An Empress' Duty (Radiant Historia)

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Raynie could feel the stares of the royal guard and she entered Granorg Keep, not that she was surprised. Her tight fitting blue tunic only served to accentuate her womanly features, most notably her large bust and wide hips. However, her mind wandered to the one man that she wished could be at her side, but that was very much impossible. Stocke was dead. She felt a pit in her heart as she reminded herself of that. His charming wit and strong physique, mixed with the roaring flames erupting from his palm, the memory almost made Raynie break down. She took a few breaths and collected herself, and continued onward. Before long, she arrived at the doorway to the throne. Inside, she found Eruca sitting very rigidly and properly in the large seat, the very same throne they had conquered not even a month ago. Once Raynie entered the room, Eruca's whole demeanour changed and she left to her feet.

"Ah, Raynie, welcome! It's so nice to see you!" Eruca ran to the young woman, greeting her friend warmly. Raynie was a bit taken aback, as Eruca was usually kind, but never this openly friendly. Raynie cautiously took a step back, but not so much as to raise Eruca's ire.

"It is good to see you too, Empress Eruca." She took a deep bow, her pronounced cleavage all the more apparent from a top view.

"Oh, stop with the formalities. We're friends, aren't we?" Eruca bent over, cupped Raynie's hands in her own, and pulled the woman to her feet. Eruca stared into Raynie's eyes for a full second before Raynie pulled away, embarrassed. "You must be wondering why I summoned you, but I promise that it will be explained later. For now, you must be exhausted, coming all the way from Alistel. Take a long bath, and then meet me here in one hour, then we can have dinner together. A chambermaid will show you the way."

" grateful for your generosity, Eruca. One hour. See you then."

- - -

Why is Eruca like this? Raynie wondered while in the large basin. She's acting so flirty, and while she is good looking, I can't help but see Stocke in her eyes. She...hurts me...without even knowing. Her head lolled back, resting on the rim of the tub, and she sighed heavily. Her large breasts put her back in a lot of strain, so the warm water relieved her tense muscles after the arduous journey. Time flew by, and a faint rapping could be heard at the door, before it opened a crack.

"Mistress Raynie?" The chambermaid spoke softly through the ajar door. "It is time for dinner. May I come in and help you dress?"

Raynie flushed a deep red, not due to the heat. "Uh, no thank you. I can handle it myself. Just, leave the towel and my clothes at the door. Then just stay by the door and then you may escort me to the dining hall." 

Raynie's naked body dripped with warm water as she lifted herself out of the basin. She thoroughly dried herself with the towel and dressed in the provided smallclothes and houserobe. A deep red, with flashes of crimson and gold sprinkled throughout, and the Granorg royal crest emblazoned on the back and over the right chest in jet black. These colours remind me of him. She was quite impressed with how well it cushioned her body, especially her large breasts, which had normally been restricted by tight clothes and leather straps. It even helped show off her shapely legs at the same time, as it only ended just above the knee. She exited the bathroom and was whisked away to the dining hall, where Eruca was waiting for her anxiously. 

- - -

"Thank you, Evelyn. You may take the rest of the day off, after dinner of course." Eruca told the chambermaid after the table had been set. "Pick your seat, Raynie. Don't be shy." Raynie sat in the chair closest to her. The dining room was quite extravagant, yet still tasteful. The high vaulted ceiling, the candelabrum adorning the table, the roaring fireplace with enough wood to burn all night if wanted, the numerous leopard skin rugs, the rows upon rows of tables, all of it screamed excessive wealth, but the tables themselves were modest, and seemed to be handmade by a local carpenter in town, and the tablecloths looked to be hand sewn, amd Raynie could see a lot a lot of pale stains on them from years of use. Raynie especially noted the size of the table she was sitting at, as it was only large enough for maybe five people, all on only one side of the table, facing the rest. This was clearly the table for the important people in the castle, a fact that was not unnoticed. The other butlers, maids, and soldiers quickly filed in and sat in the rows of tables.

"So, what's for dinner tonight?" Ray is questioned as Eruca sat down beside her.

"Wild boar. They have been reeking havoc in the fields lately, and we have an abundance of them, hence boar meat is very common in town. Go on, dig in." Erica motioned with her fork before doing so herself. Raynie quickly ate her fill along with several large glasses of wine, while Eruca took her time and sipped her wine delicately. With excess time on her hands, Raynie looked at the crowd in front of her, and found that most of them shot curious glances at her, making her uncomfortable.

"Eruca, they're staring at me..." Raynie murmured under her breath.

"As expected. You are a newcomer here, after all. They just want to know you. As do I..." She spoke the last bit so quietly that Raynie didn't hear it. "However, their curiosity will have to wait, as you must be tired, and you should rest up for-" It was quite apparent that Eruca said more than she meant to.

"Rest up for?"

"Eh he... Well, I have a surprise for you. But you will only get it tomorrow. And only if you are fully ready for it. So I want you to be at your maximum." Eruca got to her feet and motioned for Raynie to follow.

"I hope you won't do anything dangerous. I don't feel like I can fight at my fullest if Marco or Stocke aren't at my side."

Eruca felt her heart sink, but kept her demeanour. "You will see... I will send a chambermaid to collect you tomorrow morning." They arrived at Raynie's temporary bedchambers. "Good night, Raynie." She closed the door. "My queen."

- - -

Am I coming on too strong? She seems hesitant. Eruca kept herself awake for hours with thought such as these. I didn't take advantage of her tonight, even though the was drinking like a fish. That's good, at least I'm not my mother. Tomorrow is a new day, and I just hope she says yes. With thoughts of Raynie flooding her mind, Eruca's hands danced along her skin, wandering for a little sensitive nub hiding in her loin.

Tonight, again? A familiar voice filled Eruca's brain.

Stocke, tomorrow is probably the most important day of my life. I can use the time before then to prepare myself for it.

More important than when your brother sacrificed himself so that the whole continent wouldn't die? Thanks sis. Love you too.

At least you came back, to an extent.

Did I, or are you imagining this all up, in a pained effort to have me act as your conscience? I'm just saying, if you push Raynie too hard, you will lose her forever. With that, Stocke's voice faded from her head. Eruca pulled her hand away and quieted herself for the next day.

- - -

Raynie awoke with a start, head pounding in an unfamiliar room, and wearing odd clothes, before she remembered. Eruca wanted Raynie for something today, but she couldn't remember exactly what. Before long, the door knocked, and a maid walked in. 

"Good morning, mistress. I am Amy. Empress Eruca sent me to fetch you. Are you ready to go?" With a yes, the two set out to Eruca's personal chambers. When they arrived, Amy knocked on the door. "My Empress? I brought Mistress Raynie. I'm sending her in now," she called though the door, before opening it for her companion.

Raynie had been in here before, when she was instructed to assassinate Eruca, but hadn't had a good opportunity to look around. The room was small, but still rather ornate. With a fancy queen bed, a full vanity, an entire wall was the balcony, loosely covered in drapes, and a privacy rack in the corner, which is what Eruca was seemingly behind. 

"Um...Eruca? You back there?" Raynie called out as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"Oh! Just a minute." Eruca stepped out from behind the rack in a white version of the houserobe that Raynie was wearing.

"Wow! I didn't know how good you would look in white. It looks like you're going to a wedding."

"A wedding..." She sat next to Raynie. "Fitting. Raynie, I...I love you." She looked at her companion head on. "I have ever since I met you. I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else." 


Raynie looked away. "But, what about your bloodline? Surely you need two heirs because of the curse."

"I don't think that's a problem for you, now is it?" Erica put a hand on Raynie's crotch, and felt a noticeable lump moving with a steady pulse. "I love you, Raynie, all of you." With that, Eruca leaned into Raynie's embrace, who forcefully pulled the woman down into a deep kiss as they lay down on the bed. 

"How...did you find out?" Raynie gasped as they eventually pulled away.

"Well, you know how Stocke was holder of the White Chronicle, and how he was my twin? When he...died, some of his memories came to me. Once, you changed clothes in front of him, whereupon he noticed your 'package'. And now, I...I want to see all of you," she pleaded.

"O-okay. But only if...if you do the same." 

"Deal." And with that, Eruca pulled the robe off of her shoulders, letting it fall unceremoniously to the floor, and soon Raynie followed suit. Stark naked, and red as a beet, they examined each other.

Eruca had long, flowing blonde hair, much longer than Raynie remembered, and piercing blue eyes. She had slim features but a large bust and hips. Without clothes, it was obvious that she had freckles and moles all over her pale body. Her body was toned nicely, albeit with little muscle. Her breasts were smaller than her companion's, but they were far from small, dotted with two erect nipples jutting out violently. Her legs were long and smooth, but rather plain. Her buttocks sat cutely at the top of her hips, squishy yet firm, and the small puckered hole hidden beneath was a rosy pink. She had a small tuft of dirty blonde pubic hair, crowning her lower lips, which were large and puffy, and had a small jettison of flesh poking out near the front. She crossed her hands behind her back, and admired Raynie in return.

Raynie had long black hair, even longer than Eruca's, with large brown eyes. Her skin was a medium brown, but nearly featureless, with no imperfections to speak of. Raynie was nicely toned as well, but with much more muscle than Eruca. Her legs were shapely and a sight to behold. Her large breasts were capped with two large brown nipples, jutting out even further than Eruca's. Her butt was quite defined too, sticking out and further emphasizing her wide hips, and her asshole was a deep brown, matching her nipples. She did not have pubes at all, letting her genitals seamlessly flow out from the rest of her skin. She had a rather small penis and scrotum, only about 4.5" long and 1" wide while fully erect, capped with a loose ring of skin around the glans, but the testicles inside were large and full of wriggling sperm. One surprise that Eruca found, however, was that Raynie had a vulva too, hidden behind her sack, complete with a large clitoris, vagina, and labia. Raynie lay on her back on the bed, and Eruca lay on top of her, but the other way around.

Hooking her arms around Raynie's legs, she tried to ignore the male organs and wet her index and pinkie fingers, tickling the entrance to her holes. Raynie would not take this sitting down, and wrapped her arms around Eruca's waist, her mouth fulling engulfing the woman's pussy, and her nose prodding Eruca's asshole in the meantime. In return, Eruca put her fingers fully into Raynie, massaged her balls, and put all of Raynie's cock into her mouth. Before long, they both needed to cum, but Eruca pulled away from her partner.

"I don't want you to waste a single drop," she explained before Raynie could protest, got up, turned around, and positioned the cock at the entrance to her pussy. "I want to get pregnant, I want your baby," and with that, Eruca impaled herself of Raynie's flesh lance. Bending over, their breasts sandwiched together and flattened, their moans and cries echoed in the empty room, completely forgotten that the balcony doors were open, and anyone in the courtyard could hear their voices. The sweat running off of them only served to lubricate their bodies, allowing for more gyrations. When Raynie felt a boiling in her balls, she fucked Eruca even harder, and Eruca clamped down as they came together. Pulse after pulse of warm, fresh semen blasted into Eruca's recesses, searching, hoping for an ovum to attack. As the two women caught their breath, Eruca leaned in and fully kissed Raynie just as one lone sperm found the egg inside and broke the barrier surrounding it.

- - -

"Mama!" "Mama!" Two young voices called out in unison. 

"Davie, Freddie, what is it?" Raynie asked. Eruca ran to the twins' side at their calling.

"In school today, we learned that-" "people need a mother and father to exist," they spoke over each other. "But it's just you two." "Who is our father?"

Eruca laughed quietly. "Maybe we should show them, dear?"

"I like that thinking. Maybe we'll even get another pair like these two! Maybe girls this time. C'mon, boys. We have a bit of a show for you tonight." With that, the family went to the royal bedchambers and locked the door.

 - - - - -

Author's note: I hope that people will check out Radiant Historia. 'Tis good. Leave a comment, or don't. I don't really care either way. Take care everyone.

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