Moving Truck

BY : BobyJoe
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Dragon prints: 1848
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Swaying maple trees provided a thick canopy filtering the warm, afternoon sunlight to a worn roadway. Red-orange leaves slowly drifted down to the cracked pavement, occasionally being picked up and tossed around by a shallow breeze. This thoroughfare was once the main portal between the Johto and Hoenn regions. However, due to advancements in air travel it had seen a decline in leisure use, and since fallen to a simple transport lane for commercial purposes.

Such was the case for the box truck violently kicking up maple leaves as it hurried to its destination. The driver apparently cared more for the schedule than for the passengers in the cargo area.

“Arceus, is he, like, aiming for every tree root?”

The brunette sitting in the back wasn’t having the best day. First her parents stuck her in this moving truck instead of buying a third plane ticket, second, she wasn’t even allowed to sit up front with the driver, and third, her only companion for the who-knows-how-many-hours-ride was a pokemon that could barely understand her.

“Maybe he’s hoping to find the right bump and fly us to Littleroot Town.”

The machoke sitting across from her snickered. Maybe her earlier assumption was a bit off. 

“Oh? So you understood that one.” The pokemon’s  reaction surprised May. Luckily she may not have to entertain herself the entire trip.

“Well, why didn’t you back me up when that asshole upfront decided to stick me back here?”

Shaking his head and looking away the machoke unsuccessfully tried to hide a blush. He had been trying his best to not get caught staring at the teenage girl’s chest the entire trip, but unfortunately for him May had just caught on.

“So you just wanted a chance to stare at my titties, was that it?”

The pokemon continued to avoid meeting her gaze. May knew the effect her 32DD breasts had on men and pokemon alike. She smirked slightly, maybe this trip would be a bit more interesting that she thought. 

“Don’t worry, I’m used to it. You’d be surprised how many guys I catch staring just walking down the street. Even when they’re with their families, ew.”

Machoke was now intensely fixated on a speck of dirt on the floor. Excited to be in control of where this was going, May decided to press on. 

“But to be honest, I don’t really care if you wanna take a peak. You’re lucky I’m bored.”

With that May started to slowly unzip her red cycling jersey. One hand on the zipper while the other was placed across her stomach, propping up her breasts. Machoke’s gaze immediately snapped to the girl’s bust; his eyes followed the zipper as it revealed more and more of May’s cleavage. Likewise, May was fascinated by a growing bulge below the pokemon’s belt. 

“Mmmm, looks like someone’s getting excited. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Machoke hesitated for a second, unsure if this was a wise idea. This girl was extremely hot, but she was a client. If his boss--or Arceus-forbid her parents--found out about this being fired was the least of his worries. 

“Oh come on, don’t pretend like you don’t want to find out what this teen pussy feels like.” May continued. 

Coming to a decision, Machoke reached below his belt and revealed his rapidly hardening cock. At half-mast it already stood at a sturdy six inches long and as girthy as a soda can. May was immediately fixated, her mouth beginning to salivate. She was somewhat of a size queen. When the local boys stopped satisfying her, she had moved to their dads. And when they became average she moved to their pokemon. No one she had experienced thus far could hold a candle to what was in front of her. 

“Damn, how big does that thing get?” May excitedly exclaimed. 

Machoke shrugged. He really had no concept of measurement systems. 

“Well, I suppose I do have to hold up my end of the bargain.”

Extremely aroused, May unzipped her jersey past her bust and down to her abdomen. Her bulging tits were barely contained by the tight material. At that moment the truck jolted over a large tree root, the impact causing her breasts to burst from her shirt. Machoke’s eyes grew to dinner plates and followed May’s tits and they began to bounce in time with the uneven road.

The pokemon’s cock was now fully erect, standing at an immense 10 inches. May sat transfixed. All complaints of the bumpy road and thoughts of moving were expelled from her brain making room to fantasize just how good Machoke would feel inside her. Getting onto her knees, May found herself between the pokemon’s legs. Her tits now on full display and a curious damp spot started to form through her spandex shorts. She hesitantly reached out and grasped Machoke’s cock with her soft hands. 

“Arceus… I can’t even fit my hands around it.” 

Not wasting any time, May began stroking along the base and teasing the tip with her tongue. The underside of the cock head seemed to be Machoke’s weak spot as the pokemon let out a loud moan. This only encouraged the teen prompting her to take the head into her hot mouth. 


The pokemon continued moaning its name while May gagged on his dick. Luckily the various sounds from the road and rattling boxes masked the sounds of pleasure coming from the two passengers. 

May grabbed her tits and squeezed them around the pokemon’s shaft, the proportions allowed the teen to give Machoke a boobjob while keeping the tip of his cock firmly shoved in her mouth. May’s spit ran down the shaft and allowed her tits to slide up and down with ease. 

Machoke’s cock was now fully enveloped between the teen’s breasts and mouth. Feeling his orgasm approaching he started bucking his hips and went to grab May’s head. Sensing this too, May surprisingly pulled away and sat smirking up at the pokemon.

“Oh I don’t think so, I’m not done with you yet.” She didn’t want any uncertainty about who was in control. 

May climbed up and straddled Machoke’s waist. Her ass sandwiched his throbbing cock and she started sucking on his neck. Machoke was quite irritated at the girl’s teasing, he could easily overpower her and was on the verge of doing so. 

“I’m sure my ass feels really good rubbing along your shaft. Don’t you want to shove your dick into this tight, hot teen pussy?” May loved dirty talking her partners. The more taboo the better.

Machoke started roughly groping May’s spandex-clad ass, trying his best to rip a hole in her shorts for his dick. May was enjoying the trouble she was giving the well-endowed pokemon. 

“You’ll have to do better than that.” She giggled. “Come’on, use your strength and take what’s yours.”

Feeling quite done with the teen’s antics, Machoke grabbed both sides of the spandex shorts and ripped them in two causing May to yelp in surprise. In one smooth motion he aimed his dick into the girl’s pussy and penetrated her to the base.


Those were the last words May could muster before her mind turned to an orgasm-riddled mush. She too had been very aroused during the build up and Machoke’s rough fucking immediately brought her over the edge. His arms wrapped around the girl’s waist holding her in place while his hips thrusted up into her at a lightly fast pace. The clap of May’s ass on the pokemon’s thighs overpowered any sound emanating from the truck, there was doubt the driver was wondering what was going on back there. 

May’s breasts were squished against Machoke’s muscular chest as she went limp, momentarily passing out from the many orgasms rocking her small body. Machoke continued to thrust into the teen with little concern for her well being. He had enough of her teasing as was going to make her his fuckdoll for this trip. 

Feeling his own orgasm building up again he increased his pace, turning May’s ass bright red from the rough treatment. Finally he thrust as far up into the teen as he could, bottoming out in her pussy and hitting her cervix. Grunting his name one final time Machoke unloaded deep inside May, pumping her full of his cum causing her to scream in pleasure. 

Machoke’s orgasm must have lasted close to a minute before he finally released the girl. May fell to the ground unconscious, cum gushing out of her hole started to pool around her body. Machoke was spent himself, sitting down in a corner he dozed off to recover from what he had just done to the young girl. 


Half an hour passed before May awoke. Sitting up, she glanced down and saw she was still sitting in Machoke’s cum. The right side of her body was coated in the seed and even her hair was a sticky mess. 

“Eh, par for the course I guess.” By now May was used to finding herself in these situations. 

Looking over she saw Machokes snoring away, apparently content with the treatment he had given her. May had other ideas. She crawled over to the corner and started shaking the pokemon away. 

“Hey wake up dummy. You haven’t even touched my ass yet.”

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