Call Me!

BY : ThingNothing
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Spoiler Warning: This takes place directly after Sonic Lost World. Though the games plot is laughable, should you be a purist that wants to experience the game and have not yet done so, before seeing anything that may spoil it, stop now.

All characters involved in this story are written as over the age of 18 years old, regardless of their canonical age.

    His sleep was restless, a nagging thought drifting to the front of his mind every time he found himself close to slumber. Call me. Different from the normal taunts and jeers he'd receive upon victory, of threat of return or bodily harm. That Zeti was so indifferent to her predicament that she found more interest in flirting than plotting.
    It didn't sit right with Sonic. And, as much as he hated to admit it, concerned him. He'd given up his hopes of sleeping, instead mulling over the words and her actions through the course of the day. Wondering if she had something up her sleeve, a plan to break off from the crushed group and strike out on her own. Apathetic or cunning, he wasn't sure, his mind was made up. He needed to track down Zeena and ensure there were no loose ends.
    "Rrgh," the hedgehog grunted, crossing his arms over his chest, eyes open partially. The view of the setting sun against the orange sky only served to frustrate him more, hammering in the fact that Sonic had mulled over two words and their implications for hours. He heard Tails beside him, resting against the same tree he futilely attempted to nap under, tinkering. "What're you up to, buddy?"
    Ears perking up, Tails glanced in Sonic's direction, giving his cobalt companion a small smile. "Trying to fix the screen on the communicator, it cracked when you were dealing with Eggman," he replied, Tails' focus back on the yellow device in his hands. He smoothed the edge of the newly applied screen down, his thumb pressing into the corners to ensure it stuck. "How'd you sleep?"
    "Nap was a bust, I can't sleep," Sonic sighed, closing his eyes again. Out of frustration, he unfurled his arms, gloved palms striking the grass below. "Something is bothering me."
    "It's not about Eggman, is it?" Tails questioned, his tongue poking out from the corner of his mouth, brows furrowed. Despite his intense focus, he always made an effort to hear Sonic out. Well, usually. The last incident with Eggman perhaps causing him to over-correct and idly mime motions of repairing the communicator while intently listening to his friend. "We've got this routine down pat by now. Show up, trash his plans, he pouts and flies away."
    Shaking his head, Sonic sat up, scooting backwards until his spines bent down, forced into a submissive angle by the tree, using it as support. "No, it's about those Deadly Six dorks. Not all of them, just.. one. Something they said..." Sonic hesitated, eyes focused intently on what remained of the setting sun over the horizon. "..Can you help me track her down?"


    Sonic's quills swayed in the wind, the crouching hedgehog holding tight to the wing of the Tornado. A shiver ran down his spine as the plane parted the clouds, the Lost Hex creeping in to view once more. Cloaked in the dark-red clouds of a fading sunset, the imposing visage made Sonic re-think his plan. He rapped his knuckles on the wing of the Tornado, shaking off the uncertainty, and yelled over the roaring engine. "Any clue where she might be?"
    "Not exactly," the pilot shouted, craning his head back in hopes the wind wouldn't immediately carry his voice into the beyond. "Radar is picking up a few signs, but the last thing I want to do is drop you right on the fat one! I'm seeing Zeti signs in the forest and tropical regions, but we'll have to fly over to get a better idea."
    The hedgehog mulled it over for a moment. Running in to Zomom or Zazz did not sound like the making of a good evening. Not that he figured a follow-up with the green one to be a joy either, but the less he had to deal with, the better. "No need, drop me over the beach," Sonic yelled, pointing down at the shattered hexagonal planet hovering over his world. "Got a good feeling she'll be there licking her wounds."
    Sonic barely heard the faint 'Got it!' over the roar of the wind, Tails' bringing the Tornado in towards the cluster of beaches and lakes that littered the zone. "You sure you don't need any backup?" Tails chimed in once more, hoping to talk his friend out of a solo hunt for the Zeti.
    "I'd rather you be my eyes in the sky, just in case the other Deadly Dorks have something planned," Sonic sneered, thumbing his nose. "Right! Thanks again, Tails, see you in a bit!"
    Sonic took in a deep breath, the warm air, lightly salted by the sea below, pleasant to his senses. The hedgehog took off, clearing the wingspan of the Tornado in his initial stride. Kicking off the left wing of the plane, he spun in the air, giving his pilot a cocky grin and salute moments before he spun into a ball and plummeted down towards the surface of the Lost Hex. Tails rolled his eyes, muttering 'show off' under his breath as a plume of sand rose upwards from Sonic's impact. On the surface below, Sonic spat sand as he brushed his gloved hands through his quills, knocking free the sand he'd accumulated in his drop. Maybe the pay off of a mouthful of sand and caked quills wasn't quite worth showing off for his buddy, who already appeared as a small red speck in the distance, flying away.
    The blue hedgehog wondered again if this was a good idea, now that he was alone. Doubt creeping in as he finished brushing the sand off his body, taking the first step out of the ball-shaped crater in the sand he'd made. After another deep breath, calming his nerves, he took a proper look around. This beach sure looked great at night, the pale moonlight dancing across the waves that lapped at the sand, leaving the hedgehog to hope his working theory had some merit. The beauty-obsessed Zeti in the beautiful nightlight? After a six-on-one defeat, he hoped she'd be predictable enough to follow the line of thought in her wallowing.
    So, the search began. He scoured as much of the Zone as he could, bouncing from spring-to-spring over the expanses of moonlit-streaked water below. Sand wasn't as firm as good grass, but so long as he avoided approaching the lapping waves, he had little reason to worry about drowning. A surprise attack, on the other hand, concerned him every step of the way. So much so that when a low growl met his ears, he froze in place.
    "You," the voice, angry and low, carried over the dull lull of the waves. In his self-induced paranoia, Sonic had completely overlooked the green figure sitting beside the ocean. "What do you want? Didn't feel satisfied ruining everything? Had to come back just to wipe your feet all over my face?"
    Sonic spun on the spot, narrowed eyes focused intently on the buxom, green-haired figure sitting on the beach. Her words dripped with venom, her hatred for his presence clear. Sonic wasn't sure, but he thought he'd heard the smallest trace of pain in her words. His gaze softened, just a touch. "I'm not here to gloat. Just making sure you're not up to anything."
    To his surprise, Zeena laughed. A laugh caught between genuine amusement and fury. "Up to anything? You've got nerve," she spat, her view back on the waves. "No, I'm not. They're not." She went quiet, and added after a few moments in a mumbled whisper: "Leave me alone."
    "Hey, I'm not here to set you off," The cobalt hedgehog said, both hands raised by his head in a show of peace. "I'm just making sure there's no retaliation, so I--"
    Sonic didn't get the chance to finish. With speed that surprised even him, Zeena had risen to her feet and turned, dashing towards him with a balled fist raised over her head. Tears gleamed in her eyes, the moonlight accentuating her agony as it rolled down her cheeks in glistening tracks. "Not here to set me off?!" The Zeti wasn't holding back, now. Seething growls and silent pleas for peace alike didn't work, and she'd fallen back into the only thing she knew. "You come to my home and destroy the only thing I've ever had," she shouted, bringing her fist down atop his head. Or, so she thought; the hedgehog moving just before impact, her fist swinging through a streak of blue. She turned, wild-eyed, and lunged at the most solid figure in the swirling mass of blue she could find. "You destroy each and every one of us, humiliate us, and you come back to gloat and say you're not looking for trouble?! Ohh-ho-ho, you little rat, I warned you not to make me cry!"
    Sonic spun to the side, leading Zeena in circles as she stomped after him, swiping and clawing at anything even remotely solid. Her eyes were alight with rage, burning with hatred and a desire to maim the hedgehog, tears still spilling down her cheeks. "Hey, hey, woah, relax! I didn't mean to upset you!" He tried to reason, yelping as she ran her claws down his arm in a well-timed swing. He clapped a gloved hand over the injury, picking up the pace in his backwards jogging to keep the distance between the two even further apart. "I was scared too! Egghead and the six of you? You wanted my world, kidnapped my friend, and I'll do whatever I have to to protect them both!" Taking the opportunity to put more distance between them, Sonic lapped around the Zeti once more, dashing up a tree. He knelt atop it, staring down at her, slightly winded from the running. Slightly.
    "And you came with that Eggman who enslaved us!" She shouted, thrashing at the air, unable to find the hedgehog. "Then you picked us off, one by one! You destroyed us, my family. . ." The more she thrashed, the faster she lost steam. By the time she'd realized Sonic was above her, staring down from the treetop, she simply staggered towards him, falling to her knees and whimpering. "..You took everything I had."
    This was not at all what Sonic expected. The shocked hedgehog, who watched the Zeti with wide, concerned eyes, hesitated. Zeena had no plan, no ulterior motive. The Deadly Six had imploded upon defeat and she had been sifting through the aftermath when he came. Just to, in her eyes, rub it in. Sonic sighed, pressing his hand against his forehead, the pain of the scratch on his arm all but forgotten. He jumped down, landing with a soft thud on the sand below, and knelt beside the Zeti. And, after a moment, put a hand on her shoulder. "...I'm sorry if I hurt you. Or any of the others." When she didn't respond, kneeling and crying in silence, with only the sound of the waves carrying on through it all, did he continue. "...Can I help at all?"
    "Oh, please," she snorted, another laugh of disbelief escaping amidst the sobbing.
    Sonic kept on. "I'm serious. I want to help you," He looked up to the sky, to the moon framed by twinkling stars. Something to give him some assurance in what he was doing was the right thing. "..So long as no one gets hurt and the world-conquering business is over, I'll help you."
    "Ugh... just drop it, will you?" Zeena sighed, her frame slouching, elbows on her knees. "If you didn't come to rub it in, then why are you here?"
    "Oh, that, right," Sonic wasn't too sure it was worth bringing up now. In such a vulnerable mood, who knew how Zeena would react? Was it worth setting her off again? Honesty was important. . . "You said something the last time we met. Something that's stuck with me, bothering me really."
    "What. . . did you mean by 'call me'?" It felt like the world froze. Even his blood felt like it had grown thick as ice, an icy mass making his limbs feel heavy. Zeena didn't say anything at first, instead looking up at Sonic. Her eyes once again wide, angry. Even with the tear tracks running down her cheeks, she looked fearsome.
    Sonic wasn't sure how long it took for her to break the silence. Their staredown held him in place, the awkward moment causing a blush to spread on his cheeks. She didn't need to say anything to make him realize that he'd just asked something incredibly stupid. And yet, she began to do just that. "Call me? Call me is what bothered you?" She asked incredulously, trembling hands pressing to the sand below as she rose to her feet. "I was flirting with you, you stupid blue pest!"
    "Flirting?! Wait, what, why?!" The shock of the revelation made him jump backwards, the ice thawing in moments, arms raised in front of him in a defensive position, a look of sheer horror on his face. "W-we were fighting! Who flirts in the middle of a fight?!"
    "Oh my--" She buried her face in her palms, trying her hardest not to scream once more. Zeena put her hands down, then, fingers twitching as she yearned to attack. "You're cute, okay? I didn't think it was that big a deal. I didn't even want to fight, but then you went and insulted me, and..." The Zeti's logic had finally come full circle. She shuddered, putting a hand over her face as she whirled on the spot; stepping away from Sonic. "Don't look at me! My make-up is running, I look hideous! Because of you, making me cry! Stupid and inconsiderate!"
    Sonic's brow furrowed, not sure if he was still conscious. Was this a dream, a halluncination? The whiplash of emotions struck him and left him utterly confused. Wasn't she supposed to hate him because of the Deadly Six? Why was her makeup so important? "H-Hey, I.. I'm sorry, I think?" The hedgehog stepped forward, reaching out towards her. Not sure what he would do or say to fix this situation, but he knew he couldn't just run away. As incredibly appealing as that idea was. "You don't look bad at all, you know. I couldn't tell anything was wrong with your make-up, you still look gorgeous."
    Her reaction made him immediately regret those choice of words, as though her body seemed to tense up, she looked over her shoulder, just enough for one alluring blue eye to peek through the gaps in her fingers. "You think I'm gorgeous?"
    "I-- you're saying it with a bit too much enthusiasm, but yeah," he nodded, standing behind his word. It wasn't wrong, either. He was glad Amy wasn't here to hear this, and doubly glad she didn't have any way to hurl her hammer from earth at him. "You are, and I realize how much your looks mean to you. I'm sorry for upsetting you, okay?"
    "You don't know how much," Zeena said, biting her bottom lip. Positively giddy at Sonic's words. "My looks are all that put me apart from the others, they never give me the time of day. They're the only family I have but they're such, rrrh! Jerks! They say Zeti can't be pretty, they can't look as good as those things on the surface. That I'm wasting my time. . ."
    "That's not fair of them to say that," Sonic replied, filling in the silent lull.
    "So to hear you say that, it means... more than you know," she said, hands falling to her sides. "To hear some non-Zeti compliment me like that is..." Her eyes narrowed, a devious look appearing on her face. By the time Sonic's mind registered her change in attitude, she'd turned on the spot, moving towards him. Hips swaying in a subtle sashay, her right hand brushing her green locks behind her shoulder. "..kind of a turn on."
    Sonic bit his tongue to keep from repeating the thought, shocked wide eyes betraying his silence. The Zeti stepped around him, an arm laced through his quills, her elbow and wrist resting on his shoulders. Zeena's puckered, orange lips pressed soft kisses against the hedgehog's arm, a physical apology for the scratch she'd given him; hot-pink scars left on his arm from her nails. "Uh, Zeena?" He murmured, unsure of just how the situation had turned so drastically and how he found himself in it. "W-What is, uh, happening right now?"
    "Us," she breathed, the sound tickling his arm. The Zeti's lips left a trail of kisses along his arm, moving upwards until she pecked softly, desperately, at his chin. Only when she brushed the hedgehog's lips with her own did he react, pulling his head back enough to ensure she couldn't kiss him. "You came back, Sonic. I'd say that's fair game."
    "I wouldn't--"
    Yet again he didn't get a chance to finish speaking. Zeena pulled him forward, hedgehog and Zeti locking lips. The green demon shivered, suckling on the blue hedgehog's lips as she pulled him closer. Sealing his fate. Her lips parted, tongue tracing over Sonic's bottom lip, tugging down in a teasing manner and asking for entry. She received it, her serpent-like tongue twirling around Sonic's own, massaging the muscle as the sounds of soft lip-pops of broken suckles and gasps between fleeting kisses filled the night sky.
    He was very glad that Amy wasn't here, finding it hard to resist the charms of the Zeti. Sonic pressed back into the kiss, their saliva mingling as tongues battled. The way she coiled around his tongue, wrapped herself around his shoulders; it was very appropriate for the way she handled him. Possessively. "Mph-- Zeena, I don't think this is..."
    "Mm. You know what you can do for me, Sonic?" The casual way she took control of the situation was all the more alluring, and he hated it. "Shut up."
    That's all it took. With a meek nod, Sonic agreed. A small, seductive smile spread on Zeena's lips, but instead of returning to the kiss, she unfurled her arms from Sonic's shoulders and slunk to her knees once more. Her clawed hands pressed against his hips, fingers splayed on his body. Pressing kisses against the burgeoning erection between his legs, stirring from his fur, faint orange lipstick kisses quickly adorning his cockhead.
    "How do you hide this?" She asked, awestruck at the sight, her right hand grasping him from the base-- or what appeared to be the base, inch after inch of thick hedgehog cock still protruding free from the confines of his blue fur. "Actually, don't tell me. The mystery is more fun," Zeena tapped his cockhead against her lips, running her tongue along the underside of his thick, pulsating head, her jerking ministrations still freeing more and more of the hedgehog's impressive girth. Sonic was almost as long as her forearm, and encroaching on dangerously close as being as thick. "My-my-my, if you'd shown me this when we first met, there'd have been no need to fight at all..."
    "Ngh," he grit his teeth, a gloved hand resting in her hair. He couldn't think of anything but her, now, and the blistering need to defile the Zeti. if they were his own intense urges or something of her making, he didn't know-- but the need was strong. When her lips parted just enough for the tip of his head to press through, Sonic's eyes snapped shut and he pushed down on her head.
    Zeena's hungry need seemed to match his own. As Sonic's hands pressed down, so did she. Lips spreading wider, taking multiple inches of him into her maw, groaning softly around the girth as her tongue explored the pulsating, thick cock spreading her plump orange lips wide. And further he went, pressing the back of her tongue down against the floor of her mouth as he began to push into her throat. Zeena tensed, pressing one hand against his hip, the other still stroking what remained outside of her throat. Attempting to keep control of the situation, she squeezed the base of his cock with her hand, pressing the flat of her palm against his pelvis in a show of command. And then she began to bob, orange smudges left on the thick flesh, her tongue coiled around the first six inches of his cock in a similar fashion to the way she claimed his tongue. Her head bobbed in a vertical manner, eyes focused up on Sonic's own, who had finally opened them to watch the show.
    Sonic swore he could see hearts in her pupils. The steady rhythm of her bobbing on half of his cock, leaving a spit-shined gleam in her wake, grew in speed as she grew more confident in taking him. Though he never penetrated her throat, the sensual suckling grew in earnest.
    "Mhglk, shrrlp, mhhlk," she put her whole body into the act, her entire body rocking as her head bobbed along. Drool began to trickle down the corners of her lips, smeared in by the soft patter of his balls against her chin. Zeena seemed so desperate, so hungry, for him to unload in her mouth. Despite stuffed to the brim, her cheeks puffed out from the girth already filling her, she wanted more. And she seemed to know exactly how to get it. With a single wink, as his cockhead snuggled firm against the entrance to her throat, he came. Waves of hedgehog spunk filled her mouth, immediately filling her to capacity and escaping from any entry available. Her nose gushed with white, the corners of her lips flared as the copious amounts of cum forced outwards through her lips, gagging it back up in a noisy, retching fashion.
    And yet it wasn't enough for him. Sonic, pushed to an extreme at the sight of Zeena overflowing with his seed, grasped the pink-and-black horn atop her head, and pushed her down further. Impaling her on his shaft, feeding inch after inch past her gargling, cum-packed lips. Her throat began to bulge, his thickness forcing her to expand as much as she could, the breathless Zeti shuddering as he tickled her gag reflex. She came as he did so, convulsing, thighs quivering as her black leggings grew damp. Zeena glared up at the hedgehog, seething pools of aqua burning into the emerald-green above, yet allowing him to continue. Furious in the manner he used her horn against her.
    "Ghrlk! Mghlk-- gghulk, ulk, ghlk, glaahk~!" Zeena's head became a blur, Sonic's hips battering her face as he pulled and pushed her down in an irregular rhythm, fucking the throat of the green beauty who had given up control, holding on to him for support as he used her. Thick strands of cum dangled from her lips, nose, and chin, sticking to her face and cheeks, with more constantly drooling from her mouth as the hedgehog fucked through his orgasm and continued to fill her, Zeena's bulging throat a testament to the beast she'd riled. The top half of the shapely Zeti had become a blur, the speed with which Sonic forced her up and back down his shaft making the jerking Zeena appear little more than a green-and-black mess of shapes, her lips clapping against his hilt multiple times a second. "Mrrgglhlk!"
    The retching, gargled moans continued until the hedgehog had his fill, stuffing his Zeti plaything to the brim with another thick load of spunk. Zeena's eyes rolled into the back of her head, balled fists weakly smacking Sonic's legs in desperation, her body convulsing as the oxygen-deprived Zeti choked down another thick load of hedgehog spunk. Her tongue struggled to so much as churn through the load, his seed weighing her tongue down as much as his cock did. As Sonic pulled back, freeing her throat and mouth of his cum-slick cock, she knelt before him, her mouth agape. Steam wafted from her open lips, bubbling spunk pooled on her tongue and drooled down her face in thick, steady rivulets. Until, abruptly, Zeena fell forward on her hands, coughing up thick globs of cum despite her best efforts in swallowing it all. "Ungh, ugghk, you little-- ngh! Ghhlakh! Hrrggh! Hhhlk!"
    It was only then that Sonic noticed the markings she'd left on him. The base of his cock absolutely washed in orange smudges, the fur around his groin painted in stretched orange lipstick kiss marks. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, eyes tearing up, staggering to her feet as she approached him. Grasping his dick in one hand, and tearing feverishly at her black leggings with the other. "You... hahn.. little... spiky nuisance!" Zeena growled breathlessly, dragging the head of his still-erect cock along her inner thighs. Berating him yet desperate for more, she tore her leggings free, letting the tatters flutter to the ground between them. Exposing her bare, green legs to the world; and, more importantly, to Sonic's cock. Her black-striped top joined soon after. "I'm, rgh, going to ride you until you're an empty husk!"
    "I'm doubting your ability to keep up," Sonic teased, the smug grin spread on his face riling up Zeena all the more. She squeezed his dick, impatiently grinding the bulbous head between her thighs, flustered and struggling with the simple concept of penetration in her oxygen deprived state. "Speed isn't just a tagline."
    "I said, rrf, shut up!" She spat, flecks of saliva and cum spattering Sonic's chest. "Just stay quiet and let me fuck you-- ohhn, finally.." Rage melted when she finally found purchase, Sonic's thick tip spreading her wet folds. Hot pink, akin to the coloring on her horn, and desperate for the hedgehog's cock. Her excitement gushed over him, lathering the already slimy head with more. Despite his size, and Zeena's vice grip on him, Sonic had no trouble with penetration. It wasn't even that the Zeti was 'experienced'; she was soaked. Coupled with his own growing need to explore her body, Sonic's initial, excited thrust had little resistance. "Th-that's it, ohhn God yes, that's-- sogooood!"
    Staying quiet was hard; biting his tongue and holding off on the wise cracks that set her off, as she'd asked, was growing harder with every word that escaped her lips. Zeena helped take his mind off the urge to joke, though, in the way she unraveled in his arms. Her hips ground against his, the Zeti bucking her hips without rhyme or reason, each thrust between the two causing her body to shudder. Zeena's hands laced around Sonic's head, hands buried in his quills, her legs wrapping around his waist as standing became impossible.
    Writhing in his arms, bouncing with each thrust, her ass clapped and rippled with the impact of his hips and heavy balls, leaving red welts with each powerful thrust. Her eyes once more rolled in to the back of her head, drool dangling from her chin, breasts bouncing each time the hedgehog hilted within the green demon as her whole body fell against him, his cock dangerously close to punching her cervix.
    "F-Fu-fuhh-uhhhnn-ccckkk," she cried, a long drawn out moan between her deep gasps. Strands of her excitement began to drool down on his balls, linking  her cunt to his heavy sac. The thrusts, that quickly grew in speed, began to show audible results of Zeena's excitement; the gushing juices between her legs resulting in the notable Splrt! Schlck! of a woman aroused. Mixed with the clap of his hips against her ass, and her soft, frequent gasps, Zeena's utter need for the hedgehog to take her was apparent. "F-fuck me, fuck me, I'm-- rrgh-- cumming! C-cumming! Cummingcummingcumming~!"
    The Zeti's head snapped back, her mouth open in a silent scream as she convulsed, squeezing him tightly as she came. Zeena squirted on the hedgehog's dick, the clear fluid gushing and coating green and blue legs alike, matting down the hedgehog's fur. Her cunt held him tightly, velvet walls pulsating around the intruding length, nails digging into his back. Through it all, Sonic continued to pound away, losing the amused attitude as she clung to him, cooing softly; the ability to make sound returning to her. Little good it did, as she simply made incomprehensible sounds between moans, her vision little more than a wall of white as she rode him into pure bliss.
    She'd lost count of the orgasms-- though in reality, she'd lost her ability to think at all once she came the first time-- that Sonic put her through, the pounding of his hips against her, spreading her wide each time; making her feel whole when he was hilted in the Zeti's pussy. Zeena's voice was rough and raw, her body in a quaking tandem with Sonic's own. His trademark speed, once more making them appear as a blur with his exaggerated, speedy thrusts, made the combined lovers appear as a cyan blur on the sandy beach. With little warning to her, in her coma-like state of bliss, Sonic came, another thick load of hedgehog spunk filling her to the brim. She could feel the heat, filling her to the core, lathering her inner walls with his seed, feeling her abdomen inflate just slightly with the amount filling her. Almost able to imagine the speed-burns on his cock, with the rate he'd fucked her tight pink little cunt into a gaping maw for hedgehog dick.
    "Th--aahhn.. ahh.. that's.. what I... oh God.... wanted," she gasped, ending with a soft laugh. "Blue.. hue.. hah... boy." Zeena pressed a soft kiss to his cheek as he knelt down, resting her against the sand despite her protests. "Idiot... uhn.. my hair.. take me somewhere else."
    Sonic seemed to have other ideas. He caressed her cheek with one hand, pressing his lips to an exposed breast. Neglected before, Sonic intended to give them some love; even if short lived. He lapped at the dark-green areola, suckling on her nipple as he massaged the other. Zeena hadn't even realized the hedgehog pulled out of her, let alone climbed atop her. And what-- wait, what was going on? The warmth of his mouth around her breast had faded, the quickly cooled saliva turning coarse. Zeena opened her mouth, attempting to speak, only to find her mouth filled with sand, and the hedgehog's gloved hands upon her ass. Lifting her head, Zeena's eyes widened as reality slowly began to come back to her. Just as the Zeti tried to speak, spitting out sand, to tell Sonic not to--
    "Mmff! H-how are you still so, oh fuck, hard?!" Her eyes closed, fingers grabbing handfuls of sand as her tight little asshole spread wide. His slime-slick dick found it a tighter fit, though one that still gave him little trouble. Her anger melted once more into bliss, forgetting why she was so mad as the hedgehog filled her backside. The cold night air on her exposed pussy made her shudder, cum still drooling in thick dollops onto the sand below. "D-don't f-fucking waste this opportunity," she hissed, lifting her hips as much as she could for the blue anthro behind her. "I-I don't let just any guy do that!"
    The dry walls of her ass were a sharp contrast to the rest of her body, the dry heat an alluring challenge. His fingers squeezed her ass, spreading the fat cheeks apart, unable to pry his eyes from the sight of his dick splitting her pink rear open. Inch after inch fed into the tight hole, until his hilt kissed the stretched wrinkles of her ass. Sonic, exhausted and on the verge of collapse, rested over the ample backside and began to thrust. Putting all that he had left in to claiming the final hole of the Zeti.
    "You insatiable little, ungh, bastard," her hips grinded in small circles against his lap, betraying her words, as eager as the blue blur was to go again. "H-hurry up and finish! You've ruined my makeup!" Biting her bottom lip as she watched from an angled upside-down position, her cheek pressed against the sand, half-lidded eyes glued to Sonic's pumping form, Zeena's body began to lose itself in the throes of passion once again. Something about this hedgehog, the way he'd sweet-talk her one moment just to fuck her like an animal the next, utterly captivated her. Confused her to no end, too, but she didn't have the mental capacity at the exact moment nine inches of hedgehog cock buried itself in the confines of her ass. "L-Like an animal? You like your girls face down as you take their ass?"
    The thick, heavy slaps of his hips against her fat ass made her shudder, Zeena's fingers rubbing her gaping, sensitive pussy from beneath as he mashed his dick into every sensitive region of her ass. Waves of pleasure that caused her eyes to flutter shut, her toes to curl in delight, and her cunt to throb. The defeat of the Deadly Six and her fellow Zeti the farthest thing from her mind, rocking her hips backwards in time to meet Sonic's own thrusts, hips striking her ample rear with an urgent speed. She needed this, and nothing else. Her limbs tensed, the building pressure coming on with a sudden speed as Sonic's insistent pounding. Hips and ass clapping together, Zeena let out a high-pitched whine as she came again, face nuzzling into the sand as her ass clamped tight around him, hips jerking as she twerked upon Sonic's cock.
    Sonic returned the favor, fingers digging in to the curves of her ass as he came once again, the insatiable creature pumping her final hole full of cum, until it drooled from the corners of her stuffed hole, his balls churning immense quantities of jizz that seemed all but impossible for a creature his size. Hilted deep in her, he pulled her as close as he could, riding out the bliss of his orgasm and the tightness of her ass. Unceremoniously, he pulled out of the Zeti's tight ass, watching with some pride as her gaping hole gushed a river of white.
    "G-get meeee... off the sand," she panted, her body slick with sweat. Her limbs utterly useless, flat against the sand. "My.. my makeup..."
    "Sorry, I'm tapped, no more moving," he panted, collapsing beside her on his back. Zeena rolled to the side, using what little remained of her own energy to climb atop his body, her cheek against his chest. ". . .That was something else."
    "You don't. . . hanh. . . lack, that's for sure," she murmured, eyes closing. Pleasure radiated from every pore on her body, the Zeti having been fucked into a more pleasant state.
    Sonic knew that Tails was supposed to keep an eye out for him. The fox was going to start looking for him soon, too, but he was too tired to move. To do much of anything besides cradle the Zeti with an arm, his semi-flaccid cock resting between her thighs, streaked with both their fluids and a copious amount of saliva. "Y'know, I could probably go for a thighjob... you got the legs for it."
    "Don't even think of it," she grunted, offering the smallest shake of her head in protest. Not that she'd stop him. "Tell you what. . . after I get some beauty sleep, why don't we do this again some time?"
    Zeena paused, a smile spreading across her lips. "Call me?"

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