Crystal Gives Up

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Crystal Gives Up

Crystal got lost in the forest. Her pokémon were in bad shape due to the dozen of pokémon that were at every inch of the forest. Now she had run into her rival Silver. He looked rather handsome with his red hair and those haunting eyes. But this was not the time to think about her and Silver in bed together (which she did everytime she saw him) this was the time to focus and beat him in a pokémon battle.

“You should just give up now” he told her

“I will never back down from a challenge” said Crystal

“Your pokémon are in bad shape. I was following you through the forest” he told her

“You were following…me? You’re such a creep Silver” said Crystal pointing a finger at him “You could have at least helped me with all those battles and why are your pokémon not weak as well?”

“I have lots of antidote on hand” said Silver with a smile.

So that was why the Pokémart in the last town had none left, he bought them out.

“As a trainer it is your duty to take care of your pokémon. They are in no shape to battle my powerhouse team” said Silver

Even if Crystal hated to admit it, Silver was right. If she would battle him now, her pokémon would fall one after another. They were all very weak due to all the battles they have done in the forest, Crystal cared deeply for her pokémon and didn’t want them to get hurt in a battle, especially if they started that battle at a huge disadvantage.

“Alright, you win Silver. I give up” said Crystal, she hated saying those words to him. Silver smiled and walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“I have waited so long to hear you say those words” he told her

“I only said them because of my pokémon, under any other circumstance I would have beaten you in a battle and you know it” she said

Silver acted like she said nothing “There is something else that I have long waited to hear you say Crystal”

“What is it?” she asked, she knew that she shouldn’t ask him, but she really wanted to know.

“To hear you say my name as you reach an orgasm or you saying my name as I climax in your womb” he told her

“SILVER!” she shouted

“Yes, my dear, just like that” he said to her, his other hand rested on her other shoulder and Silver pulled her towards him and kissed her on the mouth. Her eyes went wide at first, Crystal never kissed a boy before, although she and her friend Lyra had kissed each other “for practice” Lyra had called it. But now with Silver’s lips on her mouth, all that “practice” was out of her head. She closed her eyes and tried to follow his lead, even if she acted like she hated Silver, in fact Crystal was in love with him. She dreamed about him taking her virginity many, many times. Would he finally take it from her today, in the forest?

“You’re a little rusty” he said to her with a weak smile

“That was…I can improve” she said, she didn’t want him to leave at least not before he thrusted his dick inside of her. She wanted this moment to happen for so long and now it was finally here, she could hardly believe it. She couldn’t wait to tell Lyra and her mother. 

“You know what I want right?” asked Silver as he took a step or two away from her.

“I think so” she said

“Tell me”


“You know me so well” Silver smiled back at her “So you better get naked”

“In the forest? What if a pokémon or trainer sees us?” she asked a little worried

“I don’t care and you shouldn’t too” he told her as he pulled his shirt off over his head “Hurry up, I won’t stay here all day for you”

Get naked in the forest and maybe get seen by others but get to have her dream come true with Silver or be a chicken and lose her first chance to be with him. The choice was clear to Crystal.

She took all her clothes off. By the time she was done, she saw that Silver was also naked and was stroking his cock with one hand. Crystal walked over to him, placing her hands on his shoulders this time and pressed her mouth on his mouth, she opened her mouth a bit while she kissed him and she felt his tongue slide into her mouth. Feeling his tongue on her tongue felt weird at first, but the more it touched her the more right it felt. It felt so right for Crystal.

While she kissed him, Silver kept his hand on his cock, moving his hand back and forth along his length, making it grow with each stroke he delivered. His tongue was in her mouth and that turned him on too. If he knew Crystal would give in to him this easy he would have fucked her several times by now.

Silver broke the kiss “I can’t wait any longer” he told her. Crystal knew what he meant, she laid down on the ground. Silver got on top of her, with his hand he aimed his cock at her pussy and then slipped inside.

“Ah” moaned Crystal as Silver’s large dick went into her. Lyra had told her all about her fling with Ethan and all the sex they had on the journey they shared together. Somehow Crystal didn’t think it would be this painful.

“Are you alright?” Silver asked her

“Yeah…it’s just my first time” she said

“Alright” said Silver, he didn’t seem to really care about what she told him, but Crystal also knew that Silver was very good at hiding his feelings from everyone, but he didn’t need to hide them from her. In fact Silver was quite pleased that she was a virgin, that meant that he would always be the first one that she was with.

Silver thrusted into her. With each push forward, he heard her moan and he heard her say his name. Her hands wrapped around his neck as she looked up into his eyes and he looked back into her eyes. He felt like kissing her, but he didn’t know why. He went down and claimed her mouth with his lips and was surprised when Crystal pushed her tongue into his mouth.

Feeling her tongue on his while he was inside of her really turned Silver on. He started to pump inside of her faster, he wanted to fill her with his load and claim her first time. He wanted to do her more then just once in his life and he also wanted her to have her first orgasm. He still wanted to hear her say his name as she came.

As he fucked her, he pushed his dick deep in her. He heard her moans, he knew that he was getting close to his release, but he couldn’t cum before her.

“Please tell me your close” he told her as he broke the kiss they shared with his eyes shut tight.

“Yes, I am Silver” she said with a pant

“Hurry up Crystal” he added

“I’m…I’m… Silver!” she shouted and he knew that she came because he felt her love juice on his cock. He didn’t slow down in her, his speed stayed the same, but feeling her wetness around him, got him really excited. His fingers dug into the ground as he reached the final few thrusts he would deliver to her sexy body.

For a moment he considered if he should pull out of Crystal. Jerk himself off and shoot his jizz on her stomach or on her face, but as he was lost in thought his body was still going inside of her on autopilot. He hadn’t reached a decision yet, when he got so hot and he felt like he was about to burst.

“Fuck…Crystal” he panted to her. He went forward one last time and roared and shot his head back as he ejaculated right into Crystal’s womb.

“Silver!” she shouted as she accepted his load, her hands held onto his back tightly as he came.

He flooded her insides, once he was done with his load, he slowly continued to push his dick in and out of her body, until he was finally ready to pull out of her. When he did, he noticed some of his cum spilling out of her pussy, he had shot an impressive load inside of her. “I really needed that” he said, he didn’t know what to say to her now that it was all over.

“Wow, Silver…Just wow” said Crystal as she looked at the branches of the trees above.

Silver stood and got back dressed, Crystal remained on the ground completely naked looking at him. “I’m in a bit of a rush” he told her “If you head west from here, you should find a path and take it north to reach the next town” he took out three antidote’s and placed them next to her bag “This should be enough to get you there” he added

“Thank you Silver…for the medicine and my first fuck” said Crystal, she winked at him. He felt warm inside.

“Maybe the next time that we meet, I might just have to bang you again” said Silver “but only if you give up first”

“Then you can bet that I will give up the moment I see your face, even faster if I see your cock first” said Crystal with a lick of her lips.

Silver couldn’t wait for the next time he saw Crystal and he knew that Crystal felt the same way.

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