Misty gets inked

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Misty gets inked

Misty had always had a fascination with tattoos ever since Lt. Surge had shown her the service tattoos he had gotten during his time in the army, always admiring them whenever she could, mainly when she wasn’t riding him or he didn’t have her bent over

After some consideration and encouragement Misty decided it was time for her to get her own tattoo thinking long and hard about the design and where on her body to get it before heading to Unova as Nimbasa City was famed for its tattoo artists and culture

After a short stint of searching through the bustling streets of the huge city Misty came across a small tattoo parlour, small enough to make Misty question its authenticity for a moment before noticing the five start reviews plastered in the windows for the places professionalism and cleanliness quelling her momentary worries

Heading into the small parlour Misty took a moment to admire the many designs displayed on the wall for customers to pick from, only looking away when she heard the tattoo artist coming through from the back having heard the door open and close “hello there, is there a design you’re interested in to...day?” he started before suddenly trailing off as he realised just who had walked into his parlour “by Arceus…”

Tittering at how starstruck the artist was Misty sauntered up to the counter and leaned on it in a way that drew the most attention to her bust in her tight tube top “hey, I was wondering how much you charge?” 

“That...that depends on the size and design of the tattoo miss” he explained trying his best to not stare completely at her chest “where about on your body are you thinking of getting your tattoo?”

Biting her lip Misty responded via simply undoing the straining button of her tiny shorts before shimmying them down her legs, loving how the artists eyes widened and his jaw dropped at the sight of her famous pristine little cunt “I’d like a tattoo of my Gym Badge with water effect around it around my cunt” she stated as she fully stepped out of her shorts to remove them leaving her naked from the waist down save for her sneakers “give guys something else nice to look at whilst they’re fucking me you know? I’ll willing to pay whatever it costs”

Staring few a few more moments the artist then cleared his throat “of course, that will cost roughly three thousand PokeYen for a rough sketch outline and another five thousand for filling it in” he explained as he opened the flap on his counter to allow Misty through to wear the tattoo chair was

“Thanks, I was expecting it to be more expensive” she smiled as she sauntered passed him, making sure to sway her hips for him to give him something to ogle as she then climbed into the chair and spread her legs “be gentle with me” she then teased with a wink as he pulled up his side chair and began to set up his needle and ink

“Don’t worry I’m a professional” the artist smiled back, trying to be as smooth as possible whilst inside he was having an internal meltdown trying not to go completely starstruck over Misty having come to his parlour

Preparing his needle the artist then got to work, one hand keeping hold of one of Misty’s thick firm thighs spreading it open he pressed the needle to the skin of her groin, having more than memorised the shape of her Gym Badge as it was global knowledge he felt that he didn’t have to trace the design first

The moment the needle dug into her skin Misty let out a sharp shrill gasp prompting the artist to stop “if this is too painful I have some numbing cream” he told her to which she shook her head

“It’s ok, I’ve felt worse than this taking my Blastoise’s cock up my ass for the first time, it was just a surprise is all” she told him, biting her lip as he then nodded before proceeding to get back to work

As the needle pressed to the skin of her groin again and started to draw the design of her Gym Badge Misty fought the urge to squirm, yes the needle stung but as mentioned before it was far from the worst pain she had ever felt but the vibration of the needle brought her a strange masochistic pleasure, the redhead slut biting her lip harder as she felt every millimetre of the needle grazing along her silky soft skin tracing the outline of her badge making her pussy tingle and visibly clench

As the minutes passed and the artist moved from the shape of her badge to the design of the water effects around it Misty decided to strike up a conversation “so….do you know me more as a Gym Leader or for my ‘other work’?” she asked with a teasing tone to her voice, loving how the artists face reddened the tiniest bit

“I’ve...watched a few of your movies” the artist admitted to which Misty let out a little pleased sound

“Oh? Which one was your favourite?” Misty smiled feeling her pussy moisten

“The one in which you made Brock cum three times in a row with just your breasts” the artist admitted trying his best to focus on his work as he felt his pants tightening

“Oh? You like my tits?” the redheaded tittered as her mind wandered back to the movie he had mentioned, it had been one of her personal favourites to do as her favourite pastime outside of swimming was sexually worshipping her closest friends

“I don’t think there’s a straight man alive who doesn’t” the artist returned as he finished up the basic design of the patterns at the base of the Gym Badge design

Moaning softly at his response Misty waited until he was solely focused on his work before pulling up her top to expose her full firm famous tits, waiting quietly for him to notice out another sharp gasp as his needle passed dangerously close to her clit making her toes curl tight in her sneakers

Moving higher up the Gym Leaders groin the artist looked up to check if she was still doing ok only to freeze when he realised what she had done, his eyes widening at the sight of her perky perfect tits making his pants visibly strain “feel free to touch them if you want, you said you were a professional so you should be able to ink me one handed right?” she purred almost challenging him to do so as she reached down to take his free hand placing it on one of her breasts “if the tattoo comes out good I’ll let you do me, consider it a tip along with your payment” she promised encouraging him to squeeze her breast before releasing his hand

Swallowing thickly as his pants strained even tighter making Misty giggle at the sight the artist just nodded before getting back to work, resisting the urge to rush to earn the ‘tip’ faster as he took pride in his work and wasn’t going to just put a shoddy image permanently onto someone's body just to get some quick easy pussy

The next hour ticked by in relative silence save for the buzzing of the tattoo needle and the occasional gasp and moan from Misty as her legs slowly writhed, her pussy now visibly dripping as she gripped the armrests tight, her body started to shake as she suppressed the violent shudders of her body as the constant vibration and pricks of the needle brought her to a masochistic orgasm, the feeling of the needle beginning to remind her of her Golduck’s claws when it had last fucked her

Finishing the final base layer of the blue colouring of the tattoo the artist sat back to wipe his brow and admire his work, the famous image of the Cerulean City Gym Badge now emblazoned on the redhead’s groin in a light aqua blue “there we go, that’s the base colours done, we can stop for now and arrange for a further session to deepen the colours if you’d like or I can push on for another couple hours to finish it” he told her looking up to gauge her opinion of his work

“It looks...great” Misty panted as her pussy throbbed with need, the sting of the needle still fresh making her cunt and groin oh so sensitive making it visibly drip “you’ve earned your tip and then some”

“Really? Don’t you think you should wait until the tattoo is finished?” the artist asked, his cock screaming at him from inside his pants but his pride in his work helped suppress the urge to just jump the Gym Leader right then and there

“You can finish it whilst you’ve got your dick in me so take your pants off!” the redhead then outright demanded as she kicked off her sneakers and fully removed her top to leave herself sitting naked in the chair “if you do a good job I’ll make sure to use your services again if I ever want another tattoo”

The artist didn’t need any more instructions after that, his cock throbbing almost painfully as he stood up and undid his pants, Misty’s eyes dilating with lust as the sight of his thick meaty dick spreading her legs wider for him as he took his place between them “fuck me as hard as you want, cum as much as you want, just give me that fucking cock” she breathed gripping the chairs arm rests harder as she felt him pressed the tip of his cock to her weeping slit and in one fluid motion sheathed himself inside of her making her cry out in pleasure

Steeling himself as he buried himself balls deep inside of her snug wet cunt the tattoo artist took a few deep breaths to steady himself before picking up his needle again and cleaning wipe, rubbing down Misty’s groin to rid it of any of the ink run off making the redhead shiver and simper at the feeling of the cool cloth on her stinging skin

“Fuck yes that hurts so good” she whined as he then got to work in filling in the deeper colours of her tattoo, the stinging buzz of the needle making her toes curl as she wrapped her strong legs around his waist pulling him deeper

“Miss, if you do that, I won’t be able to focus” the artist groaned trying his best to not let his hand shake as it held the needle

“You feel so good” she just whined back digging her heels into his lower back “finish it later! Just fuck me!” she then pleaded as her cunt squeezed tighter “I’ll tell all of my friends about this place as well!” 

With that added promise the artist set his needle aside and then let himself go, his hands grabbing at Misty’s tits making her gasp and moan as he started pounding into her needy pussy, making the chair creak and groan under her as she tried to buck her hips back as best she could in her position, her moans of ecstasy and words of encouragement coming out loud and shameless throughout the small parlour showing that she couldn’t care less that the front door was unlocked and someone could walk in at any moment

With the artists frantic thrusting and the throbbing sting of the fresh tattoo on her groin Misty was soon orgasming again, her toes curling tight as she threw her head back with a cry of ecstasy making her pussy squeeze even tighter, trapping the artist inside of her as he followed her over the edge moments later filling her hungry cunt making the redhead simper and mewl at the feeling of it before he slowly pulled out

Collapsing back onto his seat the artist panted heavily having never cum so hard before, wiping the sweat from his brow as he checked on Misty’s tattoo again to make sure that he hadn’t accidentally smudged any of it “well, I can say that was the best tip I’ve ever gotten for my work” he chuckled lightly “so would you like to book another session or do you want me to continue? If you book another session I’ll just charge the three thousand PokeYen for this session” 

Simpering at the warm feeling of his cum inside of her Misty considered having him continue the session but decided against it, if he did continue there was no guarantee that she’d be able to walk by the time she left with how weak her legs felt from the tattooing alone “I’ll book another session, I don’t think my pussy can take anymore and I’m used to having my Swampert railing me” she tittered with a sultry wink as she slowly rose up from the chair to collect her clothes and pay “I’m definitely coming back if I ever want another tattoo, I might get my back done so you can fuck my ass whilst you do it” the slut then promised after giving him the money, turning around to spank her fat famous ass for him as she pulled up her shorts, making it jiggle for his amusement before strutting out “see you in a week” she then purred over her shoulder giving him another wink and blowing him a kiss making his cock harden slightly as she then took her leave

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