Seed of The Dragonborn 04: Camilla Valerius

BY : maryshepardn7
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It  was a warm sunny day when the dragonborn, Fenrir stepped into the Riverwood Trader looking for the ever-so sought after Camilla Valerius. Her brother, Lucan was at the counter, but Camilla was missing. "Hello friend, long time no see!" the trader said, remembering the dragonborn that returned his stolen golden dragon claw. 

"Hello, Lucan. Im looking for your sister. Have a few letters to deliver to her."

"Ah yes! She's upstairs cleaning, I believe. Please go up and see her."

"Thanks." The dragonborn said as he proceeded up the stairs.

Camilla noticed the handsome hero approaching her, much to her surprise. "Oh my!" Camilla said dropping her broom. "It's good to see you again, Fenrir."

"You as well, Camilla." he responded. 

"So..... what can I do for you?" Camilla said trying to ease the awkward tension.

Fenrir reached into his pockets and pulled out two letters. Both were fake letters written by Sven and Faendel. "These two clowns gave me these letters in hopes of tricking you into picking one over the other." 

Camilla grabbed the letters and sped through the notes. "Those-those bastards! How could they!"

"Sorry, but I felt you might have wanted to know ." Fenrir said. 

"You know, if they wanted to prove to me they were real men, they would have handled this like you and not like insolent little brats." She thought for a second on how to get back at both of them. "Fenrir...." Camilla said happily. "Would you like to spend some time with me?"

"I would love to." He responded. "Perhaps we could meet at the sawmill at 11:00PM tonight, under the stars."

"Mmmm, that sounds lovely. Perhaps our two friends could go there a little bit later to meet us."

"Hmph, that's a great idea." Fenrir said.

I'll see you then." Camilla winked and started to sweep as Fenrir left the building.

The dragonborn returned to Faendel and Sven telling them both that Camilla wanted to meet them at the sawmill at 11:15PM exactly. It would be the perfect trap for the fools.


The dragonborn crossed the wooden brigde over the river, leading to the sawmill where he saw Camilla sitting on a tree stump, basking in the moonlight, waiting for him. 

She looked to her side and saw the dragonborn approaching with a determination on his face. "Fenrir!" she said excitedly. 

Without saying a word, he roughly grabbed her shoulders and kissed her soft red lips. Reacting positively to his manly aggression, Camilla locked her tongue with Fenrir's as he ran his rough hand up her yellow dress, feeling the warmth of her nether region that was giving off heat like a furnace from being so horny. "So strong." she managed to say in an almost hypnotic way. As she rubbed his hard cock in his pants, Fenrir grabbed her dress and pulled down her cleavage, revealing her perky breasts. 

Fenrir pulled his cock out and bent Camilla over on the tree stump and pulled her long dress up, showing she had no panties. He shoved his cock into her warm Imperial pussy, causing her to moan loudly as it was slightly drowned out by the river.


Sven and Faendel both approached the wooden bridge to the sawmill. "What are you doing here Snowback!" Faendel said.

"Here to meet Camilla, you knife-eared bastard." Sven responded "And I'm not gonna let you t-"

The two were quickly interrupted by the sounds of Camilla crying out in pleasure and Fenrir's, balls slapping her.

"No....." they both said simultaniously as they saw Fenrir fucking Camilla over on a log. Fenrir gave them both a big smile and a thumbs up. Camilla noticed the two men as well and gave them the bird, angrily. 

The two men were frozen as the dragonborn and Camilla's moans grew louder. Seeing the woman they love get ravaged by Fenrir as he shot his hot cum inside of her made the bosmer and nord run in seperate directions crying into their hands.

After learning of the dragonborn pregnancy powers she elected to stay at the Riverwood Trader. "It's gonna be a tough one to explain to Lucan." She said gleefully feeling the warmth of the growh inside her. "But he'll understand."

"About those two...." Fenrir said.

"They know to stay away now, so they can die for all I care." Camilla said coldly.

The next day it was discovered that Faendel was pounced on by a bear and torn to shreds. Sven ran halfway to Falkreath and had been feasted upon by vampires that only left a draugur-like corpse of the useless bard.

The dragonborn set off to Whiterun the next day, where he would have a chance encounter with Nazeem's wife.


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