Three Hearts

BY : Kingmaker
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Disclaimer: I do not own Mass Effect it belongs to it's rightful owners and creators. This is a non profit story.


                Cold, it was so cold on planet Zoth that Tali' was afraid she’d freeze in her suit. She didn’t know how Commander Shepard and Lira could keep going. It had been a week since they had destroyed the Collector Base. Lira had invited Shepard to go to planet Zoth with her, so they could examine some Prothean ruins. Tail had tagged along; she had fallen for Shepard during their adventures together. However,  he was with Lira and they were using this expedition as a way to rekindle their romance.

Zoth was an ice planet, it had oxygen but was barren of all life. It was currently twenty degrees below zero which was as warm as Zoth could get. The three of them rode in the Hammerhead in silence as they arrived at the ruins of what had once been some sort of Prothean temple. All three of them got out. Commander Shephard wore black and red armor, while Lira wore a white suit with a clear glass helmet. They all stepped inside of the ruined temple and it was somewhat warmer. So, Shepard and Lira removed their helmets.

Lira went to work on scanning the ruins after about an hour she finished. Lira sighed and shook her head.

“What’s the matter Lira?’ Shepard asked.

Lira replied. “Well there’s a lot of information in these ruins Shepard. But they don’t tell us anything that we don’t already know.”

“Well that sucks.” Shepard responded.

Lira nodded. “Oh well at least it gave us a chance to catch up.”

“Yep” Shepard replied.

Lira and Shepard kissed, and Tail felt a deep pain in her heart. Seeing the two of them kiss was a reminded her of what she would never have. Commander Shepard communicated with Joker and then shouted, “Damn it!”

“What’s wrong?” Tail asked.

Shepard replied. “Well Joker says that the there’s a  planet storm wide brewing outside. He wouldn’t be able to pick us up until it quiets down tomorrow.”

Tail responded. “So, were stuck here for the night? Should we go to the Hammer Head?”

Shepard said. “Joker said we’d be safer staying in the ruins.”

Lira said. “We should still go to the Hammer Head and get the emergency supplies from it.”

Shepard, Lira and Tail went the Hammer head got supplies. They got a bag of food and special medical supplies., a big blue sleeping bag that stored head and could explained to fit multiple bodies. They also got some portable heaters which Lira quickly set up. The three of them still found themselves cold. Then Lira said. “We’re all going to have to get in the sleeping bag together and keep each other warm with our body heat.”

“What you want you us all to sleep together in our underwear? Tail yelled.

Lira shook her head. “Underwear observes body heat. If want to stay warm until morning we need sleep together naked.”

“What!” Tail shouted. “You know I’ll die if I take off my suit!”

Lira reached into one of the medicine bags and pulled out a syringe and handed it to Tail. “I got this incase your suit ever got damaged. This injection is full of antibodies that should allow you to be out of your suit for twelve hours.”

“Okay that’s a great think to have, thanks for that Lira. I’m still not getting naked with you guys.”

Shepard raised his hands. “Look here were all adults and we have to do whatever it takes to get warm, that’s an order.”

Tail sighed. “Okay its just that nobody seen me naked before, heck I don’t remember the last time I have ever even been naked.”

Lira unzipped her zipper. “Let’s get to it.”

Shepard also began stripping off his clothing. He removed his armor, and the clothing under it until all he had on were a pair of blue and red boxers. Tail almost drooled at the sight of him. Commander Shepard was in peck physical condition, he had strong arms, a muscular chest and six pack abs. As for Lira she on a sky-blue bra and panties. Shepard unbuckled her bra and it fell to the ground. Lira then slid her panties off and mashed her breasts against Shepard’s chest while Shepard groped her wonderful round full blue rear. Lira wrapped her arms around Shepard and they passionately kissed.

Shepard got a huge tent in his boxers and it poked against Lira’s belly. Lira deepened her kiss as she grabbed Shepard boxers and yanked them down to his knees. Shepard pulled them down the rest of the way and stepped of them. Now Shepard and Lira stood before Tail as nude as they day they were born. Shepard had black pubic hair and a nine-inch cock, that was throbbing in exactment, Tail could see the veins pulsing on it. As for Lira she had perfectly shaped medium sized breasts with light blue nipples. There wasn’t a single hair anywhere on her body, including her vagina.

Tail now truly understood that asria were truly the most beautiful creatures in the galaxy. Every inch of her body and sexy and perfect. Lira gave Shepard’s muscular rear a squeeze before cupping his testicles.  Making him shutter, Lira noticed that she and Shepard were getting a little carried away. “Sorry Tail it’s just been awhile since we’ve…”

“Yeah I know.” Tail replied.

Shepard blushed slightly as he said. “It’s your turn Tail.”

Tail gave herself an injection and then threw the syringe outside. She didn’t feel any different. Tail stood before Lira and Shepard twiddling her thumbs. She decided to start by taking her mask off first, since that would be the easiest part to take off. She just hoped that Shepard and Lira liked what they saw. Tail removed her mask and Shepard and Lira gasped as they saw her face. Tail had a love face with dark purple skin and pure white eyes. Unlike Lira Tail had hair that was long and as black as the night.

“Your beautiful Tail.” Shepard said

Lira nodded in agreement and place her hands on her hips. “Indeed, she is, now come on Tail lets see the rest of you.”

“Okay fine, I’ll treat you both to a nice sexy private strip show.”

Tail slowly removed her suit piece by piece until all she had on was her light pink underwear. Like Lira Tail had curves in all the right places, her hips were wide, and bra barely concealed her breasts which were far larger than her suit had ever shown them to be. All of Tail’s shyness had faded away and now she just wanted Shepard and Lira to feast their eyes on all of her exposed flesh!

Tail unbuckled her bra and let it slowly fall to the ground, but she kept her breasts covered with her hands. Then Tail turned around and slowly slid her panties down her legs. She gifted Lira and Shepard with the sight of her wide plumb buttocks! After mooning them for a while she turned and showed them her large round breasts that had dark purple nipples. As for her vagina it was covered in a tuft of black pubic hair, that was spars enough to left her folds visible. Tail sensationally ran her hands over her body, her nipples harden, and it wasn’t from the cold.

Feeling brave Tail strolled over to Shepard and embraced him. Lira hugged Shepard as well and they all enjoyed a nice long nude group hug. Then they all got into the sleeping bag together. Commander Shepard had Lira’s breasts pressed against his back and his cock nestled in Tail’s buttocks. He was truly the luckiest man in the Milky Way galaxy! As for Tail her luck greatly increased when Lira said. “I just remembered I have some body lotion in one of those bags. I think rubbing on we will warm ourselves up even faster.”

Both Tail and Shepard agreed to this.  So, they got the body lotion out and sat on top of their sleeping back. Shepard, Lira and Tail decided to rub body lotion on each other.  It started innocently at first.  They did each other’s arms, legs shoulders and backs.  None the less the feeling of touching Lira’s and Tail’s bare flesh made Shepard’s member even bigger!

Eventually they all ran out of innocent places to touch.  Tail laid down on  the sleeping bag and before Shepard knew it he was rubbing Tail’s rear end. Rubbing her soft bottom was amazing and he gave it a couple of soft squeezes which made Tail smile and give small moans of delight. When he was done with her Shepard rubbed body lotion on Lira’s ass. 

Afterwards Lira decided to put the warm lotion on her own breasts, making sure to brush her thumbs against her stiff nipples as she did. As for Tail, she let Shepard do her breasts, her nipples harden beneath his palms as he rubbed her breasts together and groped them when he ran out of lotion. When he was done with that, he patted Tail’s rump a few times and then Shepard and Tail shared a loving kiss.  When it ended Tail and Lira both put lotion on Shepard’s butt and then went to work on his groin.

Lira let Tail put the lotion on Shepard’s big cock! It twitched in joy as she put a dab of lotion on it. As for Lira she went to work on Shepard’s balls.  Before she knew it, she was gently fondling them. While Tail wrapped her right hand around Shepard’s penis and felt it pulse in her hand.  Without hesitation she started stroking it, Shepard was almost to aroused to speak and it didn’t take him long to get taken to the edge. He softly grunted. “I’m going to cum.”

Tail gave Shepard a peak on the cheek. “It’s okay Shepard, let it out.”

“Yeah Shepard if you don’t cum now you’ll have a serious case of blue balls.” Lira responded.

Shepard could barely hear them as he closed his eyes and sighed in bliss as he came.  His member twitched in Tail’s hand as Shepard ejaculated. His white sticky cum shot out of his penis and into the air, as a wave of delight washed over him.  The sight of Shepard cumming was the most wonderful thing Tail had ever seen. When he finished, Lira kissed Tail hard on the lips and did the same to Shepard. They returned her kisses with equal passion. Tail then kissed Shepard while giving his soften dick one last stork.

The three of them all tried to kiss each other at once but weren’t really successful. Afterwards they all held hands and Lira and Tail stroked Shepard’s dick while making out with him. In just seconds it harden back to its full length. An idea popped into Tail’s head. She planted small kisses all over Shepard’s face and whispered in his ear.  Shepard nodded happily and gently pushed Lira onto her back and wrapped his lips around her right nipple.  Before Lira knew what hit her, Tail wrapped her lips around Lira’s left nipple. 

The two of them sucked on Lira’s tits like newborn infants.  A deep heat began to build between Lira’s thighs and she felt herself get very wet. She ran her hands through Shepard and Tail’s hair urging them on.  Lira’s nipples had always been very sensitive, and Shepard sucked on them often when they made love, Lira had no idea had good it would feel to have two people sucking on her tits.

Her nipples became as hard a steel as she felt a familiar tingle in her pussy.  Lira shouted. “Shepard, Tail keep going I’m about to…”

Lira’s words left her as she climaxed.  She kept her legs closed as her pussy muscles clenched.  Her entire body quivered as utter joy coursed through her.  When Lira was done cumming, she sat up and said. “It’s your turn Tail, open your legs.”

Tail did what Lira asked. She opened her legs reviling all the wonders of her womanhood.  Lira stuck two fingers into her love tunnel making Tail shriek. Shepard sat behind Tail and he squeezed her breasts like crazy, while she rubbed her ass against his groin.  Lira stirred her fingers in Tail’s vagina while flicking her clitoris with her thumb.

Tail’s love juices covered Lira’s hand. After just five more strokes of her clitoris she came hard!  She squirted all over Lira’s hand as her vagina tightened around her fingers. Never had Tail thought it was possible to feel this good! She screamed to the heavens as she came. As for Shepard some pre cum shot out of his member and onto Tail’s tail bone. It took every ounce of his will power to keep from cumming again.

When Tail’s climax ended. She got up and playfully tacked Lira to the ground.  The two of them kissed for a while and licked each other’s face. Their boobs pressed together and so did their vaginas.  Lira stroked Tail’s hair. “Now’s the time to enter us Shepard. You can start with her.”

Shepard playful tapped Tail’s ass and pressed his cock against her soaking wet pussy lips and slowly entered her. Tail felt her hymen tear, there was a little blood and some pain. But as Shepard thrusted gently inside her the pain faded and all that was left was pleasure and pure happiness of having the man, she loved her inside her. 

As for Shepard it was overwhelming being inside of Tail her warmth and softness were about to make him burst.  When he felt himself at the edge though he pulled out and stabbed his manhood into Lira. Lira gave something between a gasp and a moan as she once more took in the cock of her beloved Commander.

Shepard timed his thrusts making sure to fill both of his lovers equally.  They went at it for ten minutes, but it was ten minutes of paradise.  But like all good things it came to an end.  Lira and Tail came at the same time, as for Shepard he kept on thrusting while cumming like a gazer. He filled Lira and Tail’s wombs with as much of his seed as he could. Shepard kept pounding into them until his member stopped being hard.  The three of them felt nothing, but utter ecstasy as the came together and felt more physical and emotional joy than they ever thought possible.

When their orgasms ended Shepard kissed Tail and Lira. They got back into their sleeping bag. Their three hearts beat in unison, knowing that when the reapers came, and galaxy went to war. That they would face it together.


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