After Venus Lighthouse

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A/N: The fingering and voyeurism codes are placed just because they are mentioned at one place in the story. You don't actually see the scene, but I rather place the codes, better safe than sorry.

After Venus Lighthouse

“Felix, are you awake?” he heard someone tell him in the dark room, the voice was so light and low he barely heard it. Felix’s eyes opened, he had no idea who told him those words, but he knew the voice. He looked around the room, unsure which direction to look in. The room was still dark, telling him that it wasn’t yet morning, as he looked at his left he noticed a figure standing next to his bed.

“Who...who’s there?” he asked, he searched his bed for his sword since he always slept with it in case an attack like this came during the night, but then remembered that he had placed it close to the door to his room, since he and his party stayed the night at the inn in Dalia after finally hitting land after they lit the Venus lighthouse.

A light suddenly went on in the room, Felix shielded his eyes with his hand. It was so bright; his eyes were just getting used to the dark. He saw a girl with blonde hair, standing right where the figure was standing. She was the figure and he did know her voice because it was Sheba.

“Good, your finally up” she said as she took a seat on the bed with him

“What are you doing here Sheba?” Felix asked “You should be sleeping at this time”

“I couldn’t sleep, my mind is still racing and returns to Venus lighthouse. I fell from the lighthouse and you jumped in after me and saved my life. Without you…I would be dead right now” she said to him, Felix nodded, he was sure once he hit the water and got her that he was going to drown, but somehow they both made it out of that nightmare alive. It was a miracle.

“Let’s just be thankful that we made it through that” said Felix, they had a long day ahead of them tomorrow and he really needed to sleep, Sheba should do the same.

“I wanted to thank you Felix” said Sheba, she placed a hand on his shoulder.

“It was nothing” said Felix

“It was something Felix” said Sheba, she moved closer to him, her breasts were rubbing against his arm. Sheba’s boobs were not that large, but Felix felt himself getting hard as he felt her small tits rub against him. He noticed at this moment it would have been a fine idea to wear underwear to sleep, because his erection grew under the sheets and Sheba noticed the mountain the moment it rose.

“You should…” Felix started to say, trying to get Sheba to look anywhere but where his manhood was growing before her very eyes, but Sheba pressed a finger to his lips. Her eyes didn’t look in his direction, they were focused one hundred per cent on his growing length under the sheets.

“I had no idea that the man that saved my life was so…large in the cock department” said Sheba with a smile “I should have known, you silent warrior types are always packing a large dick under all that armor. When I was in Tolbi I heard from Babi’s staff that a warrior called Isaac was fucking a maiden called Mia, the female staff members were spying on them while they made love and I heard that Isaac has a huge dick too. I wish I got to ride him, but I know one thing, I’m going to ride you right now”

Sheba hopped onto Felix’s lap, her lips pressed to his mouth, her tongue diving into his mouth, touching his tongue. Feeling Sheba’s tongue on his, feeling her tongue move around in his mouth and pass over his white teeth turned him on. He wanted to fuck her, but he shouldn’t, it wasn’t the right thing to do. He loved a girl and that girl was not Sheba, but he had urges too. The last time he had sex was…he didn’t even remember, but it was way too long. Sheba was throwing herself on him, he should accept her body and bring pleasure to his hard dick with something other then his hand for a change. No, he had to stay in control.

“No, Sheba” he said to her, he was strong enough to push her off of him. She was still on the bed, just no longer on his lap and attacking him with her skilled tongue. “I don’t want this” he followed, the only thing that betrayed him was his huge dick under the covers and Sheba knew it.

Her hand went over to his cock, she rested it on it. Felix watched her hand slowly rub him. “Don’t lie to me Felix” she said in a soft voice

“I’m not” Felix said his eyes still locked on her hand.

Sheba moved her hand away from his cock, taking hold of the sheets that covered it and tossing them off the bed. Sheba’s hand entered his pants, Felix didn’t stop her. He felt her warm hand around his cock, stroking him. Felix closed his eyes and moaned as Sheba jerked him off. Her hand was far more skilled than his hand, Felix had to wonder if Sheba had done this before? She didn’t seem like that type of girl, but with how skilled her hand was, how amazing she made his dick feel, it was impossible that this was her first time stroking cock.

“Don’t lie to me Felix” she said once more “I can hear you moaning as I stroke you…I can feel your cock in my hand and your so excited”

He sure was, the last girl he had a romantic relationship with never stroked his dick like this. They fucked a few times and he got to use her back door once or twice when she was feeling kinky, but her mouth and hand never touched his penis. He couldn’t tell Sheba to stop when it felt this good. If she used her mouth on him, he would lose his mind.

“Yeah, that’s what I need Sheba” he said to her, she smiled

“I really wanted to thank you for saving my life. You can do whatever you want with me” she said “At least for tonight…I belong to you Mr. Felix”

“Is that so?” Felix asked, Sheba looked at him, her hand still gripping his hard length. She nodded her head slowly, she looked so cute. Felix smiled, quickly he pulled his pants down, freeing his dick from its prison. His shirt was the next thing to leave his body.

“Do you want…” Sheba started, Felix went over and kissed her mouth. Sheba felt his tongue in her mouth this time. He took control, she closed her eyes and melted into the kiss that she wanted him to deliver to her so badly.

“Don’t speak” he told her, pulling his lips away from her mouth “Just follow my orders”

Sheba was about to say yes, but stopped herself before, she nodded her head telling him she understood.

“Excellent” he kissed her again. Her eyes were closed, her tongue touched his and they rolled around together. Her hand remained at his wonderful manhood, it felt so warm under her touch.

“Felix” she said into his mouth as they kissed, since she first saw him, she wanted to get to know him better. He was so nice to her and handsome on the lighthouse and then he saved her life. She was so shy, but she found the courage to go see him. This was the perfect chance to fuck him and make him fall in love with her.

As Felix ended the kiss that they shared together, Sheba’s mouth traveled to his neck. She kissed his neck, her face burying close to his shoulder, her hand still stroking his length and not leaving until she was ordered to leave. Her tongue sticked out of her mouth, it traced along his neck. Her lips continued the work as Felix moaned in pleasure at her kisses and her skilled hand on his large length.

“Sheba” he said, she kissed his neck several more times, then looked up at him. “Suck my dick”

Sheba’s gaze returned to her hand stroking his cock. She moved it away, returned it close to her and looked at it. She stuck her tongue out of her mouth and licked her hand that rested on Felix’s cock. She crawled in between his legs, seeing his dick in front of her eyes, he looked even bigger than before. She didn’t know if she could fit all of him in her mouth, but she would try for Felix.

“Make my dick wet” he told her, he had a feeling that she would do that, she only needed an extra push.

Sheba opened her mouth wide, her eyes closed as she swallowed his penis. She could only fit half of it in her tiny mouth. She gagged on his large length, she departed from the dick and coughed, Felix stroked her blonde hair.

“You can do it Sheba” he said to her, she knew she would be able too.

Her mouth opened wide once more and she took his cock into her mouth again. Her tongue twirled around the large member in her mouth, her drool coated his penis. He smelled amazing since her nose was diving into his public hairs, it made her slightly dizzy, having her mouth filled to the brim with healthy cock and her nostrils filled with the scent of sex.

Felix rested a hand on Sheba’s head, her sucking skills were amazing. He was still in love with his first girlfriend, they never broke up before this quest, but Sheba’s mouth was just so yummy, when she kissed him, when she sucked him. He couldn’t say no to her. He wanted to keep this affair with Sheba going…if she wanted it to continue, he would ask her that later, once they were done.

“Fuck, with how you suck me Sheba…I’m gonna cum soon” he said to her

Sheba wasn’t sure what she should do, should she pull away and receive the load in her face or on her chest that was still covered by the shirt that Jenna let her borrow to sleep with or should she receive the load in her mouth? What would Felix want her to do? On second thought getting Jenna’s shirt covered in her brother’s jizz was not the smartest thing that Sheba could do in her life. She had no choice, she had to take the load in her mouth and the sooner she swallowed Felix’s seed the better, at least for her.

Sheba increased her speed, moving her mouth quickly up and down Felix’s long length. She heard Felix moan and stroke her blonde hair with his hand as her mouth pushed down and took all of him into her warm lips. She felt Felix thrust slightly up into her, she looked up at him with her wide eyes, loving the way he used her and made love to her throat.

“Fuck…here it comes” he said, he thrusted slightly up into her once more as his jizz shot out of his cock. Sheba didn’t move, if anything would happen to Jenna’s shirt, the Mars adept would take revenge on Sheba with a Fume psynergy directed at the Jupiter adept, Sheba would then have to be revived by a Great Healer if that happened to her. Sheba kept her mouth shut and pushed firmly on Felix’s cock as she tasted his sperm on her tongue. His load was huge and she wasn’t sure if she could swallow it all. She swallowed the beginning of the load as the remainder started to ooze out from her lips, sliding down to her chin and dripping to the sheets below.

Felix released the hold he had on her hair when he came in her mouth. Sheba pulled away, her hands were at her mouth within seconds as she coughed and gagged the rest of his load into her hands, to make sure Jenna’s shirt wasn’t touched by a single drop. Felix placed his hands behind his head, his cock still rock hair after he reached his climax.

“You have a golden mouth Sheba” he said to her, while Sheba had taken a tissue to spit out the remainder of his cum on it.

Sheba looked at him “You want some more?” she asked, all she did right now was grab him and suck him. That couldn’t be the way this night ended, he couldn’t use her mouth and not let her ride him. She missed her chance to ride Isaac’s amazing manhood, Felix wasn’t going to get away.

“I’m always in the mood for more” said Felix, his hands moved to his side as he watched Sheba remove his sister’s shirt and toss it to the floor, Sheba got completely naked. Felix liked what he saw, even if he liked breasts to be a little larger than what Sheba had, like the ones that his first girlfriend had on her body. He loved to handle those northern melons with his hands. Sheba hopped onto his lap, taking his penis in her hands and guiding his length to her pussy. Felix slipped his dick into her, going as deep as he could. He moaned at how tight Sheba was, Sheba screamed as she felt Felix enter her deeper than she thought he would.

Felix placed his hands on Sheba’s hips, he pulled out almost all the way and then pushed right back inside of her. With each thrust inside of Sheba that he took, Felix moaned in satisfaction and Sheba yelled at the large member that filled her pussy, she didn’t think Felix was that big and she had to wonder how she fit half of it in her mouth before.

“I’m not hurting you I hope?” Felix asked her after a couple of thrust into her, he was feeling too good to stop anytime soon, he didn’t want to stop until he had another release, however if Sheba was in pain, he would have to stop, he didn’t want to hurt her. He made a promise to himself that no harm would come to Sheba and he would stay true to that promise, even if his cock would hate him for it.

“Only a little” Sheba said truthfully

“I’ll pull out” said Felix, his heart, mind and soul didn’t want him to go thought with it. He wanted to fuck Sheba silly, over and over until she begged to drink his sperm. But Felix was a nice guy, he knew it was the right thing to do.

“Please, don’t” Sheba said as his cock was almost all the way out of her. Only the tip of his penis remained in her tight pussy “Fill me, fuck me with your Venus manhood”

“Are you sure Sheba…I don’t want to hurt you with this cock. It’s more powerful than the Sol blade” he said

“I’ll take my chances. It might be a little painful now, but I know it will feel better soon and I want you to rock my world like if you summoned Judgement” said Sheba

“That I can do” he told her, holding onto her hips, Felix pushed back deep into Sheba’s tight pussy. Sheba moved her hips as she felt Felix fill her womb with his thick meat. Her hands pressed against his muscular chest as he moved her up and down and pushed his hard cock into her.

“Yeah, Felix fuck me” she yelled, her eyes closed and her face looked at the ceiling. Felix’s cock was amazing, Sheba never felt like this before and she wondered how great Isaac would be in bed and how Mia felt when she slept with him in Tolbi. Sheba was sure that Felix was more skilled then Isaac, he had to be with how intense and wonderful this was right now for her hot body.

Felix started to push into her faster, thrusting in her much quicker then before. “Fuck, this is much better then when I fucked…”

“Who?” asked Sheba, she wanted to know who else Felix had slept with in the past and who her competition for his heart and cock was.

“It doesn’t matter” said Felix “You don’t know her anyways”

“You can still tell me her name” said Sheba, she kept bouncing on his manhood, her tiny tits followed her lead as she moved over him. Sheba passed her hands across his chest, she wanted to feel him again and again in her bed just like this. She wanted to know the name of the girl.

“If I tell you…you have to keep it to yourself. I don’t want Jenna to know about that girl and that we had sex together” he said to her

“Deal” anything to know the name of the slut that took his virginity that should have been hers to claim right now.

“Her name is Karst” he said. He pushed deep into Sheba “I never loved anyone more then her…except maybe you my dear Sheba”

“That makes me so happy Felix” she said, she never met Karst before in her life and already Sheba hated her for stealing Felix’s young heart and getting her pussy wet with his skilled cock, but now Sheba had the upper hand, Felix had feeling for her and Karst wasn’t around. Sheba would take back his heart and he could leave Karst in his past and never think about her again.

Sheba fell onto him, moving her hands away from his chest to the sheets next to them. Her tiny tits were pressed against his chest, Felix moaned slightly as he felt her soft skin on his body. Sheba looked into his brown eyes, they locked their gaze.

Felix felt something build inside of him, looking into Sheba’s beautiful eyes, his dick burying into her tight hole that was so warm and her skin against his skin. One of his hands left her hip and went to her cheek, he passed it across her lips. Once his fingers departed, he captured her mouth with his and pushed his tongue into her mouth.

“Oh, Felix” she moaned as he kissed her. She had the feeling he was already starting to forget about Karst or whatever her name was.

As he kissed Sheba, he knew he was making his life more complex. He was starting to have feeling for this Jupiter adept, but his heart would forever belong to Karst or at least those where the words he told her when they got naked together for the first time and when he went into her pussy and shot his seed into her all those years ago. They fought more often then they made love, but when they did make love…it was out of this world.

Felix had no idea what he was going to do. Karst or Sheba. It was a tough choice, Karst had huge tits and the sex with her was always hot. Sheba might not have much in the chest department, but her mouth was something that Karst would never be able to match no matter how hard she tried and as far as he knew, the sex with Sheba was amazing just like with his girlfriend before her. He would have to fuck her a few more times and test out the back door, just to make sure this was how it would always be like if he chose her and Felix had a feeling Sheba would agree and be more then willing to help him out, they just had to make sure Jenna and Kraden didn’t find out about their secret affair.

“Please, never leave me Felix” said Sheba

He didn’t know what to say to that. “I’ll try my best” he told her, it was the closet thing to the truth that he could give her in his current situation.

Felix and Sheba looked into each other’s eyes, Sheba stuck her tongue out of her mouth and Felix did the same, their tongues touched, both of them started to roll their tongues in tight circles, feeling the wetness of the others tongue as they moved.

“I’m close” he said, taking her tongue again

“Please” she mumbled

Felix took several more strong and healthy thrust into her, her pussy felt so good around his cock and the wetness of her tongue on his drove him wild. One more thrust into her, Felix shot his head back and had his second release, his jizz flooded Sheba’s womb. Once he was done unloading inside of her, Sheba rolled off of him, placed a hand on his strong chest and looked up at him.

“Can we fuck again soon Felix?” she asked

He looked right back at her, she was asking him exactly what he was going to ask her. “Of course” he told her, Karst had serious competition for his heart now. Half his heart was still with her and the other half belonged to Sheba. No matter which one he chose, he would lose the other and with her part of his heart.

Felix and Sheba stayed together in bed, not saying anything. They looked at the ceiling and at each other. They shared a kiss here and there. Sheba started to stroke him once more, but Felix stopped her because he knew if she started to get him going again now, both he and she would not get one moment more of sleep tonight and they had a big day tomorrow.

“We’ll fuck again tomorrow night Sheba” he told her

“I can’t wait” smiled Sheba, she collected her clothes and returned to the room she shared with his sister Jenna. Felix placed his arms behind his head, replaying the wonderful event that took place tonight. He won’t forget it anytime soon.

The following morning

Jenna was up before Sheba, when the Jupiter adept woke up, Jenna was already dressed and her hair tied back in her ponytail. Sheba slipped out of bed and Jenna looked at her.

Sheba smiled “You’re up early Jenna” she said

“Actually, you’re up late” said Jenna “I let you sleep in because I figured that after having sex with Felix for several hours you would need your rest”

“What did you say?” asked Sheba with big eyes, how did Jenna know she and Felix had sex last night, when Sheba left this room Jenna was in a deep sleep.

“I heard the door close when you left, I followed you and heard everything. I won’t tell Felix that I know about you and him and the fact that he fucked some girl called Karst. I hope that he stays with you Sheba” said Jenna

“I can’t believe you spied on me and your brother having sex” Sheba pointed out

“I planned on leaving once I realized what was starting to happen, but I just couldn’t leave, my legs didn’t allow me and the next thing I knew my hand was in my panties and I was getting totally wet from what I heard you and him doing” Jenna told her, biting her bottom lip as she recalled the countless orgasms she reached last night with the help of her fingers.

“By the way” said Sheba once Jenna had snapped out of her daydream “I’m sorry about Isaac and Mia, I knew you liked him”

“I knew he was going to hop in bed with her when I saw her at Mercury lighthouse. I have a feeling that Tolbi wasn’t their first roll in the sheets, if you get what I mean” Jenna told Sheba “Anyways, I didn’t lose Isaac’s heart yet. When I see him again, I’ll hop in bed with him and try to win his heart, just like your doing right now with Felix”

“You’ll win Jenna, I just know it” said Sheba

“Thank you and you’ll win too Sheba” said Jenna, the two girls hugged each other, hopeful that each of them would claim the heart of the man that they loved.

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