Dragon Age: Josephine's Forbidden Fruit

BY : maryshepardn7
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Commander Cullen had just set up camp at The Forbidden Oasis in western Orlais. The sky was hot and cloudless, but the shade from the overhead cliffs and the cool mist from the waterfall had provided a great comfort for the templar. Cullen and Josephine had taken a detachment of ten scouts to find any info that could help in the fight against Corypheus. They both had their doubts, but decided it would be best to search for something that could get them out of Skyhold for a few days.


All of the scouting members had left to search and likely wouldn't return until dusk. Taking advantage of the free time Cullen had gotten into his more comfortable casual clothes, preparing for a nice swim in the warm oasis as Josephine got ready in her tent to swim as well. The two advisors to the inquisitor had always been friends, but as of late there was a growing sexual tension between them. It was not obvious to the rest of the inquisition, but it was there and each of them were quite nervous as to what would happen in this alone time. Questions swirled around in their minds, such as who would make the first move? Would there even be a first move? Would it just be an awkward day and nothing more? Cullen was knee-high in the soothing water as he heard a rustle coming from Josephine's tent as she gracefully exited.


Cullen's jaw dropped when he saw Josephine exit in her white undergarments. Her bronze skin shined in the sun as she stretched to absorb the light, while keeping her hair in her usual bun. "It's so nice out here!" She called out to Cullen who was in awe.


"Uh-uh yeah! It's uhh really something." Cullen called out 10 yards from her and the tent. Josephine had always dressed in such a conservative fashion so seeing her flat stomach, tight butt and supple breasts made Cullen blush.


"How's the water?" Josephine asked.


"It's great! Come on in!"


She approached the drop off that led to the water and stuck her hand out for Cullen to guide her down.

Chuckling, Cullen gently grasped her hand and escorted the lady down. A gust of crosswind quickly slammed Josephine, causing her to fall forward, tumbling on top of Cullen as they both fell into the shallow water atop one-another.The both slowly got up, completely soaked. They realized that Josephine was now on top of Cullen as they both stood up, holding eachother for balance, then awkwardly letting go once they stood up.


"Wow, I didn't plan to go all the way under." Josephine laughed, untying her bun and letting down her soaked long black hair.


"Hey at least it's refreshing." Cullen said slightly shivering in the wind. He noticed Josephine was shivering much more. He approached her and rubbed her arms as she wrapped them around her body. She walked closer to Cullen and then slowly wrapped her arms around his body for warmth. Cullen was unsure what to do with his arms. He quickly relaxed and hugged Josephine tighter as the wind let up and they basked iin the sunlight reflecting off of the water.


Josephine let out a quick chuckle and placed her index finger on Cullen's bare chest. "You are so warm Cullen..."


"Well it is hot out here." Cullen responded, scratching his head.


"No, not just that..." She responded, putting her hand on Cullen's left pectoral muscle. "You're heart...it's racing."


Cullen stuttered for a bit. The templar had not been with anyone in a long time so he almost had forgotten how to go about it. " Well- you see I, uh..... There’s-"


Cullen was silenced as Josephine looked up at him and put her fingertip on his lips, closing his mouth. "Shhhh. It's okay..."


Josephine slowly walked behind Cullen and wrapped her arms around his chiseled stomach. She kissed his back as he gently felt Josephine's elegant hands, kissing them softly.


"Cullen, I've felt this between us for so long." Josephine said as she slowly moved her hand down to Cullen's shorts. As if she was one with the wind, she gently touched Cullen's stiffening penis and began to massage it as he looked over his shoulder and kissed Josephine's forehead. The glimmering water covering their bodies felt as if it intensified their connection.


Josephine slowly pulled out Cullen's penis from his shorts and started to stroke it at an increasing speed. As she did so, Cullen ran his fingers into the bronze skinned beauty's vagina, feeling her warm fluids coat his hands. Cullen and Josephine began to moan as they pleasured one another in the shallow water.


The pair went to the deeper section of the oasis, where the water was up to their shoulders. Cullen grabbed Josephine's waist and pulled her in towards him as she wrapped her arms around his neck, locking lips with the chiseled templar. "You know I always had a thing for blondes." Josephine said as they kissed running a hand through Cullen's short hair.


"Oh really now?" Cullen said as he smiled.


The two looked into each-other's eyes as they felt Cullen's penis prying itself into Josephine’s warm pussy under the cool water as the two remained linked.


Josephine quickly squealed as Cullen penetrated her outer walls and thrust himself deep inside the powerful woman. The two exhaled as he slowly pounded Josephine. The water caused his thrusting to become slow, but it added an extra amount of pleasure, so neither minded. The couple continued to kiss as Cullen pounded her slowly and gently, hitting all the right spots with a hypnotic rhythm.


The two locked lips as they both began to climax. As they did so, they slowly drifted underwater, not breaking their kiss once. Cullen began to release a flood of his hot sperm into Josephine's moist vagina. The hot liquid mixing with the cool water in her pussy caused Josephine to tremble in pleasure. The two continued their underwater embrace as Cullen continued to pulse inside of Josephine. To them, they felt as if they were floating in the air as they slowly glided under the crystal clear water.


The two finally emerged from the water and continued their kiss while catching their breathes. As they entered the shallow water, Cullen picked Josephine up and carried her in his arms. She smiled and rubbed his cheek as she relaxed in Cullen's arms, feeling the warm sun and cool water on her skin along with the warm cum fertilizing her womb. The pair went back to Josephine's tent and slept in her one person cot. After awakening, they would lay in the same spot, chatting for hours.


The scouts later returned with no useful information, as was expected. The next day, they all returned to Skyhold and Josephine would later find out Cullen had gotten her pregnant. After the final battle, the couple would return to the oasis and build a home there for their new family.

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