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“Wakey-wakey,” Kerrigan smirked, her sultry voice echoing while a clawed finger lifted the chin of the unconscious blonde.

Nova grumbled as her eyes lazily flickered open. She took a long, deep breath as she lifted her head a  bit higher on her own. The look on the blonde’s face was almost comical as her eyes widened and she snarled with rage. She jerked in place, finding herself already with Zerg Creep securely holding her in place.

“You bitch…” Nova glared, still testing the limits of the alien structure keeping her kneeling on the floor with her arms stretched out behind her back.

“Flattery will only get you so far, little Ghost,” the Zerg Queen carefully slid her fingers along the woman’s neck.

The viscous, living material holding Nova began to live up to its name as it crept upward, slowly engulfing more of her body. The alarm in her features told everything as she desperately bucked and strained against the living sludge.

“Ready to give up?” Kerrigan asked, already knowing the answer.

“Go fuck yourself,” Nova spat, still trying to be defiant even though her body trembled with fear.

“Oh,” Kerrigan smiled, “I fully intend to. After I kill you.”

Nova’s heart skipped a beat. She hadn’t expected mercy, but she didn’t expect her to come quite so quickly. “Wh-what?”

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic,” Kerrigan chuckled. “There are other ways to die than loss of life. What I have in store for you is more like the death of your personality. Your pain-in-the-ass, always-in-my-way, hot shot persona.

“Nova,” she continued, smirking as she tapped the blonde on the nose, “will cease to exist when I’m done. What will I call you? Hmm… certainly not by your silly agent number. No, no—you need something different. Something more fitting. How about… Cum Dumpster? Doesn’t that have a lovely ring to it?”

The woman continued to glare as she struggled against the rising alien sludge. Her lips quivered with anger mixed with terror as she lifted her head in a feeble attempt to keep the Zerg substance from rising. She might have thought her plan was working to some degree, but it merely stopped at Nova’s neck by its own volition, the slime bubbling and pulsing as it inadvertently caressed her cheek. She fought back, determined not to go out like this.

“Are you ready to watch a real assassin at work?” Kerrigan mocked, still smirking as triumphantly as ever.

“Wh-whatev—” Nova was interrupted as the Zerg creep suddenly pushed against her neck, causing her reply to turn to a gasp of surprise. She was certain this was the end. ‘Choked to death by the Zerg—how fucking pathetic,’ she briefly thought to herself. Only the substance never pushed any harder against her throat. Instead, her eyes went wide as she realized the substance was rapidly filling her skin tight body suit from the neck.

The sensation was enough to make her skin crawl as the alien slime rubbed over her body, filling absolutely every nook, cranny, and crevice. It felt just as disgusting as she would have imagined.

“You don’t look like you’re enjoying yourself. A pity, really. You feel absolutely wonderful to me,” Kerrigan nibbled her bottom lip as she willed some of the slime to shift and caress over Nova’s perfectly toned body.

“Go ahead and do it, you coward!” Nova yelled.

“If you insist,” Kerrigan gave a nonchalant shrug.

The blonde felt the Zerg sludge bubbling and squirming around her body once more, crawling over every inch of skin while idly prodding at her pussy and asshole. It brought a slight blush to the normally cool and collected Ghost’s face. It was an absolutely disgusting sensation, only made worse by staring up at Kerrigan’s grinning face.

“I’m not a pervert like you,” Nova haughtily commented.

“Perhaps not,” the Zerg Queen shrugged, enjoying the feel of the woman’s skin as the slime caressed over it, “—not yet, anyway.”

The Zerg Creep vibrated violently, causing a look of concern over the blonde’s face as it expanded outward, ripping Nova’s body suit to shreds in an instant. Some of the material fluttered through the air for a moment before settling upon the slime-covered floor. Heavy breaths of shock poured from the woman’s lungs as she shivered, having expected the absolute worst. Her naked body shimmered from the alien sludge that had just been so intimately molesting her just moments before. Every inch of her kneeling form was on perfect display for Kerrigan’s lecherous gaze.

“Are you going to infest me?” Nova pointedly asked.

“Why on earth would I do that?” Kerrigan scoffed and arched a brow. “I want you to suffer. I want you to feel every bit of yourself slowly stripped away, piece by piece. And when you’re on the cusp of insanity—I’ll happily watch as you beg to choke on my cock.”

Nova blinked. ‘What was that about…Kerrigan’s cock…?’ she was slightly perplexed as she stared at the Queen’s crotch, only to see something obscenely thick slowly emerging. Kerrigan’s clawed fingers could hardly wrap around the thing as she stepped in front of the captive blonde, the massive length bobbing lewdly over her face. Nova nervously swallowed as she stared cross-eyed at the thing.

“Y-you can’t be serious…?” Nova tried to back away, but she was still bound so tightly in place.

“Of course not,” the Queen of Blades booped the blonde’s nose with the head of her cock, leaving a line of pre-cum as she stepped back. “You have to beg first…”

Nova scoffed but didn’t have time to retaliate in their verbal sparring before something rose between her legs. The Zerg fluid was already intimately familiar with her body, but the way this growth pushed against her was more forceful. Glancing down over her sweat and slime dripping form, she watched as the formation quickly covered her entire crotch and ass. She didn’t need to ask what was happening as two tendrils wrapped around her thighs for stability while unseen alien appendages and formations pressed against her nether regions.

As to be expected, a thick, slimy tentacle thrust up against her pussy, causing Nova to grunt from the sudden intrusion. It was by far the largest thing she’d ever taken inside of herself, and certainly the longest by the way the writhing limb pushed forward until it could advance no further. She felt every vein, protrusion, and imperfection as it undulated within her cunt, causing her eyes to flicker with unwanted pleasure every so often.

“I’m glad you appreciate my creation,” Kerrigan smiled.

“Shove it up your ass,” Nova grunted and blushed as the tentacle continued to squirm around methodically.

“A wonderful idea,” the Zerg Queen chuckled.

Something pressed between the blonde’s ass cheeks, applying a slight bit of pressure but not quite penetrating. Nova glared, as if daring Kerrigan to continue. As intimidating as the Ghost could be, she was powerless here. A small protrusion pushed into her tight, puckered asshole. Oddly enough, it wasn’t anything too alarming. It was hardly larger than a pinkie finger, which she might have indulged in from time to time anyway. It pushed in a few inches before it began to spread. It was a slow process that Nova hardly noticed until her asshole gaped around the hollow tube of Zerg flesh.

“The first thing I’m going to do is make you relax—not be such a tight-ass—loosen up,” Kerrigan’s grin widened, as did the tube in Nova’s ass.

“When I get free—!”

Kerrigan laughed and rolled her eyes. A verbal response wasn’t necessary. Instead, new growths came up from inside the tube in Nova’s ass. They were all smaller than the thing stretching her. As they pushed into her rear, they swirled and squirmed with purpose, feeling almost like tongues. A dark blush covered the blonde’s cheeks as she averted her embarrassed gaze. But Kerrigan was far from done. The main tube, still slowly stretching Nova’s asshole, began to spin. The odd sensation of so many tongues swirling around her ass, and the thickening mass spinning and massaging her tight pucker was humiliatingly arousing.

More tendrils crept up from the main tube, the tongues passionately rimming their captive while still delving deeper. The thick growth in her cunt continued to rhythmically throb, reacting perfectly to Nova’s responses. If it found a spot that garnered a positive reaction it would keep stimulating that area before stopping. It was designed to keep Nova on edge for as long as possible.

“It’ll never work…! I’ll never b-beg you,” Nova said, quite unconvincingly as sweat dripped down her brow.

“In this amount of time? Of course not. I play the long game, Cum Dumpster. After you’ve been on edge for a few hours you’ll be singing a different tune. You might not break then, but you’ll certainly be thinking about it. Another day..?” Kerrigan nibbled her bottom lip and shrugged. “That would be impressive, but I’d expect nothing less from someone as impressive as you. No—within thirty-six hours you’ll be gargling my jizz and tonguing my ass willingly… just for the hope that I might let you cum.

“But until then,” Kerrigan smirked.

More formations rose from the Zerg Creep around Nova. Tendrils wrapped around her body, mouth-like openings engulfed her breasts while contorting and dragging her backwards into the newly formed prison. Bits and pieces of the blonde’s wiggling and flexing body could be seen through the purple and light gray mass. Nova’s muffled groans and whimpers could still be heard until they were replaced with the constant, sloppy sounds of gagging and coughing as something thick slid in and out of her throat.

“Try not to have too much fun…” Kerrigan laughed as she turned and left the chamber, anxious to check on Cum Dumpster in a day… or so… maybe…

After all, the Queen had a galaxy to attend to.

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