Roleplay with a Princess

BY : TheEnviousEnvy
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A/N: This is an idea I've actually done twice before but still felt I hadn't done as well with as I should. Here's to the third time being the charm. Enjoy.

At first glance, nothing about the sunset over the open waters of the Great Sea seemed too unusual. A few clouds had come into the horizon as the moon came out to replace the sun. Nothing seemed odd about a certain pirate ship making its voyage just as many did. However, even among the typical seafarers that made their home on board, one in particular waited outside a certain cabin in anticipation of meeting someone much more important than a mere pirate captain.

"Are you ready, My Princess?" Link asked sweetly from behind the entrance to her room.

"Fine, but you only get to do this once. That was the agreement," she answered with some frustration.

Tetra still wasn't sure how she had gotten herself into this one, but there she was spread out on her bed adorned in her full Princess Zelda getup aside from her underwear and shoes. The two of them had been talking about trying something a little more involved than their usually improvised sex for a little while now, but this wasn't how she had intended to do it. It was a simple bet to decide who would get to choose the roles they would take up, and it was a badly called poker game that gave Link the edge.

"Such strictness. Just as expected of a true monarch," he laughed while opening the door.

He entered the room clad in his full Hero gear that he'd normally save for the most epic of adventures, but this was a special occasion.

"Oh, Dearest Princess Zelda," he called to her in his most sophisticated tone, "It was a perilous journey indeed, but I've reached you at last."

"My goodness, it's the great Hero of legend, I've waited what feels like an eternity for you to get here," Tetra tried to play the part but couldn't help rolling her eyes, "Could it be that you've finally defeated the great and terrible Ganondorf?"

"Indeed, I have. It was a perilous journey and a battle for the ages, but nothing he could do would prevent me from making it to you here," he boasted.

"There are no words to describe the gratitude I'm feeling now. Surely, there must be something I can do to repay you."

"That can wait. First, you need a little well-deserved royal pampering after the treatment you've endured here."

Link pressed his lips against hers as they both fell down onto the bed together. His tongue was much more aggressive than usual with him being the one to slip into her mouth instead of the other way around. She fought back as best as she could but found herself outmaneuvered with his hands sneaking their way under her clothes and going after her most sensitive areas. Eliciting a shudder out of her, he finally managed to brush against her clitoris since she wasn't bothering with underwear here. While the effectiveness of his actions was clear, she appeared more resistant to them than he would have liked.

"Hey, where do you get off touching a princess like this without her permission," she tried to wriggle out of his control.

"Aw, come on. Don't be like that. Does it really bother you that much that I won our bet?" he teased.

"That's not it, but you know I never feel right in this outfit."

"But you look fantastic, Princess."

"I know, perhaps too fantastic," she uneasily agreed.

"What do you mean by that?" the hero took her remarks here very seriously.

"I just don't know if this Princess Zelda thing will ever really actually be me. Am I good enough for that much wealth and responsibility?"

"You know I certainly think you are, but I always figured you'd have the opposite problem, that a pirate captain is too rough and tough to become a dainty, shielded monarch."

"There's a little bit of that too, but as a seafaring woman, I've always enjoyed finding and wearing some good jewelry. As royalty though, I wouldn't have to earn it in the same way."

"Well, you aren't quite there yet. What you're wearing now is what you've managed to collect and buy on your own, right?"

"And steal," she added cheekily.

"Of course," he nodded, "Isn't that all the more reason that you should be able to take some pride and joy in this moment."

Link emphasized his present idea of joy by applying a few more rubs to her clitoris which she looked to be far more receptive to now, based on how she now shivered into his touch rather than away from it. He remained careful in his ministrations until he could sense Tetra reaching a state of total ease with him.

"I suppose it's fine as long you swear that you didn't hook up with me just because I'm royalty," she playfully pouted.

"I absolutely swear it, just as I also absolutely swear it's a look and a role that I think suits you completely," Link respectfully bowed his head, "You've done so much to lead and care for a hopeless idiot like me and his family. I'm eternally grateful, My Princess."

"I thought this fantasy of yours was supposed to be about you rescuing me," she teased even as he continued to play with her womanhood.

"Slight change of plans, but your royal treatment will continue either way," he picked up the pace with a grin.

Seeing the time to now take the next step, Link shifted from simply playing with the outer areas of her vagina and sticking his fingers in to get some contact with her deeper and more personal places. The warmth in his hands was nothing compared to the heat radiating within her and already rushing up his arm. Her tiny quivers from before evolved into a more continuous squirm, not to push him away, but to do what she could to physically channel the pleasure of having him carefully poke and prod at her tender walls. The hero's free arm went around the princess' shoulder to support her through it but also made it quite easy for her to turn for a kiss.

"H-Hey, Link..." Tetra futilely tried to mask her trouble speaking.

"Yeah?" he lovingly gazed into her eyes from up close, his heroic visage only agitated her further.

"J-Just because you've got me dolled up like this, it d-doesn't change how I like to do these things..." she forcefully suppressed a groan.

"Nor does it change how I like it," he continued, "It only makes it even more enjoyable."

Tetra's neck craned back when he made a strike right at her G-spot, but she refused to let it break her. The pride that had her handling the situation awkwardly at the start was now what was bolstering her resolve not to give into his almost magical touch, but even that couldn't hold back the stream of her juices soaking his hand and her clothing.

"I can't just cum like this while you sit there untouched," she finally got out a coherent and very firm sentence.

"I understand how you feel, but is that an order from the princess?" he inquired.

"It's an order from your captain."

"I have no captain at the moment, only Her Royal Highness," Link made it clear she wouldn't be getting off easy.

"...Fine, this is indeed a royal decree from Princess Zelda herself," she gave in with a grind of her teeth, "You are to release me so that I may administer my own royal duties upon you as well."

"As you wish, Your Majesty," he set her free even as they both knew who truly came out on top of this exchange.

With some heavy breathing, Tetra regained her composure not just from his prodding at her womanhood but her ego as well. She felt the instinct to tackle him in order to assert total dominance but remembered that it was her own arrogance over a game of cards that left her in this position to begin with. As such, her pride dictated that she had to see this through as promised to the end, not that she wouldn't be able to find a different way to enjoy this time with him.

"Is it unbecoming of royalty to get so flustered like this?" she muttered while trying to slap some sense back into herself.

"I pride myself on how I go about my duties as well, My Dearest Princess Zelda," he replied.

"Well, then may I humbly request to be allowed to personally so to your reward for your laudable efforts," she got back into character with a slight bow."

"Definitely... I mean, if that is Her Highness' wish, of course," the first signs of his own arousal began to slip out.

"Indeed, it is, My Hero," she moved back up to his left side, "You look as though you've been working too hard lately to have any opportunity to relieve yourself."

"It's been quite the journey," he tensed slightly as her hand came up onto his thigh.

"Well then, let me see the strength and skills you've so diligently honed for me," she finally made the next move to grab onto his belt.

Getting Link's pants off was always its own kind of adventure for Tetra, but what she intended to be a swift and elegant undoing of his fly became a sudden struggle to properly rid him of his clothing with a certain protrusion in his groin creating quite the obstacle.

"The idea didn't seem proper to me, but I suppose I should've done what you did and not bothered with the trousers," he lifted his hips so she could just pull his pants down entirely.

"This is the first time I've touched you all night. It shouldn't be this hard," she grumbled back with a double entendre.

Yanking his pants down and around his ankles, Tetra couldn't even be bothered to admire his highly tented underwear which she disposed of just as quickly. Though still sporting his classic green tunic, Link's heroic manhood was left standing proud in the role it was born to play.

"After all you did to get me worked up, you get like this without me doing much of anything," she murmured.

"Honestly, I've been just about as hard as I can be from the moment I walked in," he admitted with a relieved sigh, "I really like the way all that stuff looks on you, Tetra."

"I can see that..." she was ready to get to her usual tricks before a thought came to her with the current situation, "Shall we test if it feels as good as it looks then.

"What are you talking about?" Link asked as she began to adjust the white fabric gloves that were part of her current costume.

Scooching over and leaning against his shoulder, Tetra reached over to wrap her hand around his shaft for a steady, loving stroke aided by the light, smooth material covering her palm and wrist. Despite her reservations with the ideas, Tetra did pay up for the highest quality threads she could acquire, and that choice now looked set to pay off.

"Oh Gods," Link was placed immediately on the defensive.

"Shhh," she hushed him, "Focus only on the feeling of my hand on you. This is a rare opportunity for you in many ways. Be sure to savor it."

Normally feeling that her lifestyle left her touch rougher than it should be, Tetra typically had her doubts regarding giving Link hand jobs when she had other options available, but she was grateful that the attire of a princess now afforded her the silky touch of one as well. Link melted in her grip and although she missed the sensation of her skin against his, his burly member offered plenty of other prominent features for her to enjoy, even in as delicate a manner as this.

"I'd heard the sword of the hero was impressive, but I never thought it meant quite like this," Tetra played the role of the caring monarch once more, "How did it get to be this way?"

"Years of dedication," he huffed.

"I can tell. Even like this, I can feel it throbbing so much. My fingers can barely get around it. Not bad at all," her mention of her fingers only further amplified what he was feeling

"I'm glad it's to your liking,"

"More than that, I feel ready to fully claim it for myself, if you're up to the task, that is."

"Absolutely, anything you wish."

"Good, but first feel free to let out some of that pent-up energy. I look forward to seeing how it measures up."

Tetra accelerated her strokes and greatly tightened her grip, leaning in closer to him as the sounds from his mouth greatly pleased her perceptive Hylian ears. Even without direct contact, the shift in his pulse was too great to miss. Although saying it as part of her character, Tetra quickly realized that Link really was pent-up. It hadn't been that long since she had been with him, but she figured he must have been looking forward to this every second that he could and reaffirmed her obligation to make it worth his while. Although not entirely ladylike, a sudden nibble from her onto his ear quickly proved key to help her do just that.

"I'm about to cum, Tetra," Link could speak but no longer physically resist her, "If you keep going like this it's going to get... everywhere."

"I know," Tetra whispered into his ear held within her teeth.

Holding his penis up higher, Tetra signaled her approval for him to unleash his orgasm whenever, wherever, and however he could. She focused her motions towards the tip of the shaft where she knew he was most sensitive. Her free hand went under her dress as she also yearned to complete the job she had prevented him from earlier. His face was absolutely gorgeous, but it was impossible for her to keep her eyes off of his dick in these crucial moments with the head leaking, red, and as swollen as it could get along with veins abundant along his entire length. So many vivid and dirty adjectives developed in her mind and wished to cross her lips, but she resolved to let him enjoy at least this one time with his proper princess. She instead used those thoughts to push further towards her own climax as he neared his.

"Come on, cum as much as you like, My Hero," she cooed to him, "I have no doubt in your ability to give my royal womanhood just as much of your seed."

"Alright, here it is, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming..." he repeated up until the moment of truth.

His actual orgasm was announced with a throaty moan rather than any coherent words. From the very first spurt, his essence leapt forth in a grand arch as perfect as any rainbow Tetra could recall. Although encouraging him to ejaculate as he wished, she had counted on his release making its way mainly onto the hardwood floor by the bed upon which they were sitting, but his bold eruption came perilously close to catch some important charts on her nearby desk in the crossfire in a display that both startled and exhilarated her. Just to play it safe, she wound up catching what spunk she could on her hand even as there was still plenty left to leave behind quite the mess.

"That's it, that's My Hero," she helped calm him down as he worked through his final rush, "Let all your worries go, Think only of me."

"Trust me, I did," Link finished weathering the storm only to begin looking over the aftermath, "Oh... sorry."

"Please don't be," Tetra licked her glove as clean as she could, "I actually almost feel as if we should do stuff like this more often."

"Really?" he intently followed her tongue as it dealt with his splooge.

"Perhaps I sometimes get to be too bossy to just sit back and see what you can do. I should be more flexible."

"That sounds like something a true leader and ruler would say."

"You think so?"

"I'm disappointed you still need to ask."

"Force of habit. A pirate can't afford to put total stock in the words of anyone," she nudged him.

"If my words alone aren't enough then let me try something else." he answered her call.

Even with the musky scent of his release still hovering around them, Link had no qualms going straight into Tetra's chest for as straightforward and as earnest a kiss as they'd have right out on the deck. With her hair flowing openly as Princess Zelda's would, running his hands through the locks cascading down her back as an easy proposition for Link to take up. Even after all they had done on his penis, Tetra's gloved hands felt just as good cradling his cheeks as he found himself leaning over her on top of the bed. Parting their faces slightly, Tetra saw a more mischievous look on Link's face than she was accustomed to. Looking down, she realized that Link had tactfully maneuvered her to be wide open for his next move.

"So that's it," she caught onto his game, "Not even going to ask the princess' permission to be on top?"

"As your subject, I can't actually refuse what you decree, but I don't think I could bear to hear you turn this down from me," Link commented with excitement and guilt.

"Do you feel the bedding of a princess is a choice to be made casually?" Tetra rebutted.

"Not for a moment, but I need to humbly request the mercy of Your Grace in this instance," Link held down his head.

"I'm listening, but on what grounds do you make such a plea?"

Link responded by lifting and holding out his hips so that the "princess" beneath him could gaze up at an erection now arguably bigger and indisputably better than ever. The present angle made it look as if it would go all the way through to her stomach if it entered her like this. His balls looked bloated and anxious to make up for the attention she regrettably failed to give them earlier. The throbbing she enjoyed feeling before had intensified to where her eyes alone could pick up on the pulsations in his plumpest blood vessels. Altogether, it produced a need in her so ravenous that she found herself unable to move or do anything to pull her pussy away from the heroic cock it craved, and not even the dress she was still wearing could conceal her excitement seeping out onto her crotch.

"Um... Yes, indeed, I see your point," she declared without a word from him, "I can see how my regal splendor has carelessly awakened dangerously carnal urges. You may use the Royal vessel to relieve them as you see fit, for the good of the kingdom."

"I won't make light of this blessing, Your Highness," Link held up her gown.

Down on his knees as Tetra laid out before him, Link took his overwhelming erection right to her opening where it entered her as if a key into its chosen lock. The combination of her slick moisture and welcoming walls made remarkable work of his intrusion even at his nigh extraordinary size. He made his way through the flesh guarding her core so effortlessly that it began to really affirm that the open and thoughtful Princess Zelda was more than just a role Tetra was now playing for him, especially when it was clear that not an ounce of tension in her had been lost in doing so. Even Link had to question how it was that Tetra was so readily capable of getting his full erection balls deep inside her, but the instant where he felt his scrotum bump against her came as seamlessly as either could ever remember.

"Ah, fuck," Tetra let out an overdue curse, "You can do me in the dress, but I can't keep doing that princess voice when you've got me like this."

"It's fine," he exhaled, more concerned with finding something to grab onto, "You already lasted longer than I would've ever dared to hope."

"I don't know if that's a compliment but can't be bothered to give a damn right now," Tetra was so glad to have that off of her mind as her own limbs also yearned for a purpose.

Link experimented with a few thrusts but found that her walls had never clung to his shaft as snugly as they were now. Regardless of how much he withdrew, he only wanted to immediately be fully enveloped with her again, so much so that he found himself moving less as time went on instead of more. Worryingly, he was getting very little response from his lover below.

"Sorry," he soon felt the need to apologize, "For some reason, I can hardly bring myself to move. Perhaps it would be best if you were on top."

Before he could pull himself out even an inch, Tetra's own arms and legs shot up all at once to latch onto him. Her arms went around his back and her legs went around his waist to pull him all the way back down to her, surprisingly content to hold him as still and close as before.

"Tetra?..." he looked more deeply into her eyes."

"It's alright, I get it," she hugged him, I feel the same way."

"The same way?" Link wondered in awe as her womanhood clamped down more tightly around him as well.

"It feels different but really good," she explained, "Just... having you in me. I like it."

"Me too," he sighed, "Just your heat, your wetness, your softness. They're doing everything for me in there. It's like I can't pull away even one single inch."

"Do I seem like I want you to?" her ankles locked together to secure him entirely, "You're doing just as much for me already. It's so big and fat that it's like having it everywhere in me all at once and it's great to squeeze onto something so hard and rugged. Just the twitches and pulses I'm getting from it now are like tiny shocks. Above all, it's so fulfilling to have my precious pussy stuffed full by a man like you with a dick like yours. I just want to enjoy it all."

"Then we'll enjoy it together."

Free of the burden of worrying how she would feel over it, Link was content to have his movements remain slight and gradual, taking total satisfaction in experiencing their full reactions to one another. Link was fine to limit the breadth of his rocking strokes to what her locked legs would allow, but they held fast to him, as if to test his strength. Needing to exert more into the motions he did make only increased their ultimate effectiveness at the point of impact for each of them.

"Is it still good enough for you? My royal pussy?" she panted with the rest of her body single-mindedly focused clinging to him in every which way imaginable.

"Yes, it's not just good, it's great, greater than ever," he grunted back, "Not just your vagina but I love all of the ways your body wraps around me. I could hold onto you forever, Tetra."

"I'm so glad," she gained faint traces of tears in her eyes, "The greatest pleasure my birthright as afforded me is the chance to make love to such a noble hero. You already handle my body in a way more adoring and insightful than I often feel I deserve. When you also make me the object of your most fervent desires and so gladly bury them within me, it can seem like nothing I do with my own flesh in return could ever truly be adequate no matter what you say. and now it appears that clinging to you with all my might is the only thing I can really do. I can only pray to the Goddesses above for it to be good enough."

"What I am now is the product of my endeavor to be good enough for you, Tetra," Link wiped her cheek with a finger, "I just... want you, Tetra, in pretty much every way possible. When I'm this closely connected with you, I can't help but get as hard as I am and throb the way I do with how my you get my heart pounding. That twitch is me doing everything to keep what little control I have left. The only way I do contain myself is knowing that if I don't make you feel as good as I do, then I was never worthy of this incredible experience to begin with. I could never give myself to another woman if I tried. My whole body aches at the mere thought. Hold me as close as you want, Tetra. I'll never want to be held this way by another."

They each made good on their word with her tightening her grip as much as she could manage and with him only growing in his excitement as she did, his heroic strength only taking a greater advantage as the cycle went on. He managed to get a real rhythm with the tug and pressure of her clutching ankles and the desperation they communicated only adding to the wondrous sensations it created.

"Oh, that's what I've been waiting for!" she gasped, "That's just the way I want to feel your heartbeat in my pussy!"

"It's my pride as a hero to have gained the ability to share this feeling with you. I want you to experience this burning passion I've developed just as I do."

"I do feel it, and I'm ready to cum all over it!"

"Do it, Tetra. Cum for me as I'm always so honored for you to do."

Her hands moved up from his back to his shoulders as her climax hit. It was ideal for getting their faces back closer to one another in order to share another kiss, even as the rest of her body was running wild with the blissful sensations of orgasm. Never had Link wanted to cum both as much and as little as he did now. This was an event he wanted to share with her in as deeply as possible, but he held on with the knowledge that doing so would end her current pleasure and the intent to offer her plenty more instead. This sentiment was echoed loudly by her legs which held firm on him regardless of how every other part of her body seemed to be going berserk.

"How was it, Tetra?" Link could hardly manage to wait for her to regain lucidity.

"Magnificent..." she managed to mumble for him, regaining consciousness only roped her back into to the continued feeling of his dick wrangling with her innards, "Oooh, and you're still gooooing..."

"It's as if nothing else matters to me right now," he hummed along, "As long as I've got your body feeling good, this body of mine is itching to keep going until it drops."

"And I know you could do it too..." her awareness returned more clearly, "What I did with my hands before must be nothing to what you must be going through now with that pulse."

"Your royal womanhood is like something of legend itself," he returned one of her favorite compliments.

"I truly hope so," she whispered before getting her arms back down to his torso.

As they resumed, a change in Tetra's being became apparent to Link. She loosened her grip to allow him a greater sense of freedom, but the limits of her hold grew much stricter, not letting him budge an inch beyond the limit she set for herself. It enabled Link to move in a way that created a bit more speed and friction between them, but also made him feel closer with her in her more rigid limits for how far she would permit him to move away from. It created an odd dynamic in his mind where being able to move more only created a greater sense of urgency to bury himself back in her as soon as he could upon withdrawing, further backed up by how her voice would pick up when he went in.

"You're really trying to drive me crazy like this," he heaved for air, "You loosen up on me yet somehow I feel like I'm being held more tightly than before."

"I want you to be freer to use this pussy for your enjoyment," she reasoned, "but I also want to make sure I've got you in as far and deep as I can when you do cum."

"There's an agonizing pleasure to this release though, knowing that as I've reached the best part I've also hit the end, wondering if I'll be able to make the next one just as good. I don't think I've ever felt it bothering me more than right now. I almost don't know what to do but keep moving my hips."

"That's a pressure I can relate well with," Tetra rubbed his back while pondering her own struggles, "Perhaps this hero and princess aren't so different. Even as we both aim to reach the top of our respective worlds, there will still be those asking you to climb higher. I hope you don't expect me to become one of those people."

"I didn't mean it like that, Tetra. I'm the only one who expects so much of myself when it comes to loving you properly."

"But can't you let yourself feel just once that you've managed a job well done?" she placed a palm on his cheek, "I know it's an admirable trait in a lot of ways, but is the reason you're always ready for the next round so soon after an orgasm that you always need to return the favor or never feel the one you just did was up to par?"

"All those times are from me thinking of and wanting you, Tetra, but, when you word it like that... I mean, maybe that's really it..." her wave of emotion hit him more directly than expected, even creating his own few tears that she wiped with a finger just as he did for her before.

"No, the princess won't stand for this," she kindly scolded him, "I will not have any tears or feelings of inadequacy with you balls deep inside me, especially when I'm putting so much into squeezing you as snugly as possible in there."

"Sorry, Tetra..." he tried to recompose himself but this time she couldn't let him off.

"Enough of the feeling sorry," she sighed as audibly as she could, "I was the wielder of the Triforce of Wisdom. Can I get a little trust in my ability to tell just how much you put into every time we share together? I know I said similar stuff before, but it's just because I stupidly try to live above the standards of femininity yet still try to grade my performance as your girlfriend by them. You have no reason to make that mistake."

"You think I should be arrogant enough to see myself as the perfect man?"

"Isn't that what a hero is though? One who pushes on in spite of the flaws and weaknesses he knows he has? What's so brave about doing something knowing you can't fail? I know you can screw up, but my job as your princess is to be there for those times you can't handle it alone, like right now."

"Do you really mean what you just said, Tetra? Is that what being a princess means to you?" Link noted a philosophy he had never quite heard out of her before.

"...Yes, it is," she took a second to consider her answer before finalizing it, "I will never demand perfection out of you or more than you're ready to give. I'll do all I can to help you succeed in preparation for the moments you won't, just as I know you'll give it your all every single time. Things may not always go as we want but know that I'll never tell you a lie or think that you let me down."

"And for that promise I'll never leave your side in any crisis, Tetra, I swear it," this new deal between them was sealed with a kiss they felt as strongly with their spirits as with their bodies

"Thank you, Link," she parted lips with him, "Now, do you understand what it truly is that I want from you and what I'll do in return?"

"I think so, my dear Princess Zelda..." he answered quietly but confidently.

"For example, how I don't mind you stopping in the middle of fucking me if you're in need of real cheering up. Do you realize why it is I'm fine with that?"

"Oh... Oh, right!" Link felt the outpouring of emotion tapering off as the continued yearnings of their bodies could not be held off for long.

"You've got over nine inches of prime meat broiling in my oven," she felt her own urges kicking back in as well, "I don't mind how you like it cooked, but don't waste it."

"Right, right!" he got back to work with rocking his hips.

Even through all of the heartfelt bonding and sharing of their insecurities, the pressure hadn't lessened between them in the slightest. The gap only served to whet their appetites for when they got started back up, especially Tetra who now had something different to look forward than before.

"I wouldn't have been angry if you somehow weren't in the mood anymore, but I'm grateful that you didn't go limp after all that," she thanked him.

"If we stopped now, I know I'd almost never be able to get you to do it in this dress again. I can't afford not to let it count."

"You're probably right about that, but I kind of like the tunic on you too. Never say never but make this moment count for everything you've got. Don't get hung up on next time."


Link's motions gained a conviction that they lacked before. He no longer seemed tied up thinking about his next move over his present one, taking in and savoring what each sway of his hips brought about. This type of steady pace and resolution to his thrusts also proved much more pleasurable on Tetra's end as well. She could freely accept what Link sent into her instead of trying to subtly guess and guide him along in what he was doing. Not only was the grinding within her more intense but the reactions his manhood provided to her were more distinct as well. Conversely, Link somehow became much more cuddly as well in how he would snuggle with her still finely clothed body and nuzzle their noses together as he would press extra deep inside her. Above all, she was as sincerely happy as she had been in some time and accepted her own new obligation to make sure he knew it.

"Oh yes, that's it, Link! That's what I want most, right there!" she was almost giggling beneath him, "This really is the best I've ever had it!"

"I'm glad, Tetra," he took her word without question, "I won't doubt myself with you anymore, but anytime we're together will always have me aiming to do the best I've ever done."

"Well, you've got a tough one to top here," she winked, "Oh Gods, it's so damn good. I can still feel your heartbeat but now it's less frantic and so much more vibrant with each thump. Each one has my whole canal tingling!"

"Will you cum again for me?"

"It's taking all I've got not to."

"Don't feel the need to try. I still can't cum knowing you have another orgasm you're about to reach. I need to know you've gotten everything you can out of me before I let it go myself."

"Alright, here it is, just for you, My Hero," Tetra surrendered himself to him fully.

Even as Tetra threw herself into a rapturous orgasm more thunderous than the first, this was not in vain on Link's end of the exchange. Through her fresh undulations, he felt her innermost walls pull on him in a way they hadn't before, not just luring him in further but trying to deliberately coax his very seed out of him, an invitation he was more than delighted to receive. He embraced the impulses he had resisted before, continuing to let her flesh work on him with no anxiety or fear and giving them the answer that they desired. As Tetra regained clarity of herself, the fresh sequence of events triggering inside her was unmistakable. Feeling the urge to keep squeezing down on him within her, doing so only made her realize it was largely the feeling of Link who was growing larger in reprisal. Specifically squeezing around the tip made him reach deeper towards her center, and squeezing at the base prompted him to expand in girth, tenderly but firmly prying her walls apart in their entirely, Most remarkable was the increased pounding of her own heart that somehow his own pulsing veins always managed to keep up with. It was everything the buildup to his climax should be only now they were both more than eager to enjoy it.

"Mmmmm, this is precisely what I come to your heroic cock looking for," she purred, "Just came back to my senses from cumming and it just gets harder and thicker so I'm already about to do it again."

"It's just so wonderful, Tetra," he moaned, "You squeeze me in all the right ways when and where I need it most like it's personally made for me."

"Because it is. You're my first and my last. Even beyond how much I love you as a hero and a man, there's not a man or a thing in the world that will ever make me feel full the way you do, fuller than even I once thought was possible. Now, come, it's time, even as you still fill me in ways I've never been in my life, it's time to let me feel even fuller than that."

The motion of her legs against his backside reminded him exactly what she meant. As promised, he let his hips come into the airtight embrace of her ankles, plunging his member in her from tip to base in its most peak of moments. Giving her as much of his meat as he ever had and could with his seed soon to follow.

"There it is..." she let out a lengthy groan, "So long, fat, and filling. Give me as much of your sperm as you want. Use me to release as much as you wish."

"I am. I will," his balls tensed, and his member swelled to the point of no return, "I still hope to give it you even better one day, but please enjoy this one as much as I do. Oh Gods, I'm cumming, Zelda!"

The moans from before were upstaged by a mighty roar out of Link as he released himself to the fullest extent of his young life within her. Not just the heaping bursts that were immediately noticeable surging within her, but the remarkably vibrant way Link throbbed within her with each one was more than enough for Tetra to hit her own final climax as well. The aftershocks of each wave of orgasm served to intensify the climax of their partner's to new extremes. Tetra's canal worked to desperately swallow up each shot of Link's sperm which only gave his member the tender care it needed to let out even more than Link thought he had to give. There was no doubt in Tetra's mind that the gown beneath her legs was thoroughly ruined by the excessive overflow she could already fill as Link finished up inside her but if this was to be the purpose and fate of this clothing she couldn't remotely regret buying it. Especially as Link planted his face next to hers and faithfully remained inside her to have every last drop wrung out of him.

"That's it, nothing held back for me. This is the sort of princess I want to be for you, Link." she reaffirmed.

"Just as you wished, and I've never felt anything better in my life," Link lifted his head after about another ten seconds, "I guess that's the end of this particular activity though."

"For now, for now," she was still nice enough to not completely shoot him down.

As he got himself up and off of her, it was reassuring to see his manhood now truly back down at rest in a way she felt she didn't get to see enough.

"I felt bad about pushing you to do this, but seeing how much you got out of it made it truly worth it for me. Not just the sex, but I'm glad we got to talk the way we did. That's what I needed most of all."

"You and me both," Tetra had to now take the unusual step of undressing immediately after sex thanks to her heavily stained gown.

Tetra was ready to reach for her dresser and some of her traditional pirate clothing, but, as Link also disrobed of his sweat drenched tunic, something didn't feel right with both of them now entirely naked instead of only half. Link almost had his favorite blue lobster shirt over his head when he noticed Tetra fiddling with her own bandana in her hands.

"Something wrong, Tetra?" he paused to ask.

"I don't know, maybe..." Tetra kept fidgeting with her hands.

"You said you'd be open with me, what is it?"

"Well... I just was figuring about how that last orgasm left me at three to your two."

"Yeah, getting that last one out of you so quick was the best part," he was already happy to remember it

"I'm sure it was, but it leaves me feeling strange. Not unsatisfied, but unfinished I guess."


"Well, I meant what I said that you didn't always have to keep going just to make sure I'm satisfied, but what if I wanted to get one more out of you solely for the sake of allowing you to feel good? You know, like, my treat, nothing in it for me. What would you say to that?"

"I don't see any reason to be upset over such a proposal," the hero took on a slight smirk.

"Well, I already got you to give it all you had today. Let's just think of it as a favor I owe you for next time."

Tetra personally resumed getting their shirts on with this last comment, but when she finished stuffing her head inside and popping it up through the top, she found Link to have come to stand right before her.

"Are you saying you'd still like another round with me before we get going?" he revisited her earlier suggestion.

"Only to get you off, not me," she reiterated, "It's only if you want it and if you've already given it all you've got then it's fine to wait for later."

With an almost carefree shrugs of his shoulders, Link took Tetra's open hand to guide back to his still relaxed member. Just a little guidance from him with her fingers had her kneading his prized flesh which was eager to harden and expand with each squeeze from her.

"So, do you think I want one more turn with you, Tetra?" he asked the pirate who still couldn't believe how quick he was to rise back up even after seeming at peace seconds before.

"Oh man, I really meant for you to truly let it all out back there, but still..." she got out of his grip so as to handle his continuing growth on her own, far too late to stop it, and adding a second hand as his increasing length could accommodate it

"I hope you see the one thing about me you still got wrong, Tetra," he rewarded her efforts with a full erection in all its glory, "Regardless of how I feel, if you're ever interested in spending time with me, I'll always be ready for it."

"I see... Well, I certainly can't turn this down without being made into a liar myself," she graciously accepted the situation before her.

Even with her pants still off, Tetra was inclined to drop to her knees before him instead, unable to help taking amusement in the whole thing.

"I said this one would be for you and that's what I intend," she stretched her fingers and licked her lips, "Are you feeling tasty at the moment?"

"Can't say I know what being tasty feels like but I'm sure you'll be a good judge of that." he chuckled

"I will but after this keep one thing in mind, Link," she stopped just short of placing the glans on her lips.


"Next time we do anything like this, I'm the female pirate captain known for bounding and raping those who she captures and you're just the latest in a helpless swath of victims."

"Sounds fair to me, Princess."

"Looking forward to it, Hero," she popped him in her mouth at last, fully delighting in her hero with quite the manhood but more than enough heart to match.

-The End-

A/N: Link's part about always feeling like he has to keep looking a head to the next time instead of the present is actually a bit of meta commentary on certain struggles I feel as a writer. I'm probably a bit too tough on myself which is why I end up rewriting and redoing so many ideas, but I also feel that if I weren't that way, I would lose the necessary drive to improve. It's for this reason that I can only say that each piece of feedback is appreciated more. Even if you think I suck, it's nice to know if it's for the same reason that I often think I suck. All comments are welcome and duly noted. Thank you.

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