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Disclaimer: I do not own Resident Evil, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

So before we begin I just want to point out that none of this will be canon, just some good old monster porn. I'll be dropping in and out of different games, no rhyme or reason just what I feel like doing at the time. With that out of the way, let's get going! 



"Oh my god, what the hell has happened here." Rebecca Chambers said as she slowly tiptoed her way across the ecliptic express, a horrible stench filled the air, as the youngest member of the S.T.A.R.S bravo team surveyed the scene. Taking a deep breath Rebecca began to examine the many corpses that lined the seats of the desolate train, slime all over their bodies, a scene straight from a horror movie. Rebecca of course was trained to deal with life or death situations, but this was something completely alien to her, on her own, her heart racing, "This can't be real." she said as she heard groans from the door behind her. 

"Oh crap." she said startled as the door behind her began to creak open, she turned her head slowly, met with the horrifying sight of 2 men, their flesh rotten, both with pale skin, she knew what they looked like, but couldn't begin to believe it could actually be real. Rebecca almost gagged at the putrid smell, the two monsters were giving off, she withdrew her Berretta and warned them to freeze. "Stop right there, or I'll shoot!" she yelled to no avail, they slowly shuffled towards her, their moans sending a shiver down Rebecca's spine. She fired two rounds into the first monster's chest, but it seemed to have no effect, he shrugged it off and continued to move forward, the young officer gasped as she heard further moans behind her, another walking corpse emerged, it lunged at her, but Rebecca fired a single shot directly into it's head. It fell to the floor as a pool of blood began to form around the re dead corpse. Rebecca then put down the other two with another two shots to the skull, her hands shaking, nothing could have prepared her for this nightmare. 

"Hello? Captain?" she said answering her radio. "Can you hear me Rebecca?" asked Enrico, the leader of the S.T.A.R.S bravo team. "Captain, there at these creatures everywhere, what's going on?" she inquired, fear evident in her voice. "Same here, this house we've just arrived at is full of Zombies." "Zombies?" Rebecca said inquisitively. "I know it's hard to believe, but it's obvious, now just stay cool, and you'll be fine, got it?" he said trying to calm an obviously nervous Rebecca down. "OK sir, I understand." "Good, now where are you?" "I'm on a train, near the forest." "OK search the train for any survivors, and then try to make your way to me, I'm inside a huge mansion deep in the forest, until then you're on your own." Rebecca took a deep breath, and reloaded her gun. "God, zombies, how the hell could this happen?" 

Rebecca moved towards the front of the train, putting down more zombies along the way, arriving at the conductors room, taking a rest inside. After a few minutes to gather her thoughts, she continued her search, the next room was locked, it looked like it needed a key card. The rain smashed against the windows as she retraced her steps, looking for any signs of survivors, the stench of rotting flesh filled the train, almost bringing tears to Rebecca's eyes, a strange slime formed around some bodies, the young officer had no clue as to what may have caused it. 

"What the hell was that!?" said a startled Rebecca, as a loud bang occurred upstairs. Rebecca then gasped as the door behind her flung open, another zombie spilled out from it, Rebecca aimed her gun at him but before she could pull the trigger she felt a cold hand grabbing at her right leg, she pulled the trigger but the gun was empty, she had forgotten to reload, a mistake that would almost certainly be fatal. "No get off me!" she screamed as the other zombie lunged at her, knocking her off her feet, her head bouncing of the floor, the zombie held her down as the second stared at her neck, she knew this was it, she readied herself for the end. 

Rebecca quivered as second zombie placed a hand on Rebecca's groin, she shook as the zombie softly groaned, seeming more like a groan of pleasure, then one you would typically hear from the undead. "Get off!" screamed Rebecca in panic as the zombie began to thrust against Rebecca's private area, the zombie was becoming hard as he grinded against Rebecca. They may have been walking corpses, but they were still men, and Rebecca was very attractive. "Oh god, this can't be happening!" she wailed as the other zombie began to rip at her vest, tearing it off with some ease, revealing Rebecca's white bra, the zombie played with her perky tits, Rebecca tried with all her might be it was no use, she was overpowered, her eyes growing wide as the zombie took out his erect cock, a good eight inches, and showing no signs of rotting.

The zombies were surprisingly strong, considering the state of them, managed to hold down poor Rebecca as the horny creatures hands were all over her as tears began to flow down her eyes. The two zombies worked together to pull down Rebecca's green pants, "NOOO STOPPPP!" she screamed as it became clear that she was about to be raped by the undead, she couldn't have even imagining this happening in her worst nightmare. Rebecca's blood went cold as the zombies tugged at her plain white panties, forcibly pulling them down her legs as both zombies moaned, but not like any normal zombie, their groans were that of pleasure. 

The first zombie pulled her closer to him as the second held her down, Rebecca closed her eyes, as the revenant eagerly shoved his cock up into Rebecca's tight snatch. Rebecca groaned as the zombie thrusted hard, his huge cock burrowing into her tight passage, her walls wrapping around the monsters' dick as the other zombie took to squeezing and playing with her tits. Instincts took over as Rebecca's pussy became slightly wet as the zombie defiled her, the blank stare on his face, clearly not showing the enjoyment it was feeling inside it's body, surely this could be no normal zombie. The zombie picked up the pace, his long nails digging into Rebecca's thighs drawing some blood, as he fucked her like an animal. 

Rebecca continued to whimper as she was being raped by the undead, the zombies' girth being stuffed down Rebecca's tight cunt, as the other zombie began to grow impatient. "Oh god!" she moaned as all eight-inches were forced down Rebecca's pussy, stretching her to her limits, as the second zombie tapped the first on the shoulder. With one last thrust he emptied his load down into Rebecca's womb, the young officer shivered as she was filled with a zombies' semen. As the zombie stood up, Rebecca tried to make a run for it, but she was quickly subdued, both zombies managing to bend her over one of the seats, as some cum dripping down her legs. "NOOOOOOOO!" she protested as the second zombie eagerly buried his cock deep inside Rebecca' defiled cunt, moaning loudly as he did so. 

Her screams bounced off the walls as her pussy was filled with another zombie cock, her dignity being taken, the only thing worse than being raped by zombies, was the foul odour the filled the air. Suddenly Rebecca screams were stifled as the first zombie shoved his cock down her mouth, and began to thrust, Rebecca's eyes filled with tears once more, as she was now unwillingly servicing the undead, as another zombie continued to ravage her now moist pussy. Zombie groans echoed as the second zombie's cock burrowed deep inside Rebecca's cunt, her ribs digging in to the seat she was bent over, almost gagging as the first zombie grabbed a handful of her hair as he roughly face fucked her. Rebecca quivered as another load of zombie jizz was released into her fertile womb, as the zombie let out another loud groan of pleasure. He held her in place as his zombie friend's cock hit the back of her throat, she gagged as he shot his load down her pretty throat, Rebecca quickly spitting out the rancid juices, as she sobbed violently. 

Rebecca was emotionless as the two zombies circled her, now they needed to satsify their hunger. The two zombies gnawing at her flesh, ripping her apart, biting down on her neck and then eventually ripping her limb from limb. The two zombies shuffled away, looking for another victim, as the mutilated corpse of Rebecca Chambers lay on the train floor.

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