Star Wars KOTOR: Revan's Secret Lover

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It was before the start of the Mandalorian Wars, which would tear the galaxy apart with death and conflict. All throughout the republic, whispers of war were abundant as the Jedi tried to use the force to discern the potential future of the galaxy, to no avail.


One such place where the jedi had hoped to keep peace was the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. As the galaxy waited in silence, several restless souls wandered the halls in anticipation and with hopes to strike at the warmongering Mandalorians preemptively. Among these souls was the powerful jedi, known as Revan and his apprentice, Malak. Both were very skeptical of the jedi approach and felt that the manadlorians should be met on with force from the jedi in order to save the republic from the mandalorian massacres.


"If we don't aid the republic in building up their defenses, we ALL will be slaughtered!" Revan protested before the Dantooine council.


"Don't be a fool, Revan." The stern Master Vrook said coldly to Revan. "If they see us get involved, they will truly spark conflict with the galaxy."


"How can you say this!" Revan shot back. "I know many mandalorians, and their mantra is not to build up their forces for peace! They build it up for the honor of war!"


The jedi councilors looked towards eachother, obviously annoyed by Revan's constant pestering.


"Thank you for your concern Revan." Master Dorak said politely. "But we aren't ready to get involved in such a way......but thank you for your input. That will be all."


Revan turned and stormed out of the council chamber, furious of the outcome and feeling a spark of anger within himself.


He pressed ahead towards his bedroom down the winding halls of the enclave.


"Judging by the look on your face, it didn't go too well, huh." A soft, feminine voice came from behind one of the hall's corner. Malla, a bright red twi'lek woman wearing jedi robes in her mid 20s walked around the corner, smiling at Revan.


They both looked around until the coast was clear and kissed eachother in the shadows.


"It's always the same way with the council." Revan said as they ended their embrace and began to walk down the long hallway towards Revan's quarters. "They want to sit around and meditate on a threat is knocking on our door."


Malla hugged Revan's arm playfully. "Revan, you're the most powerful person here and they know it too. I'm sure they are taking everything you say into serious consideration."


"Thanks....." Revan sighed and smiled at Malla as he opened the door to his quarters. Revan entered his room and turned around to see Malla staring into his room. "Come on in." Revan beckoned to Malla.


She smiled and entered the large room. "Y'know, I've never been in here before, Revan. It's actually really nice and spacious."


"Glad you like it." he replied as he activated a miniature waterfall in his main living space.


"Ummm Revan..." Malla said, hesitantly. "We've sort of been a thing for a while now. Aren't you worried about what will happen to us if the council finds out about us being together? I mean you're the most powerful and wise one here, after all."


Revan smiled and rubbed Malla's arms gently. "It'll be fine....don't worry..." He gently placed a kiss on Malla's lips to comfort her as her slight frown turned to a smile.


"Revan, I......I think I'm ready." Malla said warmly.


Revan smiled as he held her hands, standing face to face with the twi'lek woman. "Are you sure? I have a tendency to cause mischief" Revan joked.


"You're such a rebel!" Malla chuckled as Revan raised and kissed her hand."But yes, I am."


Revan pulled off the top of his jedi attire, revealing his hard 6 pack abs and well defined muscles, causing Malla to water at the mouth. Being that the jedi were ultra protective in their views and she was raised at the enclave, Malla had never actually seen this much of a man's body before.


She shyly ran her fingers across Revan's torso before she slowly took off her top, revealing her red breasts.


"Beautiful...." Revan muttered to Malla's delight. Revan slowly raised his hands and gently cusped the firm boobs. Due to the strict jedi code of celibacy, Malla was slightly nervous about what had been happening. "Let us relax and go to the shower."


He guided Malla over to his bathroom where he turned the shower to a warm temperature with a medium pressure level, steaming up the small bathroom. She dropped her Jedi robes to reveal all of her curvy red body. Revan dropped his as well, beckoning her into the shower with him. She approached the open shower and kissed Revan while grasping his chest. As they kissed, Revan ran his hand around Malla's body, finding her soft clitoris and tickling it, making her giggle as they continued to lock lips.


"That feels good." Malla said as she continued to kiss Revan while feeling his cock harden against her waist. She gently grasped it as it solidified and ran her fingertips across it. "I've never felt one before." She said, smiling at her strange fascination with the human rod.


"Go on and taste it." Revan said.


Malla looked at him nervously as she saw the shower faucet spraying his hair. She lowered herself to a squat and cautiously moved the penis next to her face. She slowly stuck her tongue out and touched the tip with it. She could taste a sweet sensation from the lick and continued to lick even more until eventually it found it's way deep into her mouth. Malla began to bob her head back and forth as she squatted while feeling so naughty by allowing the human into her temple. But she knew she had strong feelings for Revan and he had them for her.


As she looked up at Revan, she cusped his testicles in her hand and gently rubbed them to Revan's delight. Revan placed his hand on the back of Malla's head, pushing her in, so that she would go further down on his penis. The sheer delight from the Twi'lek woman's mouth gave Revan a wonderful sense of relaxation that he needed for so long in order to relieve his pent up stress. Revan pulled his penis out of Malla's warm mouth and stood her up. "Now bend over, Malla."


She did just that, touching her toes as Revan positioned himself behind her ass, grabbing her waist. He teased his cock around her ass, before sliding into the twi'lek's pussy, making her shout out loud. She quickly covered her mouth so that none of the other jedi could hear her.


"It feels so good." She whispered as she turned to Revan as he started to plow her. Malla put her arms and face against the wall as the shower continued to pour onto the couple as Revan fucked her. Revan proceeded to smack Malla's ass as he pounded her from behind. Malla then raised one leg up as she stood up, feeling Revan's human genitalia deep inside. "Oh yes!" She cried out, shivering from the immense pleasure. She shivered so much, that she slipped with Revan still inside her. The couple fell completely to floor, easily taking the blow thanks to their jedi training.


"That was close." Revan said as they both layed on their sides on the floor, with Revan still inside her from behind.


Malla looked back and kissed Revan. "Keep fucking me, Revan." She said naughtily. "It feels so good to finally have you inside me."


As they both layed on the floor, Revan started to pound her again. "Watch this." Revan said, channeling his force speed, pounding Malla at an incredible speed. Unable to hold it in, Malla moaned loudly, with a vibration in her voice thanks to the super speed pounding. After 10 seconds, Revan went back to normal speed so as to not hurt her insides. As he pounded Malla, Revan squeezed her red breasts, spraying her milk onto the wet floor. All while she played with his balls as they slapped her ass repeatedly.


Revan could feel a disturbance in the force. As if he felt something terrible was about to happen, forcing Revan to unleash his load into Malla. They both held still and watched as Revan's cock pulsed his seed into Malla over and over again, giving the two jedi the greatest feeling either of them had ever experienced. He pulled out after unloading everything he had. Cum poured out of Malla's vagina as they both watched in amazement at Revan's essence inside of her.


That night, after Malla left Revan's room, Malla had to take a two day journey to Dantooine's capital. News arrived the night she left that the Mandalorian Wars had begun. The revelation prompted Revan to charge into the war with Malak and many other jedi the very same night.






After the Mandalorian wars ended, thanks to Revan, he returned to Dantooine a changed man. He had seen the full unbridled bloodshed and horror of war. His mind felt had become clouded, leading him to return with hopes of re-balancing himself with the force and finally seeing his love once again since that fateful night.


This return to Dantooine would alter the fate of the galaxy forever.




"What do you mean she's gone!?" Revan shouted in the jedi council's halls.


"She had violated one of the most important jedi codes." Mastr Vrook responded coldly. "We had discovered that Malla had become pregnant...... And that you are the father....."


"I'm....the....father?" Revan gasped in disbelief at the revelation.


"Yes, and as such, according to the code, you both would be punished." Master Dorak said. "We took her to an uncharted isolated planet where she could live quietly, away from the galaxy."


"Where is she!?" Revan shouted, falling to his anger.


"We can't tell you, Revan." Master Vrook said. "The jedi need you more than ever, and thus, we have decided to overlook your transgression and you shall remain a part of the jedi."


"No...." Revan said, feeling the fury build up inside him as his apprentice, Malak, stood by his side placing a hand on his shoulder.


"You can't do this to him!" Malak said in Revan's defense.


"Yes....we can." Dorak said.


Revan's fists were clinched as he stared at the floor in disbelief.


"This is the last warning." Revan threatened. I don't care if you remove my jedi status, just tell me where she is or you'll regret it."


"Threats?" Vrook responded sharply. "Go meditate in your room, Revan. This war you sought out has clearly clouded your mind."


"So that's how it is then..." Revan said. He took out his iconic mask and placed it upon his face. "Malak, let's go...."


The two jedi stormed off and left the enclave to hunt down the fabled ancient ruins that would guide Revan and Malak to the star forge and ultimately, the dark side. Through his transition to the dark side Revan would always remember Malla, but never would get the chance to seek her out thanks to the hectic progression of events that would continue to shake the galaxy for many years to come.









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