The Conqueror

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The Conqueror




Since I was little, I've often enjoyed bad guy/good girl pairings. I could never explain it, or why I found so many villains sexier than their hero counterparts, or the like. As someone who played the NES/SNES/Game Boy Mario games, I came to have Bowser/Peach among my favorite pairings (along with Ganondorf/Zelda) and I managed to obtain the old Game Boy/Nintendo comics from the early 1990s, and really liked how Tatanga/Daisy was depicted in them. Despite Tatanga's determination to conquer the world, he is still a sweetheart to Daisy and in one issue was even willing to call off a mission due to Daisy being injured.

Sadly, there's a dearth of artwork, much less fanfiction of them out there. There's plenty of Peach/Bowser stories and art, some of it truly excellent, but I have yet to see a good Tatanga/Daisy story, and then I thought… why nor try my own hand at it? I know there's other fans of this ship out there, so there are at least a few people bound to enjoy this.:)

Tatanga's homeworld/race is never identified officially, and there is scant information on him, period. Sarasaland doesn't have much information either. Oh well. This story is mainly based on/set after the comics, as well as the Game Boy Mario Land games.




The Sarasaland of her childhood was full of idyllic memories. The four kingdoms of this land coexisted in peace, and a long line of princes and princesses governed these four kingdoms. For what seemed like countless eons, Sarasaland was a quiet nation, filled with sunlit days and bountiful harvests.

Then Tatanga came, and hypnotized the rulers of the kingdoms, effectively taking control of Sarasaland and using it as a base of operations for further conquest. The mysterious alien had become infatuated with her and claimed her for his own. She'd learned of other worlds beyond her own, including one called Earth.

A plumber named Mario had stopped Tatanga and rescued her, something he apparently had a habit of doing for damsels in distress. She'd made new friends, among these Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom. Her experiences had changed her, eroded some of the naivete that generations of Sarasaland monarchs had carried on through the years. Her subjects regained their loyalty for her, free of Tatanga's brainwashing, but she would never forget how easily her country had been taken away from her.




Some villains were persistent. Bowser certainly had to prove that, though Daisy had come to suspect that Peach secretly enjoyed the Koopa King's dedication to her.

The aftermath of Tatanga's invasion left her a changed ruler. She'd always been a bit of a tomboy, preferring to be outdoors much of the time, and with very little, if any, trouble plaguing Sarasaland, Daisy had been raised to assume that the mantle she would eventually bear would be an easy one. There had been little use for a military force, and it had virtually eliminated the possibility of the kingdoms going into civil war with one another.

Sarasaland needed peace. But it also needed strength. Her days were long as she was confronted with decision after decision, the intricacies and diplomatic mazes of forming alliances, and navigating Sarasaland's place in the world beyond its borders.




Recovery of a nation takes time, and sometimes there are those who would take advantage of strained times. Tatanga was such a one. He'd seen Sarasaland as easy pickings the first time, and he had not been wrong in that.

And when he returned to Sarasaland, he did not even need to hypnotize the governors of the kingdoms and their servants as he had before. He'd grown more cunning since his defeat, and bided his time, even going so far as to temporarily work for Wario when Mario's evil counterpart had been off wreaking havoc.

The fleet of vessels surrounded the Sarasaland palace, Tatanga's personal ship displayed prominently amidst this array. Some of her fledgling soldiers had offered to fight, but she'd told them to stand down as Tatanga lowered his ship.

For all her nervousness, Daisy was outwardly calm. Villains could be unpredictable, and who knew what sort of pent-up anger Tatanga would hold for his defeat and embarrassment at the hands of others, particularly the plumbers.

His ship lowered its ramp and Tatanga stepped down, his eyes fixed upon her as he approached her. Even though he was slightly shorter than her, his bulk and armor were effective in presenting the image of a powerful man and conqueror. Whatever he'd been through exactly, he'd been able to amass a fresh set of resources, she noted. Even a stronger Sarasaland would not get away unscathed in an all-out war.

“You are as fair as ever, Princess Daisy.” He inclined his head in a slight bow.

“You are looking well, Tatanga. I see that you have not given up on your dreams of conquest. Unless I am mistaken, and you come with altruistic intentions.”

A deep chuckle rumbled from his throat. “I am not an altruist, but I can show a fair hand.”

“And for that, you would require surrender.” Her pride burned in the back of her throat, and she thought about her people. Some would condemn her quick surrender, but better dissenting than dead or injured.

He nodded briefly. “It is peace you want, isn't it?” His expression softened just a fraction as he regarded her.

I am not the naive princess I once was, Daisy mused as she regarded her one-time and again conqueror. “I have no desire to see my citizens suffer. If you will guarantee their safety, you have my surrender.”

He inclined his head again.




Her strategy was twofold. With her cooperation, her people were safe, and she also had been granted considerable freedom around the castle. Now they sat down for their first dinner, at least, the first one since what Tatanga called their reunion. He certainly seemed happy to see her again, not simply because he had Sarasaland under his control.

Daisy pondered what could have happened if she'd chosen to fight him, or flee. Compared to that, having supper with him was hardly an ordeal. He'd opted for a three-course meal, nothing too fancy. The salad was followed by the main course, which Daisy had found surprisingly tasty although it was adapted from a recipe from Tatanga's home planet.

She had a few bites left of the tender and flaky meat, which had been marinated in a mildly spicy sauce. Most of the meal thus far had been spent in silence as Tatanga enjoyed his meal, but he cleared his plate before she was finished.

Taking a sip of wine, Daisy was aware of his gaze upon her. She'd debated what to wear for dinner, knowing that the kind of outfit she wore could and would make an impression. Ultimately, she chose a modest but elegant yellow gown, with white lace at the collar and hems of the sleeves. Her auburn hair flowed freely in its usual style, and she still wore her crown, as a reminder of who and what she was.

How he responded to that, among other things, would guide her in how she acted around him. Tatanga had strengths, among them an impressive army, and powerful tools at his array. But Daisy had her own. Nowhere near as overt, and she was still developing them, and in the end, she knew that if she was careful, her strength could rival his own.

Mindful of his attention on her, she finished the last few bites with easy grace, careful to not linger too long over each bite lest he might think she was being passive-aggressive. He'd said nothing about her crown, and she'd answered his few questions civilly.

“How was that dish?” he asked solicitously.

“It was pretty good." He smiled at that, seemingly genuinely happy about her enjoyment. It seemed ironic, he was willing to take Sarasaland by force, yet her opinion on a meal should affect him so.

Dessert was blueberry pie. Daisy had always loved blueberries, and it was clear Tatanga had remembered that. As she daintily cut into the pie with her fork, gathering a dollop of the whipped cream that had been added to the top of the pastry, she could not help but feel a touch, just a touch of gentleness toward the man who had brought so much upheaval to her life.

Tatanga had conquered Sarasaland, and he seemed as determined to conquer her heart as ever. Daisy might have surrendered her kingdom, but she was determined that that be the only capitulation she made to the alien tyrant.

Before Tatanga could ask for more of her company, she spoke as he was eating the last few bites of his desert.

“Today has been a very long and stressful day, and I am sure you have much planned for tomorrow. If you will excuse me, I am in desperate need of rest.” Gracefully, she rose from her seat, giving him a slight curtsy. She might be a tomboy, but she had taken her childhood lessons in deportment to heart.

She saw a flicker of disappointment skip across his features before he collected himself. He left his seat and approached her. Taking her hand into his, he brushed his lips against her knuckles in a gentle kiss.

“Sweet dreams, my princess,” he said as he let her hand slide free of his own.

Once in the privacy of her apartments, Daisy let out a breath she almost hadn't realized she was holding. Despite her cool demeanor, she had many reasons to be worried. There would be those who would see her surrender as cowardly or treacherous. She'd explained the reasons for her surrender to her court, but she was no longer a naive girl who believed that everyone around her would simply take her words at face value. And then there was Tatanga himself. Now that he was here, how might she be able to expel him from her kingdom?

The answer wasn't immediately obvious. Few would envy Daisy's position, walking a fine line between the unhappiness of her people, and Tatanga's strength.


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