Mass Effect: Vengeance

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Plasma blasts rocked the bridge of the Xyston as Matriarch Doukas, Matron Lykaios, and Maiden Edali ran through the lift doors and quickly took up their stations: Lykaios at the helm, Edali at the science station, and Doukas at the captain’s podium over the glowing soft-blue display of the Republics’ cruiser.


‘’Situation report!’’. Nefeli shouted to the Xyston’s virtual intelligence as sparks rained down from the ceiling panel as a fresh salvo of hits of fierce yellow energy.

‘’Unknown attacker, concealed with heavy gas cloud consisting majority of propylene and ammonia’’. The VI chimed in, its smooth calming feminine voice at odds from the creaking metal as the Xyston absorbed yet another devastating salvo of hits. ‘’It registered as a drifting cloud until perimetry range. Kinetic barriers are functional. Density of cloud requires manual aiming’’.


‘’Goddess!’’, Nefeli cursed, feeling anger and panic surge inside her. It didn’t make any sense, she first suspected the few remains of Cerberus, the vermin would surely have a presents out here. The Nubian Expanse had always been a haven for outlaws, even after the War.       


Strangely, Nefeli was struck with a jovial feeling descended on her inflamed mind, her captaincy had never been tried, the Xyston had never seen combat. The remains of Cerberus would make decent target practice, she decided. Nefeli was relishing for an opportunity for battle, even during the war she and her crew had been ordered to guard the giant Crucible. Gazing out upon the twisting flowing mass of deep purples and soft blues tendrils of gas. ‘’VI!, scan the cloud, report’’. Nefeli demanded.        

But before the virtual support could offer information another series of white-hot energy enveloped the Xyston in dew yellow plasma.


‘’Aleena! Launch a torpedo into the cloud!’’. Nefeli was seething, barely keeping it together as her warship was struck from multiple directions.


‘’Ready, Captain!’’, Aleena’s firm voice did nothing to betray the knot of fear in her stomach, her slender fingers poised above her flickering holographic console. Aleena watched her captain grip the podium’s rail so tight her knuckles turned white and glare fiercely across the kilometres of black void, almost as if she could strike at the souls of her attackers.


The Matriarch’s command was soft yet as the torpedo detonated within the swirling gas, its effect was undeniable. The mass of purples and blues burned like a star, the whole cloud boiling from within. The explosion was silent in the vacuum of the great void, yet the shockwave made the Xyston tilt and groan so much that Aleena was forced to clutch her stations while Nefeli had to brace herself against the captain’s podium. Over crew members staggered across the bridge as the firestorm faded away, only to reveal horror.    


The warship before them was of monstrous proportions, forged from plates in deep green tones. As it emerged from the fiery entrails of the remaining gases, Nefeli saw it was designed in the form of a flying wing with protuberances potmarked the hull. On closer inspection with the viewscreen were hangers, cargo bays and deadly armaments. It must have been over two kilometres in length, Nefeli guessed.

‘’Goddess, help us’’. Nefeli hear Keiathea whisper.


Matriarch Nefeli felt a surge of panic, the strange alien vessel bared no resemblance to any other warship she had seen in her six hundred and twenty years. The captain turned on her heel, to see a holograph of cyan light held in place over Maiden Keiathea’s station. It display the basic outline of the opposing warship, lines of text in the same colour appeared beside listing the most simple dimensions. She was correct, the warship was two and a half kilometres in length. What had seemed to be multiple enemy vessels firing was instead countless large twenty-meter-long cannons across the warship’s bow. Only a speck of light showed her own cruiser in comparison, the Xyston was hardly a tenth the size.


‘’Captain!’’. Keiathea squealed, Nefeli turned to face the viewscreen and her heart dropped. The strange ship was closing distance, it was now just a few kilometres out. It must have incredible engines, Nefeli thought.




Unknown hostiles aboard. The Xyston’s virtual intelligence chimed, it’s calm smooth feminine voice in utter conflict with the simple truth of what it had just told the crew. Anxious asari glanced at each other, their curvaceous figures trembling, soon all eyes were fixed on the Captain.


She motioned for a ship-wide intercom, and a small ping and red light brightening in answer, ‘’All crew members collect firearms from the armoury and prepare for hostiles’’. After the speech, Nefeli turned to the bridge crew. ‘’Aleena with me, and Keiathea stay and monitor the enemy ship’’. Nefeli caught the expression of fear flood through Keiathea’s pretty blue features before being replaced with determination.


‘’Yes, captain’’. Keiathea nodded.


Matriarch Nefeli and Matron Aleena tapped the elevator to the captain’s cabin, Nefeli glanced to Aleena, the younger asari was trembling. Even with her three-hundred years of service Aleena had never experienced any form of boarding.

‘’It’s alright, we’ll get through this. I will contact the fleet and they’ll come, all we have to do is hold out’’. Nefeli knew her comfort was weak but she couldn’t let her crew see how fearful she truly was. 


The cabin spread out before them was sculpted beautiful and white, its roof curved up and over the room, evocative of a littoral cave formed from smooth marble. Rich velaniti tables lined the smooth metal walls, the wood was inlayed with sliver. Lovely Thessalian glasses, the inscribed name Akantha in golden curvy text. A large silk adorned bed took up a half of the cabin, the same bed that Aleena and her captain had experimented in together a few times before. However, the focus of Aleena’s attention was on the weapon case lining the unblemished metal wall, with only a small embarrassed glance towards the rumpled white bedsheets. Inside the locker was a Huntresses’ sword and a Disciple and two pairs of Acolyte pistols. Aleena took the shotgun and strapping the pistol to her slim waist, while Nefeli took the beautiful blade; its rippled pattern gleaming against the cabin’s lights. Nefeli took the scabbard and sheathed the blade.


The Xyston’s halls had been ripped and torn by the alien vessel, the corridor that the Matriarch and Matron found themselves now was discoloured with burns and fussed boiled metal. Both asari crept quietly down the hallway a haze of blue energy surrounded both curvaceous figures. The flickering emergency red lights gave a strange otherworldly feel to the vessel, it made Aleena anxiously tremble. Her bright eyes scanning every crevice and crack the alien weapons had cause, desperately searching for the apparent boarders. Much like the rest of the crew, Aleena had little experience of true combat, despite having training for centuries.


It was only when Aleena happened to glanced down one corridor and saw it. The alien was wearing deep red armour, the plates had a form of ridged quality across the shoulders and helmet. Its blade reminisced Aleena of a form of spear, its point was buried in the entrails of a crew member.  Aleena stomach turned, she knew the girl on the floor, she worked in life support. Deep purple blood drenched the blade, different strangely coloured bloods was splattered across the armour’s plates.

Both Nefeli and Aleena screamed in pure rage and readied themselves. Nefeli lunged with the blade’s point, desperate to avenge her slaughtered crew members. The sword’s point slide of the alien’s chest plate with a metallic scrap. Nefeli saw the alien’s spear coming, she ducked under it, swivelled on her left foot, shot out her right in a powerful kick that connected hard against the abdomen plate. The alien’s receded white eyes gleamed with amusement. Nefeli gasped, the kick should have made the alien stagger back, yet it was utterly unaffected. In a flash her saw the viciously sharp metal swinging towards her throat, spinning out of the way Nefeli tried to attack the joins only to find the mesh was too strong.


Aleena’s heart was in her throat, her captain’s reckless attack had happen too fast for her. Now the burr of movement and metal made it impossible to shoot, moreover the enclosed hallway could ricochet off the walls. She heard the strange bony alien spit out a harsh word, probably an insult. Aleena’s couldn’t even use her biotics, the rick of hurting her captain. Aleena felt useless, all she could do was stand in the corridor. She saw Nefeli rear back and drove sword hard into the back of the alien’s helmet. The blow met, but did little more than rattle the red plate. Nefeli stepped back and felt the sickening pool of blood, glancing down for a moment she saw the purple stain of blood drenching her left foot.


Seeing the asari distracted, the kett drove a hard white bone uppercut into the asari’s toned belly.         


‘’UUUHHH!’’, the captain let out a girlish cry of pain as she doubled over from the sheer force. It left her gasping. Suddenly a bony hand smashed the side of her face, which sent Nefeli reeling against the wall with her shoulder impacting painfully. She felt a trickle of purple blood from her split pouty lip. She heard a cry of fear from Aleena. She saw the alien catch her captain within its arms with Nefeli’s own arms pinned, as her captain writhed around angrily in its grasp. Aleena could only watch, helplessly, as it crushed her captain’s supple, flexing abs as she desperately tried to break free.             


Aleena heard the horrifying groaning and clicking of bones, Nefeli’s beautiful blue face blanched.


‘’Ahh, AHHH’’. Was all Nefeli could utter, while her distort lover trembled infront of her. She couldn’t guess what their fate would be, a simple interrogation or something worse. Gathering up all her strength, Nefeli made one last effort to break free; desperately wrenching her body about, kicking her long legs out her thick toned thighs flexing with effort. Nefeli finally whipped her head back to crush the alien’s face beneath her rigid scalp-crest. She connected her blow, and fire blossomed from her scalp, the semi-flexible impacting painfully against the white bone of the alien’s head. Nefeli heart the strange growl and it squeezed her tighter and tighter as her vision started to blur. The last view was her Aleena raising the Acolyte to her shoulder and screamed demands at the alien. Then the blackness of unconsciousness consumed her.  


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