Seed of The Dragonborn 05: Nazeem's Wife

BY : maryshepardn7
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It was an overcast day in the city of Whiterun as the dragonborn entered the front gates. Fenrir had come to town so that he could return a lost locket to an old woman that he had "found" on a group of dead bandits. The dragonborn sprinted up the hills of the city to get to her house. Along the way, the shrill voice of Nazeem pierced his ears as he sprinted.


"Do you get to the cloud district very often?"


As Fenrir continued running, the voice continued to speak to him even though he was well past it. "Oh, what am I saying...Of course you don't."


Fenrir turned back and walked towards Nazeem as he stood smugly in place.


"What? Why does any of what you just said matter?" Fenrir said, annoyed by the pathetic man.


With a snide tone Nazeem responded. "I'll have you know, I advise the Jarl on many matters."


"So!? And I'm the Thane of Whiterun!" Fenrir roared back. "I've never seen you in the cloud district and I go up there all the time!"


" see, I don't advise him as much uh.....any more, yeah, anymore."


"Whatever." Fenrir said, fed up with the asshole's antics. "You have fun with the cloud district."


"Certainly." Nazeem responded as Fenrir continued on his path to return the necklace.


After receiving 300 septims from the grateful old woman, the nord dragonborn descended the city's hills and came across a pretty redguard woman with in a light yellow outfit. Feeling somewhat frisky, Fenrir decided to chat up the woman.


"Never seen you around here before." Fenrir said.


"The name's Ahlam, if you're looking for my husband Nazeem, check the Jarl's backside."


"Oh that's a pretty na-... wait, what? You're that guy's wife?" Fenrir said in shock.


"Unfortunately." Ahlam responded sadly.


"How did someone like him end up with someone as gorgeous as you?"


Ahlam blushed and giggled at the compliment. "Well, when we both lived in Elswyr, we were the only two redguards in our village. There was a culture of arranged marriage in our province and so our parents stuck us together in our early twenties." She sighed deeply. "And now here we are....happy as can be....."


"Hey, try not to let it get you down." Fenrir said patting Ahlam's arm. "Maybe.....I could help you."


"How so?" Ahlam asked, puzzled.


"Maybe I could keep you company tonight?" the dragonborn said bluntly.


"What?" Ahlam said, shocked by the proposal. "Are you serious!?"


"Fine, I'll be on my way then." Fenrir said, turned off by her reaction. He began to turn and walk away.


"Wait!" Ahlam said, grabbing Fenrir's arm. Something about the man's aura drew her in. She lowered her voice to a hushed tone. "We own Chillfurrow farm outside of town. Nazeem never goes there. Meet me inside at midnight, I'll leave the door unlocked."


Fenrir told her his name and she quickly parted ways with the dragonborn. In the meantime, the dragonborn went bandit hunting until the midnight hour drew closer.





When midnight arrived on the chilly night, the dragonborn approached the farm that was just outside of the city. Aside from some cattle, there was no one else within the vicinity of the small farm as a dim light escaped it's only window. The dragonborn approached the front door and knocked. After a few seconds of waiting, the door opened to reveal Ahlam with a big smile on her face, delighted to see Fenrir had come.


She was wearing a pair of the ever so favored tavern clothes that bar maidens would frequently wear at inns. The bright colors accentuated her dark skin and excess cleavage as Fenrir could see the outer rim of her black nipples almost popping out of the top. "Good to see you again." Ahlam said, beckoning him in.


A fire was going as she poured Fenrir some mead. The farm was a nice quaint homestead.


"This is a pretty nice place, Ahlam." Fenrir said.


"Thanks Fenrir. At least someone appreciates it."


"What do you mean?"


"My husband Nazeem...It's like we're in two different realities. He never tells me if he's coming here or staying at our house in the city. He's always out with his loser friends and we almost never see eachother."


"Well, he sounds like a fool for taking you for granted." Fenrir said, sitting on a chair by the fire, downing his mead.


Ahlam smiled and looked down at her drink, slightly embarrassed by the nord's compliment. "I'm sure you don't mean that." She said twirling her hair as she sat in the chair next to him.


"Oh but I do." Fenrir replied. "You have given him a great life with a comfortable living to go along with a great home and a beautiful wife. All he cares about is bragging about going to a place he probably has never actually been to. He is most certainly a fool." The two finished their mead as Fenrir continued. "For having a beautiful wife like you, he should be thanking the divines."


Ahlam stared at Fenrir as he continued to gaze into the fire. "You always know what to say to a lady, don't you?"


"Sometimes, but not always." Fenrir smiled slightly at the fire, noticing Ahlam stand up in the corner of his eye. He turned his head towards her as she slowly walked towards him, standing between him and the fire.


"Well this time, it's workin'." Ahlam said as she slowly got to her knees and began to rub Fenrir's enormous cock in his pants, quickly stiffening the weapon. She began to kiss the enormous bulge in Fenrir's pants as he placed his mug on the floor and took in all of the pleasure. Ahlam started to then nibble gently on his hard gigantic nord penis and slowly pulled the massive member out of Fenrir's pants. Her eyes widened as she saw the enormous girth, barely able to wrap her fingers all the way around it. She quickly started to kiss the bare cock from bottom to top and plunged it into her mouth when she reached the top. As she slobbered on Fenrir's meat, her saliva ran all down the shaft. She then pulled her breasts out of her tight top and wrapped them around Fenrir's penis. She started to bounce her boobs up and down as Fenrir began to thrust up and down, titty-fucking Nazeem's wife. Ahlam continued licking the head of Fenrir's penis as they continued on.


After several minutes, Ahlam rose and beckoned Fenrir over to Nazeem's bed where she layed on her back, waiting as the dragonborn pulled up her dress, exposing her soft legs. Fenrir quckly plunged into Ahlam's pussy, ravaging her and bashing the bed against the wall while making Ahlam scream with pleasure.





Nazeem had just finished drinking with his friends at the Bannered Mare and had been looking for Ahlam, hoping she would cook him a meal since he had burned his septims on mead. Since she wasn't at their house, the arrogant man had approached his farm, knowing that it would be the only other place she could be at. He noticed lights coming from the window as he heard a woman screaming in an unusual manner. Unsure of what was happening, Nazeem snuck over to the window and tried to peak in. The yelling was louder, but Nazeem was unable to see anything inside.


He then snuck over to the front door and slowly creaked it open. His heart dropped when he heard his Ahlam moaning louder than he had ever heard before. "She must have bought that mammoth's tusk like she said she would....." Nazeem thought to himself as he heard the consistent thud of the bed against the wall mixed in with his wife's screaming. He slid behind a bookshelf that angled himself so that he would be hidden from his wife while still being able to see his bed. His heart sank further when he saw a huge muscular naked man with a knotted beard and long blonde hair thrashing his wife's insides.


Nazeem gulped at what he saw, unsure of how to react. At first he thought of drawing his bow and shooting the man in the back. Instead something inside him felt fascinated by the site of his wife getting plowed by the familiar looking nord. He stopped and just watched, feeling butterflies in his stomach as he did nothing to stop it.


"Oh yes fuck me Fenrir!" Ahlam screamed as she layed on her back pushing her hands against the wall as Fenrir stood and thrusted her with a graceful movement, grabbing her legs. Ahlam let out a long winded cry as Fenrir deposited his hot white load into her pussy, waterfalling out onto Nazeem's bed. They both laughed and kissed as Fenrir slowly pulled out. Ahlam pulled her dress into place.


Nazeem and Ahlam were shocked by what would happen next. Ahlam's belly flashed and quickly grew as Fenrir described to Ahlam what dragonborn seed does, causing an instant pregnancy growth. Ahlam's fuller breasts and stomach had now broke the stictching of her tavern clothes.


"Well, I'm sure Nazeem will think it's his." Ahlam joked.


Nazeem was unsure of what had just happened and yet he thought of how he no longer would have to gloat to everyone in town about always going to the cloud district. Instead he could gloat about raising a dragonborn.


The dragonborn left Ahlam with a kiss on her lips and then her stomach, disappearing into the night, confident in Ahlam's living situation.




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