Fallout: Cass Can't Catch a Break

BY : maryshepardn7
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This story contains excess violence. Do not read if you cannot handle such material.




The sun was high in the Mojave as Cass walked the desert road between Nipton and the Mojave Outpost by herself. She had finally broken off her companionship with the Courier, calling her an asshole before leaving her side. Cass felt that she no longer wanted any part in her terrible actions and decided that she could take no more.


Cass thought about what the Courier said before leaving her. "You'll come to regret it, mark my words." Cass felt as if she was only spewing empty threats at her, but she knew of the Courier's capabilities and decided to use caution either way. The road was long and the day was scorching as Cass felt her thirst catching up to her. Fortunately, she could see salvation in the blurry outline of the NCR monument that overlooked the valley. "Almost there." she panted.


As she continued her treck, she heard an almost inhuman scream in the distance behind her. She turned around to see six super mutants charging towards her, weapons drawn and ready to fight.


"Shit!" Cass said, pulling out her rifle and immediately crouching to take aim. With one shot she blew one mutant's head to pieces as the others continued to charge. She fired another round, tearing another mutant's leg off, causing him to drop to the ground and bleed to death in the sand. The monstrosities were quickly getting closer. Cass timed her next shot for when two of the mutants were in front of each-other. She crouched down and fired at the front mutant's chest. The shot blew through the mutant's torso and flew through the skull of the mutant behind it.


"Two more...." Cass whispered as she aimed at the final two mutants that had rebar clubs. The monsters were only twenty feet from her, one behind the other. Cass pulled the trigger. All that happened was a click as the mutants charged. The gun was out of ammo. Stunned, Cass looked at the weapon and saw the empty ammo case. Unable to think she looked up mindlessly at the mutant as it swung the bar, cracking the side of her head, causing her vision to go black.




The smell of musty water was the first sense to return to Cass as her vision was still dark. She managed to open her eyes, but her vision was still dark. After reeling in pain from her cracked skull, she quickly realized what her situation was. She was able to pick up on the sound of a cave dripping water along with the sound of super mutant hissing and stomping.


"WELL, WELL, WELL, LOOK WHO'S AWAKE!" A super mutant shouted.


"No need to yell, asshole." Cass muttered, unsure of where to look, thanks to her blindfold. She could feel her hands chained to the dingy cave wall.


"WHY YOU! I'LL KILL YOU!" the mutant responded grabbing it's flamethrower.






"Wait, what?" Cass said regaining alertness. "Just kill me or whatever it is super mutants do."


Smarty Pants stomped over to Cass and squeezed her breasts. The powerful grip was extremely painful for Cass as she realized she was completely naked. Her pale breasts had become pink from the superhuman grip strength, causing her to yell in agony. "MAYBE SUPER MUTANTS EAT YOU! MAYBE SUPER MUTANTS GIVE YOU F.E.V.---"


Dumb Dumb interrupted "BUT WE WANT TO UH....WHATS THE WORD.....UH SEX YOU!"


"SHUT UP DUMB DUMB!" Smarty Pants shouted throwing a radio at the other mutant. "BUT YES!" he took off Cassidy's blindfold and she was greeted by the sight of the mutant's two foot long yellow/green penis flopping around. "WE KNOW WHAT PATHETIC HUMAN'S DO AND WE WANT PART OF IT!"


"YEAH YEAH!" Dumb Dumb interrupted again.


"I SAID SHUT UP!" Smarty Pants yelled, picking up a nearby grenade launcher and blasting Dumb Dumb in half for his interruptions. The mutants insides exploded all across the dim cave, splattering Smarty Pants and Cass.


"Oh fuck..." Cass said.


"YES FUCK!" Smarty Pants said. "I LIKE HUMAN FEMALES, AS PATHETIC AS THEY ARE!" The super mutant began stroking his inhuman growth as he approached Cass.


"No,no,no,no.....This can't be ha-" Before Cass could finish her sentence, the beast shoved his cock deep into the redhead's mouth causing her to immediately gag. The mutant's penis had a metallic taste to it from the radiation, which acted as a sedative for Cassidy's nerves, causing her to fight less against the monster as he pulverized the back of her throat with his thrusts. Cass went cross-eyed as her slobber covered the giant green shaft, gagging as he continued having his way with her.


"AHHH! GOOD! GOOD!" Smarty Pants said as he pulled out of Cassidy's mouth, causing her to have a coughing fit, nearly vomiting. Her face had turned blue from the thrashing Smarty Pants had given her.


After pulling out, he walked behind Cass and spread her ass cheeks. "No please no..." She pleaded before he punctured her asshole with his cock. What would typically be pleasurable for her was incredibly painful. The mutant trusted quickly inside Cass, causing great internal damage to her organs. "P-please!" she begged as he pounded her mercilessly, barely able to string words together.


The mutant slapped Cassidy's ass " Ah God!" she cried out.


"AH YES YES!" Smarty Pants said as he squeezed her breasts, ruthlessly blasting milk out of her. "YUMMY!" he screamed, looking at the milk leaking out of Cass. "YUMMY! YUMMY! YUMMY!" The mutant pulled out and left an enormous gaping asshole as Cass shook in pain. "WHAT I NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR YOU!? YOU LIKE THIS THEN!"


Smarty Pants refilled Cassidy's asshole and began to unload his glowing green cum into the her asshole, pouring out like paint. "AHH MUCH BETTER!" He walked in front of Cass, who was crying as she leaked the toxic semen out of her ass and all over the floor. "YOU LIKE IT!?" he said grabbing her jaw to look her in the eyes. He then continued to shoot the green goop all over Cassidy's naked pale body, dousing her hair as well.


Soon after, he grabbed Cassidy's chin again. After a moment of gathering her resolve, she spat in the super mutant's face.


"GYAAAAAH" Smarty Pants roared as he swung his arms around comically grasping for his club to beat Cass to death. Suddenly, the sound of men's voices entered the cave entrance. "I'LL KILL YOU WHEN I GET BACK!" he said as he ran to the entrance.


Before he could leave her sight, a sniper round separated the mutant's head from his shoulders.


"Yes!" Cass smiled as freedom approached.


Her smile quickly turned upside down when she saw who had saved her. Men in dark red following a man with a wolf helmet approached her. Unable to process the site of the Legion before her, Cass begged the soldiers to let her go.


"Caesar will like this one." The wolf man said. "She would make a great gift for him. If he doesn't want her, she would make good breeding stock for the Legion. The wolf man touched Cassidy's cheek. "Now, now. Once we wash you up, a great fate awaits you."


Now wishing that Smarty Pants had killed her, Cass looked to the ground as the legion kept her chains on and took her to a most miserable fate within the Legion. Regret filled the rest of her days, wishing she never left the Courier.



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