Layla’s Slutty Pokemon Adventure

BY : PenToPaper
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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon or any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from writing this story.

**Author's note: I wanted to start writing this story but I'm not sure how far into it I'll get tbh. I don't have a schedule etc, I just write when I feel the urge. This story will contain all original characters as well as take place in an original region. I doubt there will be much Pokemon-ing going on, it's mostly just a story about Layla exploring her region and thus the naughty adventures that ensue. That being said I'd love some feedback as this is the first story like this I've ever tried writing, so thanks for checking it out and I hope you enjoy!**


Layla stood in her small room, staring at herself in the mirror in frustration. Today was her 18th birthday, which meant she was finally going to get her first Pokémon. All the excitement meant she barely got any sleep the night before. After many anxious hours spent pacing around the room it was finally morning. 

Her room was sparse, as she liked to keep things simple, but she still felt it was homey. On the walls hung posters of a few of her favorite bands along with a large red clock that hung next to the door. Her bed was covered in pillows and blankets which matched the wooden dresser that housed her most frequently worn attire. In the corner was a small walk in closet where she kept additional clothing and a few random long forgotten items.

“I surely thought this would have last longer”, she muttered to herself. She stood in yellow underwear and a white bra that’s straps had just broken moments ago. The bra was an early birthday present she had bought herself only a few days before, after deciding to get a less expensive one than normal.

“Guess I shouldn’t have cheaped out,” she said with a small laugh. Reaching into a dresser drawer she pulled out a different bra, unclipping and tossing the ruined one on the floor before pausing for a moment to admire herself in the mirror. 

She was a petite girl and very pretty. Golden blonde hair flowed down below her shoulders, meeting her perky, medium-bust breasts with pierced nipples that matched the ring in her belly button and the one in her tongue. Her fit stomach was toned and flat, which gave way to her wide hips and large behind. The yellow panties hugged her frame tightly, allowing her booty to peek out cheekily. Her long, tanned legs stretched to the floor, sporting a tattoo of a flower on her left thigh. 

She put the replacement bra on, picking up the outfit she had laid out the previous night from on top of her dresser. Layla was completely aware of her attractiveness and now that she was 18 she was going to dress like it. She donned a tight white cropped tube top, which allowed her red bra to show through slightly and keep her midriff exposed, as well as a red mini skirt to match her bra and barely keep her hips and ass covered. 

She smiled as she checked herself out in the mirror, turning this way and that to see her outfit from every angle. “It’s good, but not great”, she thought to herself, “I know just what it needs.”

Walking back over to her dresser she produced fabric scissors and then promptly removed her skirt, unzipping it and letting it fall from her hips down to her ankles. She bent over and picked it up, carefully using the scissors to cut off three inches of length. After a few moments her work was finished. She stepped back into the shortened skirt and walked once more to the mirror.

“Much better,” she said aloud, loving how her ass now peeked out from under her skirt, her yellow cheeky panties also showing teasingly. “Why wear a mini skirt when I could strut around in a micro skirt?” the slut wondered as a naughty smile crossed her lips.

Very happy with her slutty appearance, Layla walked to the nearby window and peered out, knowing it would probably be the last time she saw this view for quite a while. The sun was just coming over the tops of the trees, it’s bright orange glow emanating and washing her face and chest in warmth. She smiled, knowing she would miss the familiar view throughout the next few months, but also because she looked forward to what her new adventure would bring. 

She had been in this town for nearly as long as she could remember. She grew up here, was raised here, but she wasn’t born here. She might as well have been born here, she had no memories of her birth town. On rare occasions she would dream of that place, or at least of a place her subconscious mind would think up that served as her birth town.

Layla took one last look out her bedroom window, committing the view to memory. She stepped away and walked into the walk-in closet where she kept clothes she wore on rare or special occasions. She picked up a small black backpack off one of the shelves and then loaded it up with items for her journey; a few additional outfits, a couple bras and thongs, a map of the area, a hat, sneakers and her favorite bikini. It wasn’t a very big backpack, hanging only halfway down her back, and she was surprised everything fit inside. Finally, she put on a pair of black high heels, the perfect finishing touch for her revealing outfit. 

“I guess I’m all set. Time for a real adventure,” she smiled to herself, taking one final look at her bedroom before heading downstairs.

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