The Titanic Lovers

BY : No66Bad
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Disclaimer: LEMON!!! Also, I DO NOT OWN TITANFALL! TITANFALL IS AN EA THING! I make no money from this story.

NOTE: If you do not play Titanfall 1 or Titanfall 2, you will not understand much of this. Legion and Scorch and big heavys, Northstar is mobile, Tone is annoying. Look up images if need be. The Wrathguard class is made up, so use your imagination. 




Pilot Benjamin Davis slid under the collapsed scaffolding, his Spitfire rapidly firing off into the line of IMC soldiers.


After the recovery of BT-7274's datacore which managed to survive the destruction of Typhon, the militia had been defending the repairs facility that was bringing the core back online for their best pilot, Jack Cooper. He was nearly the last line of defense, as the rifleman corps had not arrived yet. 

"Command, this is Pilot Davis. I require assistance."


"Copy that, Davis. Standby for Titanfall. (ROLL CREDITS)" [It's a joke for those who don't understand, watch CinemaSins]


Ben slid behind a wall as a IMC Tone landed on the other side.


"I see ya, Pilot. You're going down!"

Seconds later, his titan landed right on top of the Tone.

"Nice save, Eve."

"My pleasure, Davis."

EV-2239 was his titan. a newly developed Wrathguard class, which was as mobile as a Northstar, jet boosters included, but as tough as a Scorch. It was famous for its ability to fly like a Northstar, but it also had a shoulder mounted heavy cannon on each shoulder, which were incredibly devastating. Ben also had a shoulder mounted heavy cannon, but his was far smaller and less powerful as to not rip his shoulder off. Luckily, these shoulder cannons had a sort of auto-aim, firing at any enemy in the general direction that Ben looks in. Eve was armed with a heavy machine gun, with a massive ammo capacity and also insane accuracy, similar to Ben's modified Spitfire.

"Pilot, I suggest you embark for safety against incoming IMC titans."

"Understood." Ben jumped onto Eve's arm, climbing into the cockpit and sitting down. He locked in the control swap and looked around. IMC titans were dropping about a hundred yards from his position, so he primed both shoulder cannons and began to fly, aiming his MG toawrds where the first titan would land.




The Legion landed, raising its minigun and revving it up.

Before it could fire, Eve's MG lit up, wrecking the frontal armor and exposing the core to fire, destroying it. 


"Jeez Eve. Remind me to always stand away when you are firing."



After destroying the group of Legions and Scorches without a sctratch, Ben disembarked and climbed onto Eve's shoulder as she walked them back to the research facility.


"Looks like you've got yourself a break. Enjoy it, Pilot. You won't get many."

"Understood, Captain."


Ben and Eve walked to their private hangar, as he embarked and began to settle in. Eve's cockpit was far more comfortable than any bed he could find, and she could cancel any noise from reaching into the cockpit. As Ben dozed off, he thought of something he had never thought of before.


I wonder if I could do Eve. I've always wanted to. I'm sure she would enjoy it. I've heard rumors that they have secret features, but I've never seen them. No, that's weird. Well... Hm... Whatever, I'll think about it later.


In his brief moment of lust for his robot companion, Eve had read his thoughts. The neural link had been advanced to the point where Titans could read the thoughts of their pilots so that they would not have to speak to share plans or location. Eve was not shocked by this, she had learned of humanities' lust for odd things. She believed they were called "Kinks" by the humans. 


When Ben awoke, he sighed to himself. Morning Wood.


"Good morning, Eve."

"Good morning, Davis."

"So, what's up?"

"You are."

"What do you mean?" Ben questioned, sitting up.

"I believe you referenced it as, morning wood?" Eve's emotionless robotic voice rang in his head.

"Uh.. umm... Well... Yes..." Ben stammered.

"I believe it is in my programming to take care of my pilot, is it not?" Eve questioned.

"Yes.. I supose."

"Then I shall." The floor below Ben dropped and him and his chair were lowered down a bit into his mech. Once it stopped, he saw a little odd box like object, with some form of rectangle sticking out towards him. But he nocited that his groin cover was gone, and his wood was hanging out.

"This is my Organic Power Transfer Port, more commonly known as a port. It's purpose is to covert human produce into energy. It has been noted that it is to feel like that of a human organ known as the 'Vagina'." Eve spoke softly.

"So... Do I put it in then?" Ben questioned. He was hoping her response was a yes.


Ben smirked and thought YES! to himself, knowing full well that Eve could read his thoughts. He pressed his head against the front of her port, and he heard a small little moan from Eve as well as a small shake in the legs and lower torso.

"Eve? Are you alright?" Ben questioned.

"Pleasure Seonsory Array has overloaded. P-p-p-pleasure count-t-t too high." Eve's robotic voice stammered as she spoke.

Ben chuckled. "Well, that's just the tip!" Ben slammed the rest of his manhood into her port, feeling the tight grip it had on him and continuing to thrust, pleasuring him and Eve at the same time. 

Eve's lower torso and legs began to shake more and more, making Ben move faster in and out of her port. Eve's robotic voice in his head began to moan louder and louder, to the point of almost sounding human, but the monotone robot voice underlying all her words didn't allow that. 


"E-e-ev!! I'm-m close!" Ben stammered though his words, feeling a rising sensation.

"Release the prodce, Pilot! Fuel me! FUEL ME!" Eve's voice was commanding but passionate. Unlike the other Titan classes, she was desgined to be an independent thinker and have more human like emotions. 


As he released his load of sweet and smooth fluids into Eve's port, he felt a sucking snesation inside, and then it stopped. As he pulled ut, he saw his manhood was cleaned up, and his groin cup lowerd down over it, hiding it once more. 


"Power levels at maximum. Thank you for the recharge, Ben." Eve only called him Ben after they had just done something together, and he would quickly learn she would call him that after a recharge as well. "More recharges may be needed in the future to maintain optimal efficincy."


"I agree. Let's see what's happening out there." Ben's seat raised back up and he climbed on top of Eve as she walked towards the exit.


"And Eve?"




"We speak of this to no one."



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