Alone in the forest

BY : DBGreece
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Sasha gasped for breath as she wandered the forest. All of her Pokemon had fainted and she was out of revives, she needed to find a Pokemon Center soon. Unfortunately for her, the night was beginning to fall and her chances of finding civilization were becoming slimmer and slimmer.


Every gust of wind caused Sasha to jump in fear. Every twig broken underfoot made her let out a yell of panic. And every shadow in the corner of her eyes made her feel for sure someone or something was following her. And as she would soon find out, her fear was well placed.


Another hour passed as the woman made her way through the woods, and the hair on her neck was beginning to stand on end. Looking around, there was nothing but the sight of the underbrush around, or so she thought. Two glowing red eyes peered at the woman, studying her movements patiently. As soon as she turned back to the task at hand, the creature began its plan.


Walking towards her carefully, the creature was mindful of the plant life at its feet as not to alert her. Placing one paw in front of the other it drew ever closer until it could reach out and touch her. Before it could do so, however, a branch snapped under its weight, drawing the woman's gaze to it.


Holding her breath, Sasha turned to see the source of the sound. Standing behind her was a Midnight Lycanroc. One of its paws was reaching out to her, and between its legs was a bright red cock, standing at its full length. Upon seeing this sight, Sasha prepared to scream in terror, but before she could the Lycanroc pulled her down to silence her. In one fluid motion, the Lycanroc moved Sasha down into her knees. With one paw on her head and the other on his cock, he shoved his full length into her mouth.


Sasha attempted to scream in protest, but her screams were muffled by the monster cock in her mouth. Despite her current position, she still attempted to fight against her captor, but her struggle only seemed to please the creature. Seeing her struggle as a request for more, the Lycanroc simply chuckled, letting his growls fill the forest.


Once he was ready, he placed both of his paws on her head, giving him better hold over her. Starting slow, the Pokemon began to move her head up and down on her shaft. Sasha placed her hands on the Pokemons hips, hoping to stop his assault. Despite this. The Pokemon continued to jump her face in excitement. Drool began dripping from the woman's mouth as she felt the Pokemon cock hit deeper into her throat.


Eventually, her screams of terror grew into moans of pleasure as she found herself falling to her base instincts. Every thrust sent Sparks down her body, causing her pussy to drip from pleasure. Feeling the end of this session was drawing near, the Lycanroc began to fuck the woman's face with even more passion.


With his final movement, the Pokemon shoved his cock deep into her throat. As his cum flushed down into her body, the Pokemons knot grew in he enough, locking her in place. Sasha no longer cared however, she only wanted more and to drink every drop of cum the Pokemon gave her. Looking up at the Pokemon, Sasha trembled in anticipation at what she saw next.


Lycan rock had begun to let it's head back, holding its breath in as well. Releasing all of the air at once, the Lycanroc let out a monstrous howl. It was different from any howl Sasha had heard before, and she soon heard why. Two more Lycanroc, one Midday form one Dusk form, had found their way to the clearing thanks to the howl. Both Pokemon were sporting erect dicks similar to the woman's captor, and they were preparing for their chance with her.


Sasha knew she would not make it to a Pokemon Center tonight, and at this point, she no longer cared about healing her fainted Pokemon. She only cared about making sure those cocks were inside her body.




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