A Star is Born... And He's Well Hung For His Age!

BY : hathawaynoa0093
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Recovery... Recovery... Recovery...


402. 403. 404. 405.


Recovery again... Recovery, again... Come on. What's a girl gotta do to find some fresh dick?


411. 412. 413.


Vacant, vacant, recovery! Augh! I don't have time for this! My limo's gonna call me back down any second... Vacant, natural labor, vaca-


She stopped mid-step, then stepped backwards to room 418.


Natural labor? That means...


She opened the door to the room.


"Heya," she said in a hush. "Saw the sign and wondered if-"


"Sure, go ahead," said a towering inkling mother as she paced across the room, her long, cyan hair tied up in the middle. She was totally naked, a large, nine-by-nine belly jiggling with every slight movement. She was tall, around twelve-and-a-half feet, and her size was incredible. Her waist was six feet wide; her breasts voluminous and firm at eight feet in diameter each, and her three-foot-wide, erect nipples hard to keep eyes off of. On top - or, rather, in the middle - of all that, she looked ready to pop at any moment, her swollen and dripping pussy five feet wide and seemingly inching wider with every second.


"Guess I arrived just in time," the guest said. "My name's Marina!"




The expecting mother stopped pacing, only to gasp and fastwalk up to her guest.


"Ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh! It's really Marina!!"


Marina embraced the expecting mother's hug, cracking a tiny smile when she compared their sizes in her head. She was bigger by a foot or three in just about every regard, except height, which they tied in. Marina had been a massive size queen for years now, only accelerated by her break into stardom with a few raunchy pop singles. And she had just stumbled onto one of her biggest fans.


"I, I was just about to give birth to my first baby boy," the mother said, stammering and squealing like any other fangirl, "and I had no idea you would be here! Are you holding auditions?"


"Sure am! You're actually the first one I've seen since I got here. So, by default, your boy wins!"




The mother jumped up and down in unparalleled joy, causing the ground to tremor sliightly.


"My baby boy's gonna fuck my favorite musician!!"


"Y- yeah! Hey, shouldn't you be laying down when you give birth?"


"Oh. Uh, the attendant said I was fine for birthing without assistance, so I can birth my inkling however I want!"


"Oh wow. I've been having sex wifh inklings for years, I didn't know about that."


"Yeah, the only drag is you have to call in a nurse once you deliver them-"


She stopped mid-sentence. Her face contorted.


"Oh sh... Shoot... Speaking of delivery, I think..."


Her pussy began dripping like a leaky faucet, the small, constant drips soon strengthening into a stream of juices and fluids.


"Oh shoot! Oh shoot!!"


Marina crouched down, getting a good look at the young mother's bulging, nine-foot-wide cunt. Grinning, she pried the tender lips open with both hands, making the mother moan as she stared inside. She saw the inkling's head being pushed out deep inside her.


"And there's the man of the hour!" Marina announced.


"He's... He's coming, my baby's coming!"


It only took a few seconds before out came the inkling's scalp, then the rest of his head, covered in cyan uterine ink as he was gradually pushed out of his mother's wet pussy. Marina held the inkling's head, staring lovingly at his cyan eyes and black mask before kissing him directly on the lips, drinking deeply of the ink in his mouth before pulling back.


*cough-cough!* "W- Wah! Waaaaaaah!"


Marina licked her lips and gripped her engorged, emerald-colored clitoris, the horn-like skin fully erect, standing up to the bottom of her breasts, and six feet wide. She started masturbating it like a fat inkling cock, squirting all over the baby's head as the rest of his body was pushed out. The mother's face had turned from surprise to bliss as she, too, began masturbating her four-feet-long clit, reaching an easy orgasm from birthing.


"Hah, how have I... Why didn't I try for an inkling earlier..."


Marina gripped the little baby's body, sandwiching him between her eight-feet-in-diameter tits. She had already achieved several orgasms from watching the boy being pushed out, but nothing could compare to the sexual jolt she received from looking down.


The inkling's cock was fucking huge. And it was still inside his mama.


Almost immediately, her six-foot-wide pussy began to swell, and her urethra began squirting out a hefty amount of juices. The birth mother looked to be having the time of her life, now bobbing up and down the newborn's gigantic, twenty-five-foot long fuckcannon; his balls plopped out of her birth canal and made the floor shake a few thrusts later. Marina fondled the newborn's nutsack; his individual nuts were fifteen feet in diameter. She thrust her clit between the two nuts, cumming on them with an especially lustful moan.


The birth mother soon began pushing down on the babycock, a ten-foot-thick bulge pumping between her jostling breasts. Marina squirted on the newborn's nuts again, rubbing her pussy directly on that thick set of balls. The mother began grunting and sighing with a love-filled passion. Marina had heard similar cries a few times before - the cries of a mother so happy, so grateful to bring new life into the world that she immediately wants to begin making new life afterwards. And every time, that meant some hot, sweaty sex with the newborn inkling. She backed off of the newborn's ballsack, choosing to sit back and masturbate to the scene before her: a titan of a mother taking her newborn baby's gigacock.


"I! I'm cummiiing!"


The mother's powerful multiorgasm made her squirt all over her baby's face, which quickly sent the newborn over the edge. The gigacock inside her began pulsing and throbbing like none she had experienced. She rubbed her hand on his pre-covered fuckcannon and jerked her clit once more before the baby started to cry again.


"WAaaaaaah! Wah, WAAAAAH!"




The birth mother drooled and laid her head back as her baby boy blimped her waiting womb. Her belly was 25 by 20 in seconds, and quick to expand. She felt the cum clog back up into her ovarian tubes; the deluge of hot newborn semen wrecked her ovaries, kicking them into overdrive and making them produce eggs for every single one of the billions and billions of sperm cells in the newborn's virile cum.


"Ah... My baby... My baby's filling me up... Haaah..."


"Mmf," Marina moaned, "came again. Didn't know I could squirt that much!"


"Heheheh, I'm really happy to hear that you're enjoying yourself. Thank you."


"Oh, thank you."


The baby's orgasm seemed to be dying down, the expansion rate gradually slowing to a crawl. The mother had just finished another round of heavy squirting and multiorgasms, and was catching her breath. Her gigantic, 47-by-38-foot belly would have filled any normal delivery room. And by the door was Marina, looking completely content - although, there was a heavy lust in her eyes.


"So, ah... When you finish up, mind if I have him for a bit?"


"You can absolutely have him. But I'd like a moment with him all alone, please."


"Go right ahead."


"I've been going over the name with his mother... Jay. His name is Jay."


"Aww, so adorable... His second mommy's gonna be so proud. He's massive in size, and soon, he's gonna be a star!"


"You're making me blush, Marina!"


Marina giggled as she headed out of the room.


"Bring him down to me once you're done. I'm in the limo out front."


"Will do."


"Oh, and, uh, what's your name?"


"Sindy! It's Sindy."






The crowd cheered; the boiling excitement in the concert hall was so refreshing! Everyone was packed seat to seat, row to row in the huge hall; it was the third this month that had sold out!


"Hope ya don't mind me being fashionably late, I had to find a guest for tonight's show!"


Marina threw off her beautiful emerald dress to reveal a jet-black, skin-tight two-piece, with baby carriers weaved into both sides of the waist. In the carrier around her crotch was none other than the little, 11-inch-long body of a baby boy, barely a tuft of cyan hair sticking out from his new friend's crotch. And, of course, his mammoth cock was entrenched firmly inside Marina's wet cunt, his titan balls hammerspaced in her suit. Her clit was bulging and throbbing through the suit while the 7-foot flaccid cock inside her was visible up to the top of her breasts.


"Everyone," Marina announced, "meet Jay! He's a sexy little newborn who couldn't help but fill up his mama after coming out!"


Marina smiled as the crowd oohed and wooed, cries of "HAVE MY BABIES" and other obscenities barely audible through the white noise.


"Now, he's plugged in and ready to cause trouble, just like everyone else here, right? Everyone, grab your girlfriends and babyfriends, and let's get this thing started!"


The crowd was almost entirely comprised of adult and adolescent women and girls, many having brought their girlfriends and babies, because that was what Marina's entire brand name was based on. She was a huge cultural smash hit, having brought sex with inklings out of the hushed darkness and into a fun, poppy light, with chart-toppers like "Bounce My Booty" and "Open Season", both very unsubtle tunes about sex with inkling boys. She loved every minute of her depraved stardom, noting every time a spike in local engagements, weddings, and pregnancies occurred after one of her shows.


"First up's a song I think you'll all know by heart - get ready to bounce your booties, ladies!"


Woos and cheers were heard in abundance as the upbeat synths and deep bassdrums started. Marina started doing her favorite routine: the Twerk 'n' Pop. Those unfamiliar with her stage presence would say she was pulling off some very acrobatic dance moves for a 12-foot-tall woman with heavy breasts, a fat ass, and a giga babycock in her womb.


"I knew a boy once round my high school days, a little young for my age, never asked me what I couldn't give,

Always nice, he had this great, big smile, I'd stare back for a while, maybe let him have a double dip,

But then I graduated and I had to leave, never took his seed but I needed reprieve,

We went out, we had fun, not the kind for the nuns, when we danced he told just me,

Get on down!"




"What's that sound?"




"It'll be alright, bounce my booty all night! Get on down!" "Oh-oh!" "What's that sound!" "Oh-oh!" "It's alright, bounce my booty all night!"



As Marina twerked and popped, the babycock inside her hardened. Every wiggle of her fatass, every ripple of her FUPA, every jostle and jiggle seemed to make that newborn dick thicker and larger. She felt her suit tighten around her belly and breasts as a geyser of pre began to fill her womb. During the instrumental interlude, she began properly fucking the baby inkling boy. She almost thought she could hear the little babe say "rape" underneath all the music and commotion.


Meanwhile, the crowd was properly in the mood for a fun evening. Several older women had already begun taking their babies' cocks; other, younger ladies were jerking their clits to their number one idol fucking a newborn on stage. Most simply twerk n popped along to the song, saving their stamina for the real fun. Those who were silly enough to arrive with clothes had discarded them once Marina started humping the babyrod, its outline sticking out of her suit.


Now, Marina was ass-out towards the crowd, on her knees on the stage, taking the babycock to the hilt and stripping off her suit. She started with the second verse, her singing abilities undeterred by the raw fucking she was receiving.


"Graduation, it was hot and lazy, my mind was hazy, had too much to drink,

I felt elation when I saw this baby, happy with his lady, I got jealous and began to think,

I told her, hey, that's some sweet-ass dick, can I take that prick? She just smiled and she said,

Oh go ahead, you know he's broke-in, a few words unspoken cause I took my dress off and I!~

Got on down! What's that sound! I'm so tight, he bounces booty alright~ Got on down! What's that sound! Felt so right, he bounced my booty all night!~"


She unzipped her top, and out popped her massive tits, her nipples erect at four feet in diameter. She undid the bottom, showing off her fatass... and the hardcore drilling her puffy, wet pussy was receiving. And then came the loud THUMP and a feedback whine - Jay's balls plopped out on the stage, all thirty feet of those glorping beauties! The crowd's roars and cheers were exhilarating - she hadn't gotten a response so enthusiastic since her first concert! She looked behind with a smile, pumping along that newborn fuckcannon as she caught a few glimpses of the crowd. Half of the crowd was jerking off in their seats, wooing and cheering their idol fucking a newborn baby. The other half was fucking; either fucking each other, or the babies they had brought along! Marina looked content.


"Woo!~ What's that sound? I hear a bunch of booties bouncing in here!"


The crowd wooed back, the room soon descending into a hardcore, babyfucking orgy, as her concerts always did. Marina giggled as she took the newborn dick to the hilt.


"Guess it's time for the real festivities! I was asked to come here for an hour, looks like I'll be coming here for at least an hour! C'mon up if you wanna take this lil guy, too!"




Soma sat back and enjoyed the show. A preteen girl who absolutely adored Marina, she loved it whenever her idol turned her back to her fans to show off the hardcore pounding she was receiving from the baby boy. It was a classic stage show for her idol, and it never failed to make her massive clit fully erect in moments. She reached up her mini-skirt and started to masturbate, a decision few others were making, as the room had descended into an orgy of moaning women, babbling babies, and gurgling ballsacks.


"Hey, Soma."


"Y- yea, Tanza?"


Her girlfriend, Tanza, was a big, beautiful black inkling, more than double her age. She towered over her pubescent lover, her height around ten feet. She was a very popular Marina impersonator online, alhough her smaller size - and rich blue eyes - were easy for the average fan to spot. But, she made up for it with broadcasting her lover drilling her for all the world to see. She eyed Soma's clit poking through her skirt, the appendage reaching up all the way to her developed breasts.


"Don't waste that on yourself, babe."


Soma giggled with a blush.


"You wanna give babymaking one more try?"


"You know it, sweetheart."


They joined lips in a passionate partner's kiss, locking tongues as their nipples and clits bulged through their clothes. Tanza faced away from Soma and took her skirt off entirely, revealing a plump, juicy, 3 foot wide pussy and a fat ass that was six feet in diameter. Soma softly rubbed Tanza's ass, spreading the cheeks apart to view her adorable donut hole. She playfully poked her soft-blue clit against it, which was as tall as she was, and four feet thick! Tanza giggled as her underage lover prodded her wide-open backdoor.


"Wrong hole, goof!~"


"I know, I was just setting the mood~"


"Ahahahah... You're just the cutest lil' thing."


Now Soma began rubbing her clit between those thick black pussy lips, her girlfriend's cunt leaking juices like unchecked floodwaters. Her urethra poked out along with her clit; she was ready. She spread apart Tanza's fat cunt and ate her pussy, delighting in the cute moans and gasps as she tongue-fucked the cunt that was as big as her face. Tanza was positively flooding Soma's lap and cunt, the juices seeping into the fabric of the chair and gathering on the floor.


"G- god, please, fuck me!"


Soma pulled her face back, parted her cool blue hair, and shoved her thick clit in Tanza's cunt like a fat cock, keeping in rhythm with the music. Tanza moaned and sighed; she kneaded her foot-and-a-half feet thick nipples, her legs shaking, her mind wracked with a need to be bred, along with... something else. She cursed under her breath as Soma's fat clit pushed past her cervix and into her womb with ease, the girl's urethra stretching along with it.


"Fffuck," Soma said as she gripped Tanza's fatass. "I'm gonna- I'm gonna cum already!!"


"Cum, cum!!"




Soma breathed hard and fast before pumping her crotch hard into Tanza's pussy. Then, Tanza felt several thick squirts inside her. She moaned and shook as she orgasmed all over the seat in front of her, her swollen, erect clit just below her cleavage.


"Uuugh... Fuck, you're good..."


"Th- thank you~"


"D- don't pull out yet, sweetie."


"Wasn't planning on it."


Then, Soma felt something push against the throbbing tip of her clit. It felt smooth and oval-like. It suprised her - as well as made her squirt again.


"Woah. What was that?"


Tanza didn't answer back. Instead, she rolled up her Marina-themed shirt to reveal a massive, 11 by 11 belly that looked ready to pop. Soma gasped in delight.


"Wh-! THAT was hidden under there!? How long have-"


"Nine months, babe."


"No way!!! Oh, Tanza, I love you so much!"


"I... I love you too..."


Soma twitched and shook as she felt that thing inside Tanza push past the cervical entrance and all the way down her ultra-sensitive clitty. Every millimeter the thing slid down was another orgasm in her girlfriend, another shot of cool blue girl-ink into that needy womb. Tanza grunted and panted her way through delivering the surprise she had been keeping secret for months.


"It's a boy. A really big, beautiful boy!"


"Wh-! No wayyy!~"


Soma felt every inch of the baby boy along her clit; he felt like a very well-endowed boy! Juices poured out of both girls' pussies like clockwork. They were totally beaming with delight, a few eyes soon turning upon them. Tanza jerked her rich-blue clit off, squirting all over the floor from the sheer excitement of delivering her girlfriend's baby combined with the intense clit stimulation.


"Here he comes! Here he comes!!!"


Soma sensed the baby boy wriggle and slide near the base of her clit. Then, from Tanza's succulent pussy came the head of a beautiful baby. Soma opened the boy's mouth and fished out some uterine ink.


"Wh! WAAAAAaaaaaah!"


"There you are!" Soma said, excited beyond anything she had experienced. "There you are, sweet little baby boy! Oh, you look so cute!"


Tanza sat back in her seat, shaking and breathing hard. She laid back next to her girlfriend, looking at their baby boy, ignoring the crowd of "ooh"s and "aww"s to see their healthy baby boy. His cock and balls had been pushed out, and they had developed quite nicely inside her. His cock was a good 7 feet tall and 4 feet thick flaccid, and his balls were around 9 feet in diameter each. Soma hugged the boy, holding him between her large pubescent tits and jerking his cock.


"What's that I see?" came from the speakers. The two girls' attentions came to the stage; Marina had been properly blimped by this point, a huge mess of semen on the stage as her 28 by 20 belly jiggled full of babycum. And she was looking right at them... Well, she was looking at the camera's view of the event that another fan was holding up to her.


"Looks like we have some super lucky fans tonight! C'mon backstage! I'll have my wife escort y'all!"


The two lovers gasped; Tanza cried with excitement. Not only had she birthed her lover's baby, they were actually invited backstage! And none other than Marina's wife was going to escort them there! This was something she had only dreamed about. The excitement was beyond palpable!


"THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!" screamed Soma. The rest of the crowd cheered them on as Marina's wife soon joined them.


"Howdy!" said a young inkling girl with hot-pink hair and zero clothes. "I'm Pearl! Come with me!"




"Hahhh," Marina sighed after she chugged some water. "What a day!... Hello, everyone, and welcome to the backstage bonanza!"


In her other hand was her phone, livestreaming worldwide, with thousands of viewers and counting. Her cum-filled belly was hammerspaced into her tight stage outfit, although there was still a bulge of massive babycock between her tits.


"So, let's have everyone introduce themselves! I'm Marina, and this..."


She pointed the camera down at her crotch, the baby boy's arms and legs sticking out of her suit.


"...is Jay! He's only an hour or two old. A lil bit too old for some of you, I know, but I just had to bring him along after he was born!"


She flipped the camera over, a handful of inklings in attendance in the dressing room.


"I'm Pearl, Marina's wife!"


"I'm Sindy, and I'm Jay's mama! Marina watched me give him a birthfuck!~"


"I'm Soma, I'm a super-big fan of Marina!"


"I'm Tanza, Marina superfan and Soma's girlfriend! And this is Jade, our newborn baby boy!"


Everyone else in the room clapped and cheered at the news; the couple smiled and snuggled with their baby.


"Who's gonna pop his cherry?" Marina nonchalantly asked.


""Meee!~" said Soma. Tanza giggled as they all prepared themselves for a fun, decadent babyfuck.


"And who's gonna fuck baby Jay?" Tanza asked.


"I will!" Pearl replied.


The group of girls wasted no time. Marina set Jay down, Sindy holding the baby boy still and kissing him all over as the pop star slid up and off of the 16-foot-long barely-flaccid fuckrod. The baby's mask was thinly coated in cunt juices; some from his mother, some from Marina. A wet, squishy *POP* and a heavy sigh signaled Marina's exit.


"'Kay, babe," Marina moaned. "All yours."


Pearl eyed that cock like it was the last hot dog at her school cafeteria, and it was here for the taking. Marina trained the phone's camera on Pearl rubbing her moist pussy on the throbbing baby boner, the coos of the baby boy barely audible through the wet fucking noises. Pearl wrapped her arms around that thick cock, or at least tried to, as it was much too thick and wide for her hands to connect. Sindy watched and wondered...


"Did Jay's cock grow bigger just from fucking?" the young mother asked in earnest.


Marina eyed the mother, then grinned widely.


"I think you've got yourself a real special little baby."


Sure enough, Marina checked out the thickness and length of the now rock-solid fuckcannon sticking up towards the ceiling, its owner immobile.


Now it was thirty feet long and eighteen feet thick.


Pearl must have done the math in her head, too, because now she was positively beaming with raw, perverted delight as she crawled up the leaky dick.


"Never met a baby I didn't wanna fuck, but I dunno if I wanna meet another baby after this stud!"


"That's my wife," Marina remarked. "No one loves a fat, tall babycock more than her, not even me!"


Sindy sat on Jay's face, his nose wedged firmly in her sweaty, fat asscrack, and began to masturbate. The baby boy's cock hardened, and grew another few feet high. Pearl's clit was erect now, grinding up the hours-old fucktower and making her achieve powerful, mindblowing orgasms, especially when the skin was lubed with his virile precum.


"Hoooo, fuck! This baby's gonna make me break my cum record before I even start fucking him!"


Marina giggled as she started to jerk her clit, cumming several times in her suit from one soft touch. Pearl was now at the top of the babycock, a depraved smile across her face as she eyed Jay's glans spilling pre down his shaft.


"Hey, Marina! Watch this!"


Instead of immediately mounting the cock, she gripped the baby boy's foreskin. Then, she pushed herself up and held herself in the air with one hand! Quickly, the gravity began to shift, but she wasn't scared. Instead, she gripped the other side of his foreskin and began a very vigorous gymnastic routine, treating the baby's cockend like a big, fat pommel horse!




"Awww, but it's so good for me!~ A developing girl needs exercise!"


"C'mon, babe! Just start fucking him already!"


"Aww, okay~"


Pearl didn't pout or sulk; instead, she sat her tiny, tight pussy on the end of the wet babycock and slid down it like a waterslide. She squealed and giggled down all thirty-nine feet of cock, during which, Sindy was masturbating frantically, creating a large puddle of ladycum under her son. Pearl's belly expanded and grew in accordance with how much cock she was taking, right down to the very base of the dick.


"Ta-daaa!~" she said once she reached the bottom. "The Pearl Special!"


Marina looked unamused.






"I don't want girls your age trying this and hurting themselves, babe!"


"If they're gonna climb up their little bros' cocks, they might as well have some fun, right?~"




"Ugh. Don't try that at home, fans! There, ya happy?"


"Good enough. Now," Marina said as she turned the phone back to her, "everyone enjoying the show?... I understand, BabysMama15, but not a whole lot of girls your age are as... flexible as Pearl."


While Marina interacted with the stream's chat, Pearl went to thrusting her now massive cunt on Jay's cock. There wasn't too much she could do, but judging by Marina's stage show, it wouldn't take much to make this baby cum out oceans. Sindy, meanwhile, was rubbing her ass all over Jay's face, making his cock stiffer, wider, larger with the sheer strength of a horny mother's natural stink.


"Mmmph, you like that, little sweetheart? Mama's gonna have some fun with you once we get home."


She undid her ponytail, showing her beautiful cyan hair to the other girls.


"Nice," Soma said as she stood against the wall, Tanza pushing Jade - and his massive 17 foot long cock - in her soaked, squishy pussy. "Wish I could, hah, grow hair like that!~"


"You're gonna grow a lot more than hair, sweetiepie," Tanza moaned as she masturbated to the scene. Pearl taking a massive babycock. Sindy sitting on her baby's face. Her and her girlfriend fucking their own newborn baby. And their popstar idol streaming it all for the world to see.


"Hey," Pearl interjected, "he's starting to get bigger!"


Before the others could speak, Pearl moaned loudly, projectile squirting all over the adjacent wall as the tip of her belly bloated and inflated. Huge spurts could be seen outlining the very tip of her belly.


"Nghh, he's-! He's stuck in my-!"


Sindy grinned as she felt her baby boy's orgasm cries under her fat ass. Marina couldn't help but grin, either, as she realized what was happening.


"Looks like little Jay found your special tubes. Well, one of 'em."


"FUCK ME!" Pearl screamed as her belly inflated exponentially by the second. "FUCK ME NOW!!"


"Okay, okay~"


Marina undid her suit's bottom and out came her clit, now ten feet long and six feet wide.


"Get ready, sweetie."




Into Pearl's mouth, and down her throat, went Marina's fat clit, jackhammered into her lover's throat like a hard babycock. Pearl's eyes rolled back in pure, unfiltered pleasure as her face was covered with Marina's thick ladycum; she rubbed the juices on her face and chest, and stuck a little bit in her cunt. She felt her belly being stretched beyond any other cock she had taken, stretched and filled with raw, virile baby semen. Thirty feet, she felt. Thirty three feet. Thirty eight feet. Forty five feet. Fifty four feet. Thankfully, the massive diameter of her blimping belly was overseen by Marina and the concert arrangers, so they didn't have to worry about any incidents.


Pearl had orgasmed several dozen times already, but this was brainmeltingly wonderful. She could feel dozens of the most powerful, mind-destroying orgasms rock her all at once, so much so that the girls were soon up to their ankles in Pearl's girlcum. Sindy got up and laid her baby boy's head on her fat, soaked cunt, orgasming hard when his little head touched her clit by accident.


"BA-BY," Pearl screamed between clit throatfucks, "I'M BEING FUCKED BY A BABYYY!"


Pearl felt a large SLAM inside the ovarian tube that was getting fucked by the giant babydick, then a pull-out before another brainmelting SLAM into her needy womb. She could do nothing but moan like the baby-slut that she was. Jay wriggled and cried, flailing his little arms and legs as he rode out a destructive orgasm, one that probably would have filled the stadium had it not been for Pearl's cunt making a perfect seal. Marina's legs buckled; she was fucking Pearl's throat hard and fast, her urethra bulging and squirting lady-semen down her girlfriend's throat.


"Fffuck! This is a hot fucking baby!! This is a tight fucking throat!! I love being a star!~"


Pearl felt one more mindfucking SLAM inside her young, underdeveloped womb as it filled far beyond capacity, then, nothing. Nothing but the heavy moaning and breathing of three babyfuckers as they recovered from the most intense of orgasms. Jay's cock shrunk down to the average-sized ten feet long by six feet wide. The little newborn was spent, and was now comfortably dozing off, his mom's plump pussy lips a comfortable pillow. Marina and Pearl were squirting from their cunts and breasts, still riding out the aftereffects of their orgasms. The two soon locked lips in passion.


"Love you," Pearl weakly said.


"Love you too, babe," Marina moaned as she turned back to the camera.


"Y'all enjoy that?... Heheh, hi there, Kosovink fan! You catch the fun stuff?... Yeaaaah. Awesome. Someone clip that!"


Tanza and Soma were making out in the corner, their baby boy settled with his cock in Tanza's thick ass.


"Hey," Soma said, "we're gonna take this home if y'all don't mind."


"Oh, go ahead," Marina said. "Let's trade numbers real quick. Hope all you fans had fun on the stream!"


Marina stopped streaming and traded numbers with Soma, giving the young fan a kiss on the forehead before sending them off.


"Enjoy yourselves! Maybe I'll bring little Jade along sometime!~"


Pearl, meanwhile, had just gotten off of Jay's fat cock. To no one's surprise, her cunt had sealed in all the semen perfectly, so there was no mess to clean up... Well, no messes that weren't hers.


"Hey, Sandy... Your baby's fuckin' hot..."


"Sindy. And thank you, dear," Sindy said with a giggle as she put a pair of undies on her baby boy, hammerspacing his gigacock and megaballs inside. "I'm so happy that my baby boy and I could be here."


"Don't mention it," Marina said with a smooch on the mask. "You're probably gonna have a few fans of your own, soon. How good are you at songwriting?"


"Heheh, not very."


"Aw, don't say that. Let's come up with something together some time. How's your singing voice?"


"I, ah, I can sing? I might need some training, though..."


"Then you're in the right circle. I'll give you a few phone numbers, you can go home and take care of your boy and we'll see what happens. K?"


"Are you...? No way, are you really saying-?"


"Sure am."


"EEEEE! This is the greatest day of my entire life! My wife's gonna be so happy, she absolutely adores you!"


"Oh, how old is she?"






Marina got out a marker and wrote her signature on Jay's left nut.


"That's for her! Now, I'm gonna tell my limo driver to take you home. You deserve the rest!"


"Thank youuuuu!"


"Thank you."

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