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Zarov tiptoed forward, the silent gaits of her bare feet hitting the dirt music to her overly-sensitive ears. Their footsteps were right behind her; her wife Aela, and her housecarl, Lydia. Somehow both of them decided it would be a good idea to follow her into a bandit den. While she knew she was strong enough to handle nearly every situation they could ever come across, there were always the situations that she hadn't come up against.

She was Dragonborn. She was kitsune. A race of fox-people similar to the khajiit, but unlike the cats, kitsune were skilled in far more than just talking and being merchants. They had innate abilities in illusion and conjuration magic, which didn't help Zarov much. She much preferred the 'stab them in the eye with a sword' approach. She blamed Skyrim for it.

However, kitsune had another trait; they were covered with fur. It made them agonizingly hot even in Skyrim's chill, so while in the main temperate region of Cyrodiil, most of them were naked. Zarov had taken this approach to Skyrim as well. Many civilians looked at her like she was crazy for walking around naked in the snow, but Zarov found it nice and chilly. She wasn't sweating up a storm simply walking around anymore like she'd done back home.

She also found the experience freeing. No longer was she bound to society's rules. It's what attracted her to Aela to begin with; the Companion's ability to say 'fuck you!' to the rules. On the other hand, the werelady had decided to copy her.

And Lydia...had somehow gotten the idea that it was better to show more skin than none, and had done the same. No matter what Zarov tried to say, or do, her two followers looked at her like she was crazy for mentioning that going nude was normal for kitsune...not so much humans. On the other hand, the chill of even Winterhold didn't seem to phase them, so maybe it was normal for them? Zarov had no idea.

But no matter the reason why, it made the three far stealthier. Zarov was silent, with Aela and Lydia just a few feet behind her, both of them seemingly uncomfortable with the way the caves were set up. It wasn't a draugr hold at least, so they didn't have to worry about that. But it was a bandit's hideout, and it was well-known enough that Riften wanted her to get rid of it.

Zarov held up one hand, making sure that the coast was clear before she moved forward a few steps. They were an intersection, the rocks slowly leading to the darkness of the left, or the brightness of the right. She gave a quick look to the left, before popping over to the right. Aela and Lydia barely took a moment's notice before they followed her.

It was as sudden as a flare; one second Aela was up, the next she was done on the ground, her breasts mashed against the dirt floor, out cold. Zarov barely had enough time to turn and see Lydia's surprised look of shock, and the cloaked man behind her, a poison coated dagger in his hand, the sickly green liquid running down it's now bloody edge.

Zarov started her Shout, only to feel the tiny pinprick of a needlebolt in her neck, the same sickly green popping from her hand as she tried to wipe it off. Her voice left her, and she watched with listless eyes as Lydia got hit with the same thing she did.


She could feel them dragging her somewhere. Putting her on top of a table, or some other cold platform. Tying her hands and legs together, forcing her legs to be spread wide. Her head was tied to...something, a headstone or similar, leaving her in a vague sitting up position with her knees next to her head.

"How long until it wears off? The Companion isn't going to be able to change, is she?" Zarov's ears twitched as sense starting coming back to her. She could feel the cut in her throat; she wasn't going to be able to Shout. Her necklace and rings had been tossed somewhere, to say nothing of her weapon. She still had her magicka though...although there was something wrong.

"No, we've made sure of that. The potion acts as an inhibitor against Hircine. He won't be able to affect any of them. And the Dragonborn over there, we've cut out a piece of her throat. She won't be able to Shout until she finds a healer...unless it scars up like that. And it inhibits their magicka regeneration. They are completely helpless," a female voice answered.

Damn. There went magic as an option. No Shouts, no magic, no weapons, no much did this group study her? That much information, that much thinking ahead...why? There was no reason to. She was Dragonborn, the last of the line. She had to defeat Alduin to save the world.

Her eyes were forced open a moment later, a young woman holding a candle up to them. "She's awake, but I'm not sure how coherent. You may have to repeat yourself," the woman said after staring into both of her eyes. Zarov forced them open herself, trying to take in as much as she could about the scene.

She was tied to a pedestal, a pedestal in the middle of a dragon cave. It opened wide to the cold snowy chill of the skies above, and the dragon wall was just out of her reach. Not that she had an extra soul to use for it. Dragons did try to stay out of her reach nowadays. Across the way were two more sacrificial pedestals, of two more naked women. It took Zarov only a second to identify Aela, and a moment later Lydia, both bound the same way she was. Their pussies were wide open, and if they were bent back just a bit their asses were easily visible. Both of them seemed still out of it.

A man came into her view, one of the many bandits that she barely took a look at. Heavily muscled, hairy chest and arms, tall and thick. Probably a Nord. He had fur armor on, but even as light as it was it barely covered the large tent hanging from his front. He was excited about something, and Zarov took a few moments to realize what it was. Her heart dropped.

"Repeat or not, I don't care. Listen up, Dragonborn. We got paid a lot of gold to keep you here, but as we don't need to deliver you for another five days, me and the boys are going to have some fun first," he said, sneering at her. He grabbed his loincloth, casually tossing it away as he grabbed Zarov's hips.

His dick was huge. Zarov's heart stopped. The worst fear she had had, and it was coming true. Powerless to stop it, powerless to do anything about it. The man's thumbs reached for her pussy lips, rubbing them roughly. "Damn, still dry. Got any moonsugar? Doesn't that help the cats get off?" the Nord called. Air had stopped in Zarov's chest and she forced herself to breathe.

No matter the case, now matter how bad it got, she had to be strong. She'd survive this, just as she'd survived everything else. A female hand wrapped around her jaw suddenly, holding her mouth open as a foul liquid got poured down her throat. Her first instinct was to throw it up, but the hand wrapped itself around her neck a moment later.

"Not sure about the cats and moonsugar, but this should help. You at least," the woman said. Heat flooded into Zarov's body, and she felt herself begin to fall into her Heat. She could feel the flood of liquid as it hit her nethers, her nipples got hard as diamonds, and she felt her own mental state shift. She wanted her empty canal filled to the brim, to be used and used until her body could go no further...

The man felt around her pussy, this time getting an unconscious thrust from her as she tried to get more of the hand on her. Zarov's mind was racing; it must have been some kind of aphrodisiac. But to take effect this quick, and this strong...whatever it was, it was powerful. She felt her lips spread wide as the man pushed the tip in, enjoying her warmth as it flooded into him.

The first thrust had her try to groan, only to realize that she couldn't. The Nord was massive, at least for her virgin body, and pain was sent roaring through her body. No matter how prepared it was, it couldn't have been ready for this. It felt as if he had shoved a sword up inside her.

He waited a moment. "Look at me, girl," he said. He stilled himself, before grabbing Zarov's head and forcing her to look up and at him. "This is the face of the first man you will ever be with. You're not going to be able to look away. I want you to stare into my eyes as I fuck you," he said, grabbing her hips before ripping himself out of her.

It was only a moment later before he thrust himself back in, just as deep and powerful as the first thrust. Her eyes instinctively closed and she turned to look away. He grabbed her jaw, forcing her eyes up into his blue ones. "Stare at me! Look into the eyes of the man who's overpowering the Dragonborn!" he yelled, his rank breath coming far too close to her sensitive nose.

She shuddered as he moved rapidly, his eyes staring into hers. And she forced herself to stare into his, every bit of hate she could think of forced into them, even with the agony of the drug forcing her body to not just welcome the intrusion...but enjoy it, too.

He growled into her face, his dick spearing into her over and over. "Fuck, you're so tight...good. I want you to be. We're going to loosen you up in the days we have you. Hope you enjoy it," the man said, his face barely screwing up as he started going at her harder. The dick inside her wasn't just making her start to feel was starting to make her feel really good.

For minutes on end, she stared into his eyes with hate as she tried to ignore the incoming sensations. Her pussy was feeling very good, and there were a few moments where he paused that she was grateful for. Had he continued...she didn't want to think that. This shouldn't be good, she was being fucking raped!

The man moaned loudly into her ears, burying his entire length inside her. She felt it kick inside her lightly, expanding ever so little. She felt the heat erupt from him, flooding into her pussy and close to her womb. Liquid ecstasy, she called it in her mind. Her feet shuddered a bit in the air as she forced herself to ignore it. He stared into her eyes, sneering. "And now I'm the first man to cum inside you. I definitely will not be the last, though," he said, pulling his dick out slowly, as if trying to leave as much inside her as possible.

And that was when Zarov looked down, seeing the long line of men, nearly fifty men long, all with their loincloths pointing up. "I'd hurry up and get them off if I were you. After all, the ones that don't tend to find other ways..." the man chuckled, slapping her breast as he walked away. The next man came up to her, a Redguard.

"I'd get settled in if I were you...we have plans for you. You know you killed my brother at Jumping Bards Redoubt?" the Redguard said, grabbing both of her ankles as he thrust in one giant swoop. "Because you did, and now I'm going to make sure you remember me!" he screamed, thrusting as fast and brutally inside her as he could.

She couldn't moan or scream, and she wanted to. From the start, each intrusion felt like a bag of razors being shoved inside her, filling her with pain while at the same time felt so perfectly right. The Redguard moved from her ankles to her hips, and didn't care about his own pleasure, but simply at how much he was able to hurt her. He sneered as he watched the expression on her face, letting her look away or shut her eyes.

Frothing sounds came from between her legs, and she gave a quick glance to see the cum from the Nord was literally frothing around inside her. The man's hands went from her hips to her breasts, and he groped them hard and painfully, using them as leverage instead of her hips to pound at her.

Zarov was trying to be anywhere but where she was. She was too close to orgasm for her comfort, far too close, and the power of the drug drew a fog over her mind. The man's hands moved up and pinched her nipples, pulling her closer to him using them instead of the full meat. The lance of pain shot through her back...and then the lance of pleasure that came with it.

Her mind exploded, ecstasy shooting through her body, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. The man sneered. "And first orgasm goes to me!" he shouted, burying himself in deep. She felt him expand inside her, and the shot of warmth made another lance of pleasure shoot through her. "Someone mark that down! We're gonna see your stamina, Dragonborn. We're not gonna let you just have one and done..." the Redguard said, stepping away as he smacked her boobs again.

She whined, the first sound that they had heard from her. Her body was still convulsing from the strength of the orgasm, and despite knowing what came next, she wanted nothing to do with the next dick inside her. Who then quickly stepped up and entered her.

Pain shot through her, mixed with the pleasure. Her pussy was too sensitive, and every thrust bruised her insides and yet made it easy to want to surrender to everything. The man, she barely could tell what he was, was seemingly happy with the way she tightened around him. He gave her a grin as he buried in deep, forcing another hot load inside her, setting her off again.

For hours the torture continued. They'd fuck her, and the power of the drug combined with their dicks would set off her orgasm time and time again, to the point that each one was getting painful. And yet they continued to load her up with their cum, a lot of it, literal swathes of it, flooded out from between her legs with every entrance.

She shivered as the last one in line flooded her pussy and womb with his cum. "You're not done..." he whispered. His hand went down and touched her ass, giving her another hint as to the next step in her fate. "But we're tired, so you get to have a break! From us, at least." he said.

The same woman stepped up to her, holding what looked like a Dwemer mechanical spider. An otherworldly glow came from her hand, aimed towards the spider and then to Zarov. She said nothing to the kitsune, merely going about her work. She set the spider down, and tapped a button to get it to activate. Six mechanical legs shot out, hoisting the thing up. But the two front ones had been replaced by long cylindrical arms. She shot an evil look, glowering at the tied up dragonborn. "Have fun tonight. We'll be back tomorrow," she said, patting her pussy and wiping the cum that leaked off onto her fur.

Zarov stared at the tool, before she looked up. The creature's arms were about the same length and size as many of the men that had already taken her, and she had a feeling she knew what was up. The drug was still powering her body, and she winced as the spider thrust in roughly.

It was obviously mechanical, the same type of in and out of a man but with the precision of a machine. Zarov whined lightly as her pussy hungrily gripped at the dildo, each thrust filling her mind with pleasure and pain. The woman smirked, and waved her hand to turn out the candles, leaving Zarov in darkness except for the sky above...and the sound of the spider fucking her.

And fuck her it did. Over and over, through her numerous orgasms, she couldn't rest or sleep, thanks due to the splitting of her pussy. For hours, the spider did as it was commanded, and each hour brought another few shots of pain through her body. It took only an hour before Zarov could feel tears in her eyes. She may have been rendered mute, but she could still feel other things. Another orgasm shot through her body, but yet the spider didn't stop.

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