Waluigi's prank

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 Waluigi’s prank:

“Wah ha!” Waluigi laughed to himself as he walked down the Super Smash Bros. business area.

 The building was of decent size and fully constructed of hard, impenetrable steel. It was one floor and consisted of a conference room, a set of public bathrooms, a kitchen area, and a small waiting room. It was primarily used for holding meeting with the higher ups, or for small get-togethers for the cast or crew of the game.

 Today it was rented out by the beautiful princess Peach who was having her weekly meeting to discuss the game’s future and have a small tea party with the rest of the female roster.

 It was still quite early, the first few guests only just arriving, and the tall, skinny plumber was sneaking his way towards the kitchen.

 Throwing a small rock, making a short sound ring out and causing Toadette to turn to the noise. “Hmmm? Someone there?” She left the kitchen to see what the sound was and Waluigi slipped past her to the tea. He rubbed his hands together as he looked over the hot beverage.

 “Now for my dastardly plan! Wahaha!” He pulled out a little baggy full of small powder and poured out its contents into the three tea pots, stirring it in with a spoon.

 “Who’s throwing rocks?” Toadette asked to herself as she returned to her post. “It must be that villager! Or maybe Inkling… They need to start acting more responsibly!”

 Waluigi had managed to avoid the girl’s sight as he crawled away, letting out a breath of relief. “Phew! Not caught yet. But there’s still one more part of my plan! Wahahaha!”

 Sneaking down the corridor again he came to the bathrooms. A Toad had just come out from the men’s side with his large cart of cleaning material.

 “All cleaned!” The little guy said. “The princess will be pleased with my service… But I guess I didn’t need to clean the men’s room too…. Oh well!”

 The Toad began walking off, his cart trailing behind him.

 On his tippy-toes, Waluigi snuck up and grabbed an “Out of service” sign from the cart.

 He placed it down in front of the women’s room and went inside. “Wahaha! Time to get to work! Oh, that Toad restocked the toilet paper, Perfect! Just what I need!” he grabbed the rolls and began shoving them down the toilets, flushing the toilets so the water overflowed. “Wahaha! Perfect! Now they can’t use them! And with the powder I used, they’ll need to pee desperately but won’t be able to use the toilets! Wahahaha! It’s perfect! This’ll teach them for leaving me out of smash bros! Wahahaha!”

 The man laughed to himself as he snuck his way out of the building.


 “Here you go Princess.” Toadette smiled as she gave a cup to Peach. “Enjoy.”

 “Thank you, Toadette dear.” The blonde haired woman replied. She took a sip. “It’s delicious!”

  Toadette happily began serving out the rest of the tea, making sure every girl had a cup.

 They enjoyed sipping away at their tea as they discussed the multiple topics of the day. Spirits, newcomers like Byleth, stages, buffs and Nerfs, among other things. However after a good half hour the girls began to feel their need to pee badly.

 Princess Peach squirmed in her chair, her face a bit red as she tried keeping it in. It was quite rude to leave during an important meeting such as this. “So onto the next…” She kept talking, going through the bullet points even as her discomfort rose.

 She of course wasn’t the only one feeling the need, the other girls were also squirming, their bladders filling up and ready to burst.

 “So what do you think, Zelda?” Peach asked.

 The woman’s head shot up and towards Peach. “Oh… yes…” She managed to say. Though she truthfully wasn’t paying attention.

 “Is something wrong?” Peach asked.

 “Oh, no! I’m fine!” Zelda replied as she squished her legs together, her hands gripping at her dress in desperation. “Continue please.”

 “Of course. Daisy, you had something to say?”

 Princess Daisy looked over when she heard her name. “What?” She asked through gritted teeth, her hands over her crotch, hidden beneath the table, trying to hold in her pee.

 “You said you had something to say earlier. I’m giving you the floor.”

 “Oh… well… I forgot what it was…”


 “Yeah….Sorry.” Oh I got to pee so bad! Her mind screamed as she tried her hardest to deflect the question. Whatever it was that she had wanted was gone from her mind now.

 “Oh… okay. Onto the next point of discussions. Nerfs and buffs.” Peach was getting even more desperate as she talked. She let one of her hands go down to grab at her crotch in frustration. “Palutena, Rosalina. You both said you had something to say on the matter.”

 “Oh?!” Palutena nearly shouted. She was trying her hardest to keep a straight face as her butt squirmed all over her seat. “Oh… right… nerfs and…oh… buffs, right…”

 “Are you okay?”

 “Yep! Don’t worry about it… now about… that… Oh Rosalina, you can go first!”

 “What!? Me?!” Rosalina yelped.

 “Yes… you said you had something to say on the topic?” Peach asked.

 “Nope! None what so ever! Sorry to waste everyone’s time!” The poor woman was at her limit, both hands covering her crotch, and was rushing through her words, desperate for this meeting to end.

 “Back to you Palutena.”

 “Oh… well… I was just going to say…that…I think…. I think that…” Palutena was stumbling through her speech as she squirmed even harder from her desperation. “I think… I think-”

 “Oh I can’t take it anymore!” Inkling screamed as she jumped up to her feet. She was using both hands to grab at her crotch, tears were filling her eyes and her face was bright red. “I’m sorry but I just can’t take it anymore! I need to pee so so bad!”

Zelda stood up. “Sorry, but I have to as well!”

 “Then, meeting adjourned!” Peach said.

 All the girls were scrambling to their feet and then out the door to the washrooms. Running down the halls, desperation pushing them on. They made it to the washrooms.

 The out of service sign hit them like a wall of bricks, the water pooling from the door around their feet told them that it was true.

 “No!” Peach nearly screamed. “The ladies room is out!”

 “No way! But I have to pee so bad!” Zelda said.

 “The men’s room!” Daisy pointed out.

 “But that’s the boys’ room, we’re not allowed in there!” Peach objected.

 “There’s no one here today but us!” Rosalina said.

 “And we really don’t have the time to wait do we?” Palutena added.

 Peach couldn’t handle it anymore. “Okay the men’s room!”

 They pulled themselves into the washroom. “There’s only four stalls!” Rosalina noted.

 Peach wasted no more time making her way for one. The girls fought for a spot, but Peach managed to get inside and lock the door behind her. Rosalina, Zelda and Inkling also managed to make it inside one.

 “No fair!”

 “Oh hurry up!”

 “I can’t hold it!”

 “I need to go!”

 The other locked out girls were shouting and pounding on the doors as they squirmed and grabbed at themselves in desperation.

 Peach barely managed to pull up her dress, pull down her panties and sit down on the toilet before her long stream began. She sighed heavily in relief as the warm spray of her piss left her and rained into the toilet, the sounds ringing all around her. “Oh, thank goodness!”

 Rosalina also hiked up her dress around her and stumbled quickly out of her panties. She sat down and let her stream begin. “Oh, that feels good! Finally, letting it all out!”

 Inkling fumbled her way out of her bottoms, nearly ripping them right off her. Her shorts and panties were laid in mess at her feet as she jumped up on the toilet and let herself go. The built up pee was released, flowing heavily out of her, making her breath in relief and pleasure.

 Zelda was panting hard as she pulled down her panties and held up her long dress. A bit spilled out of her and onto the floor before she was able to sit down and let the rest of the long stream spray into the toilet. “Ah… It feels kind of good to release it after waiting so long…”

 The rest of the girls were squirming in place and grabbing their crotches. “I can’t hold on!”

 Daisy looked behind her at the row of urinals lining the wall. It was both gross and embarrassing to think about, but the other option was either pissing herself or peeing on the floor which were both worst.

 “Oh I can’t take it!” The brunette shouted as she scrambled over to one of the urinals. She hiked up her long dress and pulled down her panties, beyond the point of caring that the other girls could see her butt. She pushed herself forward over the urinal and began peeing into it while still standing up. “Oh! Finally!”

 The other girls got the idea. It was either that or pissing themselves and so they rushed for a chance at the urinals.

 Samus had to remove her entire zero suit, leaving her fully naked as she stood up before the urinal, she began pissing into it, sighing with relief as she squeezed out the pee that had been built up.

 Palutena also got there, she turned around, pulling down her undershorts and sat down over the Urinal, she began peeing into it as she was moaning with relief and slight pleasure.

 “You’re not actually going to pee here?” Sothis screamed inside Byleth’s mind. “This is so gross.”

 Byleth didn’t listen, she quickly pulled down her shorts and panties. “What!? Everyone can see your butt! Don’t you care!?” Byleth was beyond the point of caring, she sighed in relief as she let loose her stream of piss.

 Bayonetta was the last one to be lucky enough to grab a urinal, she unwrapped her hair from her body leaving her fully nude as she causally stood over the urinal and began pissing. “Ah! That’s better!”

 “Oh mother!” Lucina whined as she grabbed Robin’s hand and pressed her legs together. “I can’t hold on!” The poor girl’s eyes were filling with tears as she felt her bladder give way and her pants and panties began filling with pee. It ran down her legs and pooled at her feet in a puddle.

 Robin was feeling hers getting close to bursting, but Lucina kept a tight grip on her. She felt bad for her daughter, brought to tears by the embarrassment of wetting herself. So she breathed out and let her own stream of piss start. Her pant grew wetter with each second as her warm stream ran down her legs and added to Lucina’s puddle at their feet. “See Lucina. It’s not that bad. Mommy accidently peed herself too, now we’re both embarrassed together.”

 Female trainer began peeing herself as well, the yellow liquid seeping from her panties and raining on the ground. She was crying from the embarrassment, grabbing her skirt and pulling it down to hopefully cover up her wet, yellow stained white panties, feeling her hands get wet and warm from her stream.

 Nana was also pissing herself, the pink ice climbing suit getting wet as it ran down her legs. She was leaning against the wall trying to hold back her tears of embarrassment as her bottoms continued filling with her own pee.

 The Pokémon had no problem just pissing on the floor when they saw the others begin to piss their pants. Jigglypuff, Pichu, and Pickachu just squatted down and began peeing on the floor.

  Isabelle, holding her groin in desperation, saw the villager leaving the washroom and chased after her. “Mayor? Where are you going?”

 The villager had found the cart full of cleaning equipment and took a bucket out. She put the bucket on the ground and began pulling down her bloomers. She squatted over the bucket.

 “Mayor! You’re going to pee in there! Let me go too! I need to go so bad!”

 “You’re a dog, just lift your leg and piss wherever.”

 “Mayor, how could you say that?!”

 The villager ignored Isabelle and began peeing. The sound of piss hitting the bucket rang throughout the hallway and tortured the poor dog woman. “Oh! It feels so good to finally let it all out!”

 “I can’t take it!” Isabelle pulled down her panties and rolled up her skirt. She got on all fours and lifted up her leg. She was so embarrassed, nearly crying as she began peeing like a dog on the wall. Her leg held high, letting her powerful stream hit the wall and pool at the ground in a big yellow puddle.

 Wii fit trainer managed to hold back her piss long enough to get outside, she ran around the back of the building out of sight. She wasn’t the only girl to think of going outside to pee. Corrin was there as well.

 Wii fit trainer really didn’t care that another girl was there, she was bursting. She pulled off her pants and panties in single motion and quickly squatted on the ground. Corrin had done the same, squatting down as well.

 Then they both breathed in sweet release as their long, warm streams sprayed out on the ground, covering the grass in the yellow hot liquid.

 “Ah, this feels good…” Corrin moaned.

 “Hmm… finally….” Wii fit trainer said.

 Mii gunner had run towards the pee spot. A bit surprised that two other women had the same idea as her, but quickly shoved it out of her mind to remove her bottoms and squat down as well.

 She started moaning as her pee sprayed all over the grassy grounds.

 The three girls continued peeing in each other’s presence as their long, long streams finally began winding down.

 Princess Peach was finally done, she was breathing hard with sweet relief, she wiped and then pulled her clothes back on. Flushing and leaving she saw the state of the washroom. Puddles of piss were all over the floor, the butts of the girls at the urinals on full display, and a few teary eyed women whose pants were drenched. “Oh my!”

 “What a state!” Rosalina said as she left her own stall.

 “Now I feel kind of bad I took a stall.” Zelda added.

 There was really nothing else they could do, so Princess Peach called the higher ups and then gathered up the girls.

 Embarrassed and with the smell of piss fallowing them, the women went back to the living quarters and all had a nice long shower.


 “Waluigi, get in here.” Mr. Sakurai said.

 The plumber quickly ran into the room. “YES!? You need me!?”

 “Yes I do. I have an important job for you.”

 “Oh yes! It’s finally Waluigi time! Wahahaha!”


 Waluigi took the cleaning equipment into the girls’ room. “Wa! What a mess!” He took out a mop and began cleaning up like he was told to do. “Don’t worry Waluigi, next time they’ll ask you to join…. Next time…. Wah!”

 April fools everyone!


 Author’s notes: This was just something short and dumb I wanted to do for an April fools special. Whether you found it funny or arousing is up to your personal tastes but hopefully you still enjoyed it somehow. If your following my works, don’t worry I have an actual chapter planned I just need more time with it so it should be released sometime this week, if this is your first story of mine, sorry to say I won’t be doing stuff like this often.

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