A deeper connection

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A deeper connection

Opening his gift from Gale Joma raised an eyebrow as he pulled out two high tech looking earpieces, Fennel’s initials emblazoned on the side of them showing that they were the Dream Scientists handiwork “what’re these? Some kind of dream recorders?” he asked as he then noticed a second set in the box

“Not exactly, why don’t you put one in?” Gale suggested taking the second earpiece from her boyfriend making him raise an eyebrow at her “just trust me” she smiled as Lucario then entered the room

“You wanted to see me?” the Aura Pokémon inquired to which Gale nodded, the redhead reaching over to place the second earpiece in his ear making it twitch and flutter for a second as he jumped from the sudden intrusion “what is this?” the Pokémon then questioned as Gale then reached for both his and Joma’s ears turning the earpieces on

As the pieces were activated both Joma and Lucario felt a jolt of energy rush through them, making their vision go blurry for a few moments before clearing “what the fuck was that?” Joma exclaimed as Gale placed a hand on his left shoulder and Lucario’s right, both him and the Pokémon looking to their opposite shoulders as they felt a hand on them but saw nothing “what the fuck…?”

“I take it they work then” Gale tittered as she then moved her hands to rub their arms, both Joma and Lucario feeling her touch on their opposite arm “Fennel advertised them as a way of feeling closer to your Pokémon, as long as you wear those earpieces your brains and minds are connected in a way, whatever one feels the other feels it also” she explained “so I thought of the perfect way to test them” she then added reaching down to cup both of their groins

As her hands made contact with their groins Joma and Lucario shuddered as the sensation was doubled as they felt what the other was feeling, Gale biting her lip as she felt them both harden faster than ever before, deftly undoing Joma’s pants with one hand whilst the other began to softly stroke Lucarios cock as it emerged from its sheath

The moment both of their cocks were in her hands Joma and Lucario felt an overwhelming surge of pleasure, both feeling that Gale was using both hands on their cocks as they felt each other’s pleasure “oooh you’re both harder than usual” the redhead purred feeling them throb hard between her fingers “if my hands feel this good imagine how good this will feel” she then added as she guided them both to rest against Joma’s office desk before squatting down in front of them

Moving both hands to Lucario’s cock she stroked the Aura Pokémon faster making both him and his Trainer shudder and groan before she leaned in to swallow Joma’s cock down to the base

Joma’s back arched nearly painfully as an overwhelming surge of pleasure crashed through him, his cock feeling both the wet snugness of Gale’s throat and the sensation of a double handled blowjob as his earpiece worked its magic, Lucarios doing the same as his eyes shot out and his jack fell slack whilst Gale put her full effort into both the blowjob and double handjob

“Holy fuck…” Joma gasped as his legs started to shake already, his cock throbbing like crazy as Gale tightened her lips as much as she could, her head pumping like crazy along his length as she seemed intent on sucking his soul out through his dick along with his cum

“By Arceus above…” Lucario groaned as Gale’s soft, warm little hands massaged every inch of his cock, the Aura Pokémon feeling as if he was the one getting the blowjob as his cock throbbed and pulsed in the redhead’s grasp

Giggling around Joma’s cock Gale then swapped between them, pulling back for a split second before swallowing Lucarios cock down until she was kissing his knot whilst her skilled hands worked her boyfriends dick, both of them now leaking precum like crazy as their climaxes rapidly approached, Gale feeling her cunt clench as she tasted Lucarios precum on her tongue coaxing her to suck harder and faster whilst her hands worked overtime on Joma’s cock

With the feeling of her mouth and hands working both of them at once neither Joma or Lucario could last much longer, both Trainer and Pokémon climaxing in unison as Gale pulled away to take their loads to the face, her mouth open wide and her tongue outstretched to catch as much as she could as she feverishly stroked them both, moaning and simpering adoring the taste of their mixed cum as it coated her tongue and filled her open mouth

When their releases ended both Joma and Lucario collapsed back against the desk, Joma sliding down it to sit on the floor whilst Lucario clung to the desk with his legs shaking wildly “by Arceus...I think I...I think I nearly died…” the Aura Pokémon panted as he slowly pushed away from the desk trying to stand on shaky legs, nearly falling as Gale’s pants landed on his head momentarily blinding him before he removed them to find his Trainers lover now stripped completely naked and mounting Joma as he continued to sit against the desk

As Gale sank down on Joma’s cock and took him balls deep into her tight dripping cunt Lucario nearly fell over as he felt every inch of her insides as well, his cock feeling like it was being crushed inside of her sweet velvety pussy despite being nowhere near it

“Oh fuck yessss” Gale drooled as Joma’s cock sat snuggly in her tight wet fuck hole, his cock head pushing into her womb as she looked back over her shoulder at Lucario, giving him a sultry ‘come here’ look whilst cupping her ass and spreading the cheeks to advertise her tightest hole to him

Unable to resist even without the prospect of double the pleasure Lucario borderline pounce on the slut, making her gasp and moan loudly as he positioned himself before making her scream as he drove in hard all the way to the knot, filling Gale up completely making her feel almost airtight “oh fuck yeah! Get deep in my holes! Fucking ruin me!” she cried out as she felt Joma’s and Lucarios hands roughly grab at her body to anchor her in place whilst they rode out the intense pleasure the mere penetration alone brought them, both of them feeling the tightness and heat of her cunt and ass combined as their earpieces worked even harder

Taking deep panting breaths Joma started to thrust up hard into Gale’s cunt and womb making her bounce lightly between him and Lucario whilst the Pokémon pounded her sweet little ass, his knot slapping against her bubble ass cheeks with every rough thrust as the redhead was quickly reduced to a quivering mess between them

“Holy fuck...I can feel...everything!” Joma gasped as it felt like his cock was being strangled by both Gale’s cunt and ass, Lucario feeling the same as they both struggled to keep themselves composed

Gale on the other hand had a different idea as she clenched her holes as tight as she could whilst reaching back to clutch at Lucarios hips, pulling on them as he thrust into her until finally his knot entered her ass stretching it even further, the sudden rush of sensation making Gale orgasm hard as her body shuddered and shook between them

With her orgasm her holes became even tighter borderline forcing Joma and Lucario to cum with her, their cocks exploding inside of her tight fuck holes as they suffered through the strongest climaxes of their lives, Lucarios eyes going white as he fainted from the sheer sensory overload slumping forward onto Gale’s back as his knot prevented him from pulling out of her ass and falling back, his chest spike lightly scratching her back as the redhead slumped against Joma’s front, both humans barely conscious from the sheer pleasure overload leaving them both in a sweaty heap

And whilst she couldn’t speak to tell Joma Gale was already planning to use the earpieces on her and his Gardevoir in the very near future

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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