The Journey

BY : Demonized
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His first breath of actual air in who knows how long is met with a violent coughing fit as the body he has commandeered jolts upright. Pain dances across his neurons with each choking breath in a way that he hasn't experienced in the twenty-seven years prior to MOBIUS' abduction and eventual killing of his personage. It is…invigorating and, in a way, delicious. He craves more of the feeling, to revel in it, study it and how it affects him, but his situation is too precarious for such frivolities.

MOBIUS had descended upon Beacon the instant Jimenez had flipped the switch against their orders, a futile attempt to stake control over the situation and no doubt monitor what they could of the world he had created within STEM. They had critically underestimated the situation they had put themselves in by not scrapping the project entirely, so eager to have the control they sought over the world. It was evident in the fact that they had only sent that damnable woman, a mere peon, in to retrieve Leslie. They had known that he was in there, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, for the moment that he could escape.

Hands grasp at his arms none too gently, or is it that he is more acutely aware of tactile sensations now that he has a fully functioning somatosensory system? The saline solution he is partly submerged in sloshes as the two men in prophylactic suits pull him out of the Terminus port. He is just barely able to make them out as he squints against too bright lights, his coughing having finally subsided. It seems that he is hypersensitive in more ways than one.

The floor feels like glacial ice to his bare feet, something he needs to tolerate as he is nearly dragged between the low level MOBIUS agents out of the room. He manages to get his feet moving of his own accord, his gait that of Leslie's awkward shuffling. The hair on the back of his neck prickles as the woman, Kidman, gazes after him with a small amount of suspicion. The woman next to her pays him no mind whatsoever, and he dares to risk a glance in their direction before he is made to completely leave the STEM hub.

Myra Castellanos née Hanson's profile is unmistakable, and for one inexplicable moment the idea that maybe Seb had been a MOBIUS sleeper agent passes through his mind. It is immediately thrown out on the basis that the detective doesn't fit MOBIUS' criteria for their employees, sleeper agent or not. They preferred the cold and analytical, much like himself. Still, that begs the question of what the woman he had seen in Seb's thoughts is doing with MOBIUS.

As much as it vexes him to not know he doesn't have the time to draw up any scenarios that would explain Myra's presence, not if he wants to make his escape from MOBIUS' grasp once and for all. He doubts that there will ever be a better time to do so than now, when MOBIUS is still trying to get a handle on the situation and are currently unaware of his identity, and so he strikes at the first opportune moment—the instant the elevator doors close behind him and his escorts.

He is still connected to STEM, rather it to him, and he uses this to his advantage, drawing on it to take care of his escorts. They let go of him to grasp at their heads with short lived cries of pain before immediately crumpling to the ground, their consciousnesses whisked away into a world of his making. It is an assured death sentence for them, their minds not even on par with Kid's, and they are consumed quickly. Weak as they are they still bolster him, feeding his power and extending his reach just a bit more.

The corners of his mouth twitch upwards into a vicious smirk as he glances at the corpses, useless bags of meat without their minds, and then he flexes his powers once more. Smug satisfaction blooms as the elevator gives a jolt then begins traveling upwards, absconding with him to Beacon Memorial's main floor.

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