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            Caellia watched the young elves clumsily aim and fire their small bows at the keltirs and sighed. She watched as they tried again with little more success than last time. There was nothing else for it, she was bored. She had been called back to her home village by the High Priest Asterios for an important announcement. She wondered if it had anything to do with her upcoming birthday. She was fast approaching her 610th year and it was traditional for a celebration to be thrown in honor of those approaching that year. You officially came ‘of age’ in that year. Her thoughts were interrupted by one of the Sentinels, Alberius, if she remembered correctly.


            “Princess Caellia, High Priest Asterios will see you now.” He intoned lightly with a bow.


            Caellia gritted her teeth in irritation before muttering, “Don’t call me Princess, I do not wish to be called that.”


            “But that is who you are, why wouldn’t you wish to be called by your proper title?” Alberius questioned as he rose from his kneeling position. “You are our Princess. You should never be ashamed of that.” With that said, he turned to lead her to Asterios, a slight frown on his face.


            Caellia could only shake her head as she followed Alberius. She should’ve known that would be the response she would get. How could she make them understand that she would rather not be their Princess? All the title did was get in the way. She was a fighter, a Silver Ranger, not some pampered Princess. Perhaps she would’ve had different thoughts about that, had she not been born during the wars with their dark brethren to the west and the orcs from the lands of Elmore. She remembered something she had been meaning to ask ever since she got here, and if anyone knew the answer it would be Alberius. “Why are there so many older elves here? Has something happened that the High Priest felt that the Sentinels were not enough protection?” There was a slight stiffening of Alberius’ back before he answered quietly, “The High Priest will know the answer to that.”


 She was so wrapped up in her musings that she barely had time to realize that she was being formally introduced to Asterios. Giving him a polite bow, she waited for him to inform her why she was here.


            Asterios could not believe the changes that had been wrought upon Caellia. Her hair was longer and worn down loosely instead of in the braids that had been fashionable years ago. It was also now a more platinum blonde color instead of the honey blonde he remembered when she was just a child. She also now wore it covering the faint mark on her forehead, the tattoo that had been placed there to show her true heritage as the Elven Princess.


Her petite frame also held a few scars from some of her more vicious battles. One of which was prominently displayed on her abdomen, a long thin line of slightly darkened skin. He looked to her clothing, noticing the dark green tinted leather with silver designs on the breastplate and skirt. He also noticed the massive bow she was carrying. It was gray with two sets of stems, quite powerful indeed.


            Caellia watched the older elf with a slight look of boredom. He was honestly wearing on her nerves staring at her. She understood patience, she had learned it many times on her frequent hunts, but this was beginning to be ridiculous. Her thoughts were interrupted as Asterios began speaking.


            “Caellia, it has been a long time. You’ve grown into a beautiful elf. You are the image of the strong proud race we are.” He bowed before her.


            Caellia was surprised to say the least. He was bowing to her? Preposterous, she quickly motioned for him to raise himself back up saying, “Please don’t, I haven’t done anything to deserve that.”


            “Oh but you have and you will, I assure you.” He motioned for her to follow him onto the balcony. “Let me explain a few things to you. I’m sure you are eager to understand why I sent for you to come back home.”


            Far away from the village, near the so called neutral zone, a sword singer was being threatened. “Don’t attempt to betray us as you are them, you will die a slow painful death if you do. We want the Princess and you will help us get her.” The sword singer was flung painfully to the ground where he stayed.


“I won’t betray you. I swear, you will have her and with her will be able to claim these territories.”


            “What about Oren castle? It will do me no good to take these lands and not control the castle now would it?” The strider stepped dangerously close to the sword singer, breathing hot, sulfuric breath in great bellows.


            Einao flinched away from the massive jaws of the beast before replying, “Caellia is to be married to the human warlord Goryn, the current King of Oren. The marriage was supposed to guarantee the protection of the Elven forest as provided by Goryn.”


            “Hmph. That remains to be seen. You will help me take Caellia hostage. Goryn will have to give up his castle if he wishes to see his pretty Elven princess.”


            Einao nodded his head in agreement. “She will not be easy to take. She will be heavily guarded from here on until her marriage.” He looked up and could have sworn he had seen Lord Nathavin Despana smirk evilly.


            “We shall see just how good her protectors are.”


            Caellia was stunned. She was to be married to a human king to ensure the village’s protection?! But why? Oh she knew what Asterios told her but it didn’t quite fit. There had to be another reason.


            She had been walking outside the village ever since she had heard the news and was now stopped outside the abandoned Elven Fortress. She was about to head on to Iris Lake to watch the unicorns when a light laugh had her spinning around quickly.


            “You should be more alert Silver Ranger. One never knows when one will be under attack.” Einao said with a smile before quickly rushing her like they used to do when they were children.


            Caellia felt laughter bubbling up before getting it under control and in a mockingly stern voice she bit out her reply, “You would do well to stay out of my bow’s range stranger.” She fired an arrow, watching as Einao skillfully brought his shield up and deflected it as he always had done. “What are you doing home?” She laughingly asked him, putting her bow away.


            “What? And miss my cousin’s celebration and her wedding? I could do no such thing Caellia.” He walked closer to her, “It’s good to see you again.”


            “It’s good to see you too Einao.” They both sat down on the grass. “It’s good to see everyone again after such a long time away.” Caellia’s look turned wistful as she watched some nearby children playing. “Don’t you ever wish we could be children again? Their lives are so carefree and they know nothing of the dangers outside this forest.”


            Einao watched her closely while she wasn’t looking at him before he responded. “I think I would never want to be a child ever again, always being told what to do, where to go, and who to hunt with, or not to hunt with.” He stood up abruptly, “Caellia you shouldn’t be here.”


            Now that got her attention, not only the words but the gruff, almost menacing way he said them. “Why?”


            “It…It isn’t safe Caellia. There are things…things you don’t know and should never know.” He knelt back down and grabbed her hands in his. “Please leave. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”


            “What’s going on Einao? What do you know that no one else does?” Caellia questioned.


            Before they had a chance to discuss the matter more, a dark figure emerged from the shadows. “Well look what I’ve found, two lovebirds not paying attention to their surroundings. That could get you hurt you know.” The blade dancer chuckled.


            Caellia was instantly on her feet with her bow drawn, all thoughts of her previous conversation with Einao gone. “What do you want here? You are to leave these lands immediately or forfeit your life!” She could not believe the audacity of the blade dancer. They were not supposed to cross the boundaries into the Elven lands at all. This was bad, where there was one, there were usually others. Looking around she saw one more dark elf and a massive orc. While she could not get a clear look at either, she suspected the orc to be a destroyer and the other elf to be an assassin.


            A child’s laugh nearby captured their attention. Caellia cursed inwardly as she watched the dark elf’s eyes shift to the young one before sliding back to her and Einao. “I wonder if your young ones have ever seen a dark elf such as me. Probably not, you tend to keep them very protected until its time for them to make their own way in this harsh world.” With that he moved as quickly as an arrow in flight and stood over the now frightened child. “You dropped your sword little one, that’s not a very good way to protect yourself. Let me pick it up for you.” He stooped down to pick the sword up but shot back upright as an arrow whistled past his nose.


            “Child, run to the village and do not look back. I will bring you your sword later.” Caellia ordered, her bow once more strung and ready to fire, her eyes never leaving the blade dancer. She listened to Einao’s smooth voice as he sung his songs of battle. “Leave these lands dark ones, or I will bury you on them.” She practically growled.


            The assassin came out of the shadows of the trees and stated, “We will go.”


The blade dancer whirled around and stared disbelieving at his comrade. “I do not wish to go, I wish to fight!” He raised his swords at Caellia and bellowed, “Fight me!”


Caellia sneered, “Gladly.” She loosed the arrow and turned to run a few feet before turning once again and firing. She managed to stay one step ahead for a while before he slowed her with a spell. Now she had to stand still and fire through his rapidly swinging swords.


His lips turned upward in a feral smile as he stung her flesh, watching the red blood flow. Then suddenly all he could see around him was a yellow field of energy with crackling blue ribbons of power laced throughout before he couldn’t move anymore. He watched as Caellia took a few slow steps away from him before turning back towards him with a final arrow in place. As she raised the bow for the final attack he heard a voice behind him cry out.


“Stop! You’ve beaten him, let him go.” Einao desperately needed to keep her from killing the blade dancer. That was Nathavin’s brother and he did not want to have to answer to the dark lord if his brother was killed. Shuddering at that thought, he walked toward Caellia. “Enough let them go. I doubt they will cross our borders again.” He put a hand on her bow, lowering it to ensure that she wouldn’t fire the arrow anyway.


Caellia stared at Einao in confusion. Why should she stop? She attempted to bring her bow back up and was further confused when he wouldn’t let her. “Einao, why?”


He thought quickly before answering her, “Do you not see his clan crest on his armor? He is part of Lord Nathavin’s clan. If you kill him, even the great land dragon Antharas couldn’t stop Nathavin from coming after you.”


“I’ve been fighting our dark brethren for years and have never heard of Lord Nathavin.” Caellia muttered darkly as she watched the orc and the assassin gather their comrade and leave without looking back.


Einao closed his eyes and looked toward the sky before saying in a sorrowful tone, “You will know him soon enough.”

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