Sleeping Princess

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"Back off, he's mine," Marle growled lowly to the purple haired girl next to her.

"You barely know him, I've been his friend for years," Lucca shot back.

"And that's what you'll stay as, a friend. I have larger goals than you."

The girls spat fire for hours at each other, neither of them tired of it yet. After they barely escaped with their lives from Guardia Castle, the trio of Crono, Marle, and Lucca found themselves in the depressing and oppressive distant future. They made camp in an old house inside a 'dome' as the residents call them, and Crono slept soundly as the two young women bickered softly. Tensions were high since Crono's trial and prison break a few days ago, and we're now reaching a boiling point.

"You're soul is like ice. You don't care about anyone but yourself and your precious image," Lucca wasn't about give in yet. "You just want Crono because he's handsome."

"I would be a fool to pass him up; he has good genes. While I'm getting my future ready, you'll be left on the sidelines, forgotten."

"D-did... Ugh. Shut up!" Lucca couldn't think of a counter. She turned away and lay down. "J...just...shut up. I'm tired. Go to bed." 

Marle strutted over to where Lucca lay. "Aww... Did that hurt? Knowing that you'll amount to nothing? That you are nothing? In Crono's eyes or mine? Aww... Little baby needs her blanky... Wah wah, little baby Lucca."

"Shut UP!" Lucca erupted, loud enough to make Crono awaken, sword in hand, and Marle jumped back. "I-I'm sorry. I-I just... I'm going to bed." The others soon followed suit.

I'm not worth anything, eh princess? Lucca was not going to let that go. Crono is sound asleep, he's a heavy sleeper, I know that firsthand. But you, you are going to pay for that, your highness, Lucca  sneered in thought. I know... I know just what to do to you... Hehehe...

Lucca readied her spell at Marle. It works on monsters, so you'll fit right in with that list, princess. Lucca cast her Hypnotize spell, and Marle became dead to the world. Lucca approached Marle's unconscious body and studied her new toy. Hmm... I'll get a better view if the clothes are gone. And as such, Marle's pale naked body was a stark contrast to the dingy ashen floor.

Her hair was a golden hue, with a bit of orange as well, reaching down in a ponytail to the small of her back. Lucca beamed that Marle's breasts were smaller than her own, and yet still pert and added to her own cuteness. The nipples were also small and perky, especially in the cold room, albeit with a brown tint that stood out from the rest of her unblemished skin. Moving further downward, Marle had a bit of a gut, not much, but there was a thin layer of fat on her belly, due to the coddling she received as a child. Lucca couldn't help but be envious, in her own house, sometimes there wasn't food at all; the money had been spent on machinery or medicine for her mother. Continuing to the sleeping girl's crotch, Lucca found that Marle didn't trim her pubes, leaving it all natural in a golden crown upon her womanhood. Her outer lips were constantly spread, and the clitoral hood and inner lips protruded outward, and she had a small amount of fluid trickling downward, past her asshole, and making a puddle on the floor. 

For Lucca to continue her punishment, she had to strip too. She wore more gear than Marle, but it was still a relatively quick endeavour. Lucca couldn't help but feel ashamed of her body compared to Marle's. Lucca's hair was short and in mostly neat locks, and she had freckles all over her body, but mostly on her shoulders and back. Her breasts were larger, but only marginally, as well as wide pink nipples that jutted out a lot, both hurting Lucca due to her thin frame that strains under the weight. Lucca shaves her pubes into a purple triangle, pointing to her pussy. The lips are tighter on Lucca than Marle, and the clitoral hood doesn't protrude as far.

Lucca lay down next to the sleeping girl. "Let's see if you like getting pleasures like a whore." Lucca wiggled a finger against Marle's anus and slid it in. Followed by two fingers, then three, and four, until Lucca's whole hand was inside Marle's bowels, and she began moving slowly. Due to Lucca's power with magic, Marle was near undisturbed by the ass invader, only with a slight breathing increase, and so Lucca began fisting Marle harder. Lucca felt herself growing wetter, and could feel Marle rhythmically contract around her hand. She's going to cum, but I won't let her. She quickly pulled her hand out of Marle's ass and licked herself clean from the girl's juice. Lucca waited a moment to let the orgasm pass. 

Once Marle's contractions stopped, Lucca began her assault again, this time with her tongue. The blonde was leaking like mad, and Lucca felt enamoured to clean it up. Licking upwards, Lucca lapped up the girl cum until she stopped at the clitoral hood, which she then pulled back to reveal the prize underneath. While her tongue attacked Marle's sensitive organ, her fingers found their way into her vagina, and found no hymen. Probably lost it to some guard or something, not like how I lost mine to Crono all those years ago, Lucca reminisced. She slid two fingers into the sleeping girl and stroked along the front wall to find the right spot, and she knew it was when Marle shifted violently. Rubbing her g spot and licking her clitoris, it wasn't long before the telltale pulses came, but again Lucca pulled out before Marle could cum. Lucca now found herself leaking more cum than Marle was, so she straddled Marle's head.

While it would have been better to use someone's tongue on herself, sitting on Marle's face was empowering. With Marle's nose poking into her asshole, and the open mouth and soft breaths more than made up for it. Lucca yanked on Marle's pert nipples and grinded her pussy into the girl's face, until she felt her own orgasm coming. Lucca felt her heart stop as she came to a stop too. Something just poked into her pussy, and it was warm and wet. Lucca scrambled to her feet, and Marle's voice followed soon after.

"You really are a tease, Lucca. Edging me like that, then using me to make yourself cum. Your spell didn't work, I was just pretending to taunt you on how worthless you are." Lucca was reeling from this. "But, I-um... I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said. care about you, and Crono does too. You are invaluable to me, I just...exploded. I'm sorry." 

"I...accept your apology on one condition, Marle. I think we both need a release." Marle raised an eyebrow and motioned for Lucca to join her on the floor.

The girls locked eyes and interlocked their legs, before they slid together in unison, mashing their pussies together in a tight embrace. Gyrating their hips in opposite directions, the two women grasped at the other's tits, pulling them closer to each other. From here, they could feel their own orgasm approaching, but also the other's pulses could be felt through the sensitive skin. Before long, Marle pulled Lucca on top of her for a deep kiss, and she came, with Lucca following suit. Marle felt liquid being pumped onto her, and wondered if some women could shoot cum like men could. 

With the two women tired, they mopped up any any juice left on each other, quickly dressed, and went promply to sleep in each other's arms. In the morning, Crono awoke and wondered what he missed overnight.

- - -

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