I need healing

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I need healing

“Alright Genji, your heart rate and blood pressure are normal, your new cybernetics are functioning perfectly with your brain patterns and your hand eye coordination is on point as always, once again a clean bill of health” Angela stated as she checked off the last detail on Genji’s physical information ending his latest quarter yearly physical “now have you been experiencing any problems as of late with your biological parts?”

Flexing his fingers and clenching his fist of his newly upgraded arm Genji sighed “just the usual phantom pains Angela, they come and go every time I receive an upgrade or get repairs, it seems no matter how much my mind and heart have come to terms with what I am my body still clings to the idea of being human”

“Have the painkillers I’ve been prescribing not been effective?” the Medic asked to which Genji shook his head explaining that ever since his final conversion into a Cyborg any form of pain relief was ineffective on him

“I see, and on a scale of one to ten what level of pain would you say you’re experiencing at the moment?”

“Five, maybe a six, tolerable but not ignorable” Genji replied “I have felt worse”

Nodding Angela then rose from her seat and walked over to the wall where her Caedus staff was hung, picking it up before turning it on and aiming it at Genji sending a healing stream towards him “and how is your pain now?”

Letting out a low sigh as the stream of light made contact with him Genji visibly relaxed in his seat “it is gone Angela” he stated to which Angela turned off her staff, Genji immediately stiffening up as the pain came rushing back

“Do you know how my staff works Genji? Once activated it makes your brain release endorphins on an extreme level to help fight pain whilst your wounds are also healed” the Medic explained as she then turned the staff on again to alleviate Genji’s phantom pains “I have a theory that I believe could help you in the long run to rid you of your phantom pains”

As she explained she set the staff against the wall but locked the ‘trigger’ of it to keep the healing stream on Genji to keep him relaxed and limber in his seat as he let out a content sigh just happy to be free of the griping pains in his non-existent limbs

Closing his eyes as he relaxed Genji didn’t hear Angela’s approach until he felt the clasps of his faceplate being undone before the plate was removed unveiling his heavily scarred features underneath “Angela?” he spoke confused of her actions before he was cut off by the Medic pressing her lips to his, the kiss making him entire body tingle as it felt almost unnaturally good

Moving to straddle Genji’s lap Angela ran her hands down the front of his body, her skilled fingers finding every clasp that held the nonessential pieces of metal to his body to steadily remove them revealing the scarred skin underneath, running her finger tips along his scarring making him shudder even more before her hands then moved to his groin plate which she then deftly removed to reveal his hardening manhood

Breaking the kiss Angela kept her face within inches of his as she shrugged off her lab coat “just relax Genji and let me take care of you” she breathed as she removed her glasses before pushing up on her knees to allow her to hike up her skirt and remove her panties, sliding them down her long smooth legs before returning to straddle his lap again

Settling herself down Angela let out a shuddering gasp as their cores pressed together, her slit already slick and ready for him as she rolled her hips to run her core along the underside of his cock “it’s been a while hasn’t it?” she breathed keeping her face close to his so that she could practically taste his panting breath as she pulled up her top to expose her breasts to him

Shuddering as he felt the Medics arousal coat his now throbbing erection Genji reached forward to grab hold of Angela’s hips making her gasp and coo before he pulled down hard on them, making the Medic gasp even louder as she felt him push deep into her tight wet pussy, her eyes rolling for a second before she composed herself

Taking a moment to let her insides accommodate him Angela then rested her hands on his shoulders and secured her feet to the floor to anchor herself so that she didn’t tip Genji’s chair over as she started to ride him, panting and gasping as she rocked her hips up and down whilst keeping her eyes on Genji’s face taking in every expression of bliss he gave off

Whilst normal sex with Angela felt beyond amazing doing so with the effects of the Caedus staff was something borderline heavenly, feeling like every nerve ending he had left in his body was on fire with bliss and the very concept of pain seemed so foreign to him now as he simply held onto Angela’s hips allowing her to continue to bring him to ecstasy

Leaning in to kiss him Angela worked her hips harder, her breasts starting to bounce between them as pleasure coursed up her spine, the Medic feeling the ‘second hand’ energy from her staff radiating off of Genji’s body making her head fall forward against his shoulder

“Angela...I’m…” the Shimada gasped before Angela hushed him, the blonde leaning in to kiss him deeply as she worked her hips even faster, slamming them down hard enough to make her ass ripple before Genji out a low shuddering grunt into her mouth, Angela moaning back as she slammed her hips down one last time before holding herself steady, her body thrumming with pleasure as she let Genji unload deep inside of her, her climax swiftly joining his rendering them both boneless

Recovering much quicker than Genji Angela slowly dismounted from him to correct her clothing and retrieve her glass, putting them back on before picking up Genji’s chart from her desk “So Mr Shimada, what would you rate your pain level at now?” she asked with the best professional tone she could give only for Genji to give off a low blissed out groan “just as I had hoped, although I would recommend daily treatments until your phantom pains subside” the Medic suggested as she reached to undo her ponytail letting her long blonde locks cascade down her shoulders “with your second treatment starting now”

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