That Makes Two of Us

BY : Et2bruttus
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“Uhhh...oh Jaina!”


Of all the things that Aggra was expecting to hear her husband Go’el - more commonly called Thrall - utter when she’d gone looking for him around the back of their hut, this was certainly not it. The Mag’har orcess huddled close to the wall of the hut and peered around the corner of it. A few meters away, her greenskinned orc husband was sitting with his back up against the shed where they kept their farming equipment and other supplies. He was bare-chested (as he often was when working outdoors), and from the looks of it he was currently taking a break from working. 


Well, break was certainly one way of putting it. His belt was loosened, and his pants were pulled down just enough for his cock to be freed from its confines. He had a grimace on his face, his pronounced muscles flexing and sweat glistening on his chest as he fisted his cock. Aggra watched, gaping, as a prodigious flow of precum leaked from his cock, and from the looks of it he was jerking his cock so rapidly that he was working the precum up into a bubbly lather. 


Ordinarily, such a sight would be enough to get Aggra aroused, and indeed, she couldn’t help but admit that she was; already she could feel a growing tingle in her loins. After a few years of marriage, the female orc’s attraction to the former Horde warchief had not abated in the slightest, and seeing him working their farm half naked was usually enough to start getting her wet, let alone seeing him masturbating as he was now. However, what he’d uttered during this apparent impromptu masturbation session gave Aggra pause. 




Aggra knew immediately that there was only one Jaina in the universe that Thrall could be referring to. Jaina Proudmoore - one of the most powerful human mages in Azeroth and, as of fairly recently, the Lord Admiral of Kul’tiras. 


Jaina’s history with her husband was well known to Aggra by now, as Thrall had been rather open about it. They’d become reluctant allies against a common foe during the pivotal Battle of Mount Hyjal, then neighbors in Kalimdor during a time of tenuous peace between the Alliance and Horde. And in the case of the two of them specifically, friends. Many a conflict from either faction had been defused thanks to Thrall and Jaina’s level-headed leadership of their respective factions, and it had not been uncommon for the two of them to confide in each other in secret meetings away from watching eyes, both Alliance or Horde. 


The latter point had caused Aggra to raise her eyebrow when Thrall had first told her, but he had assured her that he and Jaina’s meetings had been nothing but professional and friendly, and hadn’t gone any further than that. Aggra had sensed the sincerity of her husband’s words, and she took his word for it. Not that she would have or should have been too incensed by it even if their meetings had delved into the romantic; after all, this was a time before she and Thrall had even met each other, let alone married each other. It would be unreasonable for her to be jealous over her orc husband’s previous supposed dalliances prior to marriage, nor he with hers. Still, hearing Thrall’s lust-fueled utterances now certainly got Aggra questioning the truth of those past meetings between him and the human sorceress…


But then their star-crossed friendship had taken a turn for the worse after Thrall put aside the mantle of warchief in order to help mend Azeroth of the damage being wrought by the black dragon, Deathwing. He’d passed said mantle to his then-subordinate, Garrosh Hellscream, who not long after that took it upon himself to wage open war on the Alliance, beginning with mana-bombing Jaina’s new home in Kalimdor, Theramore Isle. Jaina had, according to Thrall, become filled with rage, vengeful, blaming the Horde and even blaming Thrall himself for uplifting Garrosh in the first place. From what Thrall had solemnly told her about it, the two of them had nearly come to blows with each other over it. 


War between the Alliance and Horde had more recently continued with what is now referred to as the Fourth War, but a twist of fate had put Aggra’s husband and Jaina back on the same side with each other, if only briefly. The new warchief, Sylvanas Windrunner, imprisoned and planned to execute the (according to her) treasonous Baine Bloodhoof, prompting members of both factions including Thrall and Jaina to launch a successful rescue mission to free Baine. Despite the somber circumstances surrounding it, Thrall and Jaina had mended their fragmented friendship thanks to that shared goal. Although Thrall hadn’t gone into many of the specifics of their conversation when recounting this to Aggra, she’d seen a glimmer of joy in her husband’s eyes when he told her that he and Jaina had reconciled. 


The end of the Fourth War had brought relief to countless people on both sides, and Aggra was further elated that her husband had reconnected with what was once his closest friend from the enemy faction. Though, seeing him now, she wasn’t so sure anymore. 


Aggra peered around the corner again, watching her husband. She watched keenly as she saw Thrall tense up, clenching down hard as if he was in pain as his cock-pumping went into overdrive, his fist jerking rapidly thanks to the lather of precum lubricating his efforts. His thick green cock twitched, once, twice, and then with a barely-audible gasp of “Ahhhh J- Jaina!”, his cock erupted like a geyser. Aggra covered her mouth to muffle her gasp as thick streams of pearly cum shot several feet into the air. Still Thrall kept jerking, grimacing and grunting as his cock pulsed and fired several thick ropes of cum up in the air in what was easily the most intense cumshot Aggra had ever seen him unleash in all their time being married. The cum made a mess of his pants, his own bare chest, and the ground around him, but he was too caught up in his lust to seemingly notice or care. 


Finally, his intense orgasm subsided, and he slumped back against the shed, letting out a long sigh of relief. A few moments later, the burly orc blinked rapidly a couple times as if remembering where he was, sprung to his feet and quickly went into the shed to find something to clean himself off, clearly trying hastily to wipe away any evidence of what had happened. Not a minute later, he’d cleaned himself up, tucked his flaccid cock back into his pants and went back into the shed for a farming hoe, seemingly intent on returning to work. 


Aggra, meanwhile, was stunned. She didn’t know what to make of what she’d just caught her husband doing, nor was she prepared for the borderline impressive climax she’d just witnessed from him. She and Thrall did not exactly slack in their love life; even since the birth of their son Durak four years ago and daughter Rehze a year later, they still had sex on a regular basis, and it was great sex, truth be told. Looking at the sheer quantity of seed he’d ejaculated and the velocity by which he’d ejaculated it, however, one would think that Thrall hadn’t gotten physical relief in years! Aggra was almost frustrated by it, in a way. What could’ve caused this?


She turned the corner and leaned back against the wall of their hut., it was a dumb question to ask herself, she thought. It was obvious what had caused the scene she just witnessed ...Jaina. That human woman had, without even being present, caused her husband to cum harder than he probably ever had with Aggra herself. And there was no telling how many times Thrall had masturbated to the thought of this other female when Aggra wasn’t looking. Amid the whirlwind of thoughts rushing through the orcess’ head, she briefly wondered how Thrall even had enough cum left for Aggra herself when they had sex, if this brief bit of masturbation was anything to go by. 


The brown-skinned orcess felt dizzy, short of breath and…




Aggra’s eyes widened as she realized for the first time how soaking wet her pussy was. A trickle of clear fluid ran down her leg and she hastily bent down to wipe it away. Her legs trembled as she tried to reconcile this. Like an out-of-body experience, she’d become so terribly aroused from watching and hearing her husband’s private moment, somehow without even realizing how aroused she was. 


And like the unique intensity of her husband’s orgasm that she’d just witnessed, this arousal she was feeling was different, she knew it. Seeing her husband half naked and masturbating his considerably-sized cock was an arousing sight for Aggra on its own, there was no doubt. But the horrid, salacious truth was that Aggra was even more aroused by the knowledge that Thrall was masturbating to another woman - a human woman with whom he had years of history. 


Aggra had met Jaina a couple of times before, namely at the war crimes trial for Garrosh Hellscream. Even considering the clear physical differences between orcs and humans, Jaina was undeniably attractive in a way that crossed many racial boundaries. Being a human, and a mage at that, she was not strongly built like orc females, but the snowy-blond haired woman had a firm, slender figure that was still curvaceous in all the right places, and with an ample bosom and unblemished milky peach skin as was common in humans. And the human woman was still in her prime and showed no obvious signs of age yet. Perhaps most important of all though, Jaina had an aura about her that exuded confidence and power, and that was undeniably attractive all its own and, Aggra suspected, the thing that may have endeared her to Thrall in the first place. 


In her youth, Aggra had gotten “friendly” with the occasional orc female in her tribe. When she came of age, she had been intimate with one or two females after they’d gone off on a hunt or finished a day of shaman training together. She had fond memories of those times, although she’d not been with another sexual partner since she’d married Thrall. Thinking long and hard about Jaina Proudmoore however, she began to see what her husband saw in her. 


Before she could even suppress them, fantasies roamed freely through her head. She saw Jaina, spread eagle on the fur-covered ground of their hut, she saw Thrall taking the human woman by the tresses of her white and blond hair, pushing his cock in and out of her mouth and down her throat, and she saw herself, crawling toward Jaina’s spread legs, her cute little human pussy pink and glistening wet. And she pictured herself taking Jaina’s silky smooth legs, one in each hand, and pressing her mouth to that lovely human cunny, injecting her tongue right into it as Jaina moaned loudly, the noise muffled from choking down her husband’s green cock.


Aggra shivered, shaking her head and snapping out of her fantasy. She saw Thrall walking in the opposite direction to go till their crops, and she dashed around the corner of the hut before he could turn and spot her. She needed to go check on her children in the hut and prepare dinner for them. But she could still feel the wetness and heat in her loins, could still picture her husband’s spurting cock and the way he moaned “Jaina.” 


She desperately wanted more than anything to find a secluded place of her hut and strip herself nude and rub herself, to masturbate as her husband just had. But she would resist that urge. Even after she put her young children down for bed, she would still resist that urge. She began to have a better idea of what to do about this, and she needed to wait until nighttime when her husband returned from working before she could act on it.




Aggra and Thrall’s children had just gone to sleep for the night by the time Thrall returned to their hut. Aggra was waiting for him in the room of their hut that they slept in, adorned with fur blankets. When he walked in, she saw that he was caked in dirt from the labors of the day. She smiled at him as he entered their room. 


Thrall smiled back at her. “My love,” he said with his deep, striking voice. He leaned his head down and kissed her on her jaw. He turned away from her briefly and stripped off his pants - pants that, Aggra recalled, had been wiped clean of his excess seed hours earlier. She cocked her head at him, admiring his muscular physique and toned naked buttocks. 


“You were out earlier, yes?” Thrall inquired, seemingly wanting to make small talk. 


“Mmm,” Aggra replied. “Picked some berries. Took Durak and Rehze with me. They helped me.” 


Thrall smiled at her, combing some dirt out of his black hair as he did. 


“You were busy here though, weren’t you, Go’el?” she asked inquisitively. 


He paused briefly and looked at the opposite wall of the hut, Aggra noted, before he picked up a cloth and dipped it into a nearby bucket of water to clean off his skin. “I was. Tilled the field, fixed the barn door…”


“...Fantasized about Jaina Proudmoore,” Aggra finished for him. 


Thrall froze, dropping the wet cloth back into the water bucket with a ‘plunk’ sound. He was silent for several moments before he turned to his wife, looking flustered. “W- what?” 


She raised a brow at him. “You heard me, Go’el.”


He opened his mouth several times, standing there dumbly in the way that was uncharacteristic of the usually composed orc, looking doubly amusing at the moment considering his currently buck naked state. “Aggra...I don’t know…”


“I came home and saw you, by the shed. There’s no point denying it.” 


Thrall was stunned by that. He slumped down onto their fur bed, looking down at his knees and refusing to meet her gaze. He looked back up at her eventually, his blue eyes meeting hers with concern and a hint of fear. “You saw? And heard?”


Aggra nodded. “And I saw you fertilize our yard with your seed. I can’t imagine what you must’ve been thinking about doing to Lord Admiral Proudmoore to cause that,” Aggra said, with the barest hint of a grin. 


Thrall put his head in his hands, blushing a bright green in the way that Aggra found somewhat cute. Her proud stud of a husband looked like a blushing virgin just now. “I’m so sorry Aggra. was just a fantasy and I wouldn’t be back so soon...and…”


She put a hand up to silence his stammering. “Tell me, Go’el, are you still happy with me?” 


Thrall’s eyes widened. He shifted himself over to her side of the fur bed, taking her hands in his larger ones. “Aggra...of course! You are my life-mate, the love of my life, my everything! Of course I’m happy with you! Living with you and Durak and Rehze in Nagrand this past year has brought joy to my life!” 


Aggra read his gaze, heard the sincerity in his voice and the fire in his eyes as he said it, and she knew it was true. She smiled warmly at him. “I believe you, Go’el.” She paused, taking on a neutral expression again. “So this...fantasy of Jaina Proudmoore, it was just a harmless bit of fun?”


Thrall shook his head to the affirmative. “It was...agh, I can’t explain it, but, it was a passing thought that came over me out of nowhere while I was working.”


“I knew you always had a special relationship with humans, Go’el. I never thought...this though.” 


“I had my fair share of bad experiences with humans too, Aggra, you know this. It’s not so much humans, it’s just...just…”


“Just her,” Aggra answered. 


Thrall looked sheepish again, but he nodded. “Jaina was a good friend and, sure, I suppose some of that friendship went a little too far in my head at times. Us rekindling our friendship recently with that bad business with Baine...I suppose it brought some of those buried fantasies back to me.”


Aggra pondered for a moment before adding another inquiry. “You told me once that you and her would have private meetings together, confiding in each other the way orcs and humans would never do publicly. At the time, you claimed that you and her never…” she didn’t finish the sentence, but Thrall knew what she was referring to. “Was that true?”


Thrall’s expression hardened a bit. “Yes!” he replied defensively. “It is as true now as it was then. Jaina Proudmoore and I have never, ever, been intimate. And I intend for it to stay that way.” 


“But you will continue to have these fantasies though, yes?”


Thrall gently took Aggra by the shoulders. “Aggra, I love and cherish what I have with you more than anything else. Perhaps I was wrong for indulging in something I shouldn’t have. I promise, I will never do this again.” 


Aggra saw the pure adoration in his eyes, and her heart swelled from it. She was sorely tempted, for a moment, to agree to this. But then she thought back to the amazing cum display he’d put on thanks to his fantasy, and she thought back to her own forbidden fantasy of Jaina Proudmoore, and the primal desire behind those fantasies pushed aside rational thoughts as a loving wife. 


“Tell me about it.”


Thrall blinked at her, releasing her shoulders. “What?”


She licked her lips and looked back at his face with conviction. “Tell me. About the fantasy,” she repeated, though her tone was not accusatory.


He looked aghast. “Aggra...why?! Is your intention to make me reveal all in order to further punish me for this?”


Aggra shook her head. “I’m not mad at you, Go’el. I’m simply curious. I have no intention of leaving with the kids or anything so drastic, so banish those silly thoughts from your head. I just want to know, what fantasy of a human woman was so debauched that it made my husband explode with lust?”


Thrall rubbed the back of his neck, looking flushed again. “Spirits, Aggra!”


Aggra noted that Thrall’s green member was slowly growing erect again, as he was clearly replaying the fantasy in his head again. She licked her lips from the sight of her husband’s cock that she’d had inside her so many times prior. She reached over, stroking a hand up and down his toned leg, feeling him shiver from her touch. 


“It’s ok, tell me,” she said warmly. 


Finally, he nodded, clearing his throat. “It was...err...right after we’d rescued Baine from Sylvanas. Jaina teleported us all to the cliffs overlooking Thunder Bluff. Which actually happened, mind you.” He paused, and she nodded for him to continue. “Jaina and I exchanged words, and then Shaw, Baine and the others departed. This is where reality ends and the fantasy begins. Before they departed, Jaina told her companions that she wanted to have more words with me in private. Once they were gone, she reached one of her hands down between my legs, stroking a hand up and down my thigh.”


Aggra smiled from this, and mimicked the story, shifting her own hand to her husband’s thigh and rubbing it up and down. “And then what happened?”


Thrall let out a sigh from Aggra’s sensual rubbing, continuing, “Then she said to me ‘Some things may have changed, but my desire for this hasn’t.’ Then she reached down into my leggings and her hand wrapped itself around my…”


“Around this,” Aggra finished for him, wrapping her strong brown hand around his now fully erect green spire. He groaned from her touch. “And her hand, her dainty, small human hand, it was soft, wasn’t it, Go’el?”


“Oh soft, and smooth,” he rasped out. “And she began stroking me, and I leaned down and kissed her on the lips while she continued stroking me.” Aggra began stroking Thrall’s cock, causing a bead of precum to emerge from the tip. “And then I began stripping off her clothes. Her cloak, her robe, her boots, everything but that Kul’tiran necklace she wears around her neck.”


Aggra chewed her lip, feeling herself grow aroused and moist from this recounting of the fantasy. “And how did Lord Admiral Jaina Proudmoore look in the flesh? Gorgeous, wasn’t she? Delicate pale skin, perky tits?”


Thrall’s breathing picked up as he seemed to grow foggy with lust. “Yes, yes, and yes. She was not strong, like you, Aggra. But she was so delicate, and yet I wanted to devour her.”


“I know just what you mean,” Aggra replied, her breathing quickening as well. “Did you fuck her next in this fantasy?”


Thrall shook his head. “Not yet. She tugged my pants down and then I enticed her onto the grass beneath us. I spread her legs open, and saw that my old friend Jaina was already wet, dripping wet.”


Aggra smiled widely. “She wanted this as much as you did, Go’el. You tasted her next, didn’t you? You spread those slender human legs open and you slid your tongue right into that human cunt, didn’t you?”


Thrall moaned. “Elements damn you, Aggra, yes. I had to be careful with my tusks, but I sucked on her fleshy lips and then I slid my tongue inside her. And...I have no real experience with humans to base it on, but I can tell you that she tasted...divine, Aggra. Less earthy than orc females, and more like something sweet.”


“Like a fruit, Go’el? Like a peach?” Aggra shivered as she continued masturbating her husband’s cock while trying to inflame his desires and draw more of his fantasy out of him. 


“Exactly...exactly like that,” he groaned while she stroked him. “I spent what felt like an eternity licking her pussy, drinking down her delectable juices, and she came from my efforts.”


Aggra snorted. “Well of course she did,” she chuckled, smacking him upside the head. “Ego, husband.” He laughed with her at that. “And then you fucked her?”


Thrall shook his head. “Not exactly. We…” he paused, not being able to complete his thought. 


“It’s okay, you can say it. You…?” Aggra enticed. 


“We...we made love, Aggra. Like you and I did on our wedding night.” 


Aggra shivered, and yet she felt her pussy get even wetter. She reached a finger down to touch herself, finally, while she continued stroking Thrall’s thick cock with the other hand. For some reason, the prospect of her husband making love, not fucking, but making love to another woman did not inspire jealousy in here, but lust. “How did you do it?” she asked. 


He gulped. “She was soaking now, after her climax. She opened her arms and legs up to me and looked at me with pure lust in her eyes. I settled myself down over her. I had to be careful, Aggra, she was so small compared to me that I feared I’d crush her. Her legs wrapped themselves around my backside as I settled myself over her, and her soft hand took hold of my cock and she guided me in.”


He paused before continuing. “But before I could go any further, I stopped. I said to her, ‘Jaina, we are so close to Thunder Bluff. Someone could hear or see us out here.’ And then she said, ‘Good, I want them to watch and hear. I don’t want to hide this anymore.’”


Aggra shivered, tightening her hand around Thrall’s cock in a way that caused him to groan, and she fingered herself harder. “And then you pushed yourself in. You stretched her tiny human hole open with your orc cock.”


Thrall’s eyes rolled back into his head. “Ah, yes, Aggra! But she pulled my head down to thrust her tongue in my mouth and kiss me while it happened.” 


“And she was tight, Go’el? Tighter than an orcess could ever be?” 


“Ugh, yes. I’m sorry, Aggra, but she was. It was so hard to even get myself inside her at first, but she was so wet that it happened soon after. And true to her word, we made noise, loud, untamed noises in a way that everyone in Thunder Bluff would surely hear. I pumped myself in and out of her, while her legs tightened around me, her moans were so soft, so musical. I began to sweat, and she began to sweat, and her lovely white and golden hair grew unkempt in a way I’d never seen from her before.” 


Aggra reached a near breaking point by now. She stopped stroking Thrall’s cock, causing him to look at her questioningly. She crawled on her hands and knees toward the center of their fur bed, and flipped herself over onto her back. She slid her underclothes down her legs and kicked them off to the other side of the room. She then beckoned him over with a ‘come hither’ motion of her finger. 


“Fuck me, Go’el. Fuck me as if you are fucking Jaina while you continue your story.” 


Thrall made a primal rumble in his throat, and he hastened to comply, not needing to be told twice. He crawled over to his wife, giving her a hungry kiss that she met with equal intensity, before he situated himself above her, pressing the plump head of his cock against her aroused pussy and sliding himself into her, eliciting a moan from both of them. Thrall reached his hands down and began to thumb her dark brown nipples, kneading her breasts as he began to pump himself in and out of her. 


“You - ahhh - fucked Jaina like this, yes? You fucked that little human minx right there on the cliffs overlooking a Horde city, didn’t you?” Aggra continued amid her moans. The sensation of her husband’s wonderfully thick cock sliding in and out of her at a delicious pace was always breathtaking for her, but it was somehow even more intense now. 


“Yes!” he replied with a grunt, nipping at her neck with his canines. “She was so wet, and she kept begging me to keep going as deep as I could.” 


Aggra began to shift her hips in time with Thrall’s fucking, wrapping her legs around his thrusting buttocks and holding him close as the fantasy version of Jaina was in Thrall’s sordid retelling. Their slow, deep fucking continued for a few more minutes, before Thrall continued. 


“But then she wanted to switch positions. She wanted me to take her harder now. On her hands and knees, with her facing Thunder Bluff.”


Aggra gave Thrall a playful shove, grinning at him as she did. She went up onto her hands and knees on the fur bed, shaking her toned ass at him. Seeing Aggra mimicking his fantasy story once again, he obliged his wife and mounted her, pushing his cock back into her in a way that made Aggra gasp. 


“I fucked her hard, Aggra, for all the tauren to hear us. She kept moaning and begging me to keep going, harder and faster. I was getting close, and she was clenching down on me so she was close too.”


Aggra felt herself get close in tandem with this point in the story, combined with Thrall’s thick cock hitting a sweet spot inside her over and over again. “Did you finish inside her, Go’el?” she gasped. 


“Y- yes, I did!” Thrall groaned, his thrusting going into overdrive. “I pulled on her hair and she cried out as I spilt my seed inside her!”


“You would’ve probably given her your child, my husband! You think of that? Jaina Proudmoore, your closest human friend of years, now filled with your seed and carrying an orc baby in her belly!”


Thrall growled. “Fuckkkk, Aggra!”He groaned out loud, followed by cursing in orcish. His hips snapped against her ass and he held himself deep inside his orc wife, shooting a deluge of cum inside her. 


Aggra moaned, trying to muffle herself if for no other reason than her children sleeping in the next room. She reached her orgasm, brought on by the sensation of Thrall’s warm, thick seed filling her up in tandem with the fantasy of him impregnating Jaina Proudmoore. She clenched down on her husband’s member, coaxing more cum out of him and, true to form from his earlier masturbation sensation, Aggra’s eyes widened from the noticeably larger quantity of this ejaculation compared to usual.


They both came down from their climactic highs, with Thrall hugging his sweaty, still dirty body to her naked back, his climax slowing to a trickle as a combination of their fluids dripped from their point of union. He pulled his softening green cock out of her with a long sigh, collapsing next to her and hugging her body to his wife. They took some time to catch their breath before Aggra turned on her side and looked back at him with a smile. 


“Elements, Aggra!” he gasped, followed by a deep chuckle. He stroked a finger lovingly over the tattoo that adored the right side of her face near her eye. 


“Mhm. My thoughts exactly, Go’el,” she grinned at him. 


He wiped sweat from his forehead, smiling. “Well...not exactly our longest mating session, but one of the most intense. I…” he paused to search her gaze. “I still can’t believe you wanted me to do that.”


Aggra’s smile dropped slightly and she turned her gaze away for a moment. “I don’t entirely know either. When I caught you stroking yourself to Jaina Proudmoore...something just...sparked in me.”


Thrall smiled, tweaking her chin. “Well, I promise this’ll only ever be fantasy. And it stops the moment you want it to, remember that.” 


Aggra frowned as he got up onto his feet to clean himself up again. For some reason, her husband’s words didn’t sit right with Aggra. Seeing just how indescribably intoxicating the sex with Thrall had just been when spurred on by this fantasy, she couldn’t help but imagine just how intense the real thing would be. A part of Aggra’s brain knew that it was crazy to even go in this direction, but she couldn’t stop herself, especially with the added forbidden treat of Aggra herself indulging in a bit of passion with a fellow female in a way she hadn’t done in years. And Jaina Proudmoore was on good terms with Thrall once again, and did not have a mate. Could it be possible?


Aggra was caught up in the thrill of this line of thought, and she pushed aside any reservations before they could hold her back. “Go’el? What if ...what if we make it more than just a fantasy?”


Thrall, shocked, turned back to his wife with wide eyes. “Aggra?!”


“I’m serious, Go’el. You saw how...primal this was. Can you imagine the real thing?” 


Thrall sat down beside her again. “Aggra...think about what you’re suggesting here. You’re suggesting that I sleep with another female! That I betray my life-mate, you!”


Aggra shook her head. “No, not betrayal. I’ll be there too, and I’ll expect you to pleasure me as well, as I know you’re capable of doing.”


Her husband rubbed his temples. “Aggra…”


She gulped before continuing to make her case. “The truth is, Go’el, I...I’m curious about her too.”


He looked at her with confusion now. “Curious how?”


Aggra licked her lips sensually, stroking Thrall’s arm. “I mean that I...want to know what a human female tastes like down there.” 


He gaped at her. “Are...are you serious?” She nodded to the affirmative. Thrall shook his head. “You did tell me that you’ve been with females before, but I never thought that… by the Spirits, you and Jaina.” His breath caught in his throat and Aggra saw his limp cock twitch, clear evidence that the vision of his wife and the sexy human woman in bed together was an arousing one. “There’s no telling that Jaina would even want to be intimate with another woman.” 


Aggra shrugged. “If that is the case, I’m content enough to just watch you and her.” 


He sighed, pausing for a few moments. “This is crazy, Aggra. But…” 


“But the idea is something you’ve thought about for a long, long time, and it arouses you to no end, yes?” 


Thrall let out a bemused laugh. “Yes. Like always, you read me like a book, woman.” He took his hand in hers before looking back at her. “So let’s say I agree to this. How would we go about it?” 


Aggra pondered for a moment. “You still have your ways of getting in contact with her, even with her being in Boralus now, yes?” 


Thrall nodded. 


“Then, when we are ready, I’ll take the children down to Garadar and ask Nazla to watch them for the day. You send your message to the lovely Lord Admiral, invite her into our hut and, well, we see where it goes from there.” 


Thrall slowly nodded, rubbing his chin. “There’s a chance she will say no, and we of course cannot force her. Nor do I wish this to risk damaging my friendship with Jaina so soon after we mended it.” 


Aggra leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “If your bond with Jaina Proudmoore is as you’ve described it to me, something tells me she isn’t going to say no.” 

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