The love life of a Hero

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Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda does not belong to me, no profit is being made from this story.

Author’s Note: This is a direct sequel to “Lover of Legends”. It’s probably not required to read it first, but there are some references to it. If you love “Breath Of The Wild”, then why not go read it? You can find it here: Also, if you're only here for the sexy bits (which I completely understand), head straight to chapter 3, 5, 7, 13, 19, 24 and the prequel. If after that you still have some time to spare, feel free to give the rest a read too ^_^

In a nutshell: Link and Ivee like to meet up to relieve some ‘physical stress’, in secret, because they’re afraid society will frown upon sex before marriage. As the story evolves, their connection grows deeper, especially when Ivee discovers love letters from days past, making her realise how much women cared for Link. Turns out that Ivee’s mother knows about their secret meet-ups and, to Ivee’s great relieve, is okay with it, as long as they get married before Ivee starts to show any signs of a pregnant belly. Oh yeah, Link also has – unofficially, for now – proposed to her.
I would also like to point out that English is not my native language, so if there are any errors, please forgive me ^_^.


Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda does not belong to me, no profit is being made from this fic.


Chapter 1: Flowers and summer


“What are you still doing here?”

Ivee jumped from her thoughts when she heard the voice from her mother. As always, she was sweeping in front of the store, calling out to potential customers, when suddenly, her mother stood behind her. With a certain reluctance, she tore her eyes away from the piece of string Link had tied around her ring finger. The piece of string that represented an engagement ring, and which she already loved as fondly as if it would be a real ring. Because just a few moments ago, Link had asked her to marry him. Just like that, her future had turned so much brighter. By lack of a proper ring, Link had used a simple string. But in the light of love, to Ivee, it looked like it was made from the finest silver. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t you wanna go tell him the good news?” Even though Ivee and Link had done their best to keep it a secret, she had learnt that her mother seemed to have sharp eyes, and a very keen sense of intuïtion. As the matter of fact, in hindsight, it eluded Ivee how she could ever have hoped to deceive her mother. Surely, later, she would recognize this as the sweet naivety of youth. Because of course her mother had found out about their meet-ups. That in itself was, obviously, not good news. But what was more – Ivee could hardly contain her joy – she had approved of it. In this day and age, not being banned from the village for living in sin at their tender age, that could be considered pretty huge.

“But… the store.”

Amira dismissively waved her hand. “Oh, business is good at the moment. We don’t need you here. Now, go!”


One week that had been, and from that moment, Ivee’s life had changed drastically. First and foremost: the big bed had arrived. It was amazing. Now, after sex, they could both sprawl and take up as much space as they wanted. They’d also had some curtains made, because, you know… She slept at Link’s house permanently now, only returning to the shop during the day for work, like the big girl she had become. It felt so good, so liberating now that their relationship was out in the open. No longer did they have to make up excuses to spend some time together, or hope to run into each other in the middle of the night. They could have sex with wild abandon, and for the first time, they didn’t have to worry about keeping it down out of fear that anyone might hear. She could walk around the village sporting love bites. They could take a stroll together holding hands, walking shoulder to shoulder. She could dance with her Hero, and publicly kiss him and hang around his neck on her mother’s upcoming birthday party.

It was after one of those bouts when Ivee was enjoying the awesomeness of their new bed. With a happy sigh, she turned her head to see Link staring at the ceiling with a somewhat worried frown between his eyebrows. Not the kind of expression one would want to have after sex. Something had been on her mind as well, but it was her own fault, so she wouldn’t bother Link about it; somewhere along the past week, she had managed to lose her makeshift engagement ring. Makeshift as it was, it did contain all of Link’s feelings and the memory of how he’d proposed to her.

She however, would not make a sour face about it.

Rolling to her side, she propped herself up on her elbow and kissed his shoulder. “Is it something I did? Or said?”

“Hm?” Link murmured, looking at her.

“You look troubled.”

Blinking a few times, Link pointed his gaze back to the ceiling. “Yeah… Something’s been bothering me.” He sighed. “Remember how I said the other day how I wouldn’t get it on with a Zora?”


“Mipha was a Zora.”

“Oh!” Seemed like sex made Link nostalgic. Ivee briefly wondered if she should be worried that he was thinking about Mipha after sex. But she was – sadly, of course – no longer amongst them, so it should be alright. “Mipha was the Zora Champion, right?”

“Yeah. Talking about the Zora race like that… It felt a bit like betraying her. Like sullying her spirit. From what I could gather from my regained memories, Mipha cared a lot about me. To the point of wanting to be my girlfriend.” He seemed to contemplate that thought for a moment. “But she felt so cold. And slippery. And she smelt of fish.”

“When you said that, you were very much focused on the here and now. We were about to have sex, remember, so neither of us was thinking straight,” Ivee calmly stated, running her finger over the cooling sweat on his chest. “Does her spirit still bring you back to life now when you’re on the brink of death?”


“Then I think she has forgiven you. And you know what?”


“I don’t feel cold and slippery.” She accentuated this by pressing her warm body against him. “And I don’t smell of fish either.”

“Hmm, no. You smell of flowers. And of summer.”

“Yes. And I’m also very much alive.”

Link suddenly turned towards her, and she wondered if she had hit a nerve by saying that.

“Thank you for listening to me. And making me feel better.”

“Sure,” she smiled, a bit relieved. “Can we talk about happier things now?”

“Such as?”

“My mother’s birthday party.”

“Ah yes. Are you looking forward to it?”

“Eating, drinking and dancing the night away? How could I not?” Ivee smirked. “It’s gonna be a big party, everyone’s invited. Ooh, you know who’s also coming? You’ll never guess.”

“Enlighten me.”


“No way!”

“Yes! We sent her an invitation, you know, just so she wouldn’t feel left out. And she replied that it’s about time she comes to terms with the way she looks, and she’s tired of feeling so isolated and having no one to talk to but Symin. And you, sometimes. And also, that you’re her favourite piece of research, and if she always has to wait until you come up to the lab, she’ll never get it done.”

“I do have other things to do.” Having sex being one of them.

“Why are you a piece of research?”

“Because when she put me in the Shrine of Resurrection, the Slumber of Restoration had not been perfected yet. So now she wants to see the effects of it.”

“Pretty fine, I would say,” Ivee smirked, looking up and down his body.

“Lost my memories, but other than that, no complaints.” He yawned and stretched. “Well, good for her. I’m happy.”

“What does she look like?”

“Like a six year old.”

“Really? Oh, I’m so curious. And I’m also happy for her. It’s gonna be grand.”

“I think so too. Very grand,” Link grinned. There might’ve been a glint of mystery in his eyes, but Ivee couldn’t say for sure.


It was the day of Amira’s birthday, late afternoon, and preparations were well underway. Trees were being decorated with paper wreaths, meat was roasting and Kass was tuning his accordion. The weather was great that day. The sun was still high in the sky, and the prospect of a summer feast had put everyone in a good mood. Azu and his friend had constructed some kind of throne at the head of the table in which Amira had to sit, along with a crown and a festive robe. Pruce was minding the roasting meat, Ivee was sat on a stool in front of a cooking pot, busy with a poultry and vegetable stew, and Amira was, as per Azu’s orders, not allowed to come out of her throne.

Link hadn’t been spotted all day.

“Hey sis, there’s a girl I’ve never seen before,” Azu cried excitedly.

“That’s Purah,” Ivee smiled. “She lives at the Tech Lab.”

Azu gasped loudly, almost falling on his bum. This was the girl he and his friend had been spying on since like, forever! “Really? Can we play with her?”

“Well, in spite of the way she looks, she’s much older than you. And she’s also very smart. Way too smart for you and your friend.”

“Well, I’m still gonna go tell him! This is huge!” He turned and almost set off on a run, but then abruptly stopped again. So excited with this news, he’d almost forgot what he had come for. “Oh right! Is it true that you’re going to marry Link?”

“Shush, Azu. Link hasn’t officially asked permission to dad yet, so you mustn’t tell anyone,” Ivee giggled, stirring her pot of stew.

“What does ‘offichally’ mean?”

“For real.”


“But yeah, it’s true.”


“Where is Link, anyway?” Amira’s voice suddenly sounded behind them.

“Out, slaying monsters.”

“Why does he have to do that now?” Azu asked.

“Because Link doesn’t get to choose when disasters occur. Whenever his help is required, he needs to go,” Ivee explained.

“Even when there’s going to be a party?”

Even when there’s going to be sex, Ivee wistfully thought to herself. “Afraid so, yes.”


Ever since it first happened, this ‘summoning’, they’d tried to think of ways how to avoid getting summoned. Link was willing to fight for the Kingdom, but in his own time, on his own terms, not when he was about to make love to his girl. They’d tried everything. They’d tried to switch if off, but there was no switch. They’d tried to hide it, but when it was time to go, it would come flying back to his left hip, wherever they’d hidden it, like a very strong magnet, and he’d get summoned anyway. If it had been up to Ivee, they’d destroy it, but everything Link needed was in there, so that wasn’t an option either. Also, Purah would go ballistic. It was something they’d have to learn how to live with, sit it out until Ganon would be defeated.

“I hope he will be back in time for the party,” Amira sighed.

“Me too. But if he’s not, then so be it. It’s your party after all, not his,” Ivee said, shrugging her shoulders, even though she knew how much her mother was dying to show off her future son in law. Official or not, in a village as small as theirs, people probably already knew anyway.

Azu crossed his arms in front of his chest and tried to look stern. “Mum, you shouldn’t be out of your throne. It’s your birthday, so you don’t have to do anything today.”

“I do have to go to the toilet, dear.”


“Now, be careful around that cooking pot, don’t burn yourself. Go play, won’t you?”

“Mum! The girl from the Tech Lab is here! Have you seen her?”

“Yes, I have. Try not to bother her too much. She hasn’t been around so many people at once for a long time. Just play with Sefaro and the other kids, okay?”


Ivee heaved a sigh of relieve. With Azu and her mum gone, she could go back to daydreaming about Link. That was always the best pastime for her when he wasn’t around. Since their relationship was out in the open, they had done it a lot, Ivee thought with a grin. Well, as much as they could anyway. He had also been away for quite some time. Another red beam had appeared in the sky. The last one. It wouldn’t be long now before he would take on Calamity Ganon. Maybe after that, they could have a somewhat normal and carefree life.

“Hmm, this smells good!” Link said, suddenly grabbing Ivee from behind.

Ivee squealed, jumping up from her stool and dropping her ladle in the grass. Link really had a way of sneaking up on her. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” she scoffed, and Link gifted her with the most adorable smile.

“You smell good too,” he murmured, burying his nose in the crook of her neck.

“So… do you…?”

“You don’t have to sound so surprised about that.”

Grinning, Ivee turned around in his embrace. “Well, you have to admit that you’re often very sweaty when you return.”

“This time, I knew I was going to a party, so I stopped by a hotspring first.”

“Oh, so Mister Hero has been soaking in a hotspring, while I’m cooking dinner for thirty-something guests.”

“Aren’t you making your pilaf?” he said, looking over her shoulder in the cooking pot. It smelled different. Looked different too.

“No, this is a new recipe I discovered. It’s a stew. I think I like it better than pilaf.”

“Why are you making stew in the middle of summer?”

“Because everyone likes stew. Stew is a no fail. But if Mister Hero is not satisfied with stew, there’s also roast boar and a plethora of side dishes.”

Link chuckled. “I also brought this.” With a quick head shake, he signalled behind him.

Ivee peered over his shoulder and spotted a couple of barrels. “Is that booze?”


“I love you.” Ivee leaned against him, ready for some proper smooching, just when Amira passed them by, back on her way to her throne.

“Try to keep it decent, love birds,” she smiled amiably, choosing to ignore the face her daughter made. “Link, glad you could make it.”

Ivee went in for a kiss anyway, lingering for just a bit longer than she had planned.

“Fascinating!” a girly voice suddenly said behind them. It was Purah, who had whipped out a notepad and pencil. “Presumptuous, forgetful subject is still capable of finding love after Slumber of Restoration.”

“Hey Purah, so happy to see you here,” Link smiled warmly.

Purah replied with a bright smile of her own. “Linky, my boy.” Link was sure, that if she could’ve reached his face, she’d have squeeze his cheeks.

“Only you can call me that, you know.”


“Yes. But also presumptuous and forgetful.”

Ivee laughed. Then she turned back to her stew. “Do you mind stirring for a bit?”

“Think I’m gonna go crack open one of those barrels.”

“You do that,” Ivee said, sticking the ladle back into the pot.

“There was grass on that ladle.”

“Ah...” Ivee bit her bottom lip. “You know what, grass is perfectly edible. People survive on grass during wars. Bring me a drink, would you?”



To be continued...

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