The Scandalous Adventures Of Professor Croft

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Lara smiled, feeling totally empowered and in control.  Despite the fact that this was the last lecture of the day on a Friday afternoon, her students were all staring at her intently, hanging on her every word.  She was giving a lecture on the history of the Egyptian Pyramids.  It was a rather dry topic, so she removed the microphone from its stand and stepped out from behind the lectern, so that she could better engage with her students.  She found that the students seemed to pay more attention to her when she walked around and spoke to them directly.  Lara turned and pointed out a detail on the overhead projector screen.  It felt so good to be taken seriously as an academic.

Gordon Davis gave an appreciative nod as Professor Croft turned around and presented her shapely backside to the packed lecture theatre.  The curves of her firm round butt cheeks were clearly outlined through the tight grey pencil skirt she was wearing.  Gordon looked to his left and right and saw other students grinning, also enjoying the show, although none of them were stupid enough to whistle or cat-call: their lecturer was the legendary Lara Croft, and they all knew full well that she could turn any of them into a bloody smear on the carpet at will.

Gordon loved Lara’s outfits: business slutty would have been the most accurate description.  Today she was wearing a pair of stylish black high heels, which added several inches to her height and accentuated her long, sexy legs, which were wrapped in a pair of sheer black stockings.  Her dark grey pencil skirt started two inches above her knees and curved outwards around her gorgeous backside and hips, before cinching in again just above her tiny waist.  On her upper body, Lara wore a fitted, long-sleeve white cotton shirt that hugged every curve of her large, perfectly shaped breasts, and which was just translucent enough to show the faint outline of her black bra underneath.  Her long dark hair was up in a stylish bun, which gave her a stern, sexy look, and her red lipstick and makeup were applied to perfection.

The lecture theatre had approximately 30 students present, of which 24 were male, since archaeology was still a largely male dominated discipline.  Gordon felt sure that pretty much all of the males present were fantasising about fucking their beautiful 26 year old Archaeology Professor.  Hell, he would have even bet good money that a good portion of the females present were having exactly the same fantasy.  The only thing ruining his enjoyment of the spectacle before him was his failing grade in this class.

This was supposed to be his final year of College at Princeton, and he was already on academic probation for failing a class last year.  Too much online gaming and too little study was the problem; and now he’d missed the deadline for submitting his mid-semester assignment, which made up half of his final grade.  If he couldn’t get an extension, it would be almost impossible for him to pass this subject, and that would mean that he’d have to repeat.  Telling his disappointed parents that he wouldn’t be graduating on time was not a conversation he wanted to have.

Professor Croft suddenly glanced in his direction, before looking quickly away.  Gordon blushed when he realised she wasn’t looking at his face, but down between his legs.  Gordon turned bright red as he remembered the embarrassing incident one month ago, when one of the fraternity jocks had pulled down his pants in the corridor.  What started as laughter from those present changed into gasps of shock, when they saw the thick 10 inch long cock dangling down from between his pale legs.  The enormous cock seemed entirely out of proportion with his thin, 5’7” tall frame.  Gordon had always been self-conscious about his abnormally large penis.  He knew that many other men would have bragged about being so well endowed, but for him, it just made him feel different.  Like all young people growing up, he just wanted to fit in, to be like everyone else.

Gordon had quickly gathered up his pants and hurried away, trying to ignore the gasps and giggles from the girls, and the cheers from the boys.  As he walked away, he remembered seeing Professor Croft staring at him from across the corridor, her mouth agape and her cheeks flushed with shock.  He had wanted to crawl into a hole and die.  Professor Croft was his wet dream, and now she’d think he was a joke, just like everyone else.  Gordon suddenly snapped out of his daydream and realised he hadn’t been paying attention.  Frantically, he started copying down notes from the friend sitting next to him, trying desperately to catch up.

Lara finished the lecture and handed out the reading list for next week, watching as her students spilled out of the lecture theatre.  As it was Friday afternoon, everyone was in a hurry to leave, and the halls were practically deserted by the time she’d made it back to her office.  The Princeton University Campus was an eclectic assortment of buildings from different architectural eras.  It reminded Lara of the tree rings used to estimate the age of old forests.  At the centre of the Princeton University campus were the original Gothic halls and cathedrals, dating back to the University’s founding in 1746; in the next ring were the Georgian Colonial lecture theatres and college dormitories that marked the universities great expansion; and in the final ring were the newest, modern science buildings, computer laboratories and lecture theatres.

Lara found it rather ironic that Princeton’s archaeology department was located in one of the newest and most modern buildings on campus.  Princeton was an Ivy League University, and the forth oldest University in the USA, but it had never had a dedicated archaeology department – previously, what limited archaeology courses the University had offered were under the umbrella of the Art Department.  Princeton University’s Board had decided to change that, and had offered Lara an honorary doctorate and a lecturing position if she would leave the England to teach there.  They figured that her fame in the archaeology field would add instant respectability to their new Archaeology Department.

Lara still bristled at the thought that both Oxford University and Cambridge University, in her homeland, had rejected her job applications.  Lara had made many enemies in the academic community in England, and they had convinced the Universities that she was more of a treasure hunter than a true archaeologist, and that any serious academic institution should have nothing to do with her.  So Lara had left England and rented a small but luxurious 2 bedroom apartment within walking distance of the University.  Now, nearing the end of her second semester of teaching, she had fallen into a comfortable rhythm.  Her plan was to stay at Princeton for another 3 or 4 years to build up a teaching resume, and then reapply to Oxford or Cambridge back in England.

Lara unlocked the door to her office and stepped inside.  Her office was located on the top floor of the new Archaeology Building.  The walls were painted white and the floor was covered in newly laid grey carpet.  One wall was dominated by a large window that gave her a gorgeous view of a nearby park, while the opposite wall was covered by floor to ceiling shelves that Lara had filled with textbooks and reference journals.  Her heavy hardwood desk sat opposite the door, with a brown leather chair behind it for her to sit on, and two more chairs in front of the desk for guests.  The desk was almost entirely empty, except for some pens and a sleek laptop, which Lara preferred to the clunky desktop computers used by most of her colleagues.  On the wall behind Lara’s desk hung her framed Honorary Doctorate of Archaeology, along with half a dozen framed newspaper clippings that publicised some of her most famous archaeological discoveries.

Lara had just sat down behind her desk when she heard a knock at the door.

“Come in.” She shouted from behind her desk.

The door opened and Gordon Davis entered her office a moment later.  He didn’t look like anything special: he was short and thin, and dressed in a grey jumper over a white shirt and blue jeans.  Lara taught five classes in archaeology – two junior classes, two intermediate classes and one senior class – each with around 30 students, so she hadn’t learned most of her students’ names, but Gordon Davis she remembered.

Gordon was a good deal younger than most of the other students in her senior class, and she’d heard from other teachers that he’d been something of a child prodigy, having graduated 2 years early from high school.  He’d been accepted into Princeton University when he was only 17, but like many child prodigies, his success at school didn’t translate up to University.  His work ethic was below par and his grades were mediocre at best, but his parents were apparently mega wealthy and he would be going to work in one of the family’s many businesses after he graduated anyway.  Lara wondered why he had chosen archaeology as one of his subjects, since his parents didn’t seem to care what degree he got, as long as he graduated.

However, as interesting as that information was, Lara had only found that out after enquiring about him.  It was not the reason that she remembered his name, or had gone to the trouble of finding out some background information about him.  Her mind wandered back to the memory of Gordon Davis’s cock, easily the largest that she’d ever seen in person.  Lara blinked the image away and forced her attention back to the present, and to the young man standing in front of her.

“Mr Davis.  What can I do for you?” Lara asked.

“I need to talk to you about my mid-semester paper.” Gordon told her nervously.

Lara opened the relevant file on her laptop.  “According to my records, you never submitted it.” Lara said.

“I know.  That’s what I need to talk to you about.  I was hoping I could get an extension…” Gordon began.

“There are no extensions, Mr Davis.  No extensions, no exceptions and no special cases.” Lara interrupted.  “At this University, you are expected to submit your work on time.”

“Please, if I get a zero for the assignment, I’ll fail the whole subject.” Gordon pleaded.

“You should have thought about that before you missed the deadline.” Lara said.

Gordon looked totally defeat, like he might actually cry.  Despite her tough persona, Lara actually felt sorry for him.  Sighing deeply, she stood up and walked around the desk.

“Listen, I feel sorry for you, but if I go making an exception for you, soon everyone will want one.” Lara explained.

She placed a hand on his shoulder to reassure him.  Suddenly a large bulge was visible in the front of his pants.  Gordon looked mortified and blushed deeply.

“I’m sorry!  I didn’t mean to!” Gordon apologised.

Lara smiled with genuine amusement.  “It’s alright.  I tend to have that effect on men.” She said.

Suddenly, a wicked thought entered Lara’s mind.  She should have dismissed it immediately: she knew it was wrong, and she’d be risking her academic career; yet she couldn’t get the image of Gordon’s enormous cock out of her head.  Lara’s love life had hit something of a dry patch these last 12 months.  It wasn’t that she lacked suitors – she could get any man she wanted, any time she wanted; rather, she was bored of her usual male company.  All her life, she had gone out with tall, handsome, muscular, alpha-male types.  Sure, they were nice to look at, and some of them were pretty good in bed (although never as good as they thought they were) but they were all the same, and it was getting boring.

Ordinarily, she would never have given someone like Gordon Davis a second look: he was short, thin and entirely lacking in self-confidence; but she just couldn’t stop thinking about his enormous cock.  She had masturbated several times while imagining him fucking her from behind, with that enormous cock slamming in and out of her cunt.  Lara had become something of a size queen, enjoying several liaisons with various well-endowed mercenaries, and one particularly well-hung African tribal chieftain, but none of them came close to matching the enormous cock of the skinny 19 year old boy trembling before her.

But was it worth the risk? And could she keep it a secret?  Lara knew it was wrong and dangerous, but if anything, the taboo nature of the act just added to her excitement.  The deciding factor that finally pushed her over the line was that Gordon Davis would be graduating at the end of the semester: so she could have a brief 8 week affair, and then never see him again.  No uncomfortable breakups, no tedious messaging and calls – a clean break.  It was perfect!

Lara took a deep breath.

“What if there was a way that you could make up your grade?” Lara asked.

“Oh please, Professor Croft, I’d do anything – anything at all!” Gordon said hopefully.

Lara walked past him to her office door and locked it.

“It would have to stay between the two of us.  If anyone else found out, I’d lose my job and you’d be expelled.  Your parents would probably disown you.” Lara said.

“Please!  You can trust me.  I promise.” Gordon repeated hopefully.

Walking back towards him, Lara reached up and undid her bun, letting her long hair fall down around her shoulders.  Gordon swallowed hard.  All of a sudden, the room felt very warm.

“Do you have a girlfriend, Mr Davis?” Lara asked as she walked towards him, her feet crisscrossing in front of her with each step, causing her hips to sway seductively from side to side.

It was how women walked when they wanted to look sexy, and my God was it working! Gordon thought.  He shook his head in answer to her question.

“No one?” Lara asked in mock disbelief.  “What about back at home?”

“I’ve never had a girlfriend.” Gordon blurted out, and then turned bright red.

“So… you’re a virgin?” Lara teased.

Gordon blushed and remained silent, not knowing how to answer without further embarrassing himself.

“I find that very hard to believe, given your… natural gifts.” Lara said.

“I… showed a girl once.  She screamed at me to get away from her.  That was the only time.” Gordon explained.

“Stupid girl! “Lara whispered, placing a hand on his upper arm.

Lara’s red lips were right next to his ear, and he could feel her warm breath on the side of his neck.  The room was suddenly unbearably hot and Gordon could feel himself begin to sweat.  He took a deep calming breath, and his senses were filled by the sweet scent of Lara’s perfume.

“She has no idea what she’s missing.” Lara said, as she slid her hand down his stomach and over his bulging crotch.

Gordon’s heart felt like it was beating out of his chest.  Holy crap!  Was he dreaming?  Could this actually be happening?

Lara gave him a cheeky smile and then reached up and started to undo the buttons of her white cotton shirt.  She placed it on the desk behind her and then unzipped her grey pencil skirt, sliding it down her long legs, before draping it over the desk.  Gordon gawked at her with undisguised lust, not daring to move a muscle in case he accidentally stopped whatever wonderful thing was happening to him.

“Well?” Lara asked, in her sexy high class English accent.  “Are you waiting for a written invitation?”

She looked so beautiful, dressed in only her black bra and panties, and a pair of thigh high black stockings.

“I don’t understand….” Gordon answered lamely.

Lara rolled her eyes.  “Take off your clothes!” She instructed.

Gordon didn’t move for a moment, certain that he must have misheard her.  Then he gingerly pulled his jumper up over his head, followed by his white t-shirt.  He kicked off his shoes and socks and then pulled off his blue jeans.  Last to go were his underpants.  He pulled them down around his ankles, and his raging 10 inch long erection sprang into view.

He saw Lara’s beautiful brown eyes dilate slightly at the sight of his cock, and her cheeks flushed with excitement.  She reached behind her back and unclipped her bra.  Gordon gasped at the sight of her magnificent D cup breasts.  Lara cocked her head playfully to the side.

“Well, do I pass inspection?” She asked.

Gordon realised he was staring at Lara’s chest and forced his eyes back up to her beautiful face.

“Yes… I mean definitely!” Gordon answered.

Still smiling, Lara reached down to her waist and pulled her tight black panties down off her hips, letting them fall around her ankles.  Gordon looked down at her crotch.  Lara had a tiny thigh gap and her tight pussy was shaved completely smooth.  Lara kicked off her heels, but even then she was still 2 inches taller than him.  Now dressed in only her thigh high black stockings, Lara sat back across her desk and splayed her legs wide apart.

“Get down on your knees between my legs.” Lara instructed.

Gordon obeyed instantly.

“Since you don’t have any experience, I’m going to have to train you in how to be a good lover.” Lara told him.  “We’re going to start with oral sex.  First of all, I’m going to assume that you’ve watched porn before, so you know what all the bits are.”

Gordon nodded.

“Good.  You can start by going down on me.  Lick my pussy until you make me cum.  Understand?” Lara asked.

Gordon nodded and leaned forward.  He didn’t really know what he was doing, so he just started shoving his tongue inside Lara’s tight pussy, pushing it in as deeply as he could.  She tasted wonderful, and Lara let him carry on like that for about a minute, before giving him further instructions.

“Not like that.  Start licking around my clit.  Make small circles with your tongue.” Lara told him.

Gordon did as instructed, moving his tongue over Lara’s clitoris and licking small circles around it.

“Rub your hands up and down my body.” Lara said.

While continuing to lick wet circles around Lara’s clitoris, Gordon ran his hands up Lara’s flat stomach and gingerly slid them over her large breasts.

“Be rougher with your hands.” Lara told him, as her breathing quickened.

Gordon cupped Lara’s right breasts and gave it a hard squeeze, while his other hand slid down over her left hip and onto her thigh.

“Keep going…” Lara moaned.

Gordon slid his right hand down across Lara’s flat stomach and ran his left hand up over her breasts.  He pinched her nipple hard, drawing a gasp of pleasure from Lara’s beautiful lips.

“Keep going…” Lara moaned, enjoying the sensation of Gordon’s hands roaming across her body, squeezing, pinching and groping.  She could feel herself slowly building to orgasm.

“Quicker with your tongue!” Lara said, grabbing hold of Gordon’s hair and pulling his face deeper between her legs.

“Just like that… just like that…” Lara moaned.  Her whole body started to twitch and tremble.  She cried out in pleasure a minute later, as a juddering orgasm washed over her.

Gordon kept licking and sucking, and soon the sensation became too much for her.

“Slower… slower…” Lara said weakly, as she continued to cum around Gordon’s talented tongue.

“Ok, I’m good!” Lara said, pushing his face away from her crotch.

His face was covered in her juices and he looked up at her with his large puppy dog eyes.

“Did I do okay, Professor Croft?” Gordon asked hopefully.

“You were perfect.” Lara said, leaning forward and kissing him on the mouth.  She could taste her own pussy juices on his lips, and it excited her.

Lara realised at that moment that having an inexperienced virgin as a lover could actually be beneficial: she could train him from scratch to be the perfect bed mate, and she wouldn’t have to correct any bad habits he might have picked up from other women.  Lara gestured for Gordon to stand.

“Now that you’ve made me good and wet, you get to have your fun.” Lara said, sliding forward off the desk.

Gordon watched as Lara spun around and bent forward over her desk.  Her butt was pushed up into the air, and her long sexy legs were spread about 3 feet apart.  His gaze travelled upwards from her tight, shaved pussy, over her firm, round buttocks and hourglass hips, and along her tiny waist and sexily arched back.  He wanted to memorise every inch of her naked, perfect body…

“Well, Mr Davis?  What are you waiting for?” Lara asked, looking coquettishly back over her shoulder at him.

Gordon swallowed heavily and pressed the thick tip of his cock against Lara’s wet pussy.  Taking a deep breath, he slowly pushed himself inside her.  The feeling of her tight, warm pussy parting around his cock was incredible.  He grabbed hold of her perfect ass and looked down in rapt fascination as his thick cock slowly disappeared inside Lara’s wet, inviting pussy.  Gordon let out an involuntary moan of pleasure, as he felt himself bottom out inside her.  He had a full 8 inches of his cock lodged inside her cunt, and he smiled as he felt Lara shiver slightly beneath him.  The knowledge that this was as good for her as it was for him made Gordon’s heart soar.

He pulled backward until just the tip was still inside Lara’s pussy, and then pushed forward again, slamming the thick tip of his cock against Lara’s cervix.

“Stop!” Lara commanded.

Gordon froze.  Had he done something wrong?  Why did she want to stop? He wondered.

Lara looked over her shoulder at him.  “Pull out until only the tip is inside, and then stand very still.  Whatever you do, don’t move a muscle.  Understand?” Lara said.

Gordon nodded, though he didn’t really understand at all.  Lara grinned back at him, and then suddenly rocked her ass backwards against his crotch.

“Fuck me!” Gordon groaned, as his cock was swallowed by her warm pussy.

Lara grinned as she rocked her pussy back and forth against Gordon’s crotch.  His cock felt so good!  It had taken all of her self-control to make him stop when she did.  She didn’t want him thinking that he was too good; she hated it when her lovers got cocky.  Much better that she should be the one to fuck him, at least this first time.  She heard him groan loudly behind her, and she could feel his hard cock beginning to spasm.  Not long now, she thought.

She flashed a look over her shoulder and saw Gordon desperately trying to concentrate.  She almost felt sorry for him… almost.  It was cruel, she knew, but this humbling experience was necessary.  She wanted to establish right away exactly who was in charge in this clandestine relationship.  Gordon’s breathing deepened, as he tried to resist the incredible feeling of Lara’s warm pussy sliding up and down along his pole, and the rapturous sight of her cute, heart shaped ass gyrating seductively against his crotch.  Lara started clenching her vaginal muscles, milking his cock for all she was worth.

Gordon never stood a chance.  A minute later, she felt him spurt his warm cum against the back of her pussy.  She let him finish, revelling in the feeling of his sticky cum coating her insides.  It felt so dirty and wrong, letting a student do this to her.  She suppressed a smile and then turned her head and frowned in disappointment.

“Is that it?” Lara asked in a mocking tone.

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to… I tried to hold on…” Gordon babbled apologetically.

Lara wasn’t really disappointed.  Gordon had managed to last about 5 minutes, which wasn’t bad at all, given his youth and inexperience.  Lara stood up and felt Gordon’s limp cock slide out of her pussy.  She turned around and looked down.  Even when flaccid, it was still huge.

“I will expect you to do much better next time, Mr Davis!” Lara scolded him.

It took him a moment to fully comprehend what she had said – namely that there would be a next time.  His eyes suddenly lit up with excitement.

“I will, Professor Croft!  I promise!” Gordon said.

“I’ll expect you back in my office next Friday after class, and I’m setting you some extra homework.” Lara told him.  “I want you to find some sexy pictures of me on the internet and masturbate while looking at them, but you must hold off on cuming for as long as possible.  Try to pace yourself: slow down whenever you feel yourself getting close.  I’ll expect you to last at least 30 minutes the next time we do this.”

Gordon nodded and Lara reached behind her and picked up a 5 inch long black handle from the desk.

“And one last thing” Lara said.

Without warning, she grabbed hold of Gordon’s neck and arm, and hooked her right leg behind and between his feet.  In one smooth motion, she leaned forward while driving her right foot backwards, breaking his posture and causing his legs to fold.  Gordon was slammed down onto his back, knocking the wind out of him.  Lara was instantly on top of him, her naked body straddling his pale chest.  There was a loud click, as Lara activated the button on the black handle she was holding, and a black, 4 inch long, double edged blade extended outwards.  Lara pressed the tip of the Microtech OTF knife against Gordon’s cheek, just below his left eye.

“I trust I don’t need to explain what happens if you tell anyone about our arrangement…” Lara said menacingly.

She looked into Gordon’s terrified face and suppressed a smile.  She knew in that moment that he wouldn’t be telling anyone about this.

The following morning, Lara regretted her actions.  What had she been thinking?  She was risking her career and her reputation.  She considered calling the whole thing off.  She knew she could ensure Gordon Davis’s silence; but then she thought again about his thick 10 inch cock, and how good it had felt fucking her.  She decided that the affair would continue, but she would need to take some extra precautions.  She’d already told Mr Davis not to speak to her in public, but she also realised how risky it had been to have sex in her office.  Even with the door locked, any staff member or cleaner with a key could have walked in on them and ruined everything.

The following week, she installed a stainless steel locking bolt into the frame of her office door, and she had a large mahogany steamer trunk delivered to her office.  In the event that anyone attempted to enter the office while Gordon Davis was there, she could stash him in the trunk, out of sight.  She would then dress in her exercise gear – a sports crop top, yoga pants and running shoes – and answer the door.  Any person enquiring would assume she had just locked the door to get changed.

The next week seemed to crawl past, and Lara couldn’t help but fantasise about her next meeting with Gordon Davis.  It took all of her effort not to look at him or make eye contact during the lectures they shared.  When Friday afternoon finally arrived, Lara hurried back to her office and waited.

Gordon David’s hands were trembling with excitement, as he opened the heavy door to Professor Croft’s office.  Professor Croft stood up from behind her desk and flashed him a predatory smile.  Gordon swallowed hard and turned to lock the door.

“Use the bolt as well.” Lara instructed.

Gordon looked down and saw a newly installed locking bolt 6 inches below the door handle.  He locked the door and slid the steel bolt into place.  Lara had already begun to remove her office attire, and Gordon stood mesmerised, as his beautiful university professor stripped naked in front of him.  He marvelled again at her smooth, lightly tanned skin, and the sensuous curves of her body.

“Well?” Lara asked, now standing completely naked in front of him.

Gordon hurriedly stripped out of his clothes, as Lara lay back across her large, hardwood desk.  He again paused, his eyes drawn down between her long legs, to her smooth pussy lips.

“While we’re both still young, Mr Davis!” Lara said, laying back across the desk and not even bothering to look at him.

Gordon obediently moved between Lara’s legs and started eating her out.

Lara bit her lip and smirked, as she felt Gordon’s tongue tracing slow, wet circles around her clitoris.  He had clearly remembered her previous lesson.  Good!  Lara liked swift learners.

“Don’t forget your hands, Mr Davis.” Lara prompted.

She was rewarded by the feeling of Gordon’s hands sliding down her thighs and up over her stomach and chest.  While he continued to lick her pussy, his hands explored every inch of her sexy body.

“Alternate between rough and gentle.” Lara told him, closing her eyes to better appreciate the sensations she was feeling.

She felt Gordon gently caress her hips and stomach, before roughly grabbing and squeezing her breasts.  He traced small, delicate circles around her sensitive nipples, in time with the wet circles his tongue was making around her clitoris.  Then he squeezed her nipples hard and pulled, eliciting a gasp from her lips.  Cheeky bugger, Lara thought, but she was too lost in the sensation to protest.

Gordon heard Lara gasp and increased the intensity of his licking.  His hands were constantly moving, stroking and fondling, groping and squeezing.  Lara’s breathing started to quicken, and he felt her sexy body begin to squirm under his touch.  His eyes darted up to her beautiful face, and he saw her bite her lip in that sexy way she did when she was about to cum.  Lara’s crotch started to gyrate against his mouth.  Gordon grabbed both of Lara’s magnificent breasts and squeezed, while flicking his tongue across her clit as fast as he could.  A moment later, he tasted her juices as she came.

Her orgasm manifested as a series of full body spasms, and Gordon had to keep moving further forward on the desk to prevent Lara’s sexy body from squirming away from him.  When the last aftershocks of her orgasm subsided, Lara smiled and sat up.

“I guess that means it’s your turn now.  Lie down on the floor.” Lara instructed.

Gordon lay his skinny, 5’7” body down on the carpet.  His thick, 10” long cock was standing fully erect and resting against his stomach.  Lara walked forward until she was straddling him, with her long legs on either side of his torso.  She squatted down onto her knees and then reached behind her, circling her fingers around Gordon’s thick, hard cock.   Lara guided the tip of Gordon’s cock to the entrance of her pussy, and then lowered herself down onto it.  Lara sexily bit her lip again, as she felt her tight pussy impaled by Gordon’s thick cock.  She lowered herself slowly, inch by inch, until she felt the head of his cock press against the back of her pussy.  It felt so deep.  It felt wonderful!

Lara placed both her hands on Gordon’s pale chest and raised her hips up a couple of inches.  She lifted her pussy about half way off Gordon’s thick cock, and then slammed back down on top of him.  Gordon grunted, and Lara smiled.

“Time to see if you did your homework, Mr Davis.” She said playfully.

Then she raised her hips into the air and slammed down again, impaling herself on his cock.

Gordon looked up into Lara’s beautiful face, while she rode him like an animal.  Her large breasts were bouncing pendulously against her chest, and on a whim, he reached up and squeezed them.  Lara bit her lip but didn’t try to stop him.  She seemed to like having her breasts groped.  Gordon had worked very hard on increasing his sexual stamina.  He didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of Lara again.  So far, he was holding his own.  Lara was bouncing up and down on his crotch with increasing urgency.  Her warm, wet pussy was such a delightfully tight fit for his cock.

He looked up at Lara’s flushed face and saw that she had closed her eyes.  He felt her cunt clenching around his cock, as her breathing quickened again.  Her mouth opened unknowingly and a thin string of drool dribbled from her lips.  Gordon saw his chance and switched his grip to Lara’s sensitive nipples, rolling them around between his thumb and fingers to pull even more pleasure out of her.  Lara shivered and came again.  She tried to slow her movements, but even as she decreased the speed of her bouncing, Gordon jerked his hips upwards and started ramming into Lara’s pussy from below.

Lara cried out in pleasure and her whole body shook.  Gordon continued to thrust upwards until Lara finally lost her balance and toppled sideways.  He had done it!  He had made Professor Croft cum, and he hadn’t yet cum himself.  A surge of pride filled him.  Lara, still dazed with the after effects of her soul shattering orgasm, rolled forward onto her hands and knees.  Gordon looked over and saw Lara’s tight brown asshole staring inviting out from between her firm, round butt cheeks.  Gordon loved watching porn, but anal porn was his favourite of all.  It was something to do with the taboo nature of the act; and the idea of doing such a dirty and degrading thing to his beautiful, sophisticated university professor was too good to resist.

Gordon dribbled a string of saliva down into his hand and surreptitiously rubbed it onto his cock, which was already slick with Lara’s juices.  Then he quietly knelt down behind Lara and pressed his swollen cock against her tight, virgin asshole.

Lara’s eyes snapped open in surprise, as she felt the tip of Gordon’s cock pressing against her asshole.  Shocked out of her reverie, she was about to turn and slap the shit out of him, when she felt his slippery cock forced its way inside her sphincter.  Lara’s mouth gaped open in shock, as her tight asshole stretched open around his thick cock.  She tried to speak, to protest, but the only sound that came out was an incoherent moan.  She shivered, as Gordon slid inch after inch of his thick cock inside her stretched anus.  Then she shuddered, as she felt his naked crotch slap again her buttocks.  She had just taken the full 10 inches of his cock inside her asshole!

“Gordon…” Lara started to say, but was stopped when he pulled backwards and slammed forward again.

The feeling was incredible.  Lara had always wanted to try anal sex, but she had always been too afraid to let any of her lovers do it, for fear of the scandalous rumours that would result.  Men just couldn’t help but brag to their friends about their sexual conquests, and the tabloids loved to print any sort of sexual gossip: a story about the Countess of Abingdon loving anal sex would be too good to pass up.  So Lara had contented herself with some mail ordered dildos and butt plugs.  Now she saw just what she had been missing.

Lara shivered in delight, as Gordon slammed his huge cock in and out of her tight asshole.  The room was filled with the indecent sound of Gordon’s balls slapping against her pussy as he fucked her, and the sounds of lewd grunting.  Lara was about to tell Gordon to shut up, when she realised that it was her making the grunting sounds.  Gordon slowed his thrusting and reached down between her legs to rub her clit.  Lara grunted louder and started to push backwards against Gordon’s massive cock, trying to impale her ass deeper onto its length.

Gordon was on top of the world.  He was fucking Lara Croft in the ass!  Her sexy moans and grunts were music to his ears.  He could feel himself getting closer to cuming and slowed his thrusting.  He reached under Lara’s stomach and started to rub her clit, hoping to make her cum for a third time.  Lara started to push backwards against his cock, desperately trying to fit more of it inside her asshole.  Gordon grinned.  Lara Croft was an anal slut – who would have thought?  He wished this moment could last forever, but all good things must come to an end.

Gordon grunted and started to cum, shooting powerful jets of cum deep into Lara’s bowels.  Lara’s asshole started to clench around cock, seemingly trying to squeeze every drop of cum from him.  No sooner had he finished cuming, than Lara shook and came for a third time.  This orgasm was shorter than the first two, and when she was done, she collapsed forward onto the ground.  Her once tight asshole was now gaping open about half an inch wide, and there was a small trickle of wet semen spilling from it, and dribbling down the back of her thigh.  Lara took a deep breath and then rolled over onto her side, before propping herself up on one arm.

Gordon swallowed heavily, worried that he had gone too far.  He remembered the mind-numbing terror of Lara’s knife pressed against his face one week earlier and winced, awaiting his fate; but Lara didn’t look angry.

She gave him a strange look, and then said, “It appears I greatly underestimated you, Mr Davis.”

The nature of Lara’s relationship with Gordon evolved greatly over the following weeks.  The fact that he was terrified of her meant that she could trust him to keep her secrets.  In turn, that gave her the confidence to open herself up to him, and explore her most secret and personal fantasies.  Sometimes she wanted to be dominant, other times submissive; sometimes she wanted to be worshiped, other times humiliated.  However, Gordon was never left in any doubt that Lara was still the undisputed master of their relationship.

This particular Friday, 8 weeks since their first secret meeting, would be their last afternoon together, and Lara was in a playful, teasing mood.  They were both naked, Lara lying on her back on the dark, hardwood desk, while Gordon’s head was buried between her splayed legs.  Lara moaned loudly as she came, bucking her hips upwards against Gordon’s lips.

“Mmmmm… that was wonderful…” Lara said, smiling down at him

Gordon’s oral prowess was evidenced by the wet juices that coated his face and the insides of Lara’s thighs.  Gordon stood up and moved forward between her legs.

“No, no, no!” Lara said, enjoying the look of disappointment on Gordon’s young face.

She sprung to her feet and pushed Gordon backwards until he tumbled back onto one of the two leather guest chairs that sat opposite her desk.  Lara straddled his seated legs, feeling his hard cock throbbing against her stomach, as it was sandwiched between their naked bodies.  Lara leaned forward and planted a passionate kiss on his mouth.  She pressed her soft lips against his, exploring his mouth with her wet tongue.  Gordon instinctively grabbed two handfuls of her firm, round ass, trying desperately to pull her closer towards him.  Lara broke off the kiss and slapped him – a fast, stinging blow on his left cheek.

“No hands!” Lara commanded.

Gordon reluctantly placed his hands back down by his sides.  Lara reached up behind her head and released the pins holding her large bun in place.  She shook her head from side to side, causing her long hair to spill down around her naked shoulders.  She leaned forward and kissed him again, twirling her soft tongue around inside his mouth.  Gordon groaned, as Lara started planting soft, wet kisses down the side of his neck, while her hands traced delicate patterns over his chest.  Then she grabbed him by the hair and leaned forward, pressing his face deep into the cleavage between her large breasts.  Gordon reached up towards her waist, but she slapped his hands away and continued her erotic dance.

She reached down behind her and placed both her hands on Gordon’s knees, using them for support.  Then she he leaned back, while thrusting her pelvis forward against him.  Gordon groaned, as she gyrated against him, rubbing her wet pussy lips up and down against his thick shaft.

“Lara… Gordon moaned.

“Professor Croft.” Lara corrected, riding him relentlessly.

“Professor Croft, please…” Gordon begged.

“Please what, Mr Davis?” Lara asked innocently, as her undulating hips moved rhythmically up and down against his cock, as if in time to some unheard music.

“Please let me fuck you.” Gordon moaned.

“Do you want to fuck me, Mr Davis?” Lara asked innocently, in feigned surprise.

She reached down and took hold of his swollen cock, pointing it forward so that the head rubbed tantalisingly against the entrance to her wet pussy.

“Do you want to put your big, nasty cock inside my tight little pussy?” Lara teased, in the high class English accent that Gordon found so irresistible.

Suddenly, she spun around and pressed her heart shaped ass against his crotch.  She smiled as she felt his thick shaft sliding up and down between her firm buttocks.  She bounced her ass against his cock several more times, and then reached behind her and gripped the base of his shaft.

“Or do you want to put it somewhere else?” Lara asked, as she pressed the head of his cock against her tight anus.

Lara sat back, feeling her tight anus stretch slowly open around his cock; but just before the tip could slide inside her, she stood back up.  Gordon howled in frustration, but Lara just grinned and continued her sensual, teasing dance.

Gordon was somewhere in between heaven and hell.  His hands were shaking and sweat was beading down his pale body.  He didn’t know how much more of this teasing his could take.  Twice more, Lara pressed herself against him, allowing the tip of his cock to penetrate her pussy or ass, before standing back up again.  The second time, he had forgotten himself and tried to wrap his arms around her slim waist.  He received another hard slap for his efforts, and she continued her erotic, undulating dance.  His heart was beating out of his chest and every nerve in his body was on fire.  She kissed his neck, her hot breath making his hair stand on end.

“Please Professor…” He begged.

Lara grinned and bit her lip.  The time had finally come to put poor Gordon out of his misery.

“Tell me, Mr Davis, do you watch a lot of pornography?  Be honest.” Lara said.

Gordon nodded.

“What’s your favourite kind of porn?  Be honest.” Lara told him.

Gordon hesitated, obviously thinking this was some kind of trick.  “Gangbangs mostly, and double penetration.” He answered finally.

Lara frowned.  “Well, since it’s only the two of us, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you satisfy that particular fantasy.  Anything else?” Lara asked.

Gordon answered quickly.  “Anal sex… and ATMs, that’s ass to…”

“I know what it means, Mr Davis.  So, is that what you’d like?  Do you want to put your big, dirty cock inside my tight little asshole, and then make me taste it?” Lara teased.

Gordon nodded.

Lara pretended to be shocked and appalled, but then said, “Well, I suppose it is our last time together.”

It was then Gordon’s turn to look shocked, as Lara climbed off him and got down onto her hands and knees on the carpeted floor.

Gordon could hardly believe this was happening.  On wobbly legs, he knelt down behind Lara’s sexy ass and dribbled saliva onto his cock, rubbing it in until it was slippery.  Then he placed the tip against Lara’s tight brown sphincter.  He pushed forward, groaning as Lara’s tight asshole opened up and enveloped his cock like a warm glove.  It felt glorious.  He greedily pushed forward and penetrated her up to the hilt.  Then it was Lara’s turn to moan in pleasure, as he bottomed out inside her.  He pulled out halfway and then pushed forward again, until his balls slapped against her wet pussy.  He rammed into her ass a dozen times, and then pulled out with a pop, watching as Lara’s gaping asshole slowly closed up again.

He moved around to Lara’s head.  Lara smiled up at him and then wrapped her left hand around the thick base of his cock.  Gordon looked on in awe, as Lara sensuously licked her tongue along the entire length of his cock.  Then she parted her soft red lips and ran them up and down on either side of his shaft, from balls to tip.  Finally, she parted her lips wider and took him inside her mouth.  She managed to swallow about 4 inches of his cock into her mouth before he hit the back of her throat.  She made a cute little gulping sound, and then pulled back.  A long string of saliva stretched from her open lips to the tip of his cock.  It looked incredible.

Lara took a deep breath and then pressed forward again.  She made another gulping noise as his cock pressed against the entrance of her throat.  She reached up and grabbed his right hand, placing it on the back of her head.  Gordon took the hint and grabbed hold of her hair, pulling back and then ramming forward harder.  Lara audibly gagged as his thick cock slid past her tonsils and forced its way into her throat.  Gordon fought to control his urge to cum, as he watched Lara’s delicate throat expand around his cock.  He managed to cram 2 inches of cock down Lara’s throat, before he pulled out again and switched ends.  Kneeling back behind Lara, he pressed his saliva-coated cock against her asshole and pushed inside.

Lara groaned, as her once-tight asshole swallowed all 10 inches of Gordon’s thick cock.  She loved the way it felt when her tight sphincter stretched wide open to accommodate him.  Gordon fucked her ass for about 30 seconds and then changed ends again.  Lara dutifully opened her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on his cock.  She could hardly believe she was doing this.  Anal sex was strictly taboo, but the idea that she would then allow a cock that had been inside her ass to enter her mouth?  It was unthinkable!  It was obscene!  It was delicious.  Not literally, of course.  Lara had guessed what Gordon’s final sexual request would be, and she had made sure to only have a liquid breakfast and lunch, and wiped thoroughly; but even so, his cock had a strong, earthy musk from her ass.  No, what was delicious about it was the forbidden nature of what she was doing.  It made the sex so much more exciting and satisfying.

Gordon grabbed her roughly by the hair and crammed more of his cock down her throat.  Lara gagged as he forced 4 inches of thick cock down her throat.  He fucked her face brutally, revelling in her distress.  Then he pulled out and rubbed his saliva coated cock against her face, causing her makeup to run.  He was making her look like a cheap whore.  He was fucking her like a cheap whore, and she loved it!  He switched ends again, and her well-used asshole gave no resistance as he slid inside her.  As he fucked her ass from behind, Lara idly wondered which hole he would choose to cum inside.

Gordon was breathing heavily as he pounded Professor Croft’s sexy heart-shaped ass from behind.  The sight of his thick cock sliding in and out between her gorgeous, round cheeks was intoxicating, and the feeling of it incredible.  He knew he wouldn’t last long.  He moved back around to her beautiful face.  She didn’t look quite as pretty now, with her face covered in saliva, her eyeshadow running down her cheeks and her lipstick smudged across her face.  There was something immensely satisfying about taking something pure and beautiful and corrupting it.

Gordon took hold of Lara’s hair and jammed his cock between her lips, pushing forward again into her throat.  Lara gagged and placed a hand against his thigh.  She tried to push away, but he pushed deeper inside her mouth, not stopping until he had jammed the entire length of his 10 inch cock in between her lips.  He groaned in pleasure as his balls slapped against Lara’s chin.  He could see her slender throat visibly bulging around his thick cock, like a snake swallowing a rat; it was the hottest thing Gordon had ever seen in his young life!  He fucked Lara’s face a dozen more times, causing streams of saliva to drool from the corners of her mouth and run down her chin.  Then he pulled out and stood up.

Lara looked up in surprise, as he started jerking off his cock with his right hand.  She seemed to realise what he wanted and got up onto her knees and started kissing and licking his balls.  30 seconds later, he started to cum.  He yanked hard on Lara’s hair, forcing her head back, so that her face was pointing up at the ceiling.  His first spurt of cum splashed across her forehead and into her hair.  He adjusted his aim, and his second spurt left a sticky line of cum across her right cheek.  The third spurt splashed directly against her lips and nose.  Gordon masturbated harder than he ever had in his life, draining his balls onto Lara’s gorgeous face.  He shot a fourth line of gooey cum across Lara’s left cheek and eyebrow, and then dribbled the last of his cum down onto her lips and chin.  Lara looked like a gorgeous, slutty mess.  Gordon sighed with satisfaction, as he wiped his cock clean in her silking brown hair.

Lara felt totally disgusting and degraded.  She had never let any of her previous boyfriends treat her like this.  Her makeup was ruined, and her face was plastered in a thick, gooey layer of cum; she felt it running down her face and chin; she could taste it on her lips and tongue; she could feel it sticking to her matted hair.  Lara had hidden her annoyance, when Gordon had wiped his cum-soaked cock clean in her hair; since this was their last time together, she would forgive him just this once.

“It’s been a pleasure, Mr Davis.” Lara told Gordon as she climbed to her feet.

She had made sure to bring a towel this time, and she wiped down her face and body with it.

“I don’t have to go.  I could stay…” Gordon told her hopefully.

Lara rolled her eyes.  “It’s the end of the year, Mr Davis.  You have to graduate, and I have to get back to the real world.  This was just a little bit of harmless fun, but that’s all it was.” Lara explained.

Gordon looked like he was about to argue, so Lara forced the issue.  She reached behind her and grabbed the Microtech OTF knife from the desk.

“I swear to God, if you tell me you love me, I will stab you in the eye with this knife!” Lara said menacingly.

Gordon swallowed heavily.  “No, no… I wasn’t going to say anything like that.  It’s just… it’s been fun.  I’ll miss you... that’s all.” Gordon said quickly.

Lara was actually touched by his sentiment.  She moved forward and kissed him on the cheek.

“Everyone remembers their first lover fondly, but there’ll be others.” Lara said gently, and then her tone became harder. “And when you tell your friends about your first time, you had better lie your ass off, because if my name comes up, I will hunt you down!  Understand?”

Lara pressed the tip of her knife again his throat.  Gordon nodded vigorously, and then quickly dressed and left.

Gordon Davis graduated as planned later that month, and Princeton University shut down for the Christmas break.  Two months later, the new academic year started.  Lara promised herself that she wouldn’t risk any further liaisons with her students.  She walked into her office and turned on her laptop computer to check her emails.  She read through several dozen, and then her attention was grabbed by an email marked as urgent.  Lara opened it.

“Oh Crap!” Lara said, as she read the contents of the email.

“Professor Croft, I know what you did in your office last year.  Click the link below to access the videos.  Username: LaraCroft Password: DirtySlut69.  I’ll be in touch.”

Lara clicked on the link, which opened up a PornHub webpage in her internet browser.  The webpage was marked private, and she had to type in the username and password to access it.  She saw that there were eight videos posted on the webpage.  The first video was titled “British Anal Slut” and she nervously clicked on it.

“Oh Crap!” she said, as the video started to play.

It was a video of the inside of her office.  She and Gordon Davis were both there, and they were both naked.  She used her mouse to skip ahead, and then watched herself down on all fours on the floor, being fucked doggy style in the ass by Gordon.

“Crap!  Crap!  Crap!” Lara shouted, as her mind raced and panic gripped her.



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