The Real Companions

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Eiruki was young Nord girl growing up in the great city of Whiterun, She lived with her mother Eydis in a small house in the Wind District. Her mother was a priestess of Kynareth at the local temple. Eiruki grew up in poverty and her mother struggled to make ends meet, they slept countless nights on an empty stomach. Therefore Eiruki spent much of her childhood as a street Urchin begging for gold.
Sometimes while she was begging on the streets she she saw the greats warriors of Jorrvaskr; The Companions, they were cladded in the finest Steel armor forged in the Sky forge. Eiruki was fascinated by these warriors, she heard tales of their heroic deeds such as their best warriors; Skjor and Kodlack fighting an fifty orcs. She particularly liked the tales of shield-maidens being the finnest warrior women in Tamriel, one such shield-maiden was Aela the Huntress who is said to be able to strike the fly from a mile away with her bow.
From a young age Eiruki decided that she wanted to be a companion when she grew up, she did not play with the other girls, she preferred playing and fighting with boys instead. This made Eiruki strong for her age and she was able to fight with sword. Eiruki's mother did not approve of this, she disliked that Eiruki did not have any female etiquette; she was often too bold and direct with strangers and elders. Eydis told her that it was not in a woman's place fight and that fighting should be left to men. Eiruki did not listen to her mother and continued to practice martial pursuits to her mother's dismay.
Eiruki grew up to be a brawny woman, she had more muscles than all the other women her age, she was stronger than most of the men she knew. Despite her strength, Eiruki also grew up to be a beautiful woman. She had the signature Nordic fair skin and had long blond hair which she preferred to tie into a pony-tail as it made fighting easier. She had dark blue eyes, common among Nords. She also grew in to having sizable C- cups, drew the attention of young men. Indeed many men tried to court her but she refused, thinking that it would only distract her from becoming a better fighter.

At the age of eighteen Eiruki decided she was ready to become a companion. She did not listen to her mother's protests and went to the great mead hall of the companions; Jorrvaskr armed with an iron sword and some hide armor she made herself. The moment she entered, she saw that two companions were having a brawl right in the middle of the hall. "My kind of place," Eiruki thought to her self. Soon a Companion turned her attention away from the brawl to Eiruki. It was none other than Aela herself, Eruki's childhood idol. She approached Eruki and asked "What brings you here citizen?" Eiruki replied "Greetings, mighty companion, I wish to join your ranks as a companions. Aela looked at her surprised "No need for such a grand greeting," she said; "anyways are you truly sure you wish to become a companion." "It has been my dream since I was a child." Eruki said with glee. Aela gave her an almost worried look and sighed. "It isn't for me to decide you must speak to our Harbinger Kodlak Whitemane, he is in the basement of the hall." Eruki excitedly replied that she will go to him." As Eruki headed for the basement, Aela told her "Be careful, being a companion might not be how you think it is." Eruki was not sure what she meant, she made her way downstairs and then went to the Harbinger's quarters where he saw Kodlak Whitemane talking with Vilkas; one of the finest warriors of the companions.
Kodlack turned his attention away from Vilkas and to Eruki, "A stranger enters our hall, what brings you here?" Eruki nervously replied" I humbly wish to join your great order of Warriors," "I am skilled with a blade and have wanted to join the companions since I was a little girl. Vilkas laughed a little and Kodlack then asked "Why do you desire to be a companion?"
"I heard the great stories of the companions and how even a woman is able to join your ranks and rise to greatness and become a shield- maiden." Eruki replied. Kodlack and and Vilkas looked at each other and then back at Eruki, "I am afraid that you do not understand the true nature of the Companions," Kodlack said "The women in the companions don't actually fight." Eruki had a confused look on her face and then asked "What do you mean?" Women are naturally worse at fighting than men and they can never be competent fighters." Vilkas said. "What! What about the warrior women in the companions such as Aela and the others such as Njada Stonearm and Ria?" Eruki exclaimed." Vilkas laughed "What about them! Njada and Ria can barely swing a sword, Aela is some what competent but she can easily get bested by a male recruits." "But all of them had great achievements and skill," Eruki cried. "They were all fabricated, they were just to make the Companions appear as a group that take in women, in order to attract idealistic young girls such as yourself," Vilkas replied, "After all the real warriors need some eye- candy to stare at and a way to relax after a long hard day of fighting," Kodlack then said "I am afraid Vilkas is right, women can't fight and definitely not on the same level as men." Eruki was shaken and could barely speak, "'re wrong, I have beaten many men in combat right here in Whiterun. Vilkas said with a smirk "Is that so, and who exactly are you? Who is you father?" "I didn't know my father, my mother Edyis raised me, she's a priestess at the temple," Eruki replied. "Eydis the whore!" Vilkas Laughed. "My Mother was a priestess not a Whore," Eruki replied sternly. Vilkas said while laughing "Yeah after she became too old and most men found her too wrinkly, in her younger days she was known throughout Whiterun for her gigantic teats. Men across Whiterun paid to sleep with her, including me when I was just young recruit. It was only matter of time before one of her patrons knocked her up." "My mother was never a whore!" Eruki shouted. "Just ask her," Vilkas said smugly. "Anyways back on topic, tell me about these men you supposedly beaten in combat, who are they?" Eruki said "They were Urchins like me." "You think just because you were able to beat malnourished, impoverished boys, that you are able to fight a real man" Vilkas said abruptly.

"I could beat you!" Eruki shouted. "Is that so." Vilkas said, "How about we make a bet, we duel and if you win than you can truly become a companion and get real contracts to go out and complete, and if I win than you have to let me plunge my cock in your fine ass and you'll join the other whores in taking care of the real warriors. Eruki sternly replied " I will fight just to beat you, I don't want to join this misogynistic order anymore." "That's fine by me" Vilkas smugly replied "follow me to the yard and bring that stick you have on your hip, I'll show you a real warrior.
Soon Eruki and Vilkas were out in the yard of Jorrvaskr, ready to fight. Many of the companions are spectating. Eruki is wearing the hide armor she had made herself and wielded an iron sword, she bought from a local smith. Vilkas wielded a mighty greatsword forged at the skyforge and wore steel armor with the markings a wolf. "Are you ready to get pummeled whore!" He barked as he drew his sword. She drew her blade as well and the two swords clashed against each other. Eruki instantly felt Vilkas' strength, he was far stronger than anyone she fought before. He only used his sword for parrying and instead he kept on striking Eruki with his fist. It was clear that he was going easy on her. "What a shame," Aela sighed as she was watching the fight. Frustrated with all her blows being parried, Eruki went for a final power blow with her sword.

Vilkas used this opportunity, as she lunged forward he garbed her sword arm and disarmed her. "This is where the fun begins." He said to himself as he dropped his own weapon and began hitting Eruki with his fists, She could do nothing to retaliate as his fists were backed by steel gauntlets. While she was disoriented, Vilkas tore away part of her hide armor exposing her left breast. "Why hide such luscious teats!" he roared, while the male spectators began to wolf whistle and shout out profanities such as "teach that bitch her place!" Eruki could only scream while she was being groped by her opponent. Vilkas then turned her around and pushed her to the face-first into the ground. He than tore away her armor and garments from her behind, until her bare ass was completely exposed. "You remember the bet, whore!" he shouted. Eruki did not scream, she just began to cry as she felt Vilkas' hard cock near her entrance. He then thrusted into her, his 6 inch cock going deep inside her. "I knew you were a virgin," he said as he continued to ram her behind and pushed her face to the ground. The companions, watching got visibly hard and some began stroking their cocks.
Smack! Vilkas slapped her ass and proclaimed "Like mother like daughter, I guess," "Do you still think you're a warrior? Huh!" Eruki could not respond, her mouth was on the floor and she could only cry, making a puddle of tears around her face.

As he was nearing release, Vilkas turned her around and plunged his cock into her mouth and began to face-fuck her. Eruki was now face first to his crotch and his balls kept on slapping her chin. She was disgusted by the smell, which was almost like a dog's.
Finally, he placed his hand at the back of her head and pulled it to his groin, "Drink it! slut," he commanded. Suddenly, Eruki's mouth was invaded by his seed, she had to swallow it or she would have choked. She had to take three gulps until her head was let go of, she began to cough and gasp for air.
"Aela!" Vilkas ordered "take our new recruit to her new room." "Yes sir" she replied complacently. She then picked up Eruki and began to carry her half unconscious body into Jorrvaskr. The nearby companions shouted vulgar such as "Can't wait to try you," "Remember your place,woman." The last thing Eruki remembered before going unconscious were unknown hands groping and squeezing her ass.

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