Overwatch: Sombra & Soldier 76

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Sombra and Soldier 76 had both been assigned to inspect a monitoring station on a warm tropical island in the south Pacific. They received reports that the station had stopped giving off signals and the heroes had volunteered to find out what was going on. It was mid morning when the pair had been dropped off.


"Okay, we'll pick you up at this time tomorrow at the western beachhead!" The helicopter pilot said as the pair grabbed their bags under the loud helicopter blade.


"Roger that!" Soldier 76 said as the two heroes left the LZ and walked towards the dense wind-whipped trees.


Sombra took a look at her GPS. "Station is straight ahead, 400 meters."


"Great, I'll take point. You make sure I'm leading in the right direction."


"Of course, guapo (handsome)." Sombra said under her breath as Soldier 76 readied his weapon.


"Uhh, yeah...Let's go." He said, not understanding what Sombra had just called him.


The pair traversed the dense brush until the finally reached the research station which was isolated in a large area that only had grass and beach sand growing with no trees around it. There was a large steel antenna jutting 50 feet high from the building that exuded a flashing red error light from the top.


The two nodded to eachother as they approached the small, gray one story building. Soldier raised his rifle and put his visor on over his silver hair as Sombra raised her machine pistol. As they approached the front door, Sombra used a hacking device to bypass the door security. "Going in." Sombra said as she activated her camo and opened the door. Soldier 76 followed her in two seconds later. The small room had no enemies or people, which took both of the heroes by surprise.


Sombra de-cloaked and looked around the room for any clues, checking the machinery around the computers to no avail.


"Looks like we found the crime." Soldier 76 said as he picked up some power cables that were connected to the computer. "Looks like the had been chewed through."


"And it looks like we found the culprit." Sombra said, pointing to a rat nest that had been made of the destroyed cables. "I fucking hate rats." She nodded with disgust. She backed off as Soldier 76 approached the nest. Sombra slapped his tight ass for encouragement.


"Hey!" Soldier 76 shouted, blushing from the ass slap.


Sombra winked and help up her fingers to a peace sign." You got this soldier boy!"


"Gahhh, just stand back." He said as he fired a single shot at the nest. "No response. Little bastard must have left a while ago.


"Ohh thank you my hero!" Sombra teased as she got on her tippy toes to wrap her arms around Soldier 76's neck to hug him.


"No problem, I've done my part now see if you can fix it."


She then let go and gave a military salute, still teasing him. "Sir! Yes sir!"


"You're out of control recruit." Soldier 76 said as they both laughed.


After 10 minutes, Sombra repaired the cables and Soldier 76 blocked off any possible entryways that pests could get into .


"Job well done, Ojos Azules (Blue Eyes)!" Sombra said as she slapped Soldier 76's ass again.


"Not exactly what we expected, but we got the job done, now let's go enjoy the beach." He said as he slapped Sombra's thick ass in playful retaliation, causing her to giggle and blush.


"Yes sir!"




It was now 2 in the afternoon and Sombra had changed into her revealing purple bikini, while Soldier 76 had a pair of blue trunks and black aviators on. The soldier put a dark blue towel on the warm white sand, close to the water. Sombra ran towards him as he began to relax on the towel. She was carrying her bag of supplies and stood next to where 76 was laying.


She began to look through her bag. "Ay mierda (Oh shit)!" She said as she rummaged through. "I forgot my towel."


"Damn..." 76 said. "Here, you can use mine."




"Yeah, I'll go to the sand."


"Oh no you don't!" Sombra said as she jumped down onto the town, wrapping her arm around 76's chest, preventing him from moving.


"Okay, okay, we'll share." 76 said.


"That's what I like to hear."


Soldier relaxed and gently rubbed Sombra's arm as it was locked around his chest.


Sombra gave a warm sigh of relief as she relaxed against 76, smelling his wonderful cologne mixed with his warm body and the cool ocean breeze. "Me encanta (I love it)."


Several minutes had passed until Sombra abruptly got up on her knees as 76 rested with his aviator sunglasses on and his hands behind his head. She reached into her bag and pulled out a white bottle of bronzer oil. She stood up, facing 76 as he looked towards her with a relaxed smile. Sombra squirted a large amount of the white liquid into her hands and rubbed it all over the front of her body, from head to toe, allowing 76 to admire her perfect shape.


She held the bottle in her hand as she dropped back down to her knees, before handing the bottle to 76. "Do you mind, mi amor (my love)?"


"N-no...Not at all.... Just lay on your stomach."


Sombra did just that.


"So where do you want it?" 76 asked.


"All over my body." She said excitedly as 76 squirted the copld bronzer onto her back. "Especialmente mi culo (Especially my ass)."


While he was no expert in spanish, 76 did know what culo meant, causing him to get excited as he started to rub Sombra's shoulders, leading her to unhook her bikini top. "Slower, my silver fox." Sombra said, deriving great pleasure form 76's big strong hands as they massaged her naked back. 76 was kneeling by Sombra's head as he massaged her, when she noticed a huge bulge coming from his tight trunks. Smiling deviously, Sombra reached out and felt the large outlined meat.


"Whoah!" 76 said.


"Sorry, couldn't help myself!" Sombra said, feeling emberassed.


"No, it's okay. Just didn't expect that." Sombra smiled up at 76 as he noticed her brown nipples peaking out from the towel as she layed on them. He grabbed Sombra's hand and placed it back onto his crotch as she continued to rub it while he massaged her back and neck.


Soldier leaned his erect penis closer to Sombra's face as she was unable to take her eyes off of his trunks. Then as if she was possessed, she latched her lips to his trunks, licking and kissing 76's swimsuit. "I think I've teased you long enough." 76 said as he stood up and pulled off his trunks, causing Sombra's face to light up at the site. He knelt back down and continued massaging as Sombra drew 76's big juicy penis into her mouth like a black hole. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head from the combination of 76's delicious juices and his strong firm massage.


"Tastes so sweet." Sombra said for a split second before latching back on. Somnbra was still laying on her back as 76 leaned his head back from the warmth inside of Sombra's mouth as she drooled her saliva and his precum onto her now fully exposed breasts since she was raised slightly by her arms.


76 pulled his penis out of Sombra's mouth as a long thick string of semen and saliva mixture was connected from his penis head to her tongue. He walked over to her side and slapped Sombra's ass as she jiggled it for him like the waves on the nearby ocean. Sombra smiled, tasting Soldier's juices in her mouth as 76 jumped his hands down to her feet, applying his strong, manly pressure on her calfs. He then moved his hands to her upper leg, barely, touching Sombra's lower butt cheeks. 76 had felt his cock pulsing as he felt her bronze oiled body, complimented by her purple g-string.


He slowly rubbed his hands on her ass cheeks and grabbed Sombra's thong, pulling it down her legs and off her body, exposing her asshole and pussylips as she continued to lay on her stomach. He gently rubbed his fingers on her sensitive vagina as Sombra twitched from being slightly ticklish. 76 slowly placed his face in between Sombra's cheeks as he shoved his tongue deep inside her vaginal canal, feeling it's smoothe, wet walls as she moaned and shivered with pleasure. Sombra reached back and locked her hands with 76 as he continued eating her out.


He then rolled Sombra over and crawled on top of her and shoved his cock into her mouth as he continued fingering and tasting Sombra's pussy. The two were locked in the 69 position as they felt the cool ocean breeze winding through the warm sunlight, gently colliding with their bodies along with the rustling palm trees.


76 got back up and flipped Sombra back onto her stomach and raised her legs in the air. "Mmmm, so strong and firm." Sombra said, complimenting 76's unbridled alpha prowess that he hid quite well from the public eye as the staunch and just protector. 76 then closed his eyes as he took in the breeze before piercing Sombra's tight asshole, causing her to put a tight grip on the towel. "DIOS MIO (Oh my god)!" She cried as she felt him plow into her lower regions.


76 started to thrust causing a loud slapping sound from the collision of his crotch with Sombra's oiled ass cheeks. He continued thrusting as he slapped her cute brown butt cheeks, making them both moan loudly.


Soldier 76 then flipped Sombra onto her back and lifted her legs over his shoulders. Her asshole was wide open and throbbing from the beating as his penis delved deeply into Sombra's pussy, causing her to squirt all over the towel and sand. Sombra's eyes rolled up as she felt the immense pleasure from every slight movement 76 was making inside her.


After 15 minutes in the same position 76 made the decision. "I'm gonna cum!" He said as he continued thrusting.


"Let's see how good your aim is, soldier boy!"


76 pulled out and began stroking his cock as Sombra remained on her back, raising her legs up as 76 stood. Both of her holes were wide open and only a few inches away from 76's dick as he continued stroking and aimed. "I've got you in my sights." 76 said as he opened fire, shooting huge hot white loads that flew with a perfect trajectory into Sombra's gaping pussy, making her moan as she felt the warm cum gravitate into her. He continued blasting as more shots went into Sombra's asshole. He then shot the last of his hot white load down Sombra's glimmering brown skin, running all the way down to her tits as she rubbed it onto her skin, gleaming even more than before.


76 dropped onto the towel, panting next to Sombra."


"Great work, soldier." Sombra said as she leaned over and kissed him.


The pair would set up a makeshift tent from some nearby palm trees and would return to the mainland the next day.


A few months later, Sombra and Soldier 76 would both take time off of being heroes thanks to Sombra's pregnancy. A fact that surprised many heroes, but not entirely, thanks to Soldier 76's old reputation and Sombra's fiery personality.




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