Doom X Tracer

BY : 1nD_Frindle
Category: +M through R > Overwatch
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Disclaimer: I do not own Overwatch or any of these characters. They are all from the game Overwatch by Blizzard Activision. I make no profit from this work, it is purely for the enjoyment of myself and the readers.

      A large crash as Doomfist burst through the door. Tracer looked up, but not in time for Doomfist to take a hold of her tiny neck. He was wearing a silver replacement gauntlet as he choked Tracer with it. "Where is my hand!?" Doomfist demanded in a loud deep voice.

        "Like I'd tell you!" Tracer chirped defiantly.

        Doomfist ripped off her chrono-accelerator. "I have ways of making you talk. You like girls, don't you, Lena...?"

        Tracer was shocked that he even knew her name, never mind her persuasion. She grit her teeth.

        "Let's see how you handle a real man..." Doomfist whipped out his gigantic cock and whipped Lena across the face with it, so hard that it left a red mark where it landed.

        Tracer grunted and heaved at the heavy hit. It took her a moment to regain her strength. "You won't do it. You're too much of a scaredy," Lena mocked.

        Doomfist chuckled as he picked Tracer up, effortlessly. He then held her by the neck line of her shirt so she slipped out of it, she thudded on the ground hard her juicy ass bouncing on the hard floor. Doomfist leered as he stood over her, casting an impressive shadow.

        Tracer managed to stay defiant, keeping a look of contempt rather that fear. 

        Doomfist took his sharp gauntlet and sliced open her bra. Tracer's impossibly perky tits popped out, being freed from their containment. 

        "You're just a weak little---" Tracer was cut off by Doom shoving his cock into her mouth.

        "You've never tasted a real man before have you? Well this will be a treat."

        Lena was taken aback by how much she enjoyed it. The musky aroma was like nothing she had experienced before. Never the less she needed to get away. She tried to squirm and managed to get about a foot away when Doomfist slammed onto her legs, instantly breaking them. Tracer cried out in pain, but Doom would not allow it. He shoved his whole cock down her throat, feeling every barrier of her mouth and throat. Dicks simply weren't meant to go this far down. And Lena knew it, she tried to cough but was unable to, her eyes watered heavily. Although it was horrible, she had never felt so out of control, just being used and abused by this villain, the act itself was thrilling, though she couldn't focus on that as she could barely breathe.

        Doomfist could sense that something inside her was enjoying this. He pulled out, "You like this don't you?"

        Lena couldn't bring herself to admit the truth, so she spit in his direction.

        He pressed gently on her legs and she screamed out again. "I know you do..."

        Once again she spit at him, this time landing on his face.

        In retribution he hit her leg with great force.

        This, apparently, was the breaking point. She screamed out in anguish and began to cry.

        "Say it."

        " it..." she stammered, unable to speak clearly through the pain.

        "Say it!" Doom screamed.

        "I... I like your big black cock defiling my mouth..."

        "That's a good little whore." He thrust back down her throat mercilessly. He pumped back and forth heaving with every go. He took great pleasure in the wet noises coming from the young agent. As he felt himself about to cum he pulled out for a moment. "Beg for it."

        Tracer had lost all dignity at this point. She was nothing more than a filthy naked dog with slobber and tears running down her face. She couldn't even run away if she wanted to. Now she was just a cum bucket for Doomfist... and deep down... she loved it. "Please master, give me your seed."

        "You're not worthy of it."

        For some reason this was crushing. The approval of her abuser. But it was. "Please master. Let me be worthy."

        "Be a good whore. Open the vault door."

        Some deep part of her crumbled. Without a second thought she typed in the command.

        "You're a good whore. But you're not worthy of my seed." With that he released a heavy stream of cum onto the cold floor.

        As he walked off to grab his gauntlet Tracer scooted over and began lapping up his seed.

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