Walter Gets Dirty

BY : No66Bad
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Disclaimer: In this universe, all characters are of-age. I MAKE NO MONEY FROM THIS, I don't own Don't Starve Together.

Walter stepped forward, his Pinetree Pioneer hat on and his Thulicite Pick/Ax in hand as he walked back towards the base. Woby followed behind, fur jingling as she walked. Walter swung his pick/ax into the ground, leaving the handle sticking upwards. Walter then plaved down his tent roll from Woby's back, and set it up on the ground. He pet Woby good night, and stepped into the small tent. 


He laid his shirt on the small night stand next to the sleepong bag, and took off his shorts, remaining only in his underwear. he slid into the sleepong bad and reached his hand into his underwear. My favorite part of the day. Though Walter to himself. He slid down the zipper on he sleping bag, revealing his manhood to the tent air. Walter jerked it a few times, making a bit of precum climb out of his tip. 


Outside of his tent in Woby's mini dog house, Woby was in full mating mood. Being a female dog-like creature during mating season without a mate left her horny. She circled and laid down, sad without a mate. However, she sniffed the air. Pre cum? She sniffed again. Same smell. Woby stood up and followed the scent right to the door of Walter's tent. Woby realized something. Even if she didn't have a dog-like mate, she could use Walter. She burst into the tent, standing over Walter.


"W-w-woby? What are you doing?" Walter studered, seeing his massive manhood placed near Woby's large, juicy pussy. Woby leaned over and licked his face, and rammed herself down onto his manhood, cauing her to howl in joy and Walter to shout in pleasure and suprise. "Oh shit Wboy, you're so tight!" Walter turned over and started to ram Woby from behind, unironcially in doggystyle. Walter rammed harder and harder into his pet's pussy, making her howl in plasure and press back against him. Walter couldn't hold back anymore. He pressed all the way into Woby's pussy and came, filling her with his juicy man fluids. Walter chuckled and pulled out, but Woby wasn't done yet. She pressed back again, on Walter's still hard cock. However, she got one thing wrong. Walter's cock entered the wrong hole. Walter screamed in pleasure as his massive manhood spread Woby's tight asshole. Woby yelled in suprise and excitment of the new pleasure, one mixed with pain. Woby howled again as she tightened her ass msucelse, squeezing Walter's dick down and maing him cum into her asshole as well. Walter fell on the side and rolled over into the middle of the sleeping bad again, Woby licked his face and turned to leave, but stopped. Walter was STILL hard. Woby sighed and put Walter's cock in her mouth, her oversized jaws easily taking his whole 12 inch manhood. Walter yelped in pleasure, and in return, he pressed his face against her pussy and stuck his toungue in, ewating her out. After a minute or two, both came at the same time and Woby left the room, going back to her mini dog house. That's when the post-nut clairity hit him.


(Authors Note: Whole lotta shit here. Beastiality, anal, 69, and much more. A short one, and a PwP if you don't play DST. Thanks for the read!)

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