A Taste of Cheri

BY : Jace_Writes
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Two. Million. Bells.


Cheri had to pay off more than two million bells for her house, how was she supposed to get that much?! She’d heard a bunch of people hunt tarantulas and sell them to the Nooks for a bunch of money, but that didn’t really sound all that fun. Besides, what happens to this poor little tarantulas after they get sold! No fun for anyone.


Wandering around her island, Cheri wracked her brain for any idea to make money. Bake sale? No, there’s basically no kitchen stuff on this island yet. A car wash? . . . Probably wouldn’t work. 


As Cheri wracked her brain to get an idea, any idea really, a butterfly she’d never seen before flutters past her. Her train of thought instantly derailing, her focus now drew her to follow around said butterfly.


“Pretty . . .”


Eventually, Cheri was led to a part of her island still covered in trees and weeds. Though her attention was still on the unique pattern of the butterfly’s wings. Then an idea came to her, just catch it and get a better look at its wings! Pulling out her net, Cheri readies herself for the catch. Swiping the net once, twice, three times she missed. Then, on the fourth time, she finally caught the illusive insect.


However, her attention was then brought to a tree that had been hollowed out. A golden shimmer on the inside was the first thing that reminded her of the massive debt she owed. Without hesitation she ran to the tree, putting the bug in her pack before leaning into the tree. Now looking at the bottom she could see a pile of bells who knows how deep! Though, as she reached deeper, she soon found herself stuck. Unable to reach the bells and unable to pull herself out.


. . . Well now what? She couldn’t get to the pack on her hip to get the vaulting pole, that probably could have helped her out. Or the ladder, maybe. With a sigh she reaches into her cleavage to pull her Nook Phone out, texting the one person she knew could help her. Kat.


After almost ten minutes, Kat found where Cher had gotten herself stuck. When she first saw the text, simply reading, “I need help” she panicked. Running out as fast as possible with a shovel in hand. Hoping she wouldn’t have to beat someone off Cheri but was prepared to either way. Though what she wasn’t expecting when she arrived, as Cheri’s ass sticking out of a tree.


“. . . I don’t . . . How did you even manage to get yourself in there?!”


Cheri seemed to move for a moment, though a moment later she received a text from the more than stuck girl.


“Saw something shiny, there’s a bunch of bells down here! Forgot you couldn’t see me so I shrugged when you asked.”


Astounding. Truly, she never ceases to amaze Kat with the situations she gets herself stuck in.


“Alright, I’m going to try and pull you out. Just . . . I don’t know, think slippery thoughts.”


As Kat grabs hold of Cheri’s hips, she could hear a giggle from inside the log. Her phone notified her that she’d gotten another message, no doubt some sort of joke about being slick. Honestly if she knew what she was packing downstairs she’d honestly think Cheri was flirting. 


No matter what, she couldn’t get Cheri out. She tried pulling but she wasn’t nearly strong enough to pull her out by herself, and she didn’t exactly trust anyone to help with this. She tried pushing but Cheri’s hips more or less acted like an anchor, keeping the poor girl from falling any deeper. Then while she tried pulling again, she slipped. Trying to grab anything to stop her fall, she inadvertently grabbed hold of Cheri’s thong. How on earth she managed to reach and grab THAT out of everything was a mystery. Unfortunately for her friend, it seemed she’d be going commando home. Given that she’d torn the underwear clean off while falling.


“Uh . . . Cheri, I didn’t mean to-“


As Kat tried to apologize, she suddenly stopped. Looking up to see Cheri’s bare pussy now exposed for the whole world to see, far worse than just showing off her tits for a bunch of jerks. Thankfully they were in a more or less secluded area, she could even . . . Get a closer look if she wanted.


Slowly sneaking closer, trying not to be heard by Cheri, Kat leans a little further down. Just to get a peak at what she'd been trying to avoid seeing just to keep appearances. To her surprise, Cheri really wade slick! Er, wet. The sight, hell just the thought that Cheri might be like this because if her cause a barely noticeable bulge in her skirt become an all too noticeable.


“I . . . Uh . . . Oh! I have an idea, and it’s one you’re . . . Unfortunately familiar with.”


Grabbing the hem of Cheri’s dress, Kat lifts it up over her ample rear. Then lifting her own skirt and pulling her own panties down to her knees before pressing the tip of her cock against Cheri’s exposed womanhood. A shaky breath leaving her lips as she was finally, FINALLY about to do something she’d been fantasizing about for . . . Honestly who knows how long.


“I’ll fuck you loose.”


With a single thrust, Kat sent all nine inches of her cock deep into Cheri. Letting out a long groan as she felt her friend’s pussy grip her like a vice, an echoey moan could be heard from the trunk, looks like she did something right. So, what better to do than more if the same, right? Sound logic!


Slowly, Kat pulled back. Savoring every sensation before ramming back into Cheri, getting another moan. Though a bit more quiet the second time.


“Um . . . Am I doing this right?”


It was Kay’s first with Cheri after all, who knew what it would take to get this girl off.


“Harder! Faster!”


Without needing to be told a second time, Kat got a good grip on Cheri’s hips before thrusting back and ramming inside. Trying to keep a steady pace regardless of the sensations threatening to overwhelm her senses. 


With each thrust she went faster, harder. Trying anything she could to get Cheri to make more noise. Even If she couldn’t hear it great through the tree she needed to hear it! Her moans, her groans, her pleas for more. It all only made her want more if it!


With each thrust, the two could hear the tree shaking. Heck, even the bells at the bottom of the tree were shaking with the intensity. The only thing Cheri could think of, other than the monster if a cock rearranging her guts, was why it took Kat so long to try something like this!


Did she honestly think she could hide something like this with how long they’ve known each other? Hardly.


“Ha . . . Ha . . . Ha, Cheri, d-does it feel good?”


Kat was soon answered by a text simply giving her thumbs up emoji, that and a sudden, and quite loud moan seemed to give quite the response. That and the sudden, “crack!” From the tree. A large line formed on the left side, seemed they were getting close to knocking the thing down. She wouldn’t let it fall until they were done though.


Without warning, Kat began to thrust hard and faster. Trying her hardest to get more of Cheri, to get a better taste. Hell she wanted this to last forever! Buuut something told her that after this tree was down, things would get a bit awkward.


“Cheri I . . . I’m getting close.”


As her thrusting became more erratic, she could hear the tree starting to break. A chunk of bark falling away on the right as she pounded away into Cheri, each thrust bringing her closer to the edge. Closer and closer until finally the big climax!


With a final smack of her hips against Cheri’s, she let her load out inside. Not even asking before filling her best friend to the brim with her seed. And as they both basked in the bliss of their own orgasms, the tree fell over to the right. Freeing Cheri from her captivity.


“Uh . . . So um.”


After her own orgasm had ended, Kat pulled out of Cheri. The only thing linking the two being a thread of semen and Cheri’s own juices. Before Kat could say too much however, Cheri stood up. Finally free to stretch and reach down to get a taste of what was now inside her, licking her lips with satisfaction. Then looking to her friend with an almost evil smile.

“More at home, help me get bells.”

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