Life on the Edge

BY : TheEnviousEnvy
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"Tetra?" Link poked his head out onto the deck.

"Over here!" she called him over from the long, adjustable, deck chair on which she had been lying.

Completely in the nude, the tanned pirate captain was all alone on the deck of the ship for the purpose of maintaining that aforementioned tan. It was a ritual she had gone through hundreds of times with her crew, but it was her first to involve a certain special guest

"Are you really alright with me doing this with you?" he double-checked.

"I only asked on a whim because never thought you'd be interested," Tetra replied, "It's just me lying still in the sun after a long day of work, but I'm more than delighted to have your company if you will offer it to me. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised that you would want to watch me lying naked in the sun."

"It's probably the best look at you that I've ever gotten," he added while removing his shirt.

"I suppose it is a bit brighter out here than in our dark room. In fact, I think I'd like to get a better look at you as well."

"Then should I do away with these as well," Link moved a hand down to his belt."

"If you think you can take the heat," she gave him her favorite wink and motioned for him to grab another deck chair, which he did before finally undressing.

While Link's intentions behind joining her for her tanning session were genuine, there was no getting around the effect that being out with her in the nude would ultimately have. Revealing his bare chest from under his shirt set off a small spark in her while removing his pants unveiled a semi-erection that he couldn't keep from climbing bit by bit. The hefty appendage also prevented him from lying on his belly like she was, so he instead got comfortable on his back.

"Um... do you want some help with that first?" Tetra couldn't help commenting on his growing arousal.

"Just let it be," he waved her off, "I don't want to interrupt your tanning in the slightest."

"If you say so," she struggled to turn her gaze away.

"What made you start this anyway?"

"Well, life on the ocean naturally had my skin darkening from all that time out in the sun, but not long after becoming captain, I decided that I didn't like the uneven coloration of tan lines. Ever since then I'd chase the guys off from time to time to get an all-over tan instead."

"And I'm guessing you liked how it turned out if you've been doing it for this long."

"That's right. It's probably the one feature of my body I've grown to be the proudest of, even as I sometimes wish for a little more curve to my chest or less junk in the trunk. Of course, you wouldn't know what it's like to stress over such things."

"I never really put much thought into my appearance, just good food in exercise, but I guess it's hard to deny that I've come out of it looking pretty good."

"Knowing you, I'd wager this is the brightest light you've ever exposed your loins to."


"So how are you liking the view, then?"

"Of my junk?"

"Can't say I've ever had much of a judgement on it, besides what you tell me."

"Then make one. Go on and rate your own cock for me. I won't judge."

"Well..." Link pondered as his cock twitched, just as eager as Tetra for his assessment, "I guess I'm most glad about how the shape turned out."

"The shape?"

"Yeah, girth matches the length well. I wouldn't want it so long that it looks like a pencil or something."

"After being with you, I think it's a huge mistake to mention length without girth. The thickness has a much greater impact on how it feels once I get it in me, not that I'd want it looking like a can of beef either. You've got it right with what looks most like a rich bottle of wine."

"I can live with that, but even a wine bottle doesn't have this head," he laughed as his glans emerged from its foreskin shell, "I like that it sticks out a bit so the whole thing isn't just a big cylinder."

"You put it to better use than I can measure in words."

"Thanks, but, lastly, I have to admit that I actually like having these balls even more than this dick," he placed a hand on his scrotum, "Honestly, I would rather have balls that let me shoot as much spunk as I know I do, even if I had to trade away some of the overall size."

"Really?" Tetra gave him her total attention.

"When I cum, I feel like that's my time to show how grateful I am for how good you make me feel, and that's an ability I wouldn't dream of giving up."

"Well, looking at you now, I'm grateful that it's not a choice you had to make," the captain marveled at how the conversation had brought about his fullest erection.

She instinctively rolled over to get closer to him, but the hero held up an arm to keep her away.

"Not yet," he resisted her, "I really tried not to get a boner, but I couldn't help it. Don't stop your tanning over it."

"Relax already," she tried to negotiate with him, "I don't see it as an interruption but an obligation. I feel to lend my support if I get you that worked up. I enjoy it."

"I know but I truly want to wait a bit," he reasoned.

"What for?"

"You're so dutiful in tending to my personal needs that I feel I've forgotten what it means to be patient. I can't recall the last time I got like this and had to just let it be until you arrived. I want that thrill again. Just give it some time."

"Okay," she went back to her earlier position, amazed at how clearly his member was twitching about, even from a slight distance, "In fact, I think I've forgotten too."

"We're just too good a match for each other," he boasted.

"You've got that right," she grinned.

They spent the next ten minutes or so in silent admiration of one another. Link scanned Tetra's figure for evidence of any flaw in her tanning method, only to find none which only elevated his level of desire. Meanwhile, Tetra drank it in with her eyes as it would all too often be obscured by her hands and mouth. Despite his adept poker face, Link's pre-cum began leaking all on its own with the heart beating in his veins becoming visible in his increasingly swollen state. His balls could even be seen wriggling around within his bloated sack. Only the realization of how hard Link must be restraining himself kept Tetra's fingers from taking matters under their own control.

"So then, Link, what is it that you're thinking about now?" she needed to restart the conversation to ease her jangling nerves, "I hope you're not secretly going nuts over there."

"Gotta reflect on how much I've changed to be doing any of what I'm doing now," the hero remarked, "Lying out in the nude, letting my most amorous thoughts for the girl I love run wild."

"So, you are still thinking of me?" she teased.

"I'm trying not to go overboard, but I can't help it."

"I'm here whenever you need me."

"I know and that's why I still want to take my time."

"Well, I don't know if it's any consolation, but I doubt you've really changed as much as you think you have."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I only brought what was always lying in wait deep down."

"Perhaps," he looked straight to the sky, "That is how I grew to earn the title of Hero."

"Hey, imagine how clueless you'd be on what to do with all that pent-up virility if I hadn't come along. Think of how you'd fare trying to keep that trapped in your pants, how lucky you are to have a girl who wants you to just let it all hang out."

"You made me ache a bit just by mentioning it."

"Well then, you should instead better memorize how the sensation of freedom compares."

"It's wonderful, Tetra," he stretched himself in relief, his member more than anything else, which made her own heart jump.

"It certainly looks like a feeling I wish I could know."

"What do you mean?"

"Almost seems poetic that your excitement shows on the outside while mean is all stuck inside to leak out slowly as I try to hold it in. That's just like me and you."

"But, just like that tan, I can still tell how much work and heart you really put into it," he answered, "What you seem from me is merely an extension of what I sense from you."

"Then, at the very least, I should put more of it out into the open," she rose to her feet.

Link prepared to request her patience for a third time until her movement made it clear, she wasn't going for his loins but rather stepping over to stand by his upper body.

"I won't touch you until you say so, but would you take a closer look at the feelings you've awoken in me?" she asked politely.

"How so?" he wondered until she lifted a leg over him, so her groin was directly above his face.

"Just take as close a look as you wish, and handle what you see as you see fit," she carefully lowered her hips to take a loving seat on Link's heroic visage.

It didn't take him long to figure out how to proceed once he got her lovely rear on his face, her womanhood dripping onto his lips. His tongue shot right up and into her opening where it immediately made her quiver upon first contact with her inner flesh. It was steamier than ever having been out in the sun for so long and that greatly intensified the flavor she provided him and the sensations he provided her. She only lasted a couple of seconds before letting out a moan, and continuously let out a series of more subtle squeaks as he kept going. It was impossible not too with his manhood beckoning her less than a foot away, delightfully tormenting her with even greater visions of carnality. Even with his limited view, Link could tell where her eyes were locked and the profound effect it was having.

"Sorry, Tetra," he paused to apologize, "It's not fair for me to tease you like this while still asking you not to do anything."

"No, I like it this way," she rebutted with a shiver, "You were right in what you said about remembering the value of patience. Let me think of the things you're going to do to me so I can think of the even greater things I'm going to do to you when you're done."

"Sounds like a deal."

He used the juices still flowing from her womanhood as fuel to push his excitement to its very peak, reaching a point where his member grew incapable of remaining still. It eagerly twitched with each spasm of his lower muscles and tensed with every pulse pumping through his length. Tetra could only associate his current state with the greatest sex she's ever had with him and went into ecstasy at the memory, as well as some wonderful pain in her yearning for more. Link was still no slouch with his tongue, and it did all it could to fill the void as he gleefully flexed his masculinity before her. The captain's orgasm even seemed to come at every moment he strained his hips to hoist his erection as highly into the open air as he could. The satisfaction of bringing her to climax also brought about the anxious realization that he was now fully prepped for the next step.

"Fuck, I really needed that, Link, thank you," Tetra got her mind straightened out, discovering that her orgasm had only increased her desire from his own arousal still pounding in front of her.

"Anytime, Tetra." he did everything to keep cool and collected.

"Seriously, you should feel free to join me for my tanning sessions anytime. I think a little color on your skin would do you some good too."

"Sure, okay," he answered somewhat stiffly.

"But I'm getting ahead of myself aren't I?" she saw through his facade, "There's still something you still need here and now."

"Yes," he wouldn't even try and deny it, "My patience has just about reached its limit."

"Oh, what would you have to do if I weren't here to handle it?"

"I truly don't know. It's been years since I've felt anything like this with my arousal flaring up all the way, untouched."

"Good things come to those who wait, Link. Right now, I want to get my hands on you as badly as you want me to."

"Will you?" he always felt good asking her first.

"Not only will I but you've put ideas in my head for me to do it in ways you've never experienced or imagined in your life."

"I know you'll be up to the task."

"I promise I'll be," she made her move at long last.

Despite her claims, their activities until now had given Tetra so many ideas she scrambled mentally to settle on any single one to start with, even adjust and readjusting his seat multiple times while contemplating her position

"It's that tough for you to decide, is it?" her indecisiveness had the unintended side effect of pushing him nearer to his personal limit than he had planned to allow himself to get.

"It needs to be just right..." she mumbled to herself until an earlier comment from him struck the necessary chord, "Yes, I see it now..."

The one thing she was certain of was her desire for them to me able to look upon each other's faces, so she set his chair to hold head more upright, ensuring his natural position would give him a full and direct view of his dick and all that she would be doing to it. He could tell by how she held herself up between his legs that she had something like nothing before thought up.

"So, what's on your mind?" he could barely handle the suspense.

"Just what you said before," she stated, "I'm going to appreciate your dick the way that you want."

"Truth be told, I can barely remember at the moment," his mind was a haze of sexuality.

"And I'll be glad to remind you," she put herself down between his legs completely.

Tetra rested her chin on his seat so that her face was level with the bottom of his shaft and testicles, while her eyes could still clearly gaze up at his face from below. In a way, her pose wasn't all too different from the one she had been tanning in, but now her hands lifted above her hand to go after his erection from above while her lips were positioned to pleasure him from underneath.

"You told me what you like most about having a cock like this," she explained, "That means I should savor it in the very same way."

The captain made her first demonstration of what she meant by taking his length in both hands to begin a well-deserved massage, but Link soon noticed that her eyes never wavered from their trajectory to his face. Her hands went around feeling him up as if she were a blind woman trying to find her way.

"You told me you liked the shape of it," she elaborated, "It does have quite the distinct form so I'm going to figure out how handle it based solely on how it feels in my hands and that spectacular look on your face."

She diligently kept her gaze trained on her hero as she began this highly detailed jerk off session. Her training to be a pirate had already taught her that shutting off one sense would magnify the others but she never dreamed that it could be applied in quite this way. Indeed, allowing her touch to be solely guided by feel made his penis appear to take on a form wholly unfamiliar to her. Her eyes alone had never told her precisely how it curved in the middle or just where his shaft gained a little extra thickness when stroked properly. Watching Link's face helped her redraw the maps she had charted in her mind on how to best pleasure him as certain spots seemed to be sensitive in ways she had never noticed. When she felt his heart pick up to a certain extent, she helped him straight up so his eyes could spot his own throbbing for once, along with how the rest of his erect tool had become inflamed.

"That's the shape you like, isn't it?" Tetra played with his body and mind, "This is the way it only gets when it's handled by the woman you love. How is it now, Hero?"

"Oh fuck, I can hardly believe it," Link actually felt himself being turned on by the sight of his very own manhood, "That's just the sort of lasting imprint I always want to leave inside you. The thickest part is right where I'm pretty sure your G-spot would be."

"That's the conclusion I've come to," she concurred, "Truly the ideal form of manliness."

Although initially concerned the excessive build-up to this point would have him finishing too quickly, Tetra began to realize that she had gotten him pent up to a point where he had been restraining it so hard that it would now take all she had to get him to blow, which was fine by her. She left hand dedicated itself to the top of the shaft where it would be most sensitive, especially the engorged glans which she squeezed to feel the blood rush out of and have it balloon right back up.

"There's nothing on earth I could do to properly simulate how this bulbous head feels jammed up inside my pussy," she traced a finger all around it, "If only I can teach you what it means when I talk about the scraping."

"Your moans have told me all I need to know," the hero quipped.

"There are so many things about this cock that you'll never get from simply looking at it, but the necessary lessons are highly exclusive. I'm grateful to be your student, Link."

"No, you're the teacher here," he corrected her, "I never would've thought to use my body the way you have

"Let's just agree to be study buddies then," she compromised, "In return, I'll show you the most important thing I've learned."

Moving on to the third part of Link's prior list, Tetra stuck out her tongue to plant a lick all across his scrotum, sampling how the taste differed from the shaft while his general reaction remained the same with everything else. Upon confirming her results, she then used her tongue to lift and roll his left testicle specifically, garnering a phenomenal response for the hero that didn't indicate even the slightest discomfort with her handling of his single most sensitive area. With all signs telling her to proceed, she opened her lips wrapped around the entire ball for some light suction before releasing it.

"You told me you're most proud of these jewels, and I can see why," she took a whiff of their odor, "Even their scent is all their own. It can be quite painful if they aren't handled with care, but that's because they deserve only the most delicate touch."

Delicately as promised, Tetra went all the way to tug his testicle into her cheek to be embraced by her gentle tongue, all while continuing to stroke him as fervently as ever. It was all coming together perfectly as Tetra had always wanted to grant him the pleasure of this release out in the open. Without her mouth or womanhood to contain it, she held his erection high to grant him a grand eruption for him, her, and the world to see, if it so dared. Even Link had become subconscious aware of how uncommon it was for him to really see his own ejaculation and kept his eyes as much on his own member as the woman beneath it.

"Come on," she went from one ball to the other, "I'm sure you're just as aware as I am of how much these things are writhing around. You've waited long enough. It's time to embrace your reward."

"I've already got my true reward and absolutely can't want to show it to you!" he tightly gripped the sides of his seat as the gridlock within him broke down.

Still sailing along the vast ocean, Link let loose an explosion as fierce as any undersea volcano. His seed was more volatile and wilder as it did not discriminated with is trajectory on launch, landing just as much on his chest as it did her backside. Link firmly followed through on all of it though, content to keep score on how his essence splattered itself between them. Tetra found just as much gratification with his sperm hitting her back as she would with it blasting into her throat. Tenderly caressing the testicles responsible until his load was finished.

"So, have you learned anything new?" Tetra raised herself back to eye level with the hero.

"Just a few things," he wagged his finger at her to come for a kiss which she obliged.

Upon parting from their kiss, the acute Hylian hearing they both shared alerted them to the footsteps scurrying around just below deck, seeming to come right to the entrance before backing off in a hurry.

"It would sound as though we've been spotted, huh?" Link noted.

"Seems that way, but while my men are curious, they still know their place in the end," she remarked, "I doubt it'll be an issue. Shall we continue as we were before?"

Link approved with a nod as she went back over to her seat. In actuality, she had meant going back to sunbathing, but she soon detected Link hovering over her with a different set of intentions, stepping back when she turned to peek at him.

"Oh, you wanted to go back to tanning, that works too," he murmured.

"Why? What did you want?" she spun to promptly receive her answer.

Casting an ominous shadow over Tetra was her hero standing with an erection as rigid as ever, even with all of her skillful work on it just moments before. If anything, the image of him looming over her with his shaft hanging over her head was even more spectacular and alluring than it had been before.

"Really? All that before did nothing for you?" Tetra wasn't truly upset but couldn't help having her pride tweaked.

"No, it was all wonderful, but you made me realize something even more wonderful," he beamed.

"Yes?" her eyes brightened as they met with his.

"Of course, I love you plenty, but I now realize how much I also love this sensation of being open and free that you mentioned," the hero unveiled.

"I figured you would," she smirked, "I know that seemingly modest nature is only a front."

"Maybe it is wrong of me, but I can only tell you about how I feel," he shrugged.

"I'm only messing with you," she giggled, "It's this part of you that I like the most."

"I truly did just want to share in your personal tradition, but I can ignore how this newfound sense of freedom is coursing through my body."

Almost immediately, the surging excitement he spoke of rush through his muscles, making them appear more well defined and rugged than ever in the sunlight, then the wave crashed down onto his manhood, sending it shooting up as if suddenly freed from the very influence of gravity itself. His mast towered as full as their pirate ship's own standing behind them. When Tetra stood to face him, it looked as if it was ready to lift her whole being on its own.

"My, just look at the sort of exhibitionist I've inadvertently turned you into," she chuckled.

"Feel free to laugh, but it's true," Link held his ground, "I never imagined what sort of feelings the sun and outdoor air on my skin would awaken in me. It's like every cell in my body has been entirely reinvigorated."

Link guided her hands to feel how his rippled muscles had tightened and solidified as if fresh off the most intense of workout routines. Her finger made circles around their well-defined outlines as her face showed her approval. To his quiet surprise, she refrained from making a move towards his member while massaging his biceps.

"For years, this hobby of mine as been a sort of personal ritual of renewal," Tetra started to reflect with a hand on his chest, "The rays of the sun felt as though they were searing away the aches and scars of the recent past to get me ready for what lied ahead. I guess it was sort of a way to cover up any negative emotions I was burdened with at the time, but it's amazing how it appears to be the opposite for you. You just want to bring everything you're feeling deep down out to the surface, to bring out the best in yourself."

"Yeah, I think that sounds about right," he put an arm around her in this shared moment of clarity, "Is that fine with you?"

"Absolutely, if anything it's another reminder of how you're my one true soulmate," she fawned against his shoulder.

Their eyes closed for a short period of solitude and tranquility between them. Link was overjoyed to have this time with her, even as he became restless with her failure to directly address his most prominent need.

"You know, you're allowed to tell me if you simply aren't interested at the moment," he cooed into her ear.

"Oh, I know what I'm interested in," she cooed back, "I'm waiting to hear what you're interested in."

"Excuse me?"

"I'm still under my promise not to do anything without your say so, remember?"

"Huh? Oh, right," it seemed like so long ago to him, "Usually comments like that from me are only valid for a single round."

"Yes, but I can tell. It's a bit different this time," she whispered, "What it is that you truly desire."

"What I truly desire," he repeated and began to ponder her words.

A few moments to think enabled him to become aware of how truly unflinching his current state of arousal was, not budging an inch even when his thoughts did drift away from her. The continued influx of energy through his body as the rays of the sun rained down on it alerted him to a need that now radiated from every fiber of his being. One that he could only pray she'd be able to handle. Still, the shared trust between them was more than enough for him to take his chance by holding out his arms as if he was offering to lift her.

Normally only permitting herself to be carried in special cases, the look in his eyes informed her that now was just such a case. Even so, he still went beyond her expectations by taking her from the front with a leg in each hand, lifting her off of the ground entirely and additionally offering her his neck to put her arms around to support herself. Mere inches apart, he held her womanhood and his manhood out as bare as they'd even been to the entire outside world. A slight bit of irritation Tetra's face was quickly done away with as she got an up-close look at the conviction in his expression.

"Well, it's certainly not like you to take the mile when I give an inch," she remarked as he walked her over to the main mast to use for additional support.

"I'm sorry," he expressed some remorse but not a hint of doubt.

Even if she would be obligated to scold him for this later, Tetra resolved to use the time to fondly reflect on just how far Link had come with over the years and admire where he now stood ready to go. A mere look down from their entwined pose told Tetra all she needed to know regarding their present circumstances.

"You just keep on getting more and more incredible, Link," she praised directly into his ear, "To think you've grown to the point where not even this pirate princess could refuse you."

"Fortunate for me, since this time I truly don't know where I'd turn if you did," he exhaled a deep breath, "I mean, this is..."

"Yeah, I've already noticed," she cut him off, "I mean, I can feel it moving against me."

Tetra clung to him with a shudder as his still rising manhood rubbed against her entrance guided solely by its own strength and will. Link adjusted himself to hold her up even higher, yet she could still see it twitching as if aiming to leap up into her of its own volition.

"This whole time, it hasn't shrunk down even the slightest bit," she observed, "That's not going away on its own at all, is it?"

"No, and I think deep down that it's because I don't want it to," the hero confessed.

"What? Aren't you the one who always feels bad that he can still keep going even after I'm totally wiped out?" she inquired with excitement and anxiety."

"Yeah, but, even if that's true here too, I'm fine with it."

"Is that so?" she eyed him before he motioned her to look back down again.

"Look at me. Out here in the light of day, I have nothing to hold back or hide," he bared himself to her.

When Tetra did as he had requested, Link did all he could for his body to put on the best opening show for her. With a flex of his mighty muscles and slight sway of his hips, the hero fully showed off the power, volume and rigidity he had been endowed with, demonstrating a bevy of movements he could have it make on its own before having it start bouncing up enough to bump directly at Tetra's entrance. It was severely out of character for him to tease he so thoroughly while holding her in such a defenseless position, but it felt just as out of character for Tetra find something that should be so demeaning so enjoyable instead.

The hero grinned squarely into her helpless, flustered face as she tried to formulate a response to his provocations. It would all be for naught the moment he felt ultimately felt the womanly juices accumulated from his teasing drip directly down onto his firm appendage, as he had intended, to leave her utterly defeated in his grasp. The captain held her face in her free hand while straightened himself out with a laugh, returning to his more typical demeanor to signal to her that he was feeling more serious now.

"I take it back. Something in you really has changed." she sighed with her wounded pride.

"No, you were right. It's also something that's always been in me that I never realized," she shook his head with a smile, "This is me at my fullest."

"Your fullest indeed," Tetra leered in an attempt at a dirty joke only to see him nod in agreement with her.

"Yes, I won't be ashamed to admit it," he took her quip head-on, "I wasn't entirely kidding before. It really is a burden to need to hold back my feelings for you at any given time. I don't want to fight it when I don't have to, and, being out here with you like this, I realized that I don't have to."

"Ah, so that's what you're saying," she synchronized herself with his line of thought, "I'm a pirate unable to relate to the rules of small island life so I can't really comment on the issue, but I'm fine with you doing what feels right to you."

"It has nothing to do with my old island. It was you I was worried about."

"I'm also a woman, so it's not my place to comment or complain."

"Do you want to complain?"

"No, if it means you can feel free of any needless restraints, I can feel great about it."

"Thanks, Tetra," he kissed her cheek as his member jumped to kiss her opening one more time.

"You make it seem so easy," another jolt went up Tetra's spine.

"Because in some ways it's the easiest thing in the world for me," Link held out his hips to have his manhood standing tall, ready to penetrate her at any given moment, and in full command of the captain's respect, "Since we grew into lovers, Tetra, wanting you is my natural state of being. I was told by my grandma that these things are only for the most private moments, but it's more than just the private moments that I desire you, Tetra. Being out here with you as you tan that gorgeous figure, if I'm not standing tall and erect I just don't feel like myself. I'm so turned on right now I can hardly stand it, and it kills me to even try and hold it back, and I just can't do it anymore. This is me, Tetra. This is how I feel and will feel no matter how long we're together."

"My only regret is that you ever felt like you needed to hold yourself back for me, Link," she continued excreting her feminine moisture as she watched his masculinity throb with its own fluids on its tip," If you want me, I'll do what I can to let you have me, it's that simple. As long as you can assure me that it's all for me and always for me. If that's the case I'll never feel upset over you showing your desire for me."

"Thanks, Tetra, I know you always say stuff like the, but I still need to hear it."

"The feeling's mutual. I know you're always saying how attracted you are to me, but it means so much more when I see it," she glanced back down towards the real matter at hand, "I can't think of any time where a look at you and your hard cock wouldn't instantly brighten my day."

"Well, I hope you're enjoying the view out here more than ever."

"I do Link, so, so much," she gazed him over softly, "You shimmer so sexist in the daylight. I can practically see the heat radiating from that dick. Hovering my pussy so closely over it makes it seem somehow bigger than it already is."

"Is that so?" he maneuvered the tip of his manhood as near to her entrance as he could without making physical contact.

"Oh yes," she endured his teasing, "If it weren't for those fine muscles you developed, it would look so out of whack with the rest of your body. It seems so heavy they way it bobs with even the slightest motion."

"Indeed," Link whispered hungrily, "It's as sensitive as it is large, but that's also how I've come to understand exactly what it wants."

"Which is?"

"You, hang and swaying freely upon it like the flag atop this mast."

"Hmmm, I'll miss being able to look at it if it goes all the way inside me," the captain playfully pondered, "but if that's really what it wants..."

"It is, and, don't worry, I'll still put on a great show for you later..."

Pushing up more against the mast for support, Tetra's legs joined around his back to prompt the hero to join himself together with her in one mighty thrust. Her voice echoed out across the vast seas surrounding them as she felt his member raging up to her deepest point. Link lifted her even higher to where she could more comfortably rest her arms on his shoulders, the physical effort involved more than worth the pleasure he could see being written across her face.

"You have no idea how fun you make it for me to have one of these," he adjusted his grip to more naturally nestle his length up against her cervix.

"That should be my line," she giggled back as her delight in being ravished by him grew to the point of near laughter.

"But you could never know the joy and relief it brings to be with you," Link steadily rocked himself in and out of her core, "Usually when I'm outside with you, I can only think of the discomfort involved with keeping something like this in my pants. It feels so good to let it out like it was meant to be, especially when I have you like this as you were meant to be."

"Are you really saying I was meant to be pinned up against the mast of my own ship?"

"You come out here to let the sun work its magic on the outside of your body. I'm here to work my magic on your insides," he drove harder into her.

"Oooooh..." Tetra shuddered, realizing how good the warmth of the sun still felt on her skin meshed with his heat boiling up within her, "That certainly does have it's charm."

"I hope you don't mind me interrupting your tanning like this," he asked politely but far too late for her answer to matter.

"How could I?" she surrendered to her favorite scraping sensation deep inside, "Tanning won't ever be the same again after this..."

"What do you mean?"

"Just you wait and see, my Hero..."

Anything Link might have wanted to see at the moment took a firm backseat to seeing her wriggling in euphoria, and he proceeded as such. Not just their loins but he relished the feeling of their hips smashing together in rapid succession as well. The weight and suppleness of her rear exemplified the virile woman he always knew Tetra to be deep down. He wanted to keep his eyes solely on her, but the immeasurable pleasure he was wrapped in with her forced his neck to arch back and his field of vision up towards the clear, summer sky. It reminded him of the freedom he felt to be making love to her in the open like mating animals and inspired him to move more like one, especially as her voice called up to him with increasing volume.

"Oooh, I won't last long like this," she moaned, "I've loved the sun, the ocean, and you since I was a little girl and bow I've got all three at once. It's breathtaking."

"Don't resist it," he shushed, "Let yourself go knowing that I plan to provide you with plenty of all of those things."

"I will, I will, Liiiiiiiiink," she freely released herself into his arms, entrusting him fully with all of her being.

That trust was not misplaced as he supported her quivering frame through a beautifully devastating climax. In a combination her mind could not fully comprehend, her senses both went numb yet grew more vibrant than ever. She could barely see straight yet perfectly picture the boy and the sea before her. Her womanhood overflowed with delightful sensations yet just as clearly made out every reaction his manhood was having along with her. The undulations it created around him made it difficult for Link to continue to stand but he persevered with absolute determination, only letting when he had made certain she had gotten the most out of her orgasm.

"Are you still hanging in there, Tetra?" the hero felt her go unusually limp in his grasp.

"Yes, thanks to you," she smiled, "I hate the idea of being carried yet I somehow doubt my ability to still walk at the moment."

"I'm here for you," he took a hefty squeeze of her butt.

"Only now have you managed to clear my head enough to realize what I'd really like to do here, yet it's too late for me try it."

"It's never too late," he rebuked her.

"That quality fucking took the wind out of my sails. It was a mistake doing all those chores before taking this break. I don't have the energy remaining to repay you as I would like to."

"Then we'll wait until you do,"

"Not until I've had some time to lie down."

"So be it," the hero stunned her by walking her back to her chair, lifting her from his still standing member to place her back onto her seat.

"What are you doing?" she objected, "You still haven't finished."

"And I won't until you're all with me for it."

"You don't get it. I mean that I'm really wiped, like for the rest of the day."

"Then so be that too," he went back to his own seat, "I'll wait as I need to."

"But if you leave it like that, won't it..." Tetra tried to jumble together an explanation of blue balling.

"That'll only make it all the sweeter. We agreed that good things come to those who wait, whether it be for a minute, an hour, or a day. I know you'll make it worth it and don't want to continue until you're in a position where you know that you can."

"But I can't... I mean, you can't..." Tetra weakly tried to debate him.

"I can, don't worry, just enjoy the sun as you came out here to do, the guys will probably come up to check on us in less than half an hour," Link affirmed his conviction by laying out with his hands folded behind his head, as if continuing the tanning from before.

Tetra gave up with a sign and tried to resume her own sunbathing, but, even as good as the light continued to feel on her exhausted limbs, she couldn't pull her eyes away from her hero, even more so than before. Through their time connected, she could feel him aching for release up until the last moment, yet she didn't know if she should be amazed or insulted but how casual his expression was with that need completely unsatisfied. It became even worse for her when her eyes drifted to his manhood which was enflamed in a way she had never seen, bursting with a desire it knew was not about to be fulfilled, glans and balls swollen, tantalizing and tormenting her in a way it never had before. She was ready to force herself over to him to do something for it before the final epiphany hit her.

"How can I call myself captain if I can't manage to show more restraint than a mere island swabbie," she flipped herself over to turn away from his temptation, "Hey, Link."

"Yes, Tetra?"

"Will you still desire me as much later as you do now."

"No, even more," he sighed, "I can't bear to touch it myself knowing that there's something you want to do with it instead. It hurts a bit, but it also feels good to know a girl who wants me as much as I presently want her. It's agonizing yet I'm truly delighted to wait for her."

"I promise I'll be back out here tomorrow with all of my strength and wisdom to satisfy those needs, as long as you promise that you'll come at me then with the same vigor you're holding back know."

"It's a promise, Tetra," he replied as calmly as he could without exploding, "It's a promise."

-To be continued-

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