Soldier: 76 X D.Va

BY : 1nD_Frindle
Category: +M through R > Overwatch
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Disclaimer: I do not own Overwatch or any of these characters. They are all from the game Overwatch by Blizzard Activision. I make no profit from this work, it is purely for the enjoyment of myself and the readers.

        D.Va was lonely. As a teenager she spent all her time streaming, and as an adult she spent her time fighting. Due to this she had never had a boyfriend. She had finally met a guy she liked, but there was a problem. He was 41 years older than her, and never gave her a glance. But she was sexually frustrated. And she wasn't going to take no for an answer. "Hey Jack..." she said coyly.

        "Hey, Hana. What is it?"

        "I need to talk to you... in private..."

        "Alright..." he said cautiously. "Come into my office."

        They walked into his office. He took a seat, but before he could even turn around D.Va had stepped towards him and kissed him deeply. He blushed in shock. Once she pulled away he took a deep breath. "What are you doing!? I am your superior officer, and far your senior! This is completely inappropriate!"

        D.Va made a stereotypical UwU shy face.  "But Jack... My whole life I've never had a guy... And you're so nice..." She rubbed his leg with her hand and felt the bulge growing stronger.

        "Hana... I can't..."

        Hana unzipped his pants and saw his-semi hard trouser snake. Her eyes widened. She started stroking it.

        Jack averted his gaze, to abashed to acknowledge his pleasure.

        "Mmm...Daddy..." she let out. Not sure what in her wanted to call the man whomst cock she was rubbing daddy, but she didn't mind... and nor did he. She moved her small teen mouth onto the tip of his cock.

        Soldier let out a growling moan. "You're really good at this. Are you sure you've never done this before, baby?"

        "Never..." she said, muffled by the large cock in her mouth.

        "Who's your daddy?" Jack asked smoothly, giving into the pleasure.

        "You are," D.Va giggled. She pushed down further.

        Jack grabbed her hair, pushing her down onto his large cock.

        Her small, inexperienced, Korean throat couldn't take the large 8 inches. Soldier took pleasure in the wet gagging slopping noises at the back of her throat. Jack ripped open her flight suit, grabbing her tight C-cups. They were perky and small, holding up against gravity.

        "Are they big enough for you, daddy?"

        "Yeah, baby," Jack lied. He then moved to her crotch, ripping it open. He picked her up easily. carrying her small 5'5" frame to his couch. He threw her down and pinned her down. "Are you ready for Daddy?"

        "Yeah..." she said with a fearful excitement in her eyes.

        Jack pushed in slamming her hot, wet, virgin cunt.

        Hana cried out in a powerful mix of pain and pleasure.

        Jack held down her arms fucking her hard.

        After several minutes of hard, fast-paced fucking D.Va cried out in orgasmic pleasure, "Gimme your juice!" she knew that boys gave out juice, and she wanted to taste it. He quickly pulled out and at that split second he came onto her face and tits.

        "Lick it up," he growled sexily.

        "Mmm..." she smiled licking up the cum.

        "You were so good, for daddy..."

        "Thank you, daddy..." she smiled.

        "Come back anytime sweetheart."

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