A thankful ranch hand

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A thankful ranch hand

The sound of Link’s defiant cry echoed through the air as what sounded like him engaging in fierce battle rang out alongside it, but this wasn’t a battle against a minion of evil but against one of Lon Lon Ranches more stubborn stallions

Gripping the reins tighter Link refused to give up as he dug his heels into the dirt as he was pulled alongside the galloping horse, his strong legs preventing him from being tripped as his heels carved grooves into the dirt making a perfect circle around the paddock the stallion was being kept in, the other horses watching from outside as neither Link or the stallion seemed ready to relent anytime soon as their struggle had been going on for over an hour now

Eventually however one of them had to give and with a disdainful snort the stallion finally began to slow down, Link panting with fatigue as the horse then slowly came to a stop, allowing the Hylian to grab hold of its reigns and with some last minute stubbornness from it managed to guide it back to its stable

“Ok, now stay here and stay quiet” Link panted as he forced the thick lock down on the stable door, the stallion giving another disdainful snort and kicking the door with its front leg before skulking off to sulk

As the stallion retreated from sight Link let out a sigh wiping the sweat from his brow, his entire body was glistening with perspiration and his muscles ached from head to toe “I need a wash...wash then bed…” he yawned as he then headed towards the water pump not wanting to traipse through Talon’s and Malon’s house dripping with sweat just to use their bathtub

Grabbing a large bucket on the way to the pump Link then proceeded to fill the bucket full of water before picking it back up and with one fluid motion tipped the contents over himself, sighing in relief at the cold water washing the days sweat from his form

Repeating the process a few more times completely drenching himself and washing himself off Link decided to call it a day completely, the Hero heading towards the barn perfectly comfortable with sleeping in such a rough setting, being sure that Malon and her father would be fine with him crashing there for the night before continuing any extra work that needed doing in the morning

Heading into the barn Link picked out a nice large haypile to collapse onto preparing to do so when he heard the barn door open again “Link? Are you still awake?” Malon called out having seen Link enter the barn “I brought you a little something to say thanks for all the work you’ve done today” 

Turning around to face Malon Link smiled as he found that she had brought him a bottle of Lon Lon Milk which the Hero eagerly accepted with a quick ‘thank you’ before promptly starting to down the drink, the milk tasting all too sweet on his parched tongue

Downing the entire bottle in one go Link held out the bottle to give it back to Malon only to raise his eyebrows in surprise as he found the farmers daughter now stood naked in front of him with her dress pooled around her ankles “you really thought I was just going to give you a bottle of milk for a full days work? We’re not kids anymore” she tittered as she then proceeded to sink to her knees sliding a hand down Link’s body as she did so

“Rupees would have been fine” Link teased back whilst doing nothing to stop Malon as her hands worked to pull down his still wet shorts, the redhead tittered before gasping as his cock sprang free in front of her face, her eyes widening and ears fluttering as her core clenched at the sight of his huge cock

“By the Goddesses, you get better every time I see you” she breathed with Link being unsure whether she was talking to him or solely to his cock, the Hero simply watching as Malon gently took hold of his cock, her soft warm fingers tracing the length of it as her breathing got audibly heavier, her breasts starting to sway and jiggle with her panting as she then leaned forward to take as much of his cock into her mouth as she could

With his fat musky cock resting on her tongue Malon let her eyes flutter closed as she enjoyed the taste of him, her ears fluttered harder as she simpered and moaned around his cock, getting it nice and wet with her drool before then pulling away and pushing up on her knees to press his cock between her huge warm breasts

“Does that feel good?” she moaned as she ran her hands up along his pectorals and six pack whilst rubbing her chest against his groin “you’re so hard, so hot and thick” she breathed before starting to kiss and lick along his abs whilst rubbing her tits harder around his cock

“By the Goddesses” Link groaned as Malon moved faster, her tits so soft and warm around his throbbing cock as he then started to rock his hips, gently starting to fuck her tits as she bobbed a little faster on her knees to massage his cock faster with her cleavage making him throb hard as precum started to pour out into her cleavage

“Are you going to cum? Cum for me please, I want it so much” the ranch hand moaned kissing along his six pack again as she cupped her tits with both hands starting to pump them hard and fast along his cock, focusing solely on pleasuring him and making him cum as hard as possible, her eyes wide and pleading as her tongue lapped at his oozing cock head

After a few more moments of tit fucking Link let out sharp shuddering breaths as he came, his cock erupting between Malon’s tits making her gasp and mewl happily as his release pooled in her cleavage whilst some spurts landed on her face, forcing her to close an eye as his cum streaked across her face

“Oh Link…” she purred as she continued to rub her breasts along his still hard manhood, refusing to let him go soft as she leaned in to lovingly kiss his cock head “there’s so much cum…”

Kissing his cock a few more times as she pulled away Malon then proceeded to lick him clean of his release before moving away, turning around to present herself on her hands and knees for him shaking her full firm ass in invitation “come on Link, ride me, I want it so bad” she mewled as her pussy literally dripped with need

“Who am I to say no to that?” Link grinned as he took his place behind her, gently teasing her hot wet slit with his cock head making the ranch hand moan and push back against him, feeling his cock head part her core as he started to push into her “by Hylia, still as tight as ever” the Hero shuddered as he slowly sank balls deep inside of her making her shiver and gasp, her tongue hanging from her mouth as she started to pant heatedly in lust and pleasure

Gripping her full firm ass for purchase Link started to thrust slow and deep into her, letting her insides adjust to his girth and size as he felt her shake and shiver in his grasp, the redhead looking back over her shoulder at him with a look of sheer ecstasy in her eyes, just the feeling of him inside of her being pure bliss to her “so big...so deep...so good!” she cried out as he thrust in again, his cock head pressing hard to her g-spot making her toes curl tight as her back arched in pleasure “fuck me harder! I want it hard!”

Gripping her ass harder Link obliged, starting to thrust into the ranch hand as hard and fast as he could, making Malon cry out in bliss as her ass started to bounce against his groin in tandem with her breasts bouncing from his harsh pace, her toes curling tighter as she then started to scream out in orgasm, the redhead always having been a ‘quick trigger’ ever since the first time they had had sex when they were teens

“By Hylia yes” Link grunted as Malon started to slam her hips back against him, her pussy squeezing so tight in the throes of orgasm that it sped up his own release, the redhead seemingly having no plans on letting him hold off as she slammed back harder, the action setting off another orgasm right after her first ended making her arms give way and making her fall into the face down ass up position

“Cum in me Link! As much as you want!” she pleaded as her hips refused to stop, her pussy squeezing so tight and hot that the Hero couldn’t help but obey, burying himself balls deep inside of her Link rolled his head back as pure ecstasy course through his body, his cock erupting deep inside of Malon giving the ranch hand the creampie she desperately wanted and needed setting off yet another punishing orgasm for her

Keeping himself inside of Malon for as long as possible Link finally pulled out a couple of minutes after their joint releases ended letting the ranch hand fully fall to the floor as he collapsed back onto the pile of hay behind him, Malon taking her time in getting up as she just enjoyed the feeling of his warm cum inside of her before finally rising to her feet

“I had better get back before my father wonders what I’m doing, he’ll want us up bright and early tomorrow to help with the cows” she stated as she picked up her dress and held it to the front of her body to cover her chest and groin before glancing back at Link with a mischievous grin “if you’re able to milk more cows than me tomorrow I’ll do the same to you” she purred miming a handjob to him before blowing him a kiss as she left leaving Link to get dress and get to sleep

The next morning was one of the very few mornings that Link didn’t oversleep

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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