D.Va X Lucio

BY : 1nD_Frindle
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Disclaimer: I do not own Overwatch or any of these characters. They are all from the game Overwatch by Blizzard Activision. I make no profit from this work, it is purely for the enjoyment of myself and the readers.

Lucio and D.Va had been dating for quite a while, though with them both being public figures they had kept it under raps. Little did they know they both were unhappy about this. And tonight was the night they were going to speak up.

        Lucio walked into the kitchen, "Hey, Hana. I wanted to talk."

        "So did I..."

        "I want to go public---" they both said simultaneously.

        They both laughed at this supreme coincidence.

        "And I have just the way to do it..." Lucio smiled.




        That night Hana was setting up for her evening stream. She had her classic flight suit on, her gaming chair, and her PC all set up. There was just one difference: Lucio was sitting on her gaming chair completely naked, and her flight suit was conveniently ripped for easy access and viewing to her perky young tits and cunt. D.Va sat down on Lucio's hard cock, mounting him in Reverse Cowgirl, she moaned slightly. "Ready?"

        "Yeah!" Lucio emphatically said.

        She started the stream and watched the view count go from 1 to 300 to 10000 just like it always does. She watched live in the comments the shock that thousands of her greatest fans were experiencing as their hero was degraded to a slut on a dark-skinned man's shaft. "Hi everyone. As you may have already noticed, this is a very special stream. I'm here with my boyfriend: world famous DJ Lucio Correia dos Santos! Check him out on YouTube and SoundCloud. I figured what better way to announce to the world that we're dating than to have sex, live on stream while playing Valiant!" By the time she was done with her opening bit word of this special stream had spread around the websphere and the current view number was at 4,500,000 and rising. As she boot up the game and cued Lucio reached around and grabbed her tits as she began to bounce on his big dick. She moaned as the game began. As the action started to climb in the game so did the moaning and the views. It got to a point where the people in the game had left to watch her stream. Due to this the match was cancelled. "Oh well!" she giggled, "Lucio."

        They got up and the camera drone followed them as Hana grabbed his dick and began jacking him off and licking the tip of his cock. It didn't take much from her soft delicate Korean touch to get him to jizz all over her face.

        "Thanks for watching everyone!" Hana chirped while licking cum off her face. As the stream ended her phone and computer were blowing up. "It can wait for round two," Hana said sexily as she embraced Lucio in a deep kiss.

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