The Lovers

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It had been several years since the Hero of Time had returned to Hyrule. He had become Princess Zelda’s bodyguard and traded in his green tunic for a suit of armor. He was in the process of courting her but given their different social ranks it was going to be a difficult process.  Link was escorting Zelda from a royal wedding at a neighboring kingdom. One their way back their party was ambushed by a Moblin horde and Link and Zelda were the only survivors. Now they were running for their lives.

The dark sky unleashed a torrent of rain as Link and Princess Zelda ran for their lives. The two humans sped through the woods as the Moblins chased them. Link was tightly grasping and pulling along Zelda with his left hand. His right-hand wiled a sword that he used to hack apart any tree branch that got in their way. Eventually their pursuers were nowhere in sight. Link and Zelda hid behind a mighty oak tree, so they could catch their breath.

    The rain clanked on Link’s armor and dripped down his blade. Link’s steel armor covered everything, but his head. Princess Zelda wore a vibrant purple dress that was now soaked because of the rain. She had a golden bracelet on her left arm and a silver one on her right arm. She had worn fancy shoes but had tossed them off when she started running. So, her feet were bare.

 Link gasped. “Are you alright my lady?”

 Zelda nodded. “Yes, I’m fine. Did we lose them?”

         “For now, but they’re probably going to catch up.”

A shiver of fear ran down Zelda’s spine as she pressed herself against Link’s chest. He wrapped a comforting arm around her. Link had been escorting Zelda back home with a hundred other guards. Now Link was all that remained, and he swore to the goddess that he would not let those filthy monsters lay their hands on her. A growl echoed through the woods and a Moblin jumped right in front of Link. He wore brown leather armor. The Moblin had a quiver tie around his back. In his hands he wielded a longbow which was currently strung.  He aimed his arrow at Link’s face and sneered. “Give me the princess or die!”

 “You better hope that arrow hits me! Otherwise I shall cut you down with one strike!”

“Wrong answer!”

The Moblin fired his bow and the arrow shot right towards Link’s head.  Link shattered it with his blade. The Moblin shrieked as he reloaded his bow, Link ran at the Moblin and swung his sword. He cut open the Moblin’s throat, blood poured down the Moblin’s neck as the slain feline’s bow and arrow tumbled out of his lifeless hands.  Zelda put the Moblin’s quiver around her back and picked up the bow and unused arrow. “What are you doing Zelda?” Link asked.

Zelda replied. “You know I am just as skilled with a bow as you are with a sword.  I’m not going to let them use me as a hostage to bend my father to their will. I’d rather fight and die alongside you.”

Link put his hand on Zelda’s shoulder. “Although I’m not thrilled with this idea. I won’t stop you, just make sure to make every shot count.”

“I will.”

Zelda had never shot anything, but targets before, in this timeline. She didn’t know if she could handle taking another life. But after all the atrocities that the Moblins had visited upon her people. She knew that she wouldn’t hesitate to put them down. There was no road or natural path on the forest floor, just leaves and clovers. The rain had lessened to just a mere drizzle, but the sky was still a dark ugly gray. Link and Zelda had no idea where they were going. They just had to keep moving. Link heard a twig snap behind him.

Suddenly, Link and Zelda found themselves surrounded by ten Moblins. That suited Zelda just fine since she had ten arrows. Four of the Moblins were armed with spears, the other five had sabers. The one who lead them wielded an ax. Link raised his sword, while Zelda aimed her bow at them. The leader of this band of Moblins, who only had one eye spoke. “You damn fools don’t know when to give up. Just know that there are hundreds of my brethren combing these woods. Even if by some miracle you slew all of us. It wouldn’t change anything so why don’t you just drop your weapons and surrender?”

 “We all know that’s not happening.” Link responded

The one-eyed Moblin nodded. “I figured as much. Tell me brave knight, what is your name?”

“Link, what’s yours?”
The one-eyed Moblin stroked his ax. “My name is Rort  and that is the last name you shall ever hear!”

The Moblins charged and Zelda fired her bow. She shot an arrow through the heart of one Moblin. While Link slashed another across his face. Zelda took out three more Moblins before one broke her bow in two. Zelda screamed and picked up a spear from a fallen Moblin and used it the best she could. Link blocked several saber swings and dodged several spear thrusts.  With one swing of his blade Link cut two Moblins in half and as their blood gushed all over the ground, Rort swing his ax at Link’s head. Link dodged it, while Zelda threw her spear at the head of one of the Moblins. It exited out of the back of the poor Moblin’s skull.

The two remaining Moblins joined Rort  in attacking Link. They swung their sabers at him, and Link blocked their blows while avoiding Rort ’s mighty ax. He stabbed one of them through the chest and sliced off the upper half of the other’s head. Now Rort  stood alone against the two blond youths. Zelda picked up another spear and thrust it at Rort ’s head. He jolted his head backwards, so the tip of the spear barely touched him.

Rort  kicked Zelda’s spear out of her hands and slammed his fist against her nose. Zelda collapsed to the ground. Link screamed as he stabbed and slashed his sword at Rort  with endless fury. Rort  blocked all of Link’s attacks but found himself overwhelmed.  Link banged his sword against Rort ’s ax and kicked him between the legs. Rort  fell on his knees and kept fending off Link blade. Rort shot back put to his feet, as a loud roar rang throughout the woods. A gigantic gray bear with blood red eyes and razor-sharp teeth and claws burst from the bushes.

The enraged beast buried its teeth into Rort ’s left shoulder. It swung him about like a rag doll. Rort  screamed in agony, the bear didn’t even give him a chance to use his ax as it mauled him. Link jabbed his sword at the bear, and it knocked his sword out of his grasp with one swing of its right paw. Zelda had managed to get back up but was still dazed from Rort ’s punch. Link grabbed her hand and shouted. “RUN!”

The bear finished with Rort  and chased after them. Link and Zelda ran through the forest as fast as their feet could carry them. They kept running until they reached the point that they could barely breath.  Eventually Zelda and Link found themselves on a small narrow cliff. Beneath that cliff there was a huge blue river with a very calm current. Zelda took a deep breath and asked. “Do you think we’d survive the jump?”

“I don’t know. Maybe we should see if there’s a way to climb down.”

The bear caught up to them. Link got in front of Zelda and shielded his face with his arms. The bear slashed its claws at him. The enraged beast’s claws managed to dent Link’s armor, but he kept on standing. The bear roared and rammed Link off the cliff. Zelda screamed. “Link!”

She jumped off the cliff after him. Link crashed into the river and sank like a stone. His armor had always felt as light as wool and had never weighed him down. Now its weight was overwhelming and even though Link could swim. He knew he couldn’t even attempt to do that until he got his armor off. Link stripped off his boots, his gauntlets, his chest plate and everything else. Now all Link had on was his green boxers. He swam up as blood leaked from the numerous cuts on his arms.  Just when he couldn’t hold his breath anymore, he managed to break the surface and take in a big glop of air.

Link spun around seeing no sign of the princess. “Zelda, where are you?”

Zelda popped up right next to Link. Blood was running down her nose, but beside that she was alright. Zelda squirmed as she struggled to stay afloat. “I think there’s a fish caught beneath my dress.”

Link swam over to Zelda and felt for the fish, but it kept escaping his grasp. Zelda sighed. “Just tear it off my love.”

Link nodded and ripped off Zelda dress. The fish swim away freely and now like Link, Zelda was partially naked except for her pink panties and matching pink bra covering her large bosom. The two of them swam over to the riverbank. As soon as Zelda saw the bloody gashes on Link’s arms, she tended to them by covering them with river weeds. Stripped of their clothing that showed their rank, they now just saw each other as male and female.

Link had strong muscular arms and legs. As well as four pack abs. He had two small scars on his left arm as well as a bright red scar that went from the top of his right hip all the way down to his right knee. Zelda thought he had to be the most handsome young man in all the land.

As for Zelda, Link was awed by her beauty. Her breasts were barely contained by her almost see through pink bra. She had smooth legs and nice wide hips. When Zelda finished dressing Link’s wounds, she wrapped her arms around him, and Link returned her embrace.  Zelda wept. “I can’t believe all that happened today. If you had died, I don’t know what’d I’d do. I love you too much to live without you.”

Link gently rubbed Zelda’s back. He wiped away her tears and kissed her hands. “I love you to my dear princess. Today the odds were against us and we survived. I promise no matter what we’re both going get through this and return home.”

Before Zelda could responded her stomach grumbled.  She slightly blushed. “I guess we should find something to eat.”

Lucky for the two Hylians there were  raspberry bushes growing by the bank. They eat their fill and quenched their thirst with river water. Nightfall came and both Zelda and Link were too exhausted to start a fire. Instead they slept by the river with their arms wrapped around one another. The two youths awoke at dawn to the warm morning sun.  After having another meal of water and berries they continued on their way. After removing the weeds from his healed arms, Link picked up a large yet light rock with a jagged edge. It wasn’t much of a weapon, but it was better than nothing. Still Link found himself severely missing the Master Sword.

Also Link knew that they would be utterly helpless if they encountered any Moblins in their current state. Although at this point, he hoped that the Moblins had given up searching for them, but he highly doubted that. Zelda spotted a dirt path by the river, she gleefully sped down it and Link struggled to keep up with her. Link and Zelda found themselves, at a nice little village. The people didn’t take much notice on their state of undress since it was so hot out. There was an innkeeper who had seen Zelda when he visited Hyrule. He give them the best room in the inn. It had a dresser, a huge pink bed and a full-length mirror  and a closet  

    The moment Link and Zelda found themselves alone in that room, Zelda tore Link’s boxers off while he removed her bra and panties. Then Zelda led Link across the room toward the bed but halted at the full-length mirror next to the closet. She turned to face him, and they gazed at their profiles in the reflection. Their arousal could not have been more obvious. Zelda's nipples were angled upwards in tight nubs aimed at Link’s chest. Link’s throbbing erection seemed to exceed the width of his narrow waist.

Zelda put her hands on his muscular chest, and then slid them down over his abdomen. Her gaze was still fixed on his reflection as she took his cock in her hand, making Link gasp.

                    "Want to get into bed?" she said.

After giving his cock a single stroke. Zelda held Link’s hand and led him to the bed. Link stood behind her as she leaned over to pull the covers back, and seeing her gorgeous ass arched up at him, he could not resist grabbing her hips and grinding his cock into her ass cheeks.

"Link!" she screamed, jumping onto the bed and darting out of reach.

Link leapt after her, grabbing her ankle and pulling her toward him.

"Aaahhh! Help!" she yelled in between fits of laughter.

The youths wrestled on the pink bed. Link was much stronger than Zelda was, but she was very fast and wriggled out of his grasp several times. The struggle intensified and the laughter stopped when Link had Zelda pinned to the mattress. Their sweaty bodies slid against each other as he held her wrists over her head and she thrashed about. Somehow, Link wound up between her legs. His rock-hard cock pressed against her thighs as she writhed beneath his weight.

Still holding her hands over her head, Link began exploring Zelda's body with his free hand, caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Zelda arched her back in response. Link kissed her neck, and then worked his way up to her face. He kissed her cheeks and chin, and finally their lips met. Zelda thrust her tongue into his mouth, and they kissed passionately. When he released her wrists so he could caress her hair, her arms remained splayed out above her head as if in surrender.

Link and Zelda could not get enough of each other. They kissed deeply until their faces were red and their lips ached. Zelda drove her hips into Link's cock, sliding her pussy up and down its length. When the stimulation became too much and Link felt like he was going to come, he lifted his weight off her and knelt between her legs. Pre cum oozed from the tip of his cock, which throbbed inches from Zelda's pussy and glistened with her juices. He took a moment to drink in the vision of her naked form stretched out before him, but he could not keep his hands off her for long.

He ran his palms lightly over her breasts, barely touching her nipples. Goosebumps formed on her chest as he slid his hands over her stomach and around her narrow waist. Zelda arched her back as he touched her, causing her shallow navel to stretch out until there was barely a depression--just a circular patch of puckered skin that Link found incredibly sexy.

Zelda watched Link expectantly as he explored her body. When he slid his hand down her stomach and brushed his fingers softly over her sparse tuft of neatly trimmed pubic hair, her breathing intensified. She gasped with pleasure as he drew his fingers up the insides of her legs, then back down to the deepest recess of her crotch without ever actually touching her vagina.

Link smiled at her as he ran his hands down the insides of her legs until he reached her crotch, and then surprised her by sliding his thumb between the hot folds of her labia. Her soaking pussy yielded at once and his thumb slipped inside her.

“Keep going.” she moaned, squeezing her eyes shut and turning her head to the side. She grasped her knees and pulled them back, spreading her legs wide for him.

Link was utterly absorbed in the carnal beauty of her womanhood. Her pubic hair ended just above the slit of her vagina, leaving the pink folds of her vulva completely exposed. As he ran his thumb slowly up and down the slippery folds of skin, waves of pleasure pulsed through Zelda's body.

"Oh! Ooh! Don't stop…please…don't stop." she pleaded, grasping the sheets and thrusting her hips into his hand. Zelda's entire body shuddered as she began to climax; her moans of ecstasy almost sounded like crying. When her climax ended, she laid still for several seconds, staring up at the ceiling with a look of utter astonishment as she caught her breath.

"Whoa," she said, looking at Link. "Where'd you learn to do that?"

Link just grabbed her legs and pulled her closer, sliding her ass onto his knees until her pussy was touching his cock.

"You’re so big”. she purred, grabbing his cock. She ran her fingers over his glans, pressing it against her vagina.

"Are you going to put this inside of me?" she whispered hoarsely, slowly moving her hips up and down and sliding her slippery entrance against his cock.

Both their gazes were transfixed on Link's cock dividing the swollen folds of her pussy.

"Are you going to fuck me?”

Link grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her even closer.

"Huh? Are you goanna stick your big cock in me?” Zelda said hoarsely, punctuating her words with thrusts of her hips.

"Are you ready to become one with me?" she challenged.

Link parted his knees and lowered her to the bed, then pushed her legs apart and lowered himself onto her. She put her hands on his chest when he tried to kiss her and held him off.

"Just be gently okay?" she said in a barely audible whisper, reaching between her legs and grasping his cock. She squeezed him gently, and then caressed his balls as they brushed against her pussy. Link had never been so turned on in his whole life. Holding himself up with one arm, he pushed her knee back until her legs were spread wide open, then grasped his cock and ran it up and down along her soaking entrance.

Zelda gasped as the tip of his cock insinuated itself between her swollen labia. She put her hands on his ass and pulled him into her. They both watched as his cock slid halfway inside her. Link exhaled, slowly pulling out until only the tip of his cock was inside her, enveloped by her labia which seemed to be grasping at him, pulling him back inside. He paused to stop from cumming instantly, and then sank his entire length into her tight pussy. Zelda’s cherry popped and drops of blood leaked from her womanhood as the two of them became adults together.

Zelda caressed Link’s muscular chest and stomach, and occasionally brushed her fingers over his pubic hair. As she got used to his size, she pulled her knees back further and spread her legs wide, thrusting her hips into Link and letting him penetrate her as deeply as possible as his big testicles slapped against her crack.

"Uhhnn…Link! I'm gonna...cumm!!!!!!!”

Her screams suddenly became muffled whimpers. She lifted her head and stared at her lover with wide-eyed urgency as orgasm consumed her. She slid her hands over her crotch to each side of Link's cock, grasping at the slippery shaft as if afraid he would pull out.

The additional stimulation sent Link over the edge. His body went rigid as his blissful orgasm began. His balls erupted and unleashed a torrent of semen inside his lover’s pussy. Zelda could feel his cock swell inside her just as her majestic orgasm was reaching its peak; hot liquid filled her pussy and spread its warmth throughout her abdomen.

Link collapsed on top of Zelda in exhaustion when it was over, gently nuzzling her neck as she caressed his hair. When his flaccid cock eventually slipped out of her vagina, he slid off her and lay at her side. Zelda remained lying on her back, staring at the ceiling with a look of utter delight. She tilted her head to the side and found Link staring at her with a foolish grin. “I think we did things out of order.”

Zelda stroked Link’s face and replied. “Well today was a safe day, but the next time you spill yourself inside me. You shall father the next royal heir and we shall be husband and wife.”

The two of them cuddle and fell asleep in their on the wonderful bed together. The next day the innkeeper gave them a map, a red tunic and brown pants for Link and a green dress for Zelda and an old woman gave the princess and the Hero of Time some wool shoes. The kind villagers gave them supplies for their journey back to Hyrule. Link and Zelda wandered through the woods and after half a day of walking they grew wary.

They rested on a bed of soft moss underneath an enormous willow tree. Zelda had fallen asleep and Link eyes were barely open. A very loud whizzing sound jolted them back up to their feet. Link and Zelda had the shock of their lives as they saw Rort standing before them. His armor had rusted from all the dried blood covering it. One of Rort’s ears had been torn off and his face was covered in deep scars that refused to heal. His left shoulder was just exposed bone and a few pieces of flesh.

There wasn’t a part of his body that bear hadn’t damaged. Rort was leaning on his ax as he tried to catch his breath. Link stared at him in wonder. “By the goddesses how are you still alive?”

Rort stopped leaning on his ax and replied. “I’m too stubborn to die. Or to stop searching for you two. Everyone else has given up and gone home. But I knew if I kept looking, I’d find you!”

Link got in front of his beloved princess and made his hands into fists. “We may be unarmed, but your half dead. Just walk away Rort!”

“I can’t do that Link.” He replied. “I have to avenge my men.”

Rort charged at Link and swung his ax at his head. Link caught the ax between his hands and as Rort tried to break free, Zelda kicked Rort so hard in his left hip that it cracked. Rort grunted in pain and fell on his knees. He swung his ax at Link’s legs and Link jumped over it. Rort managed to get back up and slashed his ax wildly, but the lovers were too fast for him.

Link punched Rort in the face with such great force that he knocked him flat on his back and sent Rort’s ax flying out of his hands. Zelda picked up the ax and tossed it to Link. Rort found he did not have the strength to get up. He glanced at his ax that was now in hands of his enemy. Rort looked Link right in the eyes. “Finish it.”

Link nodded and buried the ax into Rort’s skull sending blood, fragments of bone and brain matter scattering everywhere!

Link let go of the ax and said a prayer for his slain foe. He and Zelda embraced and continued on their way. Three days later they were arrived back in Hyrule and were welcomed as heroes.

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