Doom X Mei

BY : 1nD_Frindle
Category: +M through R > Overwatch
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Disclaimer: I do not own Overwatch or any of these characters. They are all from the game Overwatch by Blizzard Activision. I make no profit from this work, it is purely for the enjoyment of myself and the readers.

      It was late. Mei toiled away at her desk. She was the only one left at the research lab. She was looking through a data sheet when she heard a crash. "What was that!?" she exclaimed.

        Suddenly she was face-to-face with Doomfist. He picked her up like she was nothing. "The last remnants of this Overwatch base..." he growled. He readied to snap her neck with his giant gauntlet when he paused for a moment.

        She squealed in fear and worry of what he was about to do.

        He looked her in the eyes as he ripped off her coat and dropped her to the cold linoleum floor. She trembled as he held her head in his healthy hand.

        "Who... Who are you...? What are you going to d---"

        Swoosh his dick went into her mouth silencing her. The 15 inch monstrosity didn't even make it half-way in. The fear and panic in her face only added to his arousal. Doomfist was a man who got off on seeing others squirm and squeal. He took a moment to savour her look before attempting to push the rest in. He got about 2/3rds of it before she started gagging. "You are weak," he spat as he thrusted into her mouth. "You are an Overwatch whore," his thick African accent making him even more intimidating. With that he thrust the rest of his cock down her throat, her eyes watering and her eyes rolling back. Mei choked and gagged, but was met with nothing but a sneer and him turning his attention to the computer. His dick all the way down her throat, his heavy balls slapping on her chin, he inserted a small stick into the computer. "You have access to the computer, Sombra. Just give me a few minutes in here."

        "You know I can see what's going on in there, Doomfist?" her sexy Mexican voice said.

        Without a care he turned his attention back to the Chinese climatologist on her knees in front of him. He ripped off her tank top to expose her large breasts.

        Behind her there was a purple crackle and Sombra appeared. She giggled mischievously. "There's a better view down here." She grabbed Mei's chin and pointed upwards towards Doomfist. "What are you gonna do, about it? There's a big cock infront of you," Sombra grabbed her SMG, "and a gun to your back..."

        Mei began to cry, and Sombra pressed the gun to your back and grabbed her head. After a few more seconds of her sniffling Sombra gasped. "Doom! I think she's a virgin!" At this Sombra forced Mei's mouth open.

        Doomfist chuckled as he pushed his cock into her open mouth.

        As Doomfist continued pumping back and forth Sombra grabbed Mei by the legs and pulled her into a doggy style position and ripped her pants open with her long sharp purple nails. She took a moment to appreciate Mei's perfect pink smooth shaved pussy. "Wow, she really is a virgin!" Sombra went to tickle her pussy lips with her tounge. Mei shivered with the new experience, a 15 foot cock still lodged in her throat. "Oh, Doom! She tastes so good. You should try her other hole!"

        Doomfist gladly obliged roughly flipping her over. He quickly pounced on her and shoved his whole length into her hot virgin cunt. Sombra ripped her pants and shoved her cunt onto Mei's face. The outline of Doomfist's moved through her belly, scrambling her guts. Mei screamed out in a mix of pain, fear, and (admittedly) pleasure. As Doomfist pounded her young virgin cunt, Sombra tied her up in tit-bondage, ropes zipping through her cleavage tying Mei up, and accentuating her giant tits.

        Doomfist was about to reach completion when Sombra whispered something in his ear. He quickly pulled out and came all over Mei's face. 

        Sombra snapped a pic of Mei, cum drenched all over her face and tits; tied up, bruised, and with her glasses askew. Sombra and Doomfist both smiled before grabbing the stick out of the computer and leaving.

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