Dear Mother

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Dear Mother

Chapter 1= One Night at Home

He saw a young man who looked a lot like himself on the top of some sort of lighthouse. They had similar taste in clothes style, yet he didn’t recall knowing who this was. The young man had blonde hair like him. Matthew wondered why he was having this weird dream.

The young man looked across the lighthouse to see a girl with brown hair in a ponytail; she looked a bit like his mother just younger.

“Isaac…Garet…Don’t die!” she screamed as the floor she stood on fell down towards the darkness. No matter what way you look at it that was a really stupid thing to say, even Matthew knew that much.

Suddenly Matthew woke up in his bed. He almost punched himself in his head. It was just a dream that was a scene from “Golden Sun” a popular video game that he played a lot that was about his mother and father and also his uncle had a starting role as the villain of the first game and hero of the second game. Even his grandparents were in the game, it was like everybody in his family was in the game except him. He was an only child and his uncle Felix didn’t have children.

He got out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen to get a glass of water, passing in front of his mother’s room, it was open only a crack, as he walked by he heard her say “Oh Isaac”

Right away he was curious, his parents had gotten divorced years ago when he was only five or six years old, but it wasn’t uncommon for Isaac to come over to see Matthew. Jenna had gotten full custody of their son and Isaac had gotten full custody of their pet Djinn. Even if they had gotten divorced, Jenna and Isaac were not on bad terms with one another, yet it was strange that he would be over at this time of the night, he had supper with them once in a blue moon and maybe slept once or twice on the crouch, but why would he be in Jenna’s room when it was close to midnight.

Matthew opened the door slowly…very slowly. If his parents would catch him he would so be grounded for life. With the door slightly more open then it was before Mathew looked inside, he would never forget what he saw in there. Jenna and Isaac were in each other’s arms and they were kissing each other. It looked like they never broke-up, both of their eyes were closed and Jenna even had her leg up as they made out. Matthew didn’t know why but he couldn’t take his eyes off of them. He had to keep looking, was it possible that they were going to get back together…every kid dreamed of that, he knew because he had dreamed about it and Jenna had told him, that it would not happen, but this was twelve years later, maybe things had changed, in silence he watched the scene unfold before him, hoping that his mother and father might fall in love and move back into the same house together, it was a little creepy when your father lived with another man in the middle of nowhere and said that he was straight.   

“I need you Isaac” she said to him as their lips parted from the kiss they were in the middle of.

“I’m not going to stop you Jenna” Isaac said, he knew that she was wild when she was 18, but a few rounds of unprotected sex was all it took to get her pregnant with Matthew and after they were married and she had given birth, the sex had gotten dull. That was why five years later they had gotten divorced or was it six years later; Isaac didn’t remember the exact date. But now Matthew was older, he could feel that Jenna was ready to dive back into her wild days. He really needed sex, he had gotten under the sheets with Mia a few times after the divorce, but she was really clear that it would never get more serious than that and as for Jenna he didn’t know if she had sex after they broke up, but with the way she was acting tonight, he had a feeling that she kept it inside for all those years.

Jenna went down to her knees as she pulled down Isaac’s pants, as she pulled down his boxers his cock sprang free. He always had a big penis she knew from when they made love before she got pregnant with their son. For a few moments she just looked at his penis, it had been years, close to twelve since she had even seen a man naked, let alone have sex with them or give them a blowjob, she was sure that Isaac had at least gotten a girlfriend or a sex friend at one point in his life.

Isaac looked down at her “Is there a problem?” he asked as he waited for her to put her mouth to good use.

“It’s just been a long time since I sucked your cock” she told him “I might be a bit rusty”

“Nonsense, it’s like sailing a winged ship, you never forget how to do it” Isaac told her “You’ll be fine Jenna”

Jenna took a deep breath and opened her mouth, taking every inch of her ex-husbands cock inside of her wet hot mouth, her tongue swirled around his stick, while her drool coated it and washed it. Isaac had his eyes closed and let small moans escape his mouth while she worked on him.

“Suck it like that Jenna” he said to her, Jenna kept moving her mouth back and forth along the length of his huge cock and Isaac loved the feeling of her mouth on his cock, even when he had his sex relationship with Mia, she never sucked him this good.

Matthew stood by the door watching his mother suck his father’s cock, for some reason he found it so hot, he wished that he could find a girl to give him a blowjob, in fact he craved it, he could always ask Karis but he wasn’t sure if she would agree. He also knew that while he watched them, he got harder and harder.

“Yes, Jenna” said Isaac, his hand moved down and took her ponytail into his strong hand. He looked down at her, her beautiful brown eyes looking back up at him “Let me take over” he said to her, she nodded the best that she could.

With a hard grip on her hair Isaac started to pump his cock inside of her mouth as he took control of the blowjob, it was more of a face fucking than anything else at this point. Jenna still moved her tongue over his penis as it dove down her throat and back out. Her saliva glands worked in overtime as she produced more drool, the cock making her gag slightly as it went deep to the back of her throat. 

She felt so foolish; she actually gagged on his penis. The last time that it happened was when she performed her first blowjob on him in his bedroom while Dora was downstairs cooking chicken or whatever it was that Kyle had hunted that day. It was such a rush since his parents could walk in on them at any moment. She really was rusty in that department, she wasn’t 18 anymore, she was 36 and hadn’t done this is many years.

“Yes, Jenna Yes” said Isaac who didn’t even seem to notice the fact that she gagged on his big dick. “I can feel it coming”

Isaac ejaculated inside of her mouth and Jenna tried her best to drink all the semen that he shot inside of her mouth, of course it was impossible. A high amount of jizz fell out of her mouth, some fell to the floor while the rest fell to her chest, covering her nightie.

“I’m sorry” she said

“For what, your mouth was great” said Isaac as he helped her back to her feet. He planted a kiss on her mouth “I better get going” he was about to leave when she grabbed his arm.

“Isaac…we can do more” she said in a low voice. He looked at her with his cum on her chest even if she had her nightie on. A smile grew on his face. Seeing that, Jenna knew that they were going to have sex with each other. She pulled her panties down from under her nightie, but kept her nightie on. Isaac took hold of her and pinned her against her bedroom wall, he pulled up her nightie in order to find her pussy and drilled his penis inside of her.

“Oh Isaac!” she said as he penetrated her walls. Isaac moved his hands down, placed them under her ass, he grabbed her, she wrapped her legs around his waist and Isaac kept on pumping inside of her body.

“I sure missed having sex with you” he told her

“Me too” she said to him “We have to be quiet we can’t wake Matthew up, he might get the wrong idea and think that we are getting back together”

Matthew could feel his heart sink, even if his cock kept growing as he saw his father fuck his mother nearly in front of him. He wanted his parents to get back together, so what was this? Was this just a one-night stand for Jenna with her ex.

Isaac was moving faster inside of her and Jenna seemed like she was in heaven. Her arms were around her ex-husbands neck as he made mad love to her, she moved her mouth forward and they kissed each other, they started to make out with each other with some serious tongue action, even if her mouth was filled with his penis and his seed moments earlier, Isaac accepted her tongue into his mouth.

“Isaac, I still love you” she said

“I think that is you talking to my penis instead of me” he told her

“I know that there is not much hope for us to be a couple again…just promise me that you’ll come by to see Matt and to fuck my brains out once in a while. I never told you this, but you’re the only man I ever slept with” Jenna said

“That is a nice thing to know” he said as he pushed some of her brown hair out of her eyes and kissed her again.

Meanwhile Matthew was watching the whole show; he wished that the two of them would wake up and find out that they still loved each other and could make this work. But the more he watched the more he knew that they would never admit that to each other. They would just be sex friends from now on.

“Jenna, I’m going to cum” said Isaac

“Me too” Jenna sighed

“Should I pull out?” he asked

“You don’t have to, I’m on the pill. Anyways I want your load inside of me” she said

Isaac let out a short moan as he released his jizz inside of her. Jenna closed her eyes as her body accepted his seed inside of her and her own body let out an amazing orgasm. Isaac moved his hands away from her ass, but the strength of his body against hers and the fact that her legs were still wrapped around him were enough to keep Jenna off of the ground.

“That was pretty amazing” remarked Jenna

“Are you ready for one final round…in your back door” said Isaac

“Yes, please” said Jenna

Isaac carried Jenna over to the bed and dropped her on it, she was on her stomach, even if the cum that was on her nightie started to find its way to her sheets. Isaac pulled up her nightie to find her perfect rear end and made his cock enter her without hesitation.

“So many fond memories in this position” said Isaac as he continued to screw her

“Isaac! Oh Isaac!” Jenna moaned as he did her

Matthew couldn’t see the action very well from where he was. All he could see was his father’s ass and that wasn’t something he was interested in. He knew what he had to do. He ran away upstairs to the bathroom. 

“Jenna! I’m very close!” Isaac shouted

“Not so loud. Don’t wake Matthew and the neighbors” said Jenna

“CUMMING!” he shouted as he had his final release of the night. Jenna let out a moan of her own as she felt Isaac fill her up. She felt him pull out of her ass, he pulled down her nightie, causing the cum that was leaking out of her asshole to stain the nightie that covered it. “That was pretty good for a one night stand” Isaac remarked “I’m glad I stopped by Jenna”

“I am as well. It was fun…so when will I see you again?” she asked

“I’ll see when I’m in town next time. I’ll call you” he said

“I’ll be waiting” she sat in her bed, Isaac came over and the two of them shared one last kiss for the night before Isaac pulled up his boxers and pants and left her house.

After the door was closed behind him Jenna looked at herself in the mirror. Her nightie was rather dirty from the fact that Isaac’s cum had fallen on her chest and that the final load that was in her ass had covered some of the bottom of it. She took the nightie off, she was completely naked and she made a mental note to wash her nightie tomorrow morning, she only hoped that her son hadn’t heard her one-night stand with his father.

But Matthew had heard it and seen it. He was in the bathroom now with his pants down as he started to grab his cock. He knew there was no hope for his parents, there were both so stubborn, but if they wanted to have some one-night stands that was there problem. He had seen his mother naked…or well apart from what her nightie hid, but he knew that she was still hot and skilled under the sheets if her ex-husband of twelve years came back for more. He really needed some sex in his life. He knew he couldn’t count on Karis to deliver, so he was aiming for Jenna, his dear mother. He knew that her mouth was so hot, he couldn’t wait to feel her tongue on his cock and he knew that he had the looks and the skill to get her in bed with him and once he got her, she would be his and she would fall for him. He knew that he could do this with her.

“Jenna, yes Jenna” he said to himself as he masturbated to the sight of his mother having sex. He would never forget that and he couldn’t wait to feel it for himself.

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