The little futa at the shrine

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The little Futa at the shrine:

 Chapter 1: The main protagonist

 (Note: the main female protagonist doesn’t seem to have a name from what I can tell, but I’ve heard that she’s often referred to as Minako by the fanbase so I decided to go with that.)

The playground at the shrine, a small enclosed area of swings, slides, and bars surrounded on all sides by sand. Usually a quiet place where not many kids go but today the sounds of a little girl’s giggling voice was heard ringing throughout the desolate shrine.

Maiko Oohashi was having fun with her new found friend, an older high school girl with auburn hair tied up in a high ponytail.

 “Come on!” Maiko shouted as she leapt off the swings. “Let’s go on the jungle gym next!”

 Minako smiled as she followed the smaller girl to the gym set. The two met only a few days ago.

 The high school girl saw Maiko crying while playing alone at the shrine’s playground. She quickly made friends with the girl and made sure to go every day to play with her. She was glad that Maiko seemed to be feeling much better the last few days, the tears from their first meeting turning into a large smile she wore constantly.

 “Come on!” Maiko implored as she began climbing up the jungle gym bars. “Come on!”

 Minako followed close behind, grabbing a few bars to start climbing when she looked up and noticed something. Maiko was above her, still climbing and so she got a good, unintentional, view of the small girl’s pink panties, and a big bulge in the front of them.

 Minako rubbed at her eyes as she looked at the fat bulge that had been carefully hidden before but now was flopping with each of the girl’s step upwards. What is that? She asked herself as she felt herself unable to pull her eyes away.

 “What’s wrong?” Maiko asked. She looked back at her friend and quickly clued in on what was happening. Her face turned pale white and she felt tears filling her eyes. “Nooo! Don’t look!” She screamed as she tried covering herself. This caused her to nearly fall off the jungle gyms, Minako quickly rushed into action, scooping the girl into her arms to prevent any harm.

 “What’s wrong?” Minako asked as she let Maiko’s feet touch the sandy ground. “Don’t cry, tell me what’s wrong?”

 Maiko wiped at her tears. “You saw didn’t you?”

 “I saw something but I didn’t know what it was.”

 “That’s my special thing, that mom and dad told me not to let anyone know about! But I forgot because we were having so much fun and climbed the jungle gym!” Maiko said through her tears. “Now you’re going to hate me!”

 “Hate you? No, I would never!” Minako insisted.

 “I know that me being like this is the reason there’s always fighting! They’re going to get a divorce because of me!”

 Minako gently took the girl in her arms and held her as she finished her sobbing. “There better? See, I’m not going to hate you.”

 “You won’t?”

 “No, never.”

 “Even though I’m a freak?” Maiko asked. “I was born with a boy’s thing as well as my girl place.”

 Minako was a bit surprised to hear that, but she never let it show on her face. “You’re not a freak and I won’t hate you for that.”

 “Really? Even though it’s really gross?”

 “I’m sure it’s not gross. Will you show it to me? I’ll prove I don’t find it gross or hate you.”

 Maiko looked at the older girl in bewilderment, her pale face turning red with embarrassment. “You want to see it?”

 “Yes, but only if you’ll let me.”

 “Oh, um…. Okay….”

 Minako took Maiko’s hand and let her a bit further into the playground, where there was even more privacy, not that anyone was here anyways.

 Maiko lifted up her skirt and showed her pink panties, they were bulging massively in the front and Minako wondered how she was ever able to keep it hidden with only a skirt.

 Minako slipped her fingers into the girl’s panties, taking a hold of the rim and then began pulling them. The big, fat, flaccid cock sprung free from its confines and flopped at the little girl’s knees.

 Minako gasped. “Wow! That’s amazing!”

 “Amazing?! Do you really think it looks amazing?” Maiko asked.

 “Yes! It’s huge and you even have balls too! Wow, your balls are fucking massive as well, like the size of grapefruits, maybe even bigger!”

 Maiko was enjoying the praise and smiled to herself as she moved her hips, letting her cock flop back and forth between her knees. “Look.” She lifted up her balls and cock to show off her pussy underneath. “I still have my girl place too. I am a girl after all!”

Maiko let her cock and balls slip from her hands and flop down her legs once again. Minako looked them over, her body heating up as she stared at the massive thing.

 She reached out her hand and grabbed a hold of the fat cock. Maiko yelped in surprise and pleasure. “What are you doing?”

 “Something that’ll feel very nice for the both of us.” Minako replied as she let her hand wander up and down the flaccid member.

 Maiko’s little voice shook as she felt something new run through her body. Her fat cock was starting to come alive. Minako could feel the cock getting harder and harder in her hands as she stroked the thick dick.

 “How’s this? Feel nice?”

 “Yeah.” Maiko replied though her soft moans. “It feels weird, but a good kind of weird!”

 Minako kept going, stroking the cock faster and harder until soon it stood at full erection, the thick dick reaching into the air, flopping at Maiko’s chest.

 “Why is it so big?” Maiko asked.

 “That’s what happens to cocks when they feel good.” Minako explained as she kept stroking the hard erection.

 “It did feel good.” Maiko admitted. “I liked it when you touched my boy thing.”

 “Call it a cock. And your girl place, call it a pussy.”

 “Cock… Pussy… Saying those words makes me feel a bit naughty.” Maiko giggled.

 “Now are you ready to feel even better?” Minako asked.

 “Even better?”

 “Yep, now I’m going to use my mouth.” Minako leaned in close and gave the hard shaft a big kiss.

 Maiko moaned softly as she felt the older girl kiss all over her fat cock. Minako left a trail of kiss downwards, ignoring the foreskin covered head and going down towards the fat balls.

 Minako scooped up the balls in her hands, feeling the weight of each one and gently massaging them as she continued trialing her soft kisses further and further down.

 Her lips were on the balls, kissing them both over and over again, pressing her face deep within the smelly, sweaty nuts and licking all over the two large testes.

 Her tongue lapped at the balls, coating them in her saliva while her hand continued jerking the incredibly fat cock.

 Maiko groaned louder and her breath came in harder gasps as she felt the older girl worship her, the soft lips and tongue on her fat nuts and the hand still stroking her hard erection.

 “Does this feel good?” Minako asked as she took small gasps of breath from between her intense worshipping of the smaller girl’s giant balls.

 “Yeah!” Maiko replied through her own jagged breaths.

 “Good, then this will feel even better.” Minako began kissing her way back up the shaft, reaching the foreskin covered head. “Look at all this foreskin, you can barely even see the head. Have you ever peeled it back before?”


 “I’ll take that as a no. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” Minako gave the head a quick kiss, then let her tongue lick all around the foreskin. She gently took a hold of it and began slowly peeling it back.

 Maiko was breathing hard as her foreskin was pulled back, revealing her cockhead and a lot of built up yellowish gunk.

 “What’s this?” Minako asked as she saw the filth hidden underneath the little girl’s foreskin. “There’s so much smegma built up!” She took a deep sniff. “What a strong smell!”

“Do you like it?”

 “Yeah.” Minako admitted in a lustful voice. It wasn’t something she thought she would ever like, but for some reason Maiko was making her head spin so much she could barely think. “Here let me take care of all this smegma for you.”

 Minako brought her face up close to the smelly filth that coated the cockhead. Her lips pressed against them in a kiss, before her tongue came out and scooped up a good chunk. She brought it back into her mouth, savouring the intense flavour, then swallowed it down. She opened her mouth back up to let Maiko see that she had indeed swallowed the small girl’s smegma.

 Minako went back to it, scooping up more and more of the yellowish gunk and eating it. Maiko watched with lustful delight, her cock throbbing as the older girl kept licking up all her nasty smegma.

 “Hmm… delicious!” Minako moaned as she swallowed another load and then scooped up some more. “I can’t believe how much I love this, but it tastes so good!”

 Minako eat up load after load until finally the entire cock was clean of the thick smegma. “There you go. All clean.” She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue just to make sure the girl knew that it was in fact all gone.

 Maiko was overcome with lust, her little body and mind not able to handle all this excitement. She grabbed Minako’s hair and thrusted forward.

 The cock was shoved deep down Minako’s throat, stretching it out with its massive thickness. The high school girl gagged as she felt the sudden penetration of her tight throat, clogged up with chunky futa meat.

 Maiko immediately began thrusting, unable to hold back anymore, letting her little body be taken over by the profuse lust that was shooting through her body. She thrusted hard, bottoming herself out completely within Minako’s throat, her soft, tiny waist smacking against the girl’s nose, her fat balls slapping the drool covered chin.

 “Ah! This feels good! It’s amazing!” Maiko was screaming as she used Minako’s esophagus like her own personal sex toy, pounding away at the stretched out tunnel with harsh thrusts of her little hips. “Ah! So good! My cock feels really, really good! Minako! Minako, this is amazing!”

 The high school girl could only reply with slobbery gagging as the mammoth sized cock ravaged her throat with deep and fast hammering.

 “Minako, your throat feels so good! I never knew my cock could feel like this! It’s the best thing ever! It’s so good, I can’t stop! Minako, I love this so much! My cock feels wonderful!”

 Maiko kept pounding away at Minako’s throat for long, long minutes, jack-hammering away without any thought for the older girl, overcome with the desire to please only herself.

 “Minako! It feels amazing! What’s this! It’s feeling even better! Something’s coming! I can feel something coming! Minako! Ahhh!!!”

 Maiko slammed her hips forward once more, smashing her waist against the older girl’s nose, her cock completely buried with the tight throat of Minako. She was bent over the girl, forcing herself as deep inside as she could before she began firing off her thick loads of cum.

 Maiko’s cock shot out thick heavy load after thick heavy load of sticky cum. It flooded Minako immediately, making the girl gag on the massive river of semen that clogged up her throat and flooded her belly. Maiko didn’t seem to stop, her thick ropes of cum quickly making Minako’s belly expand due to the sheer volume of thick semen that was being released.

 Minako was unable to breath, her nose firmly against the soft waist of the younger girl, she gulped down the massive loads, over and over again but more and more of the sticky substance was released and she nearly drowned in the thick litres of fresh semen.

 However after several more massive shots of cum, Maiko was beginning to calm down from her high and she pulled herself out from Minako, panting hard.

 The high school girl gulped down the thick stream of cum that filled her throat and mouth, and then began taking huge breaths of fresh air, finally able to breath once more.

 “I’m sorry.” Maiko said. “I just kind of lost control…”

 “It’s okay.” Minako replied through deep breaths. Her body was on fire and her panties were absolutely drenched. She liked it, being dominated by such a smaller and younger girl.

 “But what was that stuff, I just really good and I think I peed in your mouth?”

 “No that wasn’t pee.” Minako said. “That was semen, or cum. When a cock feels really good, it shots out that stuff.” She stood up and pulled her panties down, then lifted her skirt so Maiko could see her drooling cunt, pussy juices running down her legs. “It’s supposed to go in here, the girl’s pussy so she can get pregnant.”

 Maiko gulped as she looked at the dripping pussy of the older girl. Her cock had sprung back to life and was dripping pre-cum.

 “Do you want to?” Minako asked as she stepped closer to the small girl. “Do you want to shot all that hot, sticky cum directly inside my pussy and get me pregnant?”

 Maiko’s head was bobbing like crazy. “Yes! Yes! I want it! Please! Please! Yes!”

 “Good, because I want it too.” Minako led the two of them to a bench, no longer caring if anyone saw them, she needed to fuck this little girl and nobody was going to stop her now.

 Quickly the two began stripping the rest of their clothes. Maiko’s jacket and then shirt removed, her flat chest and pink erect nipples on full view for the older girl. She un-bunched her skirt and took it off as well, leaving her only in her shoes and socks.

 Minako had quickly stripped the rest of her clothes as well. Her school uniform being peeled away showing tons of soft, pale skin. Her bra unhooked, freeing her moderate sized breasts. Maiko stared at the tits with obvious delight.

 Now with both of them in only their socks and shoes, Minako pulled the little girl in close for a kiss. Their lips met, feeling the softness of each other.

 Maiko had never kissed anyone before but she loved the new experience, it made her body and head feel light. Her eyes widened as she felt Minako’s tongue force open her mouth and enter inside her, but she quickly moaned into the kiss.

 The two made out for a while, hands exploring the other’s body, before Minako pulled back and lifted the girl up on the bench. Sitting down on it, Maiko’s massive cock pointed straight up in the air. Minako gave it a few kisses before getting up on the bench herself.

 The high school girl squatted over the cock, her pussy lined up with the thick head. “Here it goes, Maiko. You big fat cock is going to go inside my pussy!”

 Minako began lowering herself, feeling the cock begin stretching her hole wide. More and more was fitted inside, the entire head popping within the tight entrance, making both girls groan with pleasure.

 “Minako! It feels really good!” Maiko was groaning as she felt her cock get swallowed up by the super tight, warm, vaginal cavity. A bulge was appearing in Minako’s belly from where the giant dick was impaling the girl’s insides and stretching her wide.

 “It feels great for me too, Maiko!” Minako replied with her own gasps of pleasure. “Your big fat cock is so deep inside me and stretching me so wide! I’ve never been this full before! It’s amazing!”

 Minako eventually felt the cock knock against her womb and her butt cheeks slapped Maiko’s tiny legs. It was as far as she could go and so she began raising herself back up.

 The cock slithered from her tight, wet pussy, grinding pleasurably against the sensitive walls. When nearly all was out, she thrusted back down, impaling herself on the massive cock with a single, powerful plunge.

 Both girls screamed in intense pleasure as the full cock dug within the pussy and hammered harshly against the cervix. Minako brought herself up and then back down, fucking the cock harder and faster with each motion of her hips. Soon she was bouncing up and down on Maiko’s meaty dick hard, her ass jiggling as it smacked the fat balls and little legs, her breasts swaying up and down before Maiko’s face.

 “Ah! This is amazing!” Maiko shouted as she grabbed the supple ass cheeks in her hands and began moving her own hips, thrusting back at Minako. “Minako! I love it! It feels really, really good!”

 “Yeah me too! I love it as well!” Minako replied as she continued riding the girl’s giant dick. “Your cock is so fucking big! Gosh, it feels fucking amazing! That’s it, fuck me back! Keep fucking me with your big fat little girl cock! Oh, it feels so fucking good!”

 Minako pushed her chest into Maiko’s face as she continued riding the girl’s cock. Maiko eagerly rolled her face all around and in-between the soft orbs of flesh, motor boating the tits with delight.

 Minako was shouting loudly as she rode the thick dick, her breasts being suckled upon by the small lips and tongue. The massive cock thrusting in and out of her depths, hammering at the entrance to her womb and making her stomach bulge out with each of the harsh thrusts.

 “Yes! That’s it!” Minako screamed as her body bounced up and down, clutching tightly to the smaller girl as the massive cock rearranged her internal organs with each powerful blow. “Fuck me harder! Your little girl cock feels amazing!”

Maiko only replied in moans as her mouth was full of Minako’s tits. Though she did try picking up the pace, using even more strength she managed to conjure up from her little body.

 An extra hard thrust from both girls made their bodies collide together in a spectacular mess, the massive cock managing to hammer itself within the womb.

 Minako threw her head back and roared as an intense orgasm rippled through her body. “It’s inside my womb! Your big fat cock is inside my womb! I’m cuming from this cute little girl’s fat cock as it fucks my womb! Fuck! It’s so fucking good!”

 Maiko could feel the pussy tightening around her cock as the woman above her spasmed from her powerful climax, pussy juices squirting onto the little legs and massive balls. She managed to hold back her own orgasm in order to pound the womb even harder, making a mess of the sensitive baby chamber.

 “Yes! Oh fuck!” Minako was squealing as Maiko never let up fucking her. “This is the best fucking orgasm I’ve ever had! My mind is going blank from how amazing this feels!”

 Maiko however knew she couldn’t hold back her own approaching orgasm. “Minako! I’m going to cum! I’m going to shoot out all that white stuff again!”

 “Go ahead! Do it inside me! Please cum inside me!” Minako roared back.

 “Okay! I’m cuming!” Maiko roared as she went over the edge herself, gripping Minako tightly as her cock slammed deep inside and began releasing its payload.

 “Yes! I can feel all of your hot cum inside me!” Minako was screeching as her womb was flooded with tons and tons of the little futanari’s seed, making her belly expand to fit it all inside. “I’m getting impregnated by a little girl with a big fat cock! I’m cuming again! Oh, it’s so good!”

 After several more thick, sticky loads of white semen, Maiko was done and Minako began to come down from her orgasmic high as well. The high school girl panted hard as she pulled herself off of Maiko’s massive Futanari cock, feeling cum gush from her hole.

 “Fuck! That was amazing!” Minako breathed hard. “I can’t believe this little girl gave me the best orgasm of my life!”

 “It was really good for me too!” Maiko replied. “But um…”

 “Oh! You’re still hard?!” Minako gasped as she looked behind her at the still erect cock that pressed up against her ass cheeks. “Well, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to leave you well satisfied!”

 Minako got off the bench and flipped herself around so her back was to Maiko. Then she began backing up, her ass coming down and rubbing against the thick dick. Minako teased the hard cock with her ass cheeks, hotdogging it and gently jerking it between her soft butt.

 “Here.” Minako said after a little while of teasing. She spread her ass cheeks apart for the girl to see. “You can use this hole.”

 “Your butt?” Maiko asked.

 “Yep. The cum and pussy juices should make good lube.” She pushed her ass over the cock, the head poking at her anus. Then she began sinking down on it, feeling her anal cavity get stretched wide as more and more of the massive sausage was pushed within.

 “Oh! My asshole is being split apart!” Minako moaned as she continued forcing herself down, taking more of the cock deep within her ass.

“It feels really warm and tight!” Maiko groaned in reply, she reached around Minako and grabbed the woman, pulling her in close as she used her own strength to fill up more of the ass with her meaty erection. “It feels good!”

 “I’m glad, just keep pushing! Almost! There! It’s all inside!” Minako could feel her bottom touching Maiko’s waist, balls, and legs and knew that she had bottomed out. “Fuck, there’s so much inside me! It feels like my asshole is being ripped apart, but it feels fucking amazing!”

 Minako began moving, lifting herself up, letting the thick cock slither out of her ass, making both girls coo with pleasure. Then when most of it was all out, she slammed back down, fully burying the cock inside once more.

 Minako did it again and again, grunting with pleasure as she began riding the cock.

 Both girls were moaning loudly as the pace quickened, Maiko adding her own thrusts, slamming herself deep within Minako’s anal depths.

 “Yes! That’s it!” Minako was starting to scream. “That feels so fucking good! Just keep fucking me! Fuck my asshole even harder! That’s it! Fuck that’s amazing!”

 “You butt feels really good!” Maiko added as she her little hips were giving it everything they had to fuck the older girl. “It’s so tight and warm! I love it! I love fucking your butt!”

 “Me too! I love the way you fuck my asshole! Your big fat cock feels so big and hard inside me! It’s so fucking amazing!”

 Harder and faster they went, their bodies rising and falling in a lusty, passionate dance of intense love making. The anus was stretched wider than Minako though possibly as the monstrous dick ravaged her anal cavity, forging it into the dick’s personal shape.

 Maiko reached up and grabbed Minako’s tits, groping them both firmly in her little hands, toying around with the soft orbs. Her fingers teased the nipples as she enjoyed the feel of the supple flesh in her palms.

 “Yes! Yes! Maiko you feel so good! I love you and your big fat cock so much! My ass feels fucking amazing! Keep going! Fuck me harder!”

 “Minako! I love you too! Your butt feels so good on my cock! I want to keep fucking you forever!”

 “Yes! I want to keep getting fucked by you big fat little girl cock! Oh, fuck it’s so good! I love it so much!” Minako was screaming as she rode the fat erection like a mad woman. “Fuck, this cock is making my mind go hazy! You’re going to fuck me stupid!”

 Over and over their bodies collided, the cock making a mess of Minako’s anal insides. Their screams of pleasure filled the empty shrine as they fucked harder and faster, enjoying the pleasure of such wild, public fucking.

 But both knew they wouldn’t last forever. “Maiko I’m going to cum!”

 “Me too! I’m going to shoot all my white stuff inside you again!”

 “Do it! Flood my ass with all your seed! Please cum inside me!”

 Maiko and Minako both went over the edge together, their bodies slapping together before shaking in orgasmic bliss.

 Maiko’s cock fired off its huge load within Minako’s bowels, flooding them quickly and making the white goo escape the ass and spray out below.

 Minako’s eyes filled with hearts, rolling back as her tongue hung from her drooling mouth. She came hard, her pussy spraying its love juices all over Maiko’s legs and the ground, her fingers in a double peace sign as she felt the tidal wave of semen fill her ass.

 After several more thick ropes of cum later, both girls were done and they panted as they came down from their high.

 “Wow that was fucking amazing!” Minako panted as she pulled herself off of Maiko’s meaty dick, the cum escaping out of the gaping hole.

 “Yeah.” Maiko sighed in contentedness.

 The little girl gasped as she felt lips on her softening cock. Minako was cleaning the girl up of all the semen and pussy juices that stained the big dick.

 “You know, Maiko…” Minako said between her mouthfuls of thick cock. “I have some friends at my dorm who will probably want to meet you as well. I’ll invite them next time okay?”


 More Persona 3 girls coming soon!

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