The Depraved Corruption of Jane Shepard

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Commander Jane Shepard would never forget the night her life changed, the night she first discovered the true depths of her own depravity and perversion. The Normandy was enjoying a month of well-earned shore leave on Earth when her omni-tool buzzed, alerting her to a new extranet message. She only took the briefest glance at her wrist as she swiped away the notification; it seemed to be a video file from an address she didn’t know. Figuring it was spam, it wasn’t until she had undressed in her captain's quarters that night that she tapped away at her omni-tool, saw the unopened file in her inbox, and took a better look at it.

The finger she just used to tap the command to open her mail paused over the hovering omni-tool. The picture used as a preview for the video file was a close up of a smooth, hairless, and human cunt. A curious and smirking smile crossed Jane’s face. The confusion of the type of video quickly gave away to growing interest and arousal. Jane happened to love women hairless just like that, and it seems like some idiot had sent her their private sex tape without meaning to. 

She sort of had to watch it, didn’t she? Her finger lingered over the orange floating button, then hit it. After when dawn came on the Normandy tomorrow, Jane Shepard would never be the same woman.

It wasn’t just any video, it was a recording of a rape. Worse than that, it wasn’t just any woman being raped, it was someone Jane knew intimately; Miranda Lawson. 

Jane Shepard stared in shock at the grunting and moaning Miranda on the video as the man on top of her was fucking her so hard the bed was rocking against the durasteel wall in the background. Jane didn’t have any doubts that this encounter wasn’t consensual; her first officer and occasional lover was crying sharply in pain at every thrust of her rapist’s frankly massive cock. One of the monster’s hands was on her perfectly formed throat, squeezing it red. A look of pure revulsion crossed Miranda’s face as the rapist licked the falling tears away from her face.

Jane broke out of her shock and hit the pause button on her video, the revolted face of pain on Miranda frozen as her rapists’s thick cock pushed deep inside of her. Snapping her eyes up from the video she spoke to the room.

“EDI, where is Miranda Lawson?”

Nearly before she finished speaking, the nearly robotic tones of the artificial intelligence of the Normandy replied.

“Unknown, Commander. She has not returned from her shore leave yet.”

Her eyes dropped back down to the frozen video. Fuck. Miranda could be in danger, was clearly in some danger. The seconds went on, but Jane didn’t do anything. Her nude body had a strange tingling that she hadn’t really encountered before. In the end, she made a choice. 

She hit the play button.

It takes her just three more minutes before her hand starts to drift between her thighs and stroke her damp slit. She laid there nude on the bed transfixed as two men joined the first raping Miranda, one claiming her cunt and one burying himself in Miranda’s genetically perfect ass. Jane sunk her fingers into her cunt as one of Miranda’s rapists came down her perfect throat. Even through every gag and sputter, Miranda didn’t complain and barely moved or reacted. She stares at the camera blankly as her face is raped, and the man fucking her cunt groans in climax and fills her cunt with cum.

Jane was deeply in love with her girlfriend Liara, but the couple had an understanding. Shepard was a woman with ravenous needs, and Liara couldn’t always be there to satisfy them because of her own duties as the Shadow Broker. The asari was in love with Shepard possibly even more than Shepard was with her, so the blue alien overlooked her lover’s indiscretions with the other female members of the Normandy crew.

Miranda had been one of those indiscretions, one of the them that Jane liked to think back rather fondly on, if with a little frustration. See, Miranda was straight. She was perfectly genetically curated and created by her father to be the peak of perfection; but she had a flaw. She wasn’t really attracted to Jane, or any woman. She submitted to pleasing Jane with her amazing tongue and even more skilled fingers out of a sense of deference and thanks for all the work saving the galaxy, not to mention her own sister, Jane had done. 

Her cunt spasmed as she curled her finger inside of it, pumping her fingers into herself at the same speed that one of her best friends was getting raped on the screen in front of her. The group repositioned themselves on the video, and Jane was treated to a full view of Miranda’s hairless cunt - red and swollen from the fucking of course, but it glistened not only with cum but with Miranda’s own natural arousal.

Shepard could see that Miranda was wet with arousal, and anger flared deep inside of her own heart and stomach. She started attacking her cunt with her own fingers harder. How dare the slut on the screen be getting off to this? Jane remembered vividly how hard it had been to get her lover in a similar mood, and ended up having to use lube to facilitate the fucking the Spectre would give with dildos and such to her subordinate. 

Everything Shepard did to please Miranda and it usually did nothing; and here the little rapewhore was getting off to the abuse happening to her.

Miranda was crying now, her face streaming hot and wet tears. 

The man who had been raping Miranda’s mouth moved between her legs when they repositioned. His cock was so massive Shepard felt a twinge of imagined pain as she watched him force the entire length into her lover’s cunt, Miranda howling in pain around the new cock that filled her mouth.

At this point even more people entered the room and Miranda started to beg for mercy, for a rest. They gave her none, and soon the genetically perfect woman was surrounded by so many men she very nearly couldn’t be seen, only the thrusting motions of her body being fucked could be observed.

It wasn’t long before Shepard could see her lover’s face again, tear-covered and red. Her eyes are rolled into the back of the head and her mouth slackly open for the cock raping it. Shepard took a massive inhaled breath, and suddenly came around the fingers fucking her own cunt.

There was a rope around Miranda’s neck that went up and off screen. Somehow in the scrum around her to fuck and rape her, one of her assailants slipped a noose around her neck and tightened it. After all Shepard watched, that is what made her cum. The complete lack of contempt for Miranda’s perfect life, for the woman they were destroying. She wasn’t the height of human perfection to them, she was just the lowest of whore trash to them.

Because that’s what Miranda Lawson was to them. A whore piece of trash.

Shepard knew she shouldn’t watch the rest of the video, but her orgasm kept going on, quickly followed by a second, and then a third when she grabbed her omni-tool dildo and crammed her own cunt full of it as the grand finale of the video arrived. 

A man entered the screen, but unlike the dozens that have been raping Miranda over the rest of the video, he was wearing a black skin tight suit that fit his muscular form particularly well. With a tinge of realization and anger, Shepard noticed that the suit was N7, the Systems Alliance designation for special forces. It even had the N7 helmet with the darkened visor to hide the identity of the man, but not the voice which Shepard didn't recognize.

“This one is for you, Jane.”

And with that, he grabbed the other end of the rope and gave it a sudden strong pull, hoisting Miranda Lawson into the air right from the ground where she was laying. She rose up and up into the air until her toes were entirely off the metal floor of the room. She immediately started to strangle, her hands flying ineffectively to the rope crushing her pretty little neck.

Miranda’s eyes were staring straight at the camera as her face turned from red to purple. Shepard never took her eyes off the writhing, lethally dancing perfect body of her friend and lover as her unmitigated demise was happening. She came again, and again, during this extremely short time as Miranda’s powerful legs began to spastically twitch, losing their more precise movements. 

On the screen before the masturbating Shepard, the fingers and hands of Miranda Lawson slipped from the rope and dangled twitchily alongside her swaying torso. The very last flicker of light in her friend’s eyes finally faded, snuffed out by the helmeted and dressed man still standing in the background of the shot.

Shepard felt an anger she’d never felt before. She also felt an arousal she never felt before, never stopping the pumping of the omni-dildo into her cunt as the only sound on the video became the gentle creak of the rope that suspended the literal dead weight of Miranda’s corpse.

The man wearing the N7 suit stepped closer to the camera until only the visor of the helmet was in the shot, blissfully obscuring the obscene corpse of her friend and finally letting Shepard’s mind focus on him. She could hear his breathing and thought she could just see his eyes through the darkened black visor. 

“This was because of you, Shepard. This won't be the last time you hear from me.”

There was something familiar in the voice of the masked man, but Shepard couldn’t place it. It wasn't anyone in the Alliance she knew, it had to be someone wearing the outfit to mock and infuriate Shepard - and it worked. The video abruptly ended after his statement, and the sweaty nude Shepard stayed panting on the bed. There was so much work to do as her first officer, friend, and lover had just been executed because of Jane, as a message or threat to her.

There was so much to do, Jane knew. Her fingers tap-tapped on her omni-tool, and the video started anew from the start. Another tap-tap on the tool caused the omni-dildo in her cunt to start vibrating.

All of that would have to wait until tomorrow, Shepard had to watch the video again.

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