Making sweet music

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Making sweet music

Hana hummed to herself as she sauntered down the hallway to the living quarters of Watchpoint Gibraltar, her lithe body swaying to the music from her headphones as she made her way to her bedroom after a long day of cleaning and testing the new upgrades to her MEKA

Humming to the techno beat blasting in her ears Hana unlocked the door to her living quarters before connecting her headphones to her speaker system to let the music keep playing as she removed the headphones

Lucio’s latest album and in Hana’s opinion his greatest yet, the deep reverberating beats resonating through her body as she continued to move to the music, slowly unzipping her mechanic jumpsuit to reveal her bare skin underneath, the MEKA Pilot never wearing anything under her jumpsuit to help deal with the heat as she worked

Letting the jumpsuit fall to the floor Hana then stepped out of it continuing to shake her hips to the beat, her skin glistening slightly from the sweat she had worked up from working on her MEKA as she then lowered her lights to set a more club atmosphere in her room

It had been too long in her opinion since she was able to just go out and enjoy herself so every night she set herself ten or so minutes to herself so that she could unwind and just dance to her favourite music, imagining that she was out at one of her favourite clubs back in Korea that she used to frequent before her permanent move the the Gibraltar base

As she continued to dance she didn’t hear her door open having forgotten to lock it before turning on her speaker system, the sound of hard light skates being completely drowned out by her music as Lucio entered her room having taken the unlocked door as meaning she was free to be disturbed, his attention focused on the album he had signed for Hana

“Hey girl, I signed that album like you asked” he spoke as he finally looked up only to stop abruptly at the sight of the Korean girl moving her naked body to the music

His music

Staring wide eyed as Hana then spun on her heel making her tits and ass sway and shake to the beat Lucio felt his heart skip a beat as her eyes widened at the sight of him, the album falling from the musicians grasp as they both stood frozen just staring at each other

“Hey…” Lucio started trying to find the right words to not freak Hana out or piss her off “listen, your door was open, I still should have knocked, I’m sorry, here’s the album you wanted signing, I’m just gonna go, we’ll forget this ever happened” he continued starting to move backwards whilst maintaining complete eye contact with Hana to show that he wasn’t looking at her naked body

Barely listening to Lucio’s apology Hana was primarily focusing on the rush of arousal that was flowing through her veins, she had always had a crush on Lucio which was something she had never tried to hide, the little fangirl moments she had whenever they discussed his music career made it more than obvious that she had a thing for him so she was hardly upset that he was the one that had caught her naked

As Lucio started to back away Hana was quick to act, reaching forward to place a hand on his shoulder giving him a warm yet devious smile “hey you don’t have to leave, I’ve been wanting you to see me naked so you’ve done me a favour actually” she told him making his eyebrows shoot up as she then proceeded to turn around and bend over at the waist to pick up the album he had dropped giving him a full perfect view of her tight pristine pussy and ass

Giggling to herself as she took her sweet time standing back up, even wiggling her hips as she rose, Hana clutched the album to her chest as she turned back around to face him “and I believe I should thank you properly for the autograph” she added as she then reached down to take Lucio’s hand, the musician too dumbfounded to react as she then led him away from the door and towards her bed

Sitting Lucio down on the bed Hana then gently placed her newly autographed album down before starting to move to the music again, keeping her back turned to him shaking her firm bubble ass for him as she swayed and popped her hips

Biting her lip as she looked over her shoulder Hana then moved to sit on his lap, staring to grind down on him moaning as she felt him harden through his pants against her bare slit “you feel so big” she breathed as she gyrated her hips faster “I want it so bad…”

Staring as his heart hammered in his chest Lucio’s jaw fell slack as Hana then turned around and slid down to her knees between his legs, running her hands down his front before starting to undo his pants, the MEKA Pilot taking his silence and lack of resistance as a go ahead as she leaned forward to kiss his abs through his shirt before moving lower to kiss around his groin as she opened his pants

Pulling down Lucio’s pants as much as his hard light skates would allow Hana then reached inside, her jaw dropping as her hand touched his girth making her gasp ‘oh my god’ in Korean as she slowly pulled out his cock, her eyes widening and dilating at the sight of his manhood as she realised just how big it was “you’re huge” she whimpered in arousal as she then wrapped her other hand around his shaft, his cock thick enough that she struggled to make her fingers meet around it

Her breathing becoming heavy and shaky with arousal Hana then leaned forward to pepper Lucio’s cock with kisses, her lips so soft against his hardening cock as she hummed and simpered at the taste of him “damn girl” Lucio groaned sending a wave of arousal straight to Hana’s cunt from the huskiness of his voice

Goaded on by how much he was shuddering now Hana ran her tongue from the base of his cock to the tip before taking his cock head between her lips, her eyes fluttering closed as she immediately further fell in love with the taste of him as she took as much of him into her mouth as she could, her hands continuing to stroke what couldn’t fit

“Shit girl, that’s nice” Lucio groaned as he reclined back on his elbows, watching as Hana put her all into the blowjob/double handjob, the look on her face showing that she was enjoying giving him head just as much as he was receiving it, possibly more so by the lustful almost hungry moans she was letting out before she moved her hands and pushed herself forward as far as she could trying to deepthroat him

Her eyes squeezing tightly shut Hana coughed and gagged as her throat stretched to accommodate his girth, tears starting to run down her cheeks before she suddenly pulled back gasping for air “oh my god…” she panted gasping for air as she started at his now glistening rock hard cock “I nearly...took it all…” she then breathed before leaning in to pepper his length with loving yet lustful kisses again

Groaning as his cock started to throb and ooze precum Lucio watched as Hana took as much of his cock back into her mouth and started sucking and stroking him again, seemingly desperate to taste his cum as she looked up at him with almost pleading eyes

A minute or so later Hana earned her reward as Lucio groaned even louder in ecstasy, his cock erupting and filling Hana’s mouth with his release, making her eyes roll back as she let out another vibrating moan of sheer arousal, the Korean girl pursing her lips as tight as she could to make sure none of his cum escaped, swallowing his release in several heavy gulps

When she finally released his cock she rested her face against his length as she breathed deeply, both for air and to enjoy his scent as she looked up at him with sheer lust and borderline cock worship “you taste so good” she purred kissing and licking along his cock again before moving lower to do the same to his balls

“Damn Hana...I didn’t think you had this in you” Lucio grinned as Hana then climbed up him until she was straddling his waist, the MEKA Pilot then swivelling around to face away from him so that she could grind down on him, rubbing his cock between her full round ass cheeks to the beat of his music

With his cock firmly sandwiched between her ass cheeks Hana then proceeded to shown off exactly what her hips could do, shaking and gyrating them to the beat of Lucio’s music to give him the best damn assjob she could give, the feeling of him throbbing against her tightest hole making her tight teen cunt drip even more as she moaned and panted shamelessly with lust

“Oh fuck...oh fuck you’re so big...I want you so fucking bad…” she panted before suddenly stopping to lift herself up higher, placing her feet on the bed at either side of Lucio’s legs as she reached down to guide his cock to her cunt “I need this...I need you!” she mewled as she pressed his cock head to her slit, trying to impale herself on him only for his cock head to slip away every time from how broad it was compared to her tiny cunt

Huffing and cursing every time his cock slipped away from her pussy Hana then gasped as she felt Lucio’s hands on her waist “need some help there girl?” he grinned his signature warm smile making Hana’s heart flutter before she let out a sharp shriek of pleasure as he then pushed her down forcing the first few inches of his cock into her too tight cunt

Throwing her head back Hana screamed out curses in Korean as her legs slipped causing her to fall down further onto Lucio’s cock until the head pressed against her cervix, that being the moment she realised just how huge he was and how he was thicker than even her biggest toy, his girth filling her up completely making her back spasm as her toes curled and uncurled rapidly

“Damn girl, you came already?” Lucio gasped as he felt her tighten up even more around his shaft, Hana just babbling in response as her hips bucked and jerked on autopilot, still trying to ride him whilst her legs had been reduced to jelly

Chuckling softly at her efforts Lucio wrapped his arms tight around her before starting to buck his hips to thrust up into her, making Hana squeak and squeal in bliss with every move he made as her groin bulged out around his girth, her legs kicking as her eyes rolled back in sheer pleasure and ecstasy quickly falling into her second orgasm less than a minute after her first ended

As Lucio’s pace got faster and harder Hana found herself bouncing in near perfect tandem to the song that was playing, her breasts bouncing in tandem as her body thrummed with pleasure, constant rolling orgasms flowing through her as she felt Lucio’s cock starting to throb and pulse “don’t pull out...I want me…” she pleaded before crying out as her words seemed to send Lucio over the edge, the Musician grunting as he buried his entire cock inside of her before flooding her womb with his seed, making Hana’s eyes cross and toes curl so tight they almost cracked as she cried out in sheer ecstasy

Letting her body go limp against Lucio’s front as he kept his tight grip on her Hana simpered as the music then changed to one of his more slow almost tantric songs perfectly fitting the mood “so glad I asked for that autograph” she purred loving the feeling of his cum inside of her along with his cock still stretching her young fresh fuck hole “if you ever want help with your next song I’d love to collab with you, I could advertise on my MEKA, jury rig a sound system onto it, turn up at a concert, your fans would love it”

“You know what? I’d like that” Lucio chuckled making Hana smile and bite her lip as she looked back at him “playing my beats through your MEKA could also let you run support in combat in case you get called out and I don’t, you doing that MEKA dance at my concerts would be great as well” he continued making the MEKA Pilot giggle “but first I’d like to ask for your autograph, since I gave you mine and all”

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