure her mouth was giving him as she smoothly and steadily serviced his dick mind blowing to him, the fact that he was lasting and able to take this was a miracle in itself knowing his own (lack of) sexual ability. Was that something else that the Pandora’s Heart Relic was gifting to him?

“Mmmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm!! Mmmmmm…” Moxxi slurped loudly and lewdly onto Samuel’s dick as she sucked on the top portion and stroked off the bottom half, easily applying more of her spit onto those thick inches as she made her shoulder length hair sway, occasionally having to use her free hand to slip her hat back into place while she energetically to say the least blew the man she had a sudden wild desire for. “Mmmmmmm!! Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmmphhh!!” She had no time to wonder where the sudden increased lust came from, but it had been a while since she’d gotten some, not to mention seen a cock of this great length and size from a stud looking as gorgeous as he is. As she rocked her head back and forth onto him to take his cock between her full red lips, part of her wondered why she didn’t just drag him off and fuck him the moment he saw him, but such thoughts were soon replaced with the want to hear him moan like he currently was doing, so she carried on sliding her damp mouth along his inches and groaning herself around him as she did so.

“Oh man…. Oh shit!! That’s… That’s fucking unreal…” He marveled as he looked down, moaning just from that filthy look of lust she was giving him as she looked up while sucking him off, cheeks flexing as she moved down onto him and then smoothly lifted upward. She never fully moved off from him, always keeping at least the crown and an inch within that talented oral hole, and sinking down to well over the half-way mark to ensure her saliva was nicely coating his rod. “Mmmmmm… Oh yeah Moxxi… Suck that fucking dick…” He encouraged, not that he clearly needed to from how wildly and skilfully she was already doing so. However taking the challenge she pushed her face down further onto him, making them both groan out as she sunk downward for full deepthroat action, leaving him stunned and her seemingly smirking around his manhood before out of reflex she let out a gag around his tool. It didn’t stop her from staying down however, once more showing off her sexual ability by handling all of his size with her mouth for several long moments that would have easily finished off a normal man long before now.

Letting out another muffled gag around his manhood, she lifted her head slowly upward and then off of his cock with a gasp of lust, a grin coming across her “Mad” make-up styled facial features as she broke off the trail of spit that hung from her lips to the end of his dick by spitting down onto him. “Where the fuck have you been all these years sugar?” Moxxi playfully demanded as she gave his cock a couple of strokes to work her saliva all over him. “A man like you, packing this? AND able to take it? You shouldn’t be in the Vault Hunter business honey…”

“I… Well, you know…” Samuel stumbled over his words, not just from her beauty as she moved off from the floor to stand up in front of him, his eyes drawn onto her cleavage. “I’m sort of new to this myself, you know?” He half-admitted to truth as indeed he’d never managed to last anywhere near this length of time with a woman before, but thanks to the mysterious Relic that was enhancing his own “abilities” as well as her sexual desires, he was getting the chance to enjoy one of Pandora’s hottest women – a situation already superb just from that red hot blowjob.

“You could have fooled me honey…” She said, her hands going to the front of her tight fitting attire and ripping it open, sending buttons flying across the room and not caring about the damage she’ll need to repair as she peeled if off her gorgeous body and off her arms, tossing it aside and showing off her miss-matching underwear of a straining bra containing her big breasts and already clearly damp panties. “How about you shove something good into my tight spot… And I’m not talking that tip you put into my jar earlier on…” She licked her lips as she grabbed him by the shirt, pulling him off from the kegs of Ale so she can take up a position in front of it, placing her hands against the barrels and bending over to stick out her shapely backside towards the lucky hunk.

“I can handle that…” He said out loud but also telling himself as he stepped out of his lower clothing and quickly took off his jacket then his shirt to stand naked, his rock hard member still ready to thanks to that sex-enhancing Relic that’s effecting both him and her, as she sways her ass seductively from side to side as he approaches her.

“Take your time sugar… No one comes into the bar these days and if they do… Then can wait for little old me to be done with you…” She says, looking back over her shoulder with her hat still on her head as she watches him slide her panties down to show off her impressively by Pandora standards perhaps neatly trimmed but already clearly wet pussy. Her eyes then focus down onto his cock as he grips himself, lining up with her pussy with a testing rub against her folds before he pushes in, making her body tense as both she and the penetrating stud let out moans at his entry into the beauty who lets herself smirk for a moment before groaning again. “Mmmmmm!! And I better not be done with you any time soon either…” She warns as she spreads her tights covered legs wider for him as he begins to work his tool into her snatch, pulling back out with just the bell end staying within her wetness but then pushing right forward into her making her gasp in approval and delight, nodding her head when his hands move to grip her toned midsection as she finds her own eyes gazing over his certainly desirable (but somehow to her even more so now) muscular upper body as he starts to take her from behind.

“Oh fuck!! MMMMM… Fucking Hell Moxxi!! You feel… Ahhhhhh!! Incredible!!” Samuel admits with a groan, despite his lack of sexual experience finding himself running on instinct (and no doubt because of the Pandora’s Heart) as he smoothly moves his hips back and forth, plugging her wet and tight box with his inches that go in effortless in part due to all her saliva that’s covering his cock. “Mmmmm… This… I can’t believe it’s happening…” He says with an honest laugh as he fucks her, seeing quest giver and bartender already jolting forward when she pushes his dick into her snatch, watching the sexy sight of her ass cheeks shaking from the motion her curvaceous MILF body is doing as she further shows that raised level of lust by beginning to bang herself on the cock that’s already driving deep into her.

“MMMMM!! Believe… Believe it baby!! You’re… Oh FUCK!! You’re fucking good!!” The former hostess of the Underdome Riot groans out as she pushes her pussy sharply back against the incoming thrusts that are filling up her needy snatch, craving more of the dick she’d been sucking off just minutes before and now is taking from behind into her wet and snug love tunnel. “AHHHHHH MMMMM… Oh! OH SHIT!! Mmmmmm… Please… Please tell me you’re fucking single…” She naughtily moans out with another lusty look back over her shoulder as the sound of skin meeting skin starts to sound out around her alchohol storage room as her nicely juicy backside connects with his muscular body, ensuring she’s getting filled up completely with his magnificent feeling and sized cock to give her the kind of fucking she’s not had in clearly a long, long time.

“MMMM… Yeah I’m…UHHHHH… I’m single…” He grunts as he keeps a firm hold of her waist, staring down to watch his dick vanish right up into her tight and damp snatch before soon reappearing as he pulls a few inches out and she jolts forward and away from him, but soon the two quickly meet up when he drives in balls deep into her snatch as she rams herself back with force and desire to make them groan out. “Not exactly… MMMMMM!! Much time for fucking romance… AHHHHH… On this planet…” He says, but his focus is quite rightly on fucking the beautiful bar owner from behind like this, using a swift and nicely forceful motion with which to pound away into her box that’s still gripping his member as tightly as she was when he first entered her, her slickness that now covers his rod only making the task even more smoother for him to continue driving that long pole straight into her twat.

“AHHHHH… I’m not… MMMMM… I’m not looking for my next husband at the moment either sugar… AHHHHHH…” Moxxi says with a tilt of her head, making her hat tumble off and onto her back and almost rolling off of her from how sharply her curvy body is rocking back and forth against the pumps entering her wet snatch from behind. However the stud currently giving her this top-notch (and unknown to her enhanced beyond his normal abilities thanks to a Relic) fucking grabs the hat, reaching forward and putting back onto her head even while still giving it to her with another round of deep and firm pumps. “Mmmmm… Thanks sugar… AHHHHHH… I’m more interested... Ooooooooooh FUCK!! In getting myself a good… MMMMM!! Friend… With some fucking good benefits!!” She grins back at him, still keeping her stunning frame bent over in front of him as he drives his dick in and out of her box with the kind of pace and force that feels perfect to her, the infamously highly flirtatious and sexual beauty showing she can handle a fucking as well as spit out innuendos as she continues to moan out with every in and out thrust she takes from the equally groaning out in pleasure hunk who’s taking her like this.

“That… AHHHHH… Sounds like a damn good deal to me…” Samuel says as he delivers another firm thrust into her before he pulls out with a groan, taking a second to wipe a bead of sweat from off of his forehead.

“Hope you’re not feeling worn out yet honey…” Moxxi remarks as moves to stand up, turning around and taking a hold of her bra. “Maybe this will get that energy back up?” She smirks, tearing the last of her underwear off and unleashing those large, magnificent breasts to leave that sexily glazed with sweat body only clad in her miss-matching tights and boots, topped off with her hat on her head.

“That’ll do the fucking trick Moxxi…” He grins back, stepping in and this time making the move, taking a hold of her by the waist and then lowering her down snatch-first onto his cock.

“Oh FUCK!! Take me! Fucking… Just fuck me!! FUCK ME!!” She yells the demand, innuendos failing her due to her lust, instead just wrapping her legs around his midsection and her arms around his neck as she feels her back being pressed against the barrels of Rakk-Ale behind her.

Responding not with words, but actions instead, the Relic-wielding “Vault Hunter” does as asked as he slams his dick up to the hilt into the stunning MILF to make her moan in shameless delight on his cock, those cries continuing as he drives himself in and out of her dripping snatch, already putting more than enough force behind his motion to make her bounce on his dick, in turn making those beautiful big boobs shake sexily with every thrust. Sandwiched between his attractive and hunky body and the kegs of booze for her bar behind her, she can only remain in place held above the floor to take the best fuck she’d had in seemingly years, and loves every moment of it as she groans away and keeps a firm hold of the man she barely knows but cannot resist allowing to fuck her brains out like this.

For said hung male, he cannot believe his luck or the power the Pandora’s Heart is having both on his sexual ability, allowing him to repeatedly ram his cock in and out of the still snug but soaking wet snatch of the busty long-time ally to Vault Hunters he’s currently stuffing full with his man meat. That relic is also affecting her to make her crave that dick that’s going balls deep up into her, the slap of his crotch connecting into her ringing out to mix with their moans as he rapidly and stiffly drives his tool in and out of her fantastic feeling and clearly needy snatch. He’s more than taking advantage of this unlikely but very welcome opportunity as he fucks one of the hottest women in Pandora in her own storage room, making her moan and sweat like they’ve engaged in this act many times before instead of the reality of this being their first encounter, let alone first meeting.

“UHHHHHH!! MMMMM!! Oh fuck!! FUCK!! Yeah Sugar!! Don’t… AHHHHH!! DON’T STOP BABY!!” The former Underdome hostess and owner begs between loud moans, her eyes becoming glazed over from the intense pleasure she’s feeling, the signs of a long needed sexual high building up inside of her MILF frame, her sexy “Mad” make-up starting to run from the sweat this pounding is making her do but that’s far from her mind now as she jolts on the pistoning rod stuffing her love tunnel full and driving her so lustfully wild like this. “MMMMM… I’m… I’M!! OOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUCK!! YA’LL BETTER NOT FUCKIN’ STOP THERE HONEY!!” She suddenly moans out in a completely different, but equally sexy drawl of an accent than before during this sex. “I’mma… MMMMM!! I fuckin’ need that darn… FUCKIN’!! BIG COCK MAKIN’ ME CUM!! AHHHHHHH!!” She says with that “Southern” accent as she continues to take his thrusts as he goes in balls deep into her wet but still craving more hole, giving her a pumping to never forget but having no idea the pleasure he’s delivering and her own desire has all been enhanced by the mysterious relic the handsome man fucking her has been utilizing.

“MMMM!! Take it! Fucking… UHHHHHH!! Fucking take it Moxxi!!” Samuel grunts, the sweat dripping off his rugged facial features as he hammers away into the finest piece of pussy he’s ever had in his previously very inexperienced life, but is putting on the kind of performance expected of a long time skin-flick star from a film uploaded to a XXX-rated part of the ECHO-Net. “AHHHHHH… Yeah… You… MMMM… You fucking want it?? Then… UHHHHHH… Fucking take it!!” He hisses, having little time to marvel at the fact he’s managed to force the bar owner out of her usual public accent from how well he’s been fucking her. Instead and wisely he’s focused on driving her into the oncoming accent with thrust after hard, balls deep thrust that makes those massive boobs jiggle and keeps her groaning out to give her and her stunning body the kind of action she and her innuendo-loving ways deserve.

“OH GAWD!! OH SWEET… SWEET LORD YEAH!! YEAH!! YES YES YESSSSSSS AHHHHHHHH!!” Loudly and shameless in her true accent, Mad Moxxi cums hard all over the ramming deep dick of this “Hunter” as he keeps her held up off the floor and against the booze barrels, still able to ram that lengthy dick sharply in and out of her slot even as she tightens around him and her fluids start gushing out over his member. “AHHHHH!! MMMMMM!! MMMMMM OOOOOOOOOOH SHIIIIIIIIT!! MMMMM… MMMMM AHHHHHH…:” She groans out as her eyes have rolled into the back of her head, her mouth hanging open as an orgasm the likes of which she’s clearly never dreamed possible flows through her body to make her shiver in delight even as she still jolts and bounces when he stiffly sends his cock up deep into that completely now soaking wet hole. By the time she finally comes back down to Pandora it’s only his grip on her that keeps her up as her legs and arms slump from off of him as she gasps for air with a lazy but extremely satisfied and sexy smile on her pretty but make-up ruined face.

“MMMMM… Holy fuck!! That was… Wow!!” Samuel said, gasping as he pulled out of her snatch and helped her to stand against the barrels of Ale she’d been fucked against.

“Woooooooo-wheeeeee! Honey! That was just simply amazin’ darlin’!! You are one fine…” Moxxi starts to say before her eyes widen in horror and realization. “Did… Did I just… Oh God!!” She says now in her more familiar accent. “You fucked me out of my damn accent!!”

“Uhhhh… I…” He starts to say, before he’s cut off by her dropping down to her knees in front of him and gripping his dick.

“Don’t you EVER tell anyone about it, you understand me?? Not anyone!!” She snaps with a warning glare, and from the way she’s holding onto his manhood it’s clear this isn’t a threat to take lightly.

“I promise!! I won’t tell anyone!!” He wisely and quickly says, looking rightly worried for his own safety.

“Good!!” She says, taking a moment to compose her, letting go of his dick so can adjust her hat, licking her lips as she shifts up close to him. “Still… It would be rude to leave you hanging… After you actually fucked me like… Hell, like no one’s be able to come close to apart from that damn drunken bird lover… How about I give you a treat… Another secret between you and me?” She offers, moving up and using her hands so she can capture his cock between her large tits, smirking up at him as she squeezes the rod and feels him throbbing between her boobs upon the first contact.

“MMMM… I’ll stay fucking silent alright…” He agrees, and soon gets rewarded for it as the quest giver for Vault Hunters starts to slide her chest up and down against his tool, pumping his cock with her luscious and soft titties, showing no issue at all with the fact she’s smearing her own pussy juices onto her own boobs from this action. In fact, it’s making the motion all the more smoother and sexy as the busty beauty uses her assets to skilled perfection, moving them smoothly up and down over his inches that continue to noticeably pulsate as she delivers this tit fuck. “AHHHHHH!! OH FUCK!! Holy shit… That’s… MMMMM!! So… FUCKING GOOD MMMMM!!” He groans the admission out, staring down and watching the crown of his cock popping up from between those tits before vanishing back down between them, the motion quickly and effortlessly repeated by the stunning MILF who despite having cum hard herself moments ago seemingly still has plenty of energy left in that gorgeous body.

“Yeah… You like that sugar?? I bet you do…” She purrs with a lick of her full, bright red and slightly smeared lips, the sensual look she’s casting up at him made all the more hotter by how ruined from the intense sex they’d just had her make-up is, not to mention her hat still on top of her head as she keeps moving her breasts up and down on the cock that had just brought her to a stunning orgasm minutes ago. “Mmmmm… Don’t be holding out on me anymore honey… I want to see what kind of shots this gun is packing… And I don’t mean any elemental shots here…” The classic naughty talk returns from the bartender as she makes her tits slide back and forth along his throbbing pole, yet again showing her sexual skill at using her large chest to pleasure a man, knowing just how to move that thick dick in and out of her deep cleavage that’s more used to fitting other things into rather than some meaty cock.

“UHHHH!! Oh FUCK!! AHHHHH… AWWWWWW SHIT MOXXI!! MMMMM…” He gasps as he takes this incredible tit wank that would have easily finished off a normal red blooded male within moments, let alone after some hot and heavy sex like they’ve been through. It’s another sign of the power the Pandora’s Heart Relic has to keep him able to take more of her big, rounded breasts moving swiftly along his size so he can enjoy even more of that top notch pleasure from a woman who clearly doesn’t just now how to flirt and tease, but can deliver amazing sex herself as already proven during this encounter. As he grits his teeth and feels his cock pulsating between those massive mounds one more time, he knows that even all this newfound bedroom, or backroom in this case, ability he has he still has his limits but from the moans he’s releasing he’s got no issue with that whatsoever right now.

Tilting her head back to further show she’s done this before in the past, Mad Moxxi avoids the first blast of Samuel’s spunk from hitting her face, instead watching with a grin as it lands back down onto the top of her breast and over the heart on the top of her tits, soon joined by a second shot that lands down over the tops of her chest and slightly onto the other breast. She finds herself groaning from the sinful sensation of the spunk of a man she only met today splashing down onto her own big breasts as she keeps them pumping over that firing cock to get every drop out of him that she can. Her eyes widen as to her surprise he’s producing more jizz than she’s ever seen out of one man (another effect of that powerful Relic it seems), making her grin as her tits get more than ample covering along with his cum filling up her cleavage and staining his own cock.

“Mmmmmm… You’ve made quite the mess here sugar…” Moxxi comments as she lets her tits fall free from around his cock, finding herself unable to resist one last temptation as she leans in, using her hungry tongue to lick up his cum from off his softening inches and moaning at the taste before she shamelessly swallows it down, but purposely doesn’t touch his load that’s all over her tits.

“Ahhhhhh… Oh Moxxi!! That was… You are… Mmmmm…” Samuel is at a loss for words but secretly knows this has all been a result of a mysterious and clearly powerful Relic that’s he is very thankful he’s kept around with him for a long time.

“Lost for words honey? I tend to have that effect on people…” She smirks after finishing off cleaning him, glancing down at her own tits. “But damn if that didn’t feel good… No! Better than good. You felt… Well, let’s just say… I think you and me should have ourselves… A little deal…”

“A deal? You did mention something about a friend with benefits…” He points out with a smile, deciding against revealing the true reason why they ended up having the best sex of their lives just minutes after meeting.

“Almost… You stop by my bar and have some drinks, and each time you knock back a cold, hard one… You can give me a hot, hard one back here to pay it off…” Moxxi explains with a lick of her lips as she stands up from the floor, further showing off those cum-covered tits. “Sound like a deal?”

“A deal and then some Moxxi!” He says with a nod and a grin of his own.

“Perfect sugar… Oh, and just to be clear? I was serious about the accent thing. Don’t EVER tell a soul about that…”

*     *     *

Later on in the say, and just as Moxxi had predicted there had been little attention paid to her “abandoning” her bar duties, Samuel was able to step out onto the street from the bar in the same clothes but having enjoyed a shower to finally freshen up for once. Even if it had been pleasurably interrupted by Moxxi inviting herself in for a round two.

“Whatever this Relic is, it’s turned me into a sexual God and a babe magnet… Now I get the line about why have money when I can have power…” He thinks aloud to himself, having switched out the Pandora’s Heart for a less erotic Relic just to ensure he left the bar without Moxxi pouncing on him, even if that wouldn’t exactly have been the worst thing in the world.

Entering the central “square” of Sanctuary, he was able to simply stand and look at the… Device? Machine? Whatever it was sticking out the ground and humming away, seemingly keeping the entire city floating. Not a whole lot made sense here in Pandora, and over the past few months he’d lost all his friends, lost the means to travel home, killed countless people and creatures, and had to struggle to survive all to scratch together loot to sell. But now? With one little secret Relic that seems to give him power to make him irresistible to the opposite sex, and make him able to fuck like it’s his job? This kind of life he could get used to. He could really get used to. And not just with getting sex from Mad Moxxi either.

After all, as they say on Pandora, there ain’t no rest for the wicked…

*     *     *

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